New Website!

So it turns out the old website was, y’know, getting real old. It was passable in 2010 but several things occurred over the years that ended up forcing a change of design. First: The old site was running on WordPress 2 for the longest time despite being long, long since obsoleted. Second: there were a ton of glitches that I never got around to fixing on the old site, including that recently it’s become impossible to use the media uploader. I’ve always intended to upgrade the site and do something NEW and BETTER, but it also turns out that web design kinda takes time, so for right now I’d rather upgrade to NEW and NOT BROKEN.

Fortunately last year I managed to complete my own personal site Rick Griffin Studios and gained a lot of experience in doing it, along with the realization that web design is, in fact, a little bit easier now than it was in 2010, especially for WordPress. There’s still a bunch of things I wish I could do with a click of a button, but for now, a fresh site really is the most important things to add.

NOW, there’s some things that are clearly missing and will need to be fixed one part at a time so please don’t freak out.

1 – You’ve probably noticed the new format for the comic. I’ve been wanting to make a change like this for a while now, which will move Housepets toward a long form style comic. Because of this the update days are changing, Housepets will be updating twice per week rather than three times, but the comics are bigger so hopefully you won’t notice as much??

2 – Alt Text is missing for older comics. Also some comic titles lost proper punctuation. Also all the character tags. Don’t worry, it’ll eventually get added even if I gotta pay someone to do it.

3 – If any outside link to an older comic does NOT work, or if a comic appears to be missing, misplaced, has a completely incorrect title, or there is an extra version of it present, please contact us at Please be specific about which comic is missing, what link you followed, etc.

4. The custom navigation icons will eventually be back once I remember how to actually do that. They’ll also probably be fancied up!

5. Cast page, Merch page, other things will be re-added! Forums should be back soon