Tossing And Turning And Rinsing

NOTE: Following this arc, the comments section immediately under the comic will be disabled. You will still be able to comment on the comic on the [forums].

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  1. Ryu

    Poor ol Fox! :(

    • Valerio

      Why? He just took the right decision! YAY for Fox

      • Gabe23

        I think the “poor” part is cause it took ALL this time to realize how unfair his friendship with Bino is

        • Argent Stonecutter

          Looks like he just shifted from “denial” to “anger”.

          I’m not sure what the next three stages of ‘realizing your friend is a jerk’ are, but he’s got the first two down pat.

          • FPS

            The third is Punching someonoe in the face

          • Jason

            No no,step three is ‘Buying a pair of brass knuckles’. Step FOUR is ‘Punching your so-called friend in the face’.

          • Argent Stonecutter

            Nah, no punching unless your friend is a muscular jerk. The “why you suck” speech (see tvtropes) probably comes #3 or #5.

        • B.Squirrel

          Good- bye Bino! You will NOT be missed!

          • Billy MT

            Pfft, that no one would miss Bino is pretty much set since the freaking PILOT comic! XDD

          • Dissension

            False. *giggles*

        • Ryu

          But he has gone through a lot! So much has happened in a shot amount of time!

    • Kohaku Nightfang

      NOOOOO! Don’t disable the comments! I love the comments! I don’t go on the forums and I don’t really want to :’( Please Rick! Also what have you been thinking all this time Fox. Bino has always been a jerk to you and Sasha is sure to be nice

      • Dissension

        The comments will be disabled. Out of curiosity, why don’t you want to become a forum member? The people are nice, the conversations are interesting, and there are exclusive events and such!

        • Liandrii

          To add some food for thought.

          On a personal note, I find it interesting to read the comment section, though I don’t intend to spend the time to log into a forum to read the latest comments (I distract myself enough as is).

          However I assume there is a reason for removing it. So for those who are on phones, it would be nice if the Alt Text would be posted underneath the comic so they can still read it.

        • Frank

          Maybe he has a problem with the extra clicking?

          • Kohaku Nightfang

            I’m a she btw :P

        • Kohaku Nightfang

          It’s partially the extra time to go to the forums. I just like being able to simply scroll down on the comic to see what people had to say and comment on it. Also forums tend to be difficult to keep track of who is saying what to who because the replies to one comment aren’t underneath the comment itself. It just tends to make things difficult.

          • Dissension

            That’s why there’s a quote button on each post. = P

    • G.G Allin

      I think Fox needs a leather jacket.

      • Sky The Aviator

        Agreed someone needs to draw this

      • joshi

        he has one

  2. Tech

    you have been a fool Fox, go for it and be happy

    • Gabe23

      Does this means that the “war” part is about to begin ?

      If the answer is yes … “Let the games begin”

      • Silly Zealot

        “Gets his bread and goes to the circus maximus.”

        • T-Squared

          Do do doodleloodleloo do do do , Do do doodleloodleloo do do do, bum bum bum bum bum, bum bum bum bum bum, doodleloodleloodleloodleloo doo doo dooooo…

      • Fractile

        Pfff… war will only happen if Fox forgets to take Bailey with him ;3

  3. IceKitsune

    Now he gets it :P

    • silverfang16

      About time. -_-

      • Valerio

        meglio tardi che mai ;)

        • Filias

          a la buena ora (now 1 geraman ,french,russian and chinese and we have covered most of the wordl)

    • Gabe23

      Could thisbe the beginning of a new era ?

      • The_Rippy_One

        We can only hope!
        Also, I’m going to miss reading and responding to all of you like this.

        • Dissension

          You’ll still be able to do this on the forums!

          • Silly Zealot

            Wait! Wait! Wait! Wait! Wait! Wait! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow!
            Why is the comments section getting disabled? What did we do wrong?
            Is this a plan (an eeeeevil plan!) to get more members on the forums instead of just guests?

          • Dissension

            To quote Rick, “Considering I don’t actually make as much ad revenue from the forums as I do from the main site, and that we have SUCH a time trying to keep the forums properly moderated as it is, that isn’t really the case. I just want the comments consolidated and off the main page.”

            There’s your answer. :3

          • thefirstonethere

            Makes sense, but I hiss at change. Haha

          • Kyntelle

            Will the existing comments sections be deleted, or will the posting feature just be disabled?

          • thefirstonethere

            Also, when can we expect these changes to occur?

          • Frank

            @Kyntelle: eventually, maybe (see Rick’s words)
            @thefirstone: disabling, as soon as this arc ends. “Deleting” the comments, quite a long time

  4. Cerberusx

    I like Fox without his bandana. And him with Sasha is too perfect…

    • joshi

      fox whith out his bandana looks naked hes not naked but it feels like it :P

  5. Xane

    He still has dogtags on. He’s not naked!

    • Cheetahwolf

      Army dog tags?

    • Gabe23

      Well technically those are not his collar

    • Silly Zealot

      Still, it’s true, he’s not naked.
      And maybe he WAS in the army. Probably a field marshal, later promoted to become secretary of defense.

    • Kitch

      He’s “barely dressed”. :p

  6. Duster

    Hey Fox does a rock and a hard place ring any bells?

    • Tech

      that doesn’t really seem to fit as he sees the problem now, I’d say it’s more rock and a soft happy ending. I’m sure we all know which one he’s going to go for

      • Duster

        Just saying that in this particular situation he stands to be portrayed as the badguy, even though all he was originally trying to do was help is buddy out!
        Poor Fox!

        • darkgloomie

          he’s gonna be portrayed as the bad guy… by Bino.

          I’m pretty sure he doesn’t really stand to lose anything.

        • Duck'n

          Often times you can be your own worst enemy! Maybe he should just drop Bino and go be happy with Sasha, or maybe he will try to be the “good guy” and help Bino out( EVEN though Bino’s a jerk)?

  7. RioluNation

    Well, the dog tags makes him look so cool, that you don’t notice he’s naked. ;)

    • Marco

      Agreed on that! :3 He needs to decide! Sasha’s love or Bino’s help! Aughh all that pressure! o.o

      Neo: *The Problem is Choice!*

      • Perfesser_Bear

        Bino? Help?
        Have you met Bino?

      • Frank

        At the second exclamation point, I thought you were going to say “He needs to decide! Collar, bandana, or dog tags!”

  8. D-Rock

    Quite the conundrum there, Fox. What I wonder is how can he sleep with those dog tags on. Doesn’t look comfortable.

    If you don’t mind my asking, why is the comment section being disabled later?

    • Dissension

      I sleep with a ribbon necklace on, sometimes… ’cause it’s easy to forget to take something off, if you’re used to it. It isn’t hard.

      As for the comment section, the moderators have, for years, had to check both the forums and an unrelated comment section, the software and user interfaces for which are completely different. The forums allow registration, so you don’t have to manually enter your e-mail address every time you elect to post. Plus, there are events on the forums that some of y’all miss out on (like the recently-ended poll to determine which characters would appear in upcoming one-offs). It’s really a win-win scenario.

      • D-Rock

        I guess it’s something that simply takes getting used to.

        Also, thanks for letting me know of that. I guess this would be a good time to register on the forums. Didn’t know about the polls on the forums, that should be a good reason. Main reason I don’t is because I don’t like having to keep track of so many accounts. Well, I’ve sucked it up before, let’s see about doing it again.

      • Nohbody

        The forums allow registration, so you don’t have to manually enter your e-mail address every time you elect to post.

        I’ve never had to do that with every post. At least in Firefox cookies handle the name and e-mail, so all I have to do is type in the comment box.

        In any case, guess it’s a good thing I registered at the forums a bit ago, even if I have yet to actually post anything there. :P

      • bhPixelFire

        THERE ARE POLLS AND STUFF?! Now I have double the incentive to join the forums.

    • Rick Griffin

      A couple reasons, the main one being that it’s redundant. A close second being that there’s often some negativity generated here that can have deleterious effects on the comic’s presentation–better that everything just go to the forums.

      • D-Rock

        Negativity. Yep, seen a bit of that since finding this site a couple years ago. Also, I always feel out of the loop, since most of the references go right over my head. Now let’s see if I end up registering.

        • Duster

          You should totally join dude! I mean people on the forums don’t bite (well except for Sleet :3)
          The forums are a great place for fans to talk about the comic or just chit-chat about this or that.

          • Silly Zealot

            But forums are a GREAT commitment! You have to post regurlarly to prevent other forum dwellers from missing (being relieved by your absense), read pages and pages of comments non-stop to get on current forum afairs (or jump straight to the last one) and the hardest commitment of all: being nice to EVERYBODY! I’m human! Humans don’t work that way!!!!

          • Duck'n

            Don’t knock it till you try bub.

          • aicivilwar

            Duster, that should be my line.
            Don’t knock it till you try it.

      • silverfang16

        Fair enough.

      • Gabe23

        Can´t say Im happy with this decision. A bit shocked and sad because I really liked the comment section in the comic, sharing ideas, theories and more. But hey, we can do all the same (and more) in the forums.

        We´ll adapt. Thank you for giving us the notice Mr Griffin.

        • Silly Zealot

          Is this why Rick said everybody hate him during this arc? Will plant-life hate him? Will my shoes hate him? Will all the sovereign states of the world hate him? Will he hate himself? If he chews bubble gum, will the bite marks on the gum hate him?

      • Valerio

        not to mention that it helps new readers and occasional ones discover how cool is the forum section :D

      • Frank

        It’s sad how the bad actions of a few can affect so many

        but I guess that’s the world we live in

        • FriendlyFireFox

          There were other reasons for the shift. It probably would have happened eventually, no matter how anyone acted.

      • Argent Stonecutter

        One thing that could be done in the forums to help the transition would be to have a new topic for each day’s posts. A Girl and Her fed does this and it works pretty well.

        • bhPixelFire

          I agree with Argent. It would be a good idea.

    • Batty

      Youget used to sleeping with dogtags on pretty quickly.About a week in you pretty much forget you are wearing them.
      Kinda surprising in winter if they suddenly stick to your chest. XD

  9. AleColin

    I hope Fox gets over it, he could Sasha really happy, and Bino can find another girlfriend.

    • Tech

      I doubt Bino could, he’s kinda really unlikable and was lucky to have Sasha in the first place. I’m sure though at some point in this story arch he’ll show up with Daisy. I can see it now

      Bino: “well I’m over you now Sasha I have a new girlfriend and she’s way better then you and younger”
      Daisy: “hi I’m Daisy”

      • Kitch

        Nah, he deserves Duchess.

        • Perfesser_Bear

          I’ve thought of that, but they’ve met (after the dog show fiasco with King) and they seemed to be mutually unimpressed.

          Which means, of course, they’re perfect for each other. …And that’s another reason Rick wants to cool off the comments section until after this arc is done…

          • Frank

            Nah, that can’t be it. The forums are known for way wilder mass guessing

  10. Khazix

    No more comments? Something go wrong?

    • Dissension

      Not particularly, no. Things are just going in a new direction. It’s a change many comics implement as soon as they have forums. We’ve had four years to get ready for it…

      • Khazix

        Oh, ok. Guess I should make an account there then.

  11. Val Kilmer Batman/AsimovSideburns

    Noooo! I love comments!

    Is it permanent? Or will they come back?

    • Dissension

      You’ll still be able to discuss the comic on the forums! Registration is simple and easy.

      • Render

        Oh, that is not so easy as you think. I tried it, but unfortunately i don’t get an activation email and it is also not in the spam…
        I just found the joy of making comments here, but in the future it seems that I will not be able to do it anymore… :(

        • Render

          PS: Have already had an email-contact with Foxstar, but till now only one short reply.

        • Dissension

          Sorry for any inconvenience, your account’s been activated.

          There’s actually a floating announcement thread on the forums titled “Important – Account Confirmation E-Mail” with instructions on handling this issue. ;3

          • Render

            Many many thanks, all working fine now.

  12. SamBlob

    If this is to get more people to go to the forums, it won’t work with me. I just won’t bother to comment any more.

    • Dissension

      It’s not an attempt to increase forum activity – there is no lack of that. We’ll miss anyone who elects not to join, but that is, obviously, your prerogative.

    • Rick Griffin

      Considering I don’t actually make as much ad revenue from the forums as I do from the main site, and that we have SUCH a time trying to keep the forums properly moderated as it is, that isn’t really the case. I just want the comments consolidated and off the main page.

      • aicivilwar

        Having not been to the forum in a while, I don’t know if this has already been dealt with…
        Are there any plans to create new threads for each new comic? The last time I was on the forum page there was only one thread for new comic discussion, and it seemed extremely long. (Actually I never did make it back there to forage through the 2000+ pages of comments.)
        Also, on the “new comic” thread it seemed difficult to figure out which comments referred to which comic.

        • Dissension

          We switched to arc-specifc threads years ago and will begin using one thread for each new comic, once the comments are disabled.

          • Argent Stonecutter

            Will there be links to the comic’s appropriate thread? Or will you have to just know? That will make a difference in who finds it and the nature of the discussion.

          • Duster

            Hmmm… yeah Argent does present a good point, maybe it’s possible to embed a link to the current comic on the top part of the thread?

          • Dissension

            As with the arc threads, it would have the comic’s title. It also wouldn’t be in the forum for old comic threads.

          • Frank

            I think Argent’s idea is the other way around, Duster. I think he wants a link in the strip’s description to the appropriate forum post (which I must say is a proposal I’ll support wholeheartedly)

          • aicivilwar

            I’m not sure what everyone else is saying, but I would like to see two things under the comic on the main page:
            1. The Alt-Text for the “hover impaired”
            2. A link to the specific thread page (page 1, oldest comments first) for that day’s comic.

            That way I can go straight to the comment thread for that comic, instead of having to navigate through three or four pages to get there.

          • Argent Stonecutter

            Yeh, that’s what I was getting at.

  13. Tarka TGO

    Easier to moderate the Forums? (My guess)

    Anyways, yet another substitution that’s hilarious, yet I’m actually confused as to why he exclaimed that. May be because I’m running on fumes, but meh.

    • D-Rock

      Doesn’t want to abandon friends, then realizes Bino does that a lot would be my guess. At least that was the feeling I got.

  14. W0lfi3j4yp4w

    Oh no…..this wont end well

  15. Marco

    I think its a good approach for the site! For years some web-comics don’t have the comment section! Fans always comment on the forums!

    • Marco

      Where can you use the chat room system?!

  16. Orsinox

    Prooooobably for the best xD

  17. Gabe23

    So, someone has already decided, good for Fox

  18. GeckoZY

    The best ideas/inspiration come from the time you wanted to sleep the most XD

  19. Vuk91

    The right thing you were doing, Fox. The absolute right thing.

  20. Sonic Fox

    Don’t feel bad, she could use someone like you Fox

  21. Solus_Darkcoat

    lol, good Fox! XD finally you realize that Bino is an idiot and don’t deserve your friendship

  22. Profesor Rod

    Sasha looks all cute and hot, wet and out in the pouring rain… I MEAN COLD, COLD! >/////<

    • aicivilwar

      Someone get her a warm fuzzy blanket!

  23. Cristian100n

    Holy cow! Go for it fox!!!

  24. Xaqairy

    No one mentioned “What the Howl…”? I love the substitute curses in this comic.

    • Frank

      It’s better than “what the Christmas” in this context

      • aicivilwar

        I’ve heard “Jiminy Christmas” used in this context, and I always think of that grassho… er, I mean cricket… wearing a Santa suit.

  25. Valerio

    GO FOXY-BON GO! :D :D :D

  26. black fox

    Am I the only one that notic the pun??

  27. filmperson

    Huh, would you believe I literally never noticed the dog-tags until now?
    Oh well, as long as you keep drawing the comic I cannot complain.

  28. Pokeblue

    I don’t mean to sound rude, but am I alone in my thoughts that I can’t figure out what’s going on? I mean it does sound like he may go for Sasha afterall, but I can’t shake the feeling I’m missing some miniscule, but important, detail. The second panel seems a bit fantasized in a way, but the third one seems like that it really did happen. I might be just overthinking it though.

  29. legendario13

    The last sign of loyalty has been lost

    • Valerio

      nah, he’ll still be a good ol’ loyal dog.
      Just one with the right priorities ;)

      • legendario13

        Heh, couldn’t have said it better.

  30. Facade Kitsune

    hoary fox is seeing the truth and it seems he might need to pee
    at least that’s the most common reason for dreams involving dripping water

  31. WingedWolfGirl

    Heh, Heh. Rick has finally gotten tired of our “not so witty” comments. :D

    …I will miss this.

    • Gabe23

      We all are, but we´ll adapt.

      • Perfesser_Bear

        Drat. I can’t find this one, so I’d like to propose a new entry for Rules of the Internet:

        670. Change is bad. No exceptions.

        • Frank

          I once made a site where the background was an animated GIF in red and yellow. When I changed it to a static light blue and white, the change was received with open arms!

  32. Taylor

    Rick, how long does this arc have left?

    By the way, Again, just watch. Sasha will be with someone else at the end of this.

  33. Sleet

    Fox talking like a dog in panel 1 is adorable. <3

    Fare thee well, comment section! *waves goodbye and returns to the forum*

  34. RootsofOrigin

    How dare you remove our precious comment section in lieu of convenient moderation!

  35. CHAOKOCartoons

    Um, sorry to bring this up AGAIN, but I think the forum thing is a good idea, but my PSP (I have no phone even though I’m 14) flips out in the forums. I could use my PS3 but I feel weird when people can see me reading web comics (even if they should read them). The point is, I will now be commenting much less than usual, THIS IS NOT PROTEST! I will literaly only be able to comment less often…….. oh yeah, GO SOX!!! :D

    • CHAOKOCartoons

      oh… ummm… this is emberasing, all I had to do to get into the forums was to turn on conserve memory…………………WA WA WAAAAaAaAaaaaa!…a

    • Frank

      What kind of a ship is named after a baseball team?

  36. Barz

    Wow fox fantasizing about a girl you like. I’m strangely going through that too right now. Let’s both hope we have a good happy ending at the end of this. It sucks because when you fantasize about something like this its hard to stop thinking about it. Good luck with your potential new “friend” fox.

    • team fabulous

      I really hope that Fox and Sasha’s relationship goes further, it’s quite cute and cuddly. Plus, since this arc is called love and war, I’m guessing this is the calm before the big storm.

  37. Bond.JamesBond 007

    cant believe i am saying this but… how do i get on to the forums and register?
    also, lol what the howl!

    • Dissension

      You could follow the link to the forums at the top of the page, the link in the announcement that the comment section’s going away, or [ this link right here ].

      • Bond.JamesBond 007

        thanks for the help!

  38. killwithyourawesome

    dibs on 1st panel fox as gravatar pic

    • Kitch

      Make sure you make your forum account and apply this avatar to it before someone else does. ;3

      • killwithyourawesome

        so this doesnt count

        • Dissension

          Nothing counts.


          • Perfesser_Bear

            Okay, Rule 671: What Dissension said. No exceptions!

            <Sorry, we've been having this discussion about the ROTI on another forum and it just keeps simmering along.)

        • Kitch

          Well, no, since they’re locking the comment threads on the website in the future.

  39. Kitch

    Sweet dreams are made of this.

    And epiphanies are made of that. x3

  40. Draven

    Who is he to decide he SHOULDN’T trade his friends, hmmm? Think about that. Maybe there’s some cosmic I don’t know saying it’s time, and he’s fighting it.

    Aww, no more main page comments? I will miss this.

    • Duster

      Cheer up dude! It’s not all doom and gloom bud, half of us already post on the forums as it is.

  41. Legotron123

    Cause I REALLY hate bino

    • Billy MT

      That’s kinda redundant. I mean anyone ever =liked= Bino?:x

      • Dissension

        I love Bino to tears. He has a decently-sized following. :3

        • Billy MT

          Uh owo;; Hope you guys don’t take him as a role-model then

        • Legotron123

          I see your * this sentence was self censored after I realized it was against comment rules. That and I realized I would be a jerk if I said what I was planing to. Lets just say that it involved a Calvin and Hobbes strip where Susie is telling Calvin why she loves to go back to school after summer break. Sorry.*

          • Billy MT

            …Welp that was ominous o.o

          • Legotron123

            i know im gonna be rude by saying what i was going to say in my last comment but it involed lombodimy

          • Dissension

            Personal attacks aren’t allowed – please apologize if you wish to retain posting rights.

  42. GreighVonGottreich

    Good thing Fox took the time to think back on things. Was going to wonder what he would be doing there. Hehe.

  43. Perfesser_Bear

    Time to wake up and smell the I Can’t Believe it’s Not Coffee, Fox.

    Alt Text for the Hover Disabled:

    NOW he’s naked, phew

    Well, except for his dog tags, as others have noted. Apparently, Fox sleeps Commando Style.

    • Dissension

      Well, of course, he is a commando, after all. *giggles*

  44. serence ice fox

    well it finally happened , this section closed down
    guess i won’t be comment here for much longer now
    (almost have the feeling this section saw me and run)
    although it short live , comment here was fun
    hope forum works for me , guess i’ll just have to see
    gonna check it out now , cya there everybody <3

  45. Frank

    Comments disabled? Does that mean the comments that have already been posted will get deleted? I was going to use those :(

    • Rick Griffin

      Not right away, I’m hoping to get a way to archive them and put them in old comic discussion with the rest

      • GreighVonGottreich

        Oh keen!

  46. MegaCreep

    does that entail me creating an account for forum section? can’t i just write things the way i did?

    • Valerio

      No. It’s a measure to better keep tracks of trolls.
      But again, hey, the forum’s a nice place, you won’t regret commenting there ;)

  47. Sky-Leif

    Okay. I am finding it weird how Fox is sleeping with dogtags… Because my nickname is Fox in real life, and I wear a pair of dogtags too. O.O I also thought the tags were on his collar, but I guess not! XD

    And as for the comments, such a bummer. U_U I just joined too. I really like the comments. They’re fun to read. :( *Sigh*… But I guess Rick knows what’s best for us. The forums it is I guess. :/

    • aicivilwar

      I don’t know if you already know this, but in the military (I was in USAF basic) you are REQUIRED to wear your tags at all times. (caps for emphasis)

      • Sky-Leif

        I know. :P I just like the tags in general because they have my name and my nickname on them. Also, you were? Nice! O.O

  48. Rafe

    Sasha looks…tempting

    • TinFoilHats

      Okay, lets not get naughty now.

      • Profesor Rod

        Your avatar face suits with what you just said XD

    • Sky-Leif

      I had the same thought. *Super-Ultra-Mega-Facepalm* X_X

    • aicivilwar

      When they say “find a happy place” that’s NOT the kind of happy they meant.

    • CHAOKOCartoons

      Back off man, that’s FOX’S GIRL! >;)

  49. TinFoilHats

    Well, since this is my last comment here on the main site: Fox, it took you THAT long to figure it out?!

  50. Jinxed

    During hard nights of trying to sleep, I feel exactly like this, wondering how it’s only 12am

    • Jinxed

      P.S. RIP the comment section D:
      Not to mention I have to work at 5am tomorrow, so I hope this doesn’t happen to me.

  51. Kitch

    Fox waking up looks almost exactly like Keene “waking up” at the end of Temple Crashers.

  52. flamingfox26

    so what was Bino doing with that mop? Was he mopping the floor or does the house have a leak?

    • aicivilwar

      Apparently it was Bino’s turn to clean the clubhouse, but he was trying to weasel his way out of his duties. (No offense intended, and can you imagine having to clean up after a pack of dogs?)

  53. Jibbs

    Fox is naked! Shield your eyes!!!

    • CHAOKOCartoons

      It’s okay, he’s scensored! *points to dog tags*

  54. zeroslash

    I like the seemingly random substitutions for curses in this comic. If I wasn’t such a brood, I’d probably start saying them.

    • Dr. Prower

      Why the howl would you let that get in your way?

      Also yay naked Foxie realizing how much of a jerk Bino is!

  55. Legotron123

    I predict fox giving bino a speech about why he sucks ( if interested about what that is) and I predict it will be epic

    ( thanks to tarot for the 6 day psychic semenair

  56. Mobyulus

    Go for it, Fox.

  57. shane b.

    Bino and Sasha aren’t so serious, I’m sure he won’t be devastated.
    Unless he is surprised or something weird will happen. (On a totally unrelated comic, i have some awesome ideas some are wacky but cool).I’m a 12 yr old and I even writen what i think will happen later and finished some class projects from this art in my eng/lit class. You saved me alot Rick!! :D .
    i wouldn’t warry about bino’s attitude he is mean spirited and kinda a loser if it wasn’t for owning the club and fox’s friendship. now i think about it, bino might be hurt but didn’t he say he wanted to break up at the beginning of the comic, Rick try to comment

  58. TinFoilHats

    Yeah, I’m gonna miss these here comment sections. (sorry to digress the topic) But after thinking a long time, what with the events currently happening in the comic, and just knowing where the story’s gonna go, I think I know who’ll become Pete’s avatar(*blows into bubble pipe* it’s elementary, my dear commentites).

  59. AnotherFirstTimePoster

    because of this arc Sasha became one of my favorites and just because of the expressions she has in every strip.
    In this strip she really has a serious and depressing look on her face and it fits her so much.
    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to see her suffer, but it really feels that under her normally happy Attitude there a really sad and lonely core.

    By the way I think both are Memorys, because well her Dad isn’t really a nice guy and he would do something like that. I think she doesn’t really meant that the night is gonna be cold, more that she knows that the night will become for her lonely and sad.

    • CHAOKOCartoons

      It apears that you’ve found the secret young– I mean older one that’s still pretty youthful. ;1

  60. Kajex

    Much as I would love to see Fox and Sasha hook up, and much as I feel Fox deserves Sasha (while she deserves better than Bino)…

    … I doubt this is going to be easy. Not because I expect Bino to put up a fight for someone he genuinely cares less about than he claims he does, mind you. I just feel that Fox is the kind of person who would make such tough decisions.

  61. CHAOKOCartoons

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    • Dissension

      Benefits of joining the forums have been pretty well covered in the chain of comments. Whether you join is entirely up to you – we will not beg or try to sweet-talk you into an account.

      • Billy MT

        Main reason I made this point was because >w>;; to register in a forum means I’d be more committed to it than in the comments here. I’d expect to make some friends, to come by daily, so-and-so, but I wanted to know if it’s worth the effort before doing so .w. If the members are friendly, if the “neighborhood” is nice enough to welcome someone else interested.

        Though I might’ve sound seriously cold about it, seeing your reply >.>;;

        • Dissension

          Well, I’ve been on the forums just shy of four and a half years. The people are mostly friendly and there are things to do. I encourage you to check the place out, at least – guests can view, but not make, posts. This is the fourth thing.

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    lol, the tragedy of the water bucket and mop.

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    I suppose the idea is to get rid of people like myself … yknow, the ones who cannot be freeping bothered with registering for yet another forum account because we’ve long since forgotten the passwords and in some cases the usernames for half those we’ve ever had, and can just about manage to remember a gravatar / disqus / facebook-or-twitter one…

    Also, don’t the dogtags count as some kind of clothing?

    • Dissension

      Actually, as discussed elsewhere, the idea is to eliminate redundancy and let the comic speak for itself, instead of having a hundred or more comments confront new readers.

      You’ll find the administrators are helpful and responsive (There is also an automated process for obtaining a new forum password). You’re obviously not required to join the forums, but we’ll be sorry to see anyone who doesn’t do so leave our community.

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    Means I’ll have to make an account to comment?

  70. gekkokid

    Poor Bino, eventualy his might get a worst Facepunsh than the one Baile gave him.
    oh well i kind of deserves it, but still poor Bino.

  71. gekkokid

    Poor Bino, his going to get a Facepunch Worst that the one Bailey gave him.

    i mean he kind of deserves it, but still… poor, poor Bino.

  72. Saywhut

    FOX! Sleeping in only your tags! Dare I say?!

    (Yes, that is the only information I picked up on this one.)

  73. John Willow

    I have a terrible feeling that Fox is going to go over to Sasha’s house to ask her out and Bino will answer the door

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