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Housepets book 6!! Covering the comic arcs such as THE GALLIFRAX PROTOCOL, Jungle Fever, and the beginning of Heaven’s Not Enough!
Coming out now! Order from Createspace:
Soon to be on Amazon!

OR, do you want a signed+sketch copy? It’s the print-of-the-month for this month on Patreon, you have one week to sign up for the $25 tier [...]

Ready on Createspace!
It will be on Amazon in 3-5 days
A copy of Housepets Book 5 will be November’s Print-of-the-month on my Patreon!! . . . including each copy being signed with an added bonus doodle of one of the Housepets characters!

If you want to take advantage of this make sure you’re signed up with [...]

[ ]
Comic Chameleon is a app that allows you to read webcomics in a simple panel-by-panel format right on your phone.
Comic Chameleon is currently only available for iOS–please understand that it’s easier to develop for mostly because there’s only a SMALL set of specifications, wheras android takes longer because there’s so many additional specification. [...]

Guys, there’s too much to explain. I have to sell things, and I have some things to sell. If you would just mosey on over to the merchandise page, I would be very grateful!
We have the first four years of the comic in print, as well as t-shirts, bookmarks, a poster, and all sorts of [...]

Order now!

As usual, it will take 3-7 days for the book to appear on Amazon (and Amazon Europe!)

Sorry, y’all, our original guesstimate was slightly optimistic!  The comic may be ready by 2:30 A.M. Central time… at the soonest.  Please don’t stay up later than you should; the comic will wait for you.  Again, we’re sorry for the delay and really do appreciate your patience.
- Diss

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but Rick’s tablet had some driver issues.  These are now resolved.  Nonetheless, the comic will be delayed.  You can expect it no later than 1:30 A.M., Central time.  Thanks for your understanding and patience!

We have a survey we’d like you to fill out! It’s short, only ten questions long! Help us figure out what we can do in the future

Hey kids! Did you know that Storenvy allows me to organize and sell original artwork? It’s just that simple! I mean, [go here]! It’s just that simple!

Sorry, there’s just so many things to do! Character sheets have stalled for a bit, but here’s quite a few sketches you might be interested in. See if you know who the named characters are!  Click here to vote!

See it now! Yeah there’s gonna be watermarks from now on, sorry about that

Why does Peanut have a messenger bag? I don’t know! But he certainly likes it. Click here to vote!

Because Fox is so totally adorable you should see this week’s voting incentive by going here

Have you ever wanted to draw a Housepets! strip?  Well, now’s your chance!  Beginning next week, we will run guest strips.  Please send your entries directly to me – neodissension at gmail dot com.  If your entry meets the comic’s PG rating and tone, I will add it to the rotation.   There is currently [...]

Housepets! will be on hiatus for at least a week, following Rick’s hospitalization.  You can get status updates via @HousepetsComic.  Thanks for your patience, understanding, and support.