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Guest Comics

Why did they invite Zach over?  Because this comic needs more bunny

You have claws, Grape, use them!

I did basically the same with with Flight of Dragons.

Filler Comics

Ran June 21, 2008. Not only had I just moved to Alabama, but I was extremely sick and decided I couldn’t get any comics done in my condition, so I took a short break to recover. This was in the middle of the Cat Tail story arc, so I let everyone take a look at what it was that Peanut had drawn.

Ran January 5, 2009, rather self-explanatory.

Unused Strips

This was the strip I pulled after it being up for approximately nine hours on January 5, 2009, because I decided after some consideration that it did not fit the tone of the strip. Smoking catnip as it is, is struck from the series canon. Think of it as a . . . terrible, terrible alternate universe.


hpfanart-by Sweet Jpridelands game by Kaiseto