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I don’t know if I can get the comic done today either. So the comics this week will be wed thurs fri like that

MFF has been crazy, I’ll upload a filler and you’ll get a comic on Tuesday

So guys, I am a guest of honor at Midwest Fur Fest in Chicago (Or, well, technically it’s Rosemont), which runs from Nov. 18-20.  I’m going to have a table in the Dealer’s Den which I am sharing with Root of The Dawn Chapel, from which I will be giving autographs and selling books and [...]


Rick used vague though probably unnecessary excuse! +10 to deadline

It’s going to be Spot, but you’ll at least get your requisite comic!

too sick

Sorry guys, I really dropped the ball here. A problem with book 2 has been pointed out to me, and I absolutely must correct it as soon as possible. In additon, the comic was going to be rather late in the first place, so it may be as much as 2 hours late [...]
Want an autographed copy?

But it’s almost done! Give about half an hour-40 minutes more

Again! Some of the art is taking a little longer than I anticipated; maybe 30 minutes



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I’ve totally put together an ebook, guys. It’s sci-fi, it’s got anthro robots, I think it’s pretty cool. It doesn’t have anything to do with Housepets, but I am selling it.
You can buy it for the low low price of $1.29 in ANY ebook format, PDF or just online, at Smashwords right here: . You [...]

Well . . . I got it again! Thanks everyone who voted!
. . . I’m never really sure what to do about these sorts of things. You make me feel all embarrassed.

I am located in the north of alabama where the TVA nuclear plant was put out of commission, so I won’t have power for a few days. I will be trying my hardest to catch up when I get back though
In case you’re wondering, I’m posting this from my phone, which I am charging [...]