Camel Case

March 16, 2018 rickgriffin 0

Click this link to discuss camels, dire missions of mercy, ultimate expressions of love, transformation magic, tail-biting, how utterly adorable Sofia is, or any number of other topics related to the comic!

Careful Now

November 15, 2017 rickgriffin 0

Natalie Says: Click this link to discuss how awful millennia-old scrolls must taste. Or whatever. I don’t care.


November 13, 2017 rickgriffin 0

You will probably notice the inking is a little different this time: Yes, I did finally decide to switch back to digital inking after thinking about it for a while. Although physical inking was the better stylistic option for a long while, the advantages of digital inking have kinda surpassed it. Diss Says: Follow this Read More

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