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I am located in the north of alabama where the TVA nuclear plant was put out of commission, so I won’t have power for a few days. I will be trying my hardest to catch up when I get back though
In case you’re wondering, I’m posting this from my phone, which I am charging [...]

It’s been an hour and a half and it’s only half inked . . . so yeah, gimmie an hour and a half past midnight

Sorry guys, my laptop is in need of repairs again, and I don’t have same-day or overnight repairs anymore since the warranty expired. I’m probably not going to be able to have it repaired until this weekend.

I’d get started on the comic earlier (ba-da-DA-da)
Need maybe an hour more

Comic is gonna be big so it’ll be a little late

So, you know Doug TenNapel, the creator of Earthworm Jim and the writer of many comic books?  He is making a webcomic called Ratfist, and it is awesome.  You absolutely should check it out if you’re like me and prefer zany superhero antics to most of the regular kind.

I am sick as a dog right now, so guest week is going to be extended until I’ve recovered enough to work

Just so I don’t get caught blindsided when I am on New Year’s vacation again, I’d like to have some guest strips run after the end of the Christmas arc. Depending on how many I get I might run them every day of the week instead of just the three days.
If you’d like [...]

This one is rather different, though I have actually written two other parts that were quite a lot like this one.  I don’t want to give too much away, but I figured this one might have been the least crazy of the bunch, and it might still be a good story.

This is another one of the narrative sections; I think this was more successful than the last one even if it doesn’t go much of anywhere, but I still thought it was amusing.  Again, it’s a rough draft; it will have LOTS of typos.
If I have swaps like s for d at the end of [...]

Now remember guys, this is very draft-like.  I thought I’d give you a taste of how bad my writing is when it’s just in draft phase.  The following is not all that funny, probably because I spend too much time meandering and trying to frame the situation.

For National Novel Writing Month this year, I am going to write this story:

From time to time I will post excerpts of the in-progress draft.  And no it will not be published instantly–I do have SOME pride in my work–it will go through maybe three revisions before I’m happy with it.
Also, here I am

So you wanted a larger version of today’s strip?  Also comes in all-sketchy format

Thanks a bunch for all the birthday wishes everyone. You all make having a webcomic awesome

I suddenly lost the ability to draw coherently
Might take a while