Things Fall Apart

March 12, 2018 rickgriffin 0

Click this link to discuss transporter technology using lots of high-level technobabble; temple technology; how temples always seem to self-destruct or seal themselves up right when you need back inside; misplaced blame; Dallas’s cute earring; or anything else even tangentially related to the comic!

Tiger Tiger Burning Bright

March 9, 2018 rickgriffin 0

Click this link to discuss giant were-tigers; conveniently-timed competence; draining pools; déjà vu; shocked Pomeranians; large, lava-spewing abominations; or other matters relating to the comic!

Fuzzy Lifting

November 24, 2017 rickgriffin 0

Click this link to discuss the comic or that special feeling when you spot your crush after banning someone.


November 17, 2017 rickgriffin 0

Diss Says: Click this link to discuss how disappointed you are in missing the Grape-Tarot kaffeeklatsch in its entirety. Alternately, you may discuss the comic; M.C. Escher; orcs; transparent, 3D mazes; orcs again; crazy ol’ coots; or any other number of potential dread dungeon denizens.

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