Butt Of This Joke

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  1. Dissension

    This is pretty much the best ending ever.


    • RioluNation

      Of all time.

      • Sky-Leif

        Agreed. I love Housepets so much. :3

        And if this is the end of the comments, I guess I’ll see you guys on the forums! Baiiii! :3

        • Silly Zealot

          See ya- wait, the forums?! I now have to sign on the forums?! Woah, woah, woah, guys! I’m not ready for THAT kind of a commitment!

          • Argent Stonecutter

            Dude, there’s no commitment, you can get a forum-divorce just by not logging in.

          • Silly Zealot

            I could do that, but rthen what would I tell the poor comments we had together? How would I spare them the pain of a separation?!

          • Elwood Blutarsky

            Had to come back for the end, thanks for letting us have this comment section and good luck to all involved with the forums.

            HP is still an awesome comic and here’s wishing all involved a lot of fun and success in the future.

      • nintendosagafan

        “not my fault, somone put a wall in my way” (incase anyone gets the reference XD)

        • gamerguy121

          Ah ha, Caboose. :3 It kind of irks me that they’re forcing us to go to the forums now; the forums are blocked at school, and sometimes theyre the best part. Imma miss you guys!

          • 4RCH4NG3L

            Ctrl-FU for reporting Team killing. someone report Fox in three two…

      • ziggirawk

        Shout out to Wash. #DanTheMan

    • GameCobra

      One thing missing:

      “Oh, Fox. I was suppose to clean the club tonight again, but since i’m on a date and you’re not…”

      • Silly Zealot

        Ooooooh! That’d hurt Bino more than it would hurt Fox.

        • littlebigme

          Fox looked like he was going to blow a gasket

          • Silly Zealot


      • Argent Stonecutter

        You win one (1) Internet.

    • Gabe23

      Epic !

    • GreighVonGottreich

      Oh man, this has made my morning >XD

    • Kitch

      Actually, most of us called it, so it’s rather anti-climactic now.

    • Argent Stonecutter

      Yes, Duchess! It’s like Ignatz and Krazy Kat, or Coyote and Road Runner, except both of them are crazy about bricks.

      Rick – you are reprieved.

    • holmebrian

      foxes head looks like its gonna explode from the laughter.

    • thefirstonethere
    • maskedman189

      just see http://www.housepetscomic.com/2012/03/23/the-morning-after/ for the foreshadowing to this comic

  2. Xane

    Fox brought it on himself by agreeing to Bino’s scheme

    • Valerio

      must agree on that.
      Sorry, but serves SO him right for sticking with that dog!

  3. Zaitsev

    Yehyeh, got a strip on me birthday.

    • Adryan

      Oh! Happy Birthday! ^^

    • Lilaeris


    • Pokeblue

      Happy Birthday!

    • Marco

      Happy B-day! ^.^

    • Duster

      Hippidy-haappy Birthday dude!

    • Sky-Leif

      Happy Birthday, buddy! :3

    • Zaitsev

      Tank ye all

    • AleColin

      Happy Birthday.

    • CHAOKOCartoons


    • Verp


    • Silly Zealot

      Happy birthday to you,
      happy birthday to you,
      your getting closer to old age,
      you’ve got a last will to dooooooooo!

    • Valerio

      Buon compleanno a te!

    • lifebydeth

      Happy Birthday! :D

    • Rogue Darkclaw

      Happy Birthday!

    • Doitean

      Happy birthday! Sorry, but I can’t sing the birthday song, that would be copyright infringement.

    • ToaSoul


    • Talon

      Happy Birthday! I would’ve gotten you a gift, but I’m broke…anyway, see y’all at the forums!

  4. W0lfi3j4yp4w

    Love foxs face in the last panel lol priceless

    • Gabe23

      Looks like he’s about to explode … Any second now

  5. Adryan

    I can almost feel Fox’s anger xD

    • Gabe23

      Everyone wins but Fox … Yeah I can feel it too

  6. silverfang16

    Bino and Duchess, a match made in…..heaven? e_o

    • D-Rock

      Nope, but head the opposite direction and you’ll get there.

    • Argent Stonecutter

      A match made in Arkham.

      • The_Rippy_One

        Sounds about right.

      • silverfang16

        Yes that sounds better. Thank you.

  7. Sky-Leif

    Bino + Duchess = DINO!

    I CALLED IT! Look a few comics back in the comments! ^~^

    And Fox looks like he’s having a “Y u no” moment in panel 4. XD

    • Argent Stonecutter

      I think he looks more FUUUUU….

      • Sky-Leif

        Actually, it looks like a bit of both! O.O

        • Dilrax

          ლ(ಠ益ಠლ), <-< it looks about right with the hands but the face… i would have to agree and say "a mix of both"

    • Frank

      I thought they were using something like “biness”

  8. T-Squared

    whaaaAAAAATTTTT. |:-(

  9. GeckoZY

    I think Fox wants punch Bino for this O_O
    Bino and Duchess together was a little bit expected, I guess. XD

    • bene

      He should get Bailey to do it like last time, lol

      • FriendlyFireFox

        YES! All he has to do is… make her mad again?
        After all, look how it turned out last time, they’re engaged!

  10. GameCobra

    I’m sure there’s a sound coming from Fox in the last panel.

    And i’m sure it’s the sound of steam.

    • humanplague

      Nah, that high pitch sound is the new censor getting ready.

    • humanplague

      Or it’s blocking his thoughts, either way.

    • Peanut

      Man i can feel the rage pouring off the comic!

  11. gekkokid

    that face on the last panel XD lol, priceless.

  12. IceKitsune

    Who wants to bet at some point in another arc or one off Bino and Sasha will inexplicably be back together? Also this is leading to Fox blowing up at Bino eventually later in this comic.

    • IceKitsune

      BTW I hope the two of them don’t end up back together like that. However given the two of them its pretty likely IMO

      • Silly Zealot

        I really think this new pairing is WAY more interesting, as they are both omni-hating, egocentric jerks.

    • Frank

      With exploding catnip!

  13. Marco

    Fox will run into the forest and scream all his anger out! XD

    • Zaitsev

      All I can think of is that scene from Hot Rod.
      “I need to go to my quiet place!” *smashes lamp*

  14. AleColin

    I hope Fox doesn’t go crazy about this, and it looks like Fox learn a lot.

    • Gabe23

      Let’s hope he did

  15. fastbreak333

    Goodbye, sweet comment section.

  16. RoadRover1995

    I KNEW THOSE TWO WOULD HOOK UP!! I TOTALLY CALLED IT!!! I just realized this is the last comment I will ever write on housepets. Farewell furry friends.

    • Dissension

      Not gonna join the forums? :3

      • Zavryn

        Eh, the comments sections on webcomics are so much more convenient. And some people, like myself, don’t really want to take that extra time just to say a few words.

        *shrugs* I’ll actually probably end up on the forums soon enough, though. I love this comic too much. ^^

      • Baxtrr

        I guess I’m lazy but forums are too much of a pain. I’ll keep reading the comic but I really don’t have time to surf to a new website and sign in every time (I can’t leave myself logged in on the compys I use), so I guess you’re all now safe from my commentary. Thanks a bunch and it’s been a real slice.


    • Duster

      - I know right? It’s really not that hard to register on the forums guys. Ohhh Well. :p

      • SamBlob

        Never been to the forum, never will. ‘Bye.

        • Dissension

          Bye! :3

        • Silly Zealot

          We salute um… “remembers he can’t read and doesn’t know who he is talking to”, “looks at the individual’s avatar” ….Popeye.

  17. FinalDestination

    Farwell Foxes sanity and farwell comments section!

  18. Duster

    Yeah guys, Fox just blew up.
    P.s. still love ya Rick!

  19. Dudeler

    Ironic that my first comment on a comic panel will be my last. I don’t even know if I’ll even use the forums. Lol. XD

  20. GeckoZY

    Sten isn’t tagged in the comic o-o

    • Rick Griffin

      Huh, I thought I did

      • CWFang

        lol everyone misses at times… and duchess( i think) an bino are perfect for each other, and why you disabling comments if you dont min me asking/

        • Dissension

          That’s been explained ad nauseum.

          • CWFang

            where was it explained DX i missed the last 7 updates so didnt read comments til now

          • Duster

            Long story short: Technical Difficulties :3

            Check the last 2 strips comments section, that should help enlighten you.

      • shane b.

        can anyone of you guys help me sign up for the fourm!!

        i tried not getting a message to my email!
        someone comment me please

        • Dissension

          There’s a floating announcement thread on the forums titled “Important – Account Confirmation E-Mail” which contains instructions for resolving that issue. This isn’t the first time I’ve informed you of this. Please follow the instructions in the aforementioned thread if you require assistance.

          • shane b.

            try telling me this but be more specific and before the commenting of this comic arc ending is over

          • Dissension

            It’s literally the first thread on every forum and I gave you the full title twice. If you’ve been looking, you haven’t been doing a terribly good job of it. :3

  21. D-Rock

    Fourth panel: that moment in time when you realize how badly your “friend” screwed you over.

    Well, let’s see about joining the forums.

    • D-Rock

      Also, isn’t it a little odd that a Valentines strip lasted all the way to the middle of March? Well, it happens when you’ve got a good, long story and only three days a week to tell it.

      • Silly Zealot

        I thought kind of the same thing! Over a month in a single story-arc! Crazy!

  22. RioluNation

    It’s ok Fox. I feel your pain.

  23. TD

    Poor Fox.

    Ah well, you can always hope they break up.

  24. Marco

    Nice guys finish last! ._.

  25. EveryoneElse

    Fox’s life is hard. :-/

    • Dena

      Granted, he did bring this about by being a little -too- loyal to Bino.

  26. Wuri

    Fox sure has it tough, but Sten, I think, has it worse.

    He can’t put his arms down.

  27. CHAOKOCartoons


    • Silly Zealot

      Is there any Bino troll face fan art? Do want!

  28. KrystalGhost

    Poor Fox he’s just catching so much. I wonder if there’s a cute little single female in Miles’ pack? Maybe some fun in the wild will help him with some of his new stress. Poor guy. :C
    Goodbye comments section, it was fun reading you while it lasted. I might say Hi to the forums but idk I get lost easy. :C

    • Silly Zealot

      Well, there is Morticia’s… uh, I mean, Lucretia’s (I always think of Morticia every time I try to remember that wolf’s name, similar names, you know) mom.
      Okay, better not.

  29. Katias

    Anyone else feel heart-broken that the beloved comment section is being taken off the actual comic? It’s been such a useful, fast way of communication for so long…

    • Frank

      RIP comments section. And bye-bye commenters that will not be returning. I’ll miss you so much. *hugs*

    • Gaboris

      I sure am. I’ve been reading a bunch of great comics where I would’ve loved to say something, but I don’ like registering to comment sections or using some kind of forums, BUT alas this is not my site and I can’t know why this is needed so I won’t complain, but I’ll miss it. :(
      Lucky thing I already registered on the forums, I’ll see if I can stick around there.

  30. volkoseba

    Yup, pretty much. Wait, how did Dutchess get his old bandana?

    • CHAOKOCartoons

      LOL what if thats what Fox was actualy mad about though!

      • volkoseba

        Nah, Sasha’s obliviousness is just the icing on the cake. Being manipulated by an insincere “friend” into making a vain effort on his behalf is easily the most significant thing on his mind.

    • Frank

      I thought it was a shawl?

      Though I’m surprized she hasn’t dyed it pink

  31. Sonic Fox

    Knew it since the end of that little incident XD

  32. sev

    My last comment hmm better make it a good one…. rick I think your comics are unique and something different your artwork never seem to not amaze me and you have a great and powerful way of connecting us to your characters and story emotionally and since reading this webcomic since I can remember you have outdone yourself and this comic has come a longway. I look forward to the future and what is ahead thank you rick and I can probably say that on behalf the housepets! Community we love you and keep up the good work.

  33. 2MK

    I can’t wait to see more of Sten.

    • Silly Zealot

      Dragon age Sten or housepets! Sten? Or both? Both? Both!

  34. Solus_Darkcoat

    Hey fox! I hold while you punch!

  35. ZV

    Aw, Bino looks good dorky! He should keep the tie! Goodbye comments section~

    • Tagat

      byeee~ ;)

  36. Pokeblue

    Ouch, talk about adding salt to a wound. In all fairness though, Fox did kinda set himself up for this.

  37. Spike Spaniel

    Poor Fox. He really needs a girlfriend. What would be funny is if there was a female fox that had a crush on Fox and because of his name she thought he was a fox.

    Putting Bino and Duchess together is funny. They both like to use others to get what they want so this is just so funny.

    • Silly Zealot

      And so, foskys ( husky-fox) were born.

      • Argent Stonecutter

        Foxes and dogs have different numbers of chromosomes.

        • Multani Raynz

          it’s not impossible, just improbable

        • Silly Zealot

          I know it’s biologically imposible- unless you are working for the secret DNA-tamperers underground cult that tries to overthrow all the current goverments of the world with artificial mutants and…..
          Wait, my boss is telling I should stop talking with you.

          • Argent Stonecutter

            “Just relax, don’t go anywhere, we’ll take care of you.”

            (picks up the phone, dials 14 digits, listens for a minute, and recites ‘The crying eagle spills no molasses, we have a code 47, repeat, code 47. No, no, we need a full cleanup team. Over and… yes, Evige Blumenkraft to you too…’)


            “Everything is going to be FINE.”

        • gagi

          Not in this comic they don’t.

  38. Vuk91

    I told ya guys, Bino is best with Duchess, who is a similar jerk as him XD at least this one worked out

  39. Archy

    My first and last comment… I feel bad for fox, he didn’t deserve this. Now he’s gonna be jealous, the third-wheel everywhere in a way.

    • Spike Spaniel

      I feel Fox’s pain. I am third wheel among several of my friends. When ever we go out they all have dates but I almost never do. It is not fun being the third wheel.

      Anyways, I just really hope that Fox gets a girlfriend, it does not matter if she is a pet or a wild animal, I just want him to have someone to love. :(

    • Gabe23

      Yes, he didn’t deserve it, but he search for it …

  40. El Legendario

    Hahahaha !!!! Lol’d at this one like crazy.Keep ‘em coming.
    Alas, poor comment section, I liked it well…

    • Silly Zealot

      To join the forums, or not to join the forums, that is the question!

  41. Taylor
  42. leaffly

    To be honest… I dislike these kind of ending.
    Also anyone knows why the comments are being move to the forums?

  43. Kimo

    so now i feel bad for fox…

    i really wish my last under commic comment was a touch more epic…
    hey Rick, will we still be able to read the comments posted under the comics previously made? if not will they be cataloged in the Forums somewhere or just fade out of existence?

    • Rick Griffin

      Eventually I’ll try to have them cataloged for the people who want them; until then they’ll stay here

  44. Gingly

    Don’t worry…every Fox has its day…

    Maybe a good compromise would be to have the corresponding forum thread linked in the news post of each strip, for the loss of convenience that the comments section provided.

  45. Barz

    Wow I guess duchess’ demanding attitude matches with bino’s Love of higher authority attitude. I’ve never seen Bino so happy. Big difference from when he was going out with Sasha where he didn’t seem to care. Now with duchess I can only guess that his life has gotten brighter and he enjoys being with her, but will they stay together for quite sometime, or will they be a short lived relationship? Time will tell. BTW goodbye comment section ^_^

    • Perfesser_Bear

      You got it — even as Fox told Sasha, “A quick kneecapping helps.” Bino needs Duchess there to smack him upside the head on a regular basis. This could work out for everyone!

  46. Sulay

    Dont get rid of the comment sections! noooooo.

  47. Raven

    Considering the pool of unattached gals known so far in the comic, I think Fox is much better off as is. Or Sasha will bounce from Kevin to him and create a whole world of awkward. Really hope that doesn’t happen.

    As for Bino, good for him. At least with this fetching demoness, he knows where he stands.

    Shame that, just started to comment and it is already gone. Oh well. Rick, you are a master of twists and though I have had my doubts over this story line, I must say it was pulled off quite well and the end was enjoyable.

  48. Tarka TGO

    Pure F-Rage face. Someone get Fox a table.

    in other news, Sten looks cute in that poofy coat of his. *brick’d

    See y’all on the Forums.

  49. Profesor Rod

    You were right Rick… I hate you… Poor Fox…

    jkjk XD

    HAHAH. Pencil neck. Nice brick joke.

  50. SamBlob

    Duchess and Bino, they’re perfect for each other, and thus make two dogs miserable instead of four.

    Sasha and Kevin seem a fairly good match too.

    Fox is alone again, naturally.

    …and I shall speak here no more. Goodbye, y’all.

    • Argent Stonecutter

      Just wait until Duchess gets a look at Bino’s “papers”.

      “Why are these in crayon?”

      “That’s not how you spell ‘kennel’.”

  51. Valerio

    we all wanted Sasha and Bino get over with their on/off relationship.
    I didn’t want Fox to suffer in the process.
    BAD furret!

    • Gabe23

      It’s like everyone won … Except for Fox, he is flavoring the bitter nectar of defeat

  52. Dontlookmenaked

    I’m glad every thing turned out well. On the other hand I feel like a jerk, but I want my last comment to be special and held together like a good strong reference. Gentleman, It has been a pleasure commenting. Good night.

  53. gameangel147

    Now I just feel really bad for Fox, who went and fell in love and got his heart broken, and he didn’t even need to go through it. But I guess he learned something from this experience.

  54. Badr Bally

    Poor Fox

    Great ending anyway

  55. ChinchillaKingXam

    Yeees, let the hate flow through you…

  56. lifebydeth

    *whip snap sound* She got chu whipped!! XD Now we all have something to tease Bino with for the rest of his life.

  57. Gabe23

    Well … Better luck next one Fox.

  58. Xain

    Poor Fox, fate is trolling him.

  59. Val Kilmer Batman/AsimovSideburns


    That is all.

    • Silly Zealot

      “Backround laughter”
      TV commenter: Stay tuned for more of “Bino and buddies!”

      • FriendlyFireFox

        XD Unfortunately it’s just a bad knock-off of Tiger and Friends, and is competing for airtime.

        • Silly Zealot

          Tell that to Bobby A.K.A. the undying Bino fan A.K.A. the creepie kid that lives a few blocks away from my house. I still haven’t found some of my teeth since I told him I didn’t like the show.

    • Gabe23

      Ja …I was thinking in an entire different word

  60. Legotron123

    LET ME AT EM!!!LET ME AT EM!!! IM GONNA REACH DOWN HIS THROAT AND CRUSH HIS WINDPIPES!!! * gets slapped* sorry that just drove me crazy

  61. MC

    No more comments? D:

    • Kitch

      Have to comment in the forums now.

    • Silly Zealot

      Someone else already asked this, but they didn’t get an answer so: Will all the comments be deleted, or only the commenting feature will be disabled. D

  62. Jman552

    Fox is all like DFFFFFFFF-

  63. Draven

    Is it true? Can it be? I was actually correct in my prediction! Huzzah!

  64. Draven

    I am gonna miss this. See you on the forums, maybe… probably not.

    • Valerio

      the forum is not a bad place!

  65. Trey

    I knew those two would get together. I wonder it she still has that whip she tried to use on King.

  66. Silly Zealot

    After seeing Kevin’s torso I want to ask: Are the housepets! universe pets’ torsos EXACTLY like human one, only furrier, or are there more subtle differences?

  67. Tahoe

    Oh man… That expression in the last panel is PERFECT!!! Well done Rick. Here’s to the great end of the era of the comments section too. You guys have been fun :)

  68. CrazyAce

    Poor Fox….All that trouble, for nothing.

  69. Iamar the Wolf

    FOX! what the **** are you doing? Dont just stand there and fume, go ask Sasha out! Your Free from Guilt!

    This comment was edited by a moderator.

    • Taylor

      Check the last strip and see why that won’t happen any time soon.

    • Argent Stonecutter

      Sasha’s off the table. Who’s left? Let’s see, there’s Daisy, that cute wolf girl at the zoo, and Saucy Fox from http://www.housepetscomic.com/2011/04/18/things-come-together/

      • Spike Spaniel

        Have the wolf girl at the zoo have a crush on him, or if not her then Saucy Fox. I would feel sorry for anyone that Daisy had a crush on that dog is a few fries short of a Happy Meal.

        • Argent Stonecutter

          “Humorous shenanigans as Fox tries online dating and Saucy gets confused by his name…”

          • Spike Spaniel

            LOL. Yes. That would be so funny and I would love to see it. I could see it now. They both try online dating and enjoy typing with each other. then when they meet in person they are shocked but still go on their date.

            Besides, we already have a dog and cat that are in love, so why not let a dog and a fox be in love as well? LOL

  70. Salenstormwing

    It’s never too late for more kneecapping of Bino. It’s the present that keeps on giving.

  71. hfgreyfox

    While I have been reading this comic for many years I am afraid that I will have to stop now. The comments were always a a part of the ritual that went with the strip. Now that their won’t be any anymore I don’t see why I’d come back. This is not a wise user interface design choice !

    • FriendlyFireFox

      Wait, the comments section is going, so you want to stop reading the comic?

      Honestly, its just a few more clicks to the forum. I’m a little sad about it, but there were several reasons given that outweigh the convenience. And if you really don’t want to go to the forum, just keep up with the story! May be a change of ritual, but won’t it be worth it?

      • hffoxfur

        Forums are never the solution. I have been managing forums of a similar size to that of HP for 8 years and the result will probably not be what they expect. Sure there might be a slight increase in registrations/postings over the next few weeks, but this will not last. They will probably actually see a decline in the number of page views has people stop commenting or using the forum has such.

        I’ll stick to loading the comic from the feed, but the only reason I was coming to this page was the comments.

        @Rick Griffin
        If you want make use of the forum more and it’s corresponding permission system which I am a great fan of in phpBB3 you could always replace the comment section with a topic inline. While I do not remember the name of the mod, I am quite sure that there is one. This way people would not have to navigate and phpbb user accounts would be used.

        • Dissension


          As stated multiple times, our intention is not to boost forum membership. The intent is to no longer have comments under the comic.

        • Rick Griffin

          No, that would make the comments section stay here. One of the goals in this is to take the comments section off the main page. Sorry.

    • Argent Stonecutter

      There’s one comic I used to read that went on hiatus, but I kept coming back every day for the RP in the comments section, for about a year until the artist finally noticed and locked it. :)

  72. Julia KaNeko

    Looks like he’s gonna drop a loud F-bomb! X3 It’s too bad that after this, there’ll be no.more commenting on here. So many things I would’ve liked to say earlier on in this series. It’s really great and I hope that you really love what you do. I know that your friends really love what you do. And that’s a good thing. I hope that while I continue my own webcomics series, that fans will appreciate what I love to do as well, and if they don’t, that’s okay. Drawing is suppose to be something fun. ^^ Ah, sorry for making this longer than it has to be, but, I really do like this series along with Evon, Sabrina-Online, Neko the Kitty and so many others. Welp, gotta go then. Later days! –Julia KaNeko of A Simple Life

  73. SP

    Its good to see Duchess back, I think those two are made for each other.

  74. Xerdar

    Poor Fox.. ( and suddenly a new super villain is born…)

  75. BrightsideBrony

    *sigh* a look back at the first comic shows just how much progress has been made. It’s amazing to see the difference between then and now… And it almost hurts too, but it’s still best to look back and laugh at the old comics, and the old art, every now and then.

    As with the current comic, I have to say that Fox has to be one of my favorite characters in the entire comic, and this arc just solidifies it. A good character and good guy with a bad friend. He’s got his heart in the right place, which makes it hard to give it up. Bino and Fox probably go way back, even back when they were pups, actually. Bino was probably the only pup that even hung around Fox, since Fox was different from the others, and now Fox just can’t let go, yearning for the friendship that was established back in those days.

    And since this is the last we’ll see of these comments, this is the first and last you’ll see of me, and that I’ll see of you all. Have fun in your forums, I’m just too busy elsewhere to have the time for it. And don’t forget to look and think, back at the fond memories that have been established throughout the years.

    With this, I bid you, adieu.

  76. oatis

    I guess that’s it then huh guys?

    “They were all dead the final gun shot was an exclemation mark that had led all to this point.”

    It’s 11:30 pm now it’s. nearly time rick

    *I released my finger from the trigger then it was over*

  77. Frank

    Of course they suck, Fox! That’s why you asked them for help!

  78. Cal Dayton

    Fox’s “FFFFFFFFFFFF” face- priceless

    • TinFoilHats

      I agree XD

      And one last hurrah before the comments are disabled: Now you know what friends I have to deal with, Fox.

  79. Ozimul

    Bahahaha! Great end. *applauds*

  80. Z24

    Talking about kick the dog…

  81. AidenCorgi

    After all that Fox went through, even heartbreak and Bino ended up with Dutchess, all I have to say is great ending. Gotta love the expression on Foxes face in the last panel.

  82. Z24

    I actually hate Rick right now.
    Why he made a strip with Bino seemingly winning and Fox being the butt monkey(dog) is beyond me… but I don’t like it a bit :|

  83. Donbefox

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    I hope HP is still awesome without the comments…. early on, when I was reading through the first few comics and deciding whether I liked the strip, I got really hooked on the comments. They kept me reading until the strip managed to get its claws into me. The last few arcs have been the same… maybe I’ll really like the next one, though, we can hope.

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      There is a floating announcement thread on the forums titled “Important – Account Confirmation E-Mail” which contains instructions for resolving this issue.

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    • Dissension

      Sometimes, comments would detract from a comic’s message. Redirecting discussion to the forums allows the comic to speak for itself.

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        • Dissension

          It’s been under consideration for quite a while, actually. The change was actually going to be simultaneous with the launch of Housepets! 3.0, but one of the upcoming one-offs would be negatively impacted by the existence of comments. Per Rick’s twitter feed, the message is more powerful on its own.

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    • CHAOKOCartoons

      I believe your theory too, cuz’ if you notice in pannel 4 that Dutchess’s tail is gentaly wagging from the “pet name” (no pun intended) Bino has given her. Either that or it was just moving because she was walking.

  106. Poochie

    March 15, 2013 at 8:35 pm | Permalink | Reply
    Hey guys, for the people who will and will not be joining us in the forums, I would like to propose one last group hug of those who have ever commented in these united comment sections. For now is the last time few will read our words and thoughts, may this giant hug keep their memories of us alive… *opens arms*…is realy not as important as I make it sound, but it’s nice for future new readers to see as the last comment page under the comic so… *keeps arms open*
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    I’ll try not to be too windy with this comment. I know that the forum is still here, I’m a member, but of the two things I enjoy most three mornings a week after I wake up, this falls second to waiting for my new dog to come by my room, expecting attention and a warm cover to sleep under. It won’t be the same but I love the comic too much to complain about losing the comment section. I loved the ease of scrolling down and seeing what people’s thoughts were, its what made me connect and want to keep connecting with the wider audience. My words have been deleted a few times and I forgive such times, and when Rick replies to one of my messages I feel honored by it because I’m sure he’s pretty busy.

    Anyway. I wish anyone who’s too busy to join the forum luck in their lives. I’m sure I’ve replied to one of you in the past. Have fun

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