Crush-ing Blow

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  1. Xane

    He who hesitates is… earsplayed

    • Gabe23

      Is it just me, or Kevin and Sasha actually do a good couple ? I mean, they look … nice together

      • LupisLight

        Sasha would probably make a good couple with just about any guy…IF she could ever settle on just one guy….

      • Xane

        Hee. Kevin’s redesigned form looks even more goofy and puppyish than he did before, despite the muscles. The pair of them look ridiculously cute.

        Kevin’s a bit of an egomaniac as well sometimes but not the same type and not remotely as bad as Bino. He’s also smarter than he acts, like Sasha. Hmm, maybe they’re toosimilar.

        • Sky-Leif

          And you’re completely ignoring the fact that Fox has his little heart, which has never loved before, now broken? :’(

          • Fractile

            I gotta say, Kevin’s facial expressions are bothering me… a TON. He seems slightly bully-ish in this comic:( Added to fox’s broken state D;

          • Xane

            As much as I like Fox, it’s probably karma for setting up the “fake crappy date” scheme for Bino. Not to mention someone would have probably spilled the beans that it was a setup and then he’d wake up with his ears stapled to his eyeballs.

          • Xane

            Kevin has no clue what just happened, all he knows is he met a cute girl, and in his mind he’s probably just gently teasing Fox – I’m sure they know each other since Fox’s dad is a cop.

          • Rick Griffin

            They DO know each other; Kevin is just ribbing Fox about his un-policedogish physique

          • Render

            If you listen carefully, you can actually hear it break.

      • Kitch

        Kevin can also beat up her owner and have him arrested.

        • Frank

          But that would be tackle first, then warn!

          • Vinta

            I don’t think Sasha’s owner deserves the warning anyway.

    • PunkRocker

      It sucks that Sasha got with another guy before
      Fox even had a chance,but,at least Bino will also get
      a lesson learned.

  2. Ryu

    So much for true love! :(

    • Xane

      And wuv, tru wuv, will fowow you foweva… So tweasure your wuv.

      • Themiester1

        Whatevu you just said, I weawy have a headache now.

      • CodeLion

        Hahaha +1 for the Princess Bride reference.
        Going to miss the comment section, is always so entertaining.

  3. Gabe23

    Ouch …

    • Pokeblue

      Took the word right out of my mouth.

      • GreighVonGottreich

        Ditto :(

        • StPyre


  4. Sonic Fox


  5. Duster

    :D Ahhh, oh well Fox, so much for that!

    • Ryu

      Fox tells Bino the bad news…o.o

      • ZhiroArida

        lol yeah good luck to Bino getting her back from that guy XD

        • Valerio

          this may be the only good thing of this otherwise saddening comic. :(

        • Silly Zealot

          I REALLY would to see such a competence/fight happening.

          • ironhandsoverign

            Kevin could fold Bino like a napkin, but Bino has Wolverine-esque healing factor.

            Good fight, I think.

  6. IceKitsune

    Awwww poor Fox but I had a feeling this would happen.

    • Duster

      I KNEW this would happen in one form or another! Though I didn’t expect Kevin would be her new Boyfriend!
      Nice One, RICK!

      • Gabe23

        Indeed it was a nice twist, I think no one was expecting Kevin to show up

        • Duster

          Now that I think of it, Sasha and Kevin really do make a nice couple! I’m still going to hold onto the hope that Sox will happen eventually!

  7. Sky-Leif

    Oh my gosh. Fox. Heartbroken. I… I can’t…


    • Ryu

      It was bound to happen! But Kevin showing up in the picture? Big surprise!

      • Sky-Leif

        I’m sorry. I couldn’t read your comment because I’m on the floor in a ball crying.

        • Ryu

          *Hugs* Seeing Fox so crushed like that…..! : (

          • Sky-Leif

            I-I thought he was going to be happy for once! His curly tail hanging low in the last p-panel. I-It broke me. T~T

            *Resumes crying*

          • Fractile

            I just can’t stop thinking about how this happened D: This… doesn’t… make… SENSE! Why would you do that rick?!

          • Valerio

            because he forecasted we’d hate him.
            With fun and a tear in our eye.

          • Silly Zealot

            The only way we’d hate Rick is if he said: “I’m gonna cancel the strip, bye.”

          • Perfesser_Bear

            Or just stopped updating and walked away.

    • CHAOKOCartoons

      No, d-don’t cr~*siffle*cry. You g-g-g-otta– *begins to sob* X’{

      • lifebydeth

        *Makes some pies, cakes, and cookies* Emergency comfort food over here!

        • CHAOKOCartoons

          OOH! *eats a cookie* why is there two lakes running through the comment section??

  8. T-Squared


    *picks up jaw off of floor*

  9. silverfang16

    I feel hollow and empty now….. :(

    • Fractile

      o-e wha-what just happened? I’m so confused D’:
      Riiiiiiiiiiick, why would you lead us on like that :( Most of us were planning on seeing fox and sasha as a couple for at least an arc, and Bino getting a verbal serving, and yet… THIS happened :’( Why rick, why???

      • Valerio

        Rick Griffin: Master of the unexpected!

      • CHAOKOCartoons

        I-I thought my day was on a roll y-ya know. I drew some… some S-s-sox fanart and… I played some forum games an’… I even randomly got a random 10 dollars from the Playstation Network for no reason THEY JUST-*sniff*-GAVE IT TO ME! And then it became update time and I w-w-was so exited… AND NOW I JUST–*runs of sobbing harder*

        • Silly Zealot

          sox fanart? I made an entire novel series on the subject, but now all the buyers want their money back ‘cuz they ain’t canon! My career is ruined, my dreams shattered to oblivion and I’m bankrupt! I’m eating rats of a dumpster to live and it’s been about only two hours since Rick posted this strip! Whyyyyyyyyyy?!

          • Valerio

            I SO need to write a love story for Fox now!
            You challenged me, Rick! Fox will find his girlfriend >:(

      • Frank

        What, you thought he was going to do something like again?

  10. YoyoDude

    Haha, Kevin’s itty bitty tail wag in the last panel.

    • Silly Zealot

      Yup, really funny stuff.

    • Frank

      Totally missed it until you said that

  11. Taylor

    Okay. WHERE did she find the time to get another date?

    • Koranos

      Sounds like she had already set this one up prior to the dates last night.

      • D-Rock

        So much for working her way up from A to B, then. Skipped right to Kevin.

        • Dissension

          Kevin’s last name is Beauregard.

          • D-Rock

            She never did specify whether it was first of last name, though now that I think about it, that would be easier if she used a phonebook, for example. And honestly don’t recall when Kevin’s last name was revealed. Looking through archives later.

  12. fastbreak333

    Well, at least you got your bro Bino, right? …yeah, you’re totally in the dumps.

    • Silly Zealot

      They’ll still be best friends now, forever. And ever. And ever. And e…..

    • Valerio

      that was mean!

  13. KrystalGhost

    Aww poor Fox. -hugs-

  14. GeckoZY

    That was quick O_O

  15. D-Rock

    She’s so innocently naive, it hurts others.

  16. Marco

    Dang that’s terrible! I’m sorry Fox!..:(

  17. IceKitsune

    I bet you this arc will end with Bino angrily yelling at Fox about screwing up and Fox telling Bino to just shut up and likely ranting about how Bino is actually a horrible friend and what not.

    • Xane

      I hope Fox doesn’t revert to being Bino’s enabler again. He may be book smart but loyalty or not, letting someone like Bino control most of his life…

    • Gabe23

      I donĀ“t know, I hope that the end of this arc will have a silver lining for Fox … meeting someone else maybe (yes, like in a cheesy romantic-comedy)

    • Valerio

      Yup, a good ol’ FACE! would just compensate for this horrible funny crushing blow!

      • Silly Zealot

        No offense, Gabe23, but the FACE ending sounds more appealing.

    • Frank

      Methinks he was hit too hard by this to be able to talk back now

    • ZV

      I’d rather not see a rift in Fox & Bino’s friendship; but instead a patching up of sorts. With Bino not having a girlfriend, it’d be time for him to become a better friend. I’d prefer something more along the lines of Fox going to see Bino and Bino asking what happened; Fox says it was a bust and Sasha is dating Kevin now. And Bino says “well now what am I going to do with these two movie tickets now?” Fox stays silent, and Bino notices he’s down & asks him if he wants to go see a movie as friends. I’d much rather see their friendship improve, which would likely allow Bino to improve as a ‘person’ (dog).

  18. EveryoneElse

    Yes good.

  19. RoadRover1995

    I, I’ve never seen Fox so crushed. Makes me sad :’( Rick I hope u know what your doing.

    • Baxtrr

      Making us hate him, as predicted. Although I didn’t see this one coming… too myopically focused on the players already on the field, I guess.

      For the record, and I know it doesn’t matter… I won’t be moving to the forums when the comment pages close. It’s easy for me to throw in a line here, but heading to another site and logging in is too much of a pain. Oh well, I’ll keep enjoying the strip.

  20. AleColin

    Ouch that is going to hurt Fox a lot and I wonder what happens if Bino finds out, it will be Kevin vs. Bino I vote for Kevin.

  21. sdogo

    Omg…. looks like friendzone… Too late for Fox

    • Valerio

      would be nice to see Fox and Peanut getting drunk on soda over their heart troubles :lol:

      • ToaSoul

        Peanut: so why are you here?
        Fox: Tried to go out with Sasha, and she chose another guy… Why are you here?
        Peanut: Tried to date my sister, but she loves someone else.
        Fox: oh…..WAIT WHAT!!

        • Valerio

          creepy, man, definitely creepy.

        • aicivilwar

          Has someone been watching the original Star Wars trilogy again?

          • Silly Zealot

            Oh, boy! I just remembered that scene of the empire strickes back, you the one where Leia tells Indian.. I mean Han Solo: “You don’t know anything about me.”

        • Argent Stonecutter

          Peanut: “Well, it’s not that weird, we’re not actually related.”
          Fox: “Oh, OK,”
          Peanut: “I mean, she’s a cat.”
          Fox: “Oh yeh, that’s ri… WAIT WHAT!?”

          • aicivilwar

            Peanut: And you know, it wouldn’t be the first time a dog and cat were together in this place. In fact I have pi- FOX!
            *Fox has fallen over, out.*

          • Argent Stonecutter

            No, I don’t think Peanut would spill THOSE beans even under the influence of soda.

          • Silly Zealot

            “Picks up hundreds of orange soda cans and searchs for Peanut’s house” CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!

  22. aicivilwar

    Wow. Too real, and too close to home. As I said, always the friend, but never the lover.

    • Silly Zealot

      This comment reminds me: I must ask again, how come Bill (Fox’s dad, since he doesn’t appear much) is (or appears to be) single?

      • Dena

        Well, we know he’s single…

        He may also be the stereotypical cop. Gets minimal time outside his duties. Consequence: still single.

      • aicivilwar

        He *would* have a gf/so, (significant other) but no lady can handle the chinny awesomeness.

  23. ZV

    I saw this coming; and honestly kind of wanted it to happen. Sasha just isn’t the type for Fox; he deserves someone more dependable and intellectual. All in due time Fox, all in due time! :)

    • Jael

      Yeah for me it seemed quite obvious too, even though wasn’t sure if Rick was going to go through with it. Not that I would mind them getting together, but this seemed better option than just pairing them up suddenly (we’ve seen that way too many times already).

      That’s what you get being the nice guy, Fox. Remember that next time ;)

      • CHAOKOCartoons

        but… nice guys are boss…

        • Jael

          Yup, but they still finish last.

          • Dissension

            According to cliche. It’s not true, of course. x3

    • Frank

      Do we have any girls like that in this comic?

      (apart from the bookworms in the Bigglesworth clan, of course)

    • Baxtrr

      I did predict some days ago that we hadn’t yet met the OTP for either Fox or Sasha. Now that may or may not be true for Sasha (I think not), but definitely not for Fox…

  24. Anon_omis

    No Rick, I am sorry, but you shall not even tease a slightly raised corner of the mouth out of me. TOO FAR MAN!!! TOO FAR!!!

    • Frank

      …and I think you now know why Rick said you’d hate him for this arc

  25. fox-it

    poor Fox -hugs- there are more nice Dogs on earth

  26. DaveedWR

    Well, I’m glad this happened even if I feel so bad for Fox, I knew Sasha wasn’t an the one for Fox.

  27. Profesor Rod

    War averted. Heart was crushed ;-;

  28. The Wolf Kin

    I continue to remember that Rick said we would hate him for this arc.

  29. Kajex

    Like I said…

    … I knew it wasn’t going to be easy for Fox.

  30. Valerio

    admittedly, kevin is the best choice for Sasha. You know, great minds think alike and the such.
    Plus, Kevin is the right boyfriend to watch over her.
    And, Okay, I hate Rick. Just a bit. Ack!

    • Silly Zealot

      Don’t give him the satisfaction of comfirming his forecasts!

  31. Tarka TGO

    …Ouch. You can hear his heart’s shattered pieces as he walks.

  32. Skye

    well…. Rick did say we would hate him at the end of this arc…. poor Fox

  33. THdragon

    And…..Friendzoned!!!! Poor Fox…

  34. filmperson

    And yet again Rick you never cease to surprise…through in retrospect I really should have seen this coming.

  35. lifebydeth

    Something doesn’t seem right here. Could it possibly be that Kevins working for Fido like how Fox worked for Bino? *SWAT team crashes in* Nuuu they found meh!!

    • CHAOKOCartoons

      aww man, NOT ANOTHER ONE! We need to start re-inforcing our houses with steel…:)

      • ToaSoul

        *sigh* How many do we need?
        *grabs coat*

  36. Jael

    Second friend-zoning in this comic. Well, at least this didn’t hurt like Peanut+Grape did.

    • Pokeblue

      I dunno, hurt a little more for me than Peanut and Grape, cause at least we kinda had a fallback on that one. Speaking of which, I wonder when we’ll Tarot again, haven’t seen her in a while.

    • Valerio

      This hurt more: Fox is left with a crushed heart AND Bino.
      Ouch with dips of sorrow

    • aicivilwar

      This is far worse. With Grape & Peanut we at least see each one WITH someone. But so far we haven’t seen anydog else that Fox is remotely interested in, or anydog interested in him.
      This is the kind of thing that could make a dog start going to the internet… And I’ll leave it at that.

      • John Willow

        Perhaps this is where pete or the kitsune disguised as a female dog comes in

        • aicivilwar

          No, this isn’t Looney Toons.

      • Jael

        I don’t know. With these two there weren’t many arcs of build-up to be crushed. Not to mention this one was pretty much called for couple strips back.

        Then again I’m still bitter about my OTP so might be a little bit biased.

  37. Russiarules1

    Hoh, snap! That totally happened to my friend.

  38. Kanashe

    Do you hear that sound? That’s the sound of Foxe’s heart shattering like so much glass, I love it~

  39. serence ice fox

    wow….my heart actually hurt a bit , poor guy……
    yah my eye’s tearing up (is that even a word?) , this is just unfair :’(
    and suddenly i wish pete meant what he said : “pain may precede change , but i the end you mortals get your happily-ever-after”
    still can’t hate rick though XD

    • Frank

      tearing (intransitive verb) to produce tears, especially in excessive amounts

      Oxford Dictionary of English

      • serence ice fox

        so it IS a word , thanks frank ^^

  40. team fabulous

    Something has been pestering me,

    Has anyone even heard Sasha’s owner for a while?

    • Frank

      He was last referenced here, I believe:

    • Dena

      No, but keep in mind:
      1) He only owns Sasha to attract women

      2) He’s unlikely to be active in the lives of the pets as a consequence of #1

      3) His only contribution to the story is how he makes Sasha’s life … less than optimal. You don’t have to have him actually in-panel to get that across…

  41. John Willow

    Sasha…YOU CHARMING YOUNG WOMAN…..what….you’re all thinking it

    • Dena

      Keep in mind that Fox and the others he recruited were sabotaging their chances so she’d stay with Bino.

      She went outside that group … and found someone who wasn’t sabotaging their chances so she’d stay with a jerk.

      • John Willow

        You’ve made a great point but I was just making a little joke. I totally get that we all had no solid reason to think she’d end up with Fox, by the looks of the dialogue she made this date before she was even invited to the party and decided to keep it after Fox cheered her up. But the intention of my post was to play on some of King’s dialogue from ages ago, nothing much else, i was almost going to use the foul word but this seemed funnier

  42. Lorev

    Ouch, a touch of reality there. How refreshing.

  43. Gwenhwyvar

    huh, I guess the love revelation was not mutual. I hope Fox doesn’t fall into the “once burned, twice shy” mode because he really needs a girl. Everyone needs a little romance and Fox doesn’t seem to get any at all.

  44. Gwenhwyvar

    Wow, stuff like that always hurts, even if you’re a dog. Stay strong Fox!

  45. W0lfi3j4yp4w

    Ohh….thats gotta hurt fox for While

  46. Kitch

    At least it wasn’t Bino. :3

    I still think Fox should tell Bino off and go be friends with Peanut.

  47. Prince Mint

    Oh my dog, poor fox. Swee yet sad. Bailey and King can help cheer him up, or Bailey will go tell Sasha xD Who knows! Rick, love the comics, keep up the good work.

  48. Jman552


  49. Rogue Darkclaw

    Poor Fox…
    Awwww mannn

  50. Valerio

    consolation prize: Kevin looks totally awesome!!!

  51. aicivilwar

    Rick, you really are a great writer. I’ve been in a situation like what Fox is in. I pray and rely on Jesus Christ in times like that. It would be AWESOME to see a Christian side to Fox.
    And I really want to see Fox restored by having a stable relationship with some dog. (Actually, since the HP plot is expanding so rapidly I think Daisy deserves some depth of conversation.)

    • Frank

      “Hi, I’m Daisy!” “Hi! I’m… Daisy!” “Hi I’m! Daisy!”

      And you’re right. The fact that this comic has touched so many people is a wonderful testimony of Rick’s ability as a writer

      • aicivilwar

        Fox is walking home when outta nowhere:
        “Hey Fox, are you ok?’
        *Fox looks over his shoulder, and*
        IT’S DAISY! Nobody else is around, so it must have been her who spoke!

        • John Willow

          I totally know what you mean. When Rick first introduced Res i was struck dumb by how similar he and I were in mannerisms and thought that if I had discovered this comic a while earlier I might have matured a little faster, socially.

          But I don’t think we need to see a religious side to Fox. All the housepets generally believe they go to heaven (All dogs go to heaven at least)

          You know, we’ve seen a pregnant wolf, a marriage but we’ve never had a death

        • Dissension

          Daisy is never getting any character development. Ever.

          • Silly Zealot

            Dear Mr. Desintegration: Unless Rick told you that himself, I’ll not buy that statement!

          • Argent Stonecutter

            Poor daisy, eternally stuck as a running gag.

          • aicivilwar

            I agree with the Zealot. I don’t want to ruin any plot ideas Rick has, but it seems to be his style to take the most unexpected thing, make it seem twice as obscure, and pull it out of an infant’s left shoe when nobody expects it. Hats are too overdone…

          • aicivilwar

            Oh, and I forgot: If I gave away *any* spoilers, feel free to pull/delete those comments.

  52. Kenichi340

    Ye-ouch! Too late to admit his feelings aaaaaand friendzone’d. A moment of silence for our fallen Fox.

  53. Xerdar

    It’s not over… Fox you go back over here…and GET OUT of the FRIEND ZONE!!!

    • aicivilwar

      Now I’ve got a Kenny Loggins parody in my head.

  54. Frank

    Love the scarf-cape!

  55. Frank

    Though I have to wonder… what did Sasha mean in the first panel? That she might have something Fox needs to tell her?

  56. Hera Ledro

    My heart goes out to Fox. Tried to get in with a boyfriend recently and had this dropped on me. Hang in there Fox. Good writing, Rick!

  57. lumpking2

    Sees this comic
    Lays on floor
    Tries not to cry
    Cries a lot.
    Fox is so heartbroken. But Sasha made her choice. Oh well.

    • Valerio

      at least, we can be happy for her. She too deserved some goodness out of this mess

  58. snowstreak

    Poor Fox

  59. Reyn

    Dang it, why?????????? I so stupid, but why did that not work out for him??? Yeah well, at least Sasha didn’t try to steal King away like previously thought . . .

    • Dena

      In regards to King, he’s with Bailey. Sasha wouldn’t take him from her.

      Why didn’t it work out for him? Because. previously, he was sabotaging his and other folks’ chances with Sasha so she’d stay with Bino. It was his choices that kept him on the ‘friend’ path and not the ‘potential lover’ path. It was only until it was too late that he realized what he really thought about her … and since she didn’t believe he was interested in her in that way, she went elsewhere.

  60. AidenCorgi

    Wow didn’t see that one coming, poor Fox. I thought he and Sasha would end up together.

  61. Perfesser_Bear

    So, who saw that coming?

    I dunno… It seems to me that Sasha and Kevin are a better couple than Sasha and Fox. They’re both a little, ah, superficial. Okay, she’s a flake and he’s a meat-head; so are some of my best friends. Sure, this arc isn’t over yet and there will be tension, friction and resolution, but I think everyone will come out okay.

    Incidentally, a moving van is unloading at a previously empty house in Babylon Gardens. Suppose the new family has a dog?

  62. GameCobra

    *Insert Rocky training montage of Sasha and Kevin on their first date. And Gym.*

    Hope this doesn’t cause Fox too much trouble later on.

  63. heartless

    awww poor foxie-bon

  64. Salenstormwing

    And… everyone’s gunna be sad on Friday. Fox, Bino, King… okay maybe not King. Poor Fox.

    • Argent Stonecutter

      Is Friday even going to be part of this arc?

      • Rick Griffin

        You will know when an arc ends now because I’ll put an “end” caption in the last panel of each arc

      • Silly Zealot

        I’m pretty sure this arc will, indeed, end friday, and the next week there’ll be the three promised fillers, and after that, well, after that, we’ll see something incredible (probably).
        Also, on an unrelated avatar note: Woah! Argent, of clan Stonecutter, has evolved!

  65. steammachine

    D: i thought, i is sad

  66. Ozimul

    I think he’s glad for Sasha but sad for himself… *pat* It’s ok, Fox. You are still a good friend.

  67. sev

    ouch….that hurts…well… fox needs a shoulder to cry on I am here buddy its okay….

  68. Valerio

    Fox is SO going to be King’s bestest friend in the world. Goodbye, Biney!

    • Dena

      Or Peanut. Keep in mind that Peanut is an even bigger reader than Fox is, to the point that when Peanut and Fox talk books, Fox wonders why he’s friends with Bino and not Peanut.

  69. Vuk91

    Well… the best we could do is wait and hope that King will be the only friend of Fox in the end.

  70. WolfLongFellow

    Man friend zoned I feel you Fox

  71. Orsinox

    Yeaaaaa, DEFINITELY a good idea xD

  72. Argent Stonecutter


    I hope Sasha likes tackling.

  73. Arjay

    Im gonna go cry in a corner now ),:

  74. Ruu

    Ohhh I just realized how adorable Kevin’s little wagging nubby tail is! awwww

  75. Heart of Blades

    GAH!!! My heart!

    Despite Kevin being adorable, this is so sad for Fox. And who knew, King’s life is starting to look better now compared to Fox, how and when did THAT happen o.O

    • Valerio

      when he met Bailey :3

      • Silly Zealot

        Badum chhhh!

  76. John Willow

    Kevin’s do-nut and whole milk diet is doing wonders for his figure. He’s even lost his brown belly fur to the might of his awesome abs

    Fox, its easy to put your eyes on a pretty face but you’re better off with someone with wit and focus. You should go right to Taro and ask her for hints on your ideal match.

  77. n3ox15

    Poor fox,oh well, there goes my shipping hopes,anywhoodles,I am a new reader and I finally caught up…YAY!

  78. ToaSoul

    Well poor Fox, and Sasha and Kevin… Interesting combo…. WAIT! They had a date at the DONUT SHOP!!!! I thought Kevin didn’t like donuts?

    • D-Rock

      Either he is still following doctor’s orders to put on some weight, or he developed a liking for donuts afterward.

    • Dena

      He didn’t have to eat donuts, though. Keep in mind that stereotypical cop is ‘oh, you can find them at the donut shop’.

      Like someone going to a bar with a friend, but getting a Shirley Temple.

  79. Badr Bally

    A wise man once said, “It’s better to have loved than never love at all”……….. Then again.

  80. SP

    Poor Fox, you can’t help but feel sorry for him.

    What is it about the comments section being disabled?

    • Dena

      Administrative reasons. Easier to administer one site rather than two.

      • SP


        Still it won’t be the same commenting on a forum.
        I think the comic will lose a lot of comments.

  81. TinFoilHats

    Ouch, ain’t that a verbal kick to the guy area for Fox.

  82. bhPixelFire

    So….would this be “Seven”?

  83. Caracalla55

    Been there had that happen to me more than once >_<

  84. Alan Lare

    DANG! Poor fox just got his heart crushed!

  85. shane b.

    :o . Fox must be heartbroken.
    or mabye he’ll just fget ’bout it.
    Wonder if King would cheer Fox.
    all I Know Am Wondering ’bout is Who Will BECOME PETE”S AVATAR?
    love what you’ve done Rick.:D
    can someone help me sign up to the fourm.i’m 12 give me a break
    seriously !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Silly Zealot

      You are right, who will be the new avatar? We know it can only be a dog or a cat. Hmmm… Garfield? Bolt? Oliver? Krypto? Laika? Snoopy? Snoop Dog?

      • CHAOKOCartoons

        Scooby Doo? Top Cat? PaRappa? Hello Kitty? Tom? Clifford? Nyan Cat?

        • TinFoilHats

          I think I know something you don’t know >:D

          • Dissension

            I doubt it, but what, pray tell, do you believe you know?

  86. Lenn

    I’m sorry for Fox, but I’m really happy for Sasha…

  87. WingedWolfGirl

    Well, that escalated quickly.

  88. shade

    the final crushing blow has been delivered..poor fox.-hangs head-

  89. Akai

    Wow, I lost major points for Sasha. I can’t say I blame her for it, love is blind and all, but immediately declaring some one like you as their boyfriend without even thinking about one of the few people who’ve actually cheered you up, it’s so brash and irrational. This “woman” doesn’t think! Just flows through life. That’s not to saw she isn’t smart, but this “effortless” lifestyle is just filled with heartbreak and drama-lama. At least one could say she’s living life.

    • Lenn

      I don’t agree. She doesn’t owe him anything for acting like any decent dog should.

  90. Warwicky

    Too slow, Fox.

  91. gameangel147

    I was afraid something like this would happen, but I guess it was just not meant to be.

    P.S. R.I.P. Comments Section

  92. Kitch


    • Dissension

      Not much, you?

      • Z24


  93. Etch

    Well, seeing as Fox is smart, he’ll probably understand that it wasn’t really love and more like a crush on Sasha. I don’t think he’ll get too hurt from it. Seems unlike him.

    • Frank

      He thought, and accepted, that Sasha needed him.

      Admitting he was wrong in that is not that easy

  94. Billy MT

    Rick, you’re CRUEL >X3

  95. Hawkeye4Fur

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  96. Z24

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  97. FluxCapacity

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  98. karishad571232

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  99. Cursed Gardener

    Alt Text :

    Oh yeah shake it girl. I like my protein shakes well-blended with a raw egg

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  101. houndsofhell15

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  102. flamingfox26

    when I first read this strip I was confused why he would be at a doughnut shop, until I remembered that he was told he had to GAIN weight.