Too Late To Think
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  1. B.Squirrel

    Yay! More Bailey!

    • GeckoZY

      She’s wearing her scarf backwards XD

      • ToaSoul

        Well she was probably sleeping before and heard him come in, everything gets messed up when you sleep

        • Draven

          Well Fox seems pretty messed up, and he hasn’t even gone to sleep yet.

        • LeaahWulf

          Or a female dog turns her scarf backwards when she’s engaged.

          • CHAOKOCartoons

            HEY! Watch your language! XD

          • Dissension

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      • Facade Kitsune

        maybe its like that country tied up blouse thing
        since she obviously has nothing under it

    • Sky-Leif

      I love Bailey. :D I also notice she’s wearing her wedding ring from King. It’s so sweet. X3

      • Argent Stonecutter

        And she’s wearing it on her fat doggy finger.

      • Deadly-Bagel

        But it’s on her right hand, not her left. Perhaps she’s just not clued up?

      • Fractile

        “Get down!!! Find cover! GO, GO, GO!!!!!” Another water balloon fight of the ages? Or will Fox convince Bailey to come with him when he goes to see Bino? I can see that working out much better than anything else… A little convincing :D

        • Neo

          If there is, I wanna get my stuff for it.

    • GreighVonGottreich

      Its good to see her still cruising around, being forward on direct replies. XD

  2. Gabe23

    Is not that simple Bailey … or is it ?

    • Welsh halfwit

      Considering how long it took her to get together with King…

      • snowmon89

        They knew each other for a few nano-seconds before King fell for her. Bailey took a day to realize it. Fox has known her about as long as he’s known Bino… time is relative (as we all already know from Pete’s experience).

    • Marco

      All good things for those who wait?

    • Billy MT

      Uh… The exactly same thing happened between her and King, you forgot? XD

      Clue yourselves in, guys ;3

    • Specious

      I say “not.” Decidedly not that simple.

  3. IceKitsune

    Over thinking everything there Fox :P

    • Valerio

      if he wanted to shoot a hypotetical, he should’ve asked King first

      • ironhandsoverign

        That said, Bailey has a history of seeing through hypotheticals. The first one King asked her had a beat panel followed by “Let’s cuddle.”

        No matter what order the questions were asked in, it would have come to this eventually and it’s not like more time between the event and the hypothetical would change the answer.

  4. GeckoZY

    and the war starts… :O

    • lifebydeth

      Or there could be no war if Bailey stands behind Fox just glaring at Bino. XD

      • Lance

        haha yes!

      • GeckoZY

        But what if, Bino doesn’t remember who hit him. :)

        • killwithyourawesome

          with that force probably

        • ToaSoul

          he’ll remember when it happens again

      • Render

        Send Bailey to inform Bino.
        I remember there was a nice FACE written somewhere…

    • aicivilwar

      Perhaps it will start with a good old-fashioned pillow fight?

      • Render

        Slowmotion pillowfight? :D

        • aicivilwar

          uga fuba guga… whatever.

          • bhPixelFire


  5. Duster

    Go for it Fox! It’s now or never champ!

    • Valerio

      YAY SOX!

      • legendario13

        I Didn’t know you were a baseball fan, Valerio

        • Valerio

          now, wouldn’t Sasha and Fox dancing as mascots of that team be THE TOTAL AWESOME? :D I’d buy tickets only to see that

      • IceKitsune

        That is the silliest name for the pairing XD

      • Fractile

        SOX and DINO! Most people probably don’t remember what Bino said after meeting Duchess XD That would make an interesting plot twist :3

      • aicivilwar

        Soxa perhaps, to even it up a bit? (two letters from each, instead of two from one and one from the other)

    • Duster

      I support SOX, but I am not very confident that it will happen (yet).

  6. snowmon89

    Subtlety and hypothetical situations rarely mix well.

    • aicivilwar

      It takes some serious cranial horsepower to pull it off, but it is possible.

      • Nohbody

        But it’s an easier source of laughter if it’s done wrong. :P

        (Most RomCom standards leave me facepalming too much to actually watch the movie/show.)

  7. xhunterko

    Well, try and be a little more convincing next time Fox. :)

  8. Marco

    Fox needs to write book about his experience of love and friendship! ;)

    • John Willow

      Fox – “Dear Princess Celestia…you’ll be happy to know that after some lonely years i’ve finally found the gift of love, but it came at the expense of losing a friend…it turned out that friend was willing to step aside in the name of my happiness, so i learned that the bond of friendship can over…”


      Fox falls to the floor. Bino walks out of the room holding his weapon of choice, an old fashioned frying pan

      I’m sorry Marco, I couldn’t resist

      • aicivilwar

        You should also apologize to Grape for stealing her frying pan bit, and apologize to every MLP fan, ever.

      • Pokeblue

        *BAM* Bino is KOed as I walk out with a wooden rolling-pin.

        Sorry Bino, cartoon-style antics only get’s more cartoon antics. And if anyone wants to know why I wouldn’t hit Grape for doing something this, two reasons, one she’s a girl (I don’t hit girls), and secondly she’s a cat (I’m a cat person really). :P

        • Frank

          three: she’d beat the stuffing out of you?

      • bhPixelFire


      • Marco

        Haha somehow I know someone would say MLP references! =P

  9. sev

    Hehe thats funny go fox do what Bailey says and just ask her out :)

  10. Lance

    I actually laughed out loud. XD I love Bailey. X3

  11. Xane

    Eh. From what I’ve seen, dating a friend’s ex usually doesn’t pan out too well… on the other hand if you don’t try you might regret it forever!

    • Gabe23

      Quite a dilemma over there

    • CWFang

      well when that friend isnt really a friend and the worlds biggest jerk, yet the ex is this bubbly cute amazing person then well who cares about the dating the friend’s ex stuff ;p

      • aicivilwar

        Luke Sky… said “I care”… to Leia… *ahem* after she made the comment about Han being “quite the mercenary.”

      • Argent Stonecutter

        Bubbly cute amazing frivolous unreliable …

        Just sayin’ it’s not all one-sided.

  12. sev

    Also this proves my theory that fox is smart with everything but girls so cute :) I am loving this arc so much.

  13. Roarin

    Fox kinda sounded like King in that 2nd panel there.

    • SamBlob

      Yes, he did. A lot..

      • Multani Raynz

        which is just one more reason why Bailey knew the who and answer to the hypothetical X3

  14. The Wolf Kin

    Oh, goodness, this just makes me love Bailey more.

  15. Vuk91

    Oh, Fox, forget that bully and marry Sasha already

    • Cheetahwolf

      Hey, wait for the King’s wedding first

      • aicivilwar

        A double wedding ceremony perhaps, with Pete as the Preacher?
        When He says “til death do you part,” He MEANS it!

    • Specious

      Good gosh, it’s not that simple. Bailey shouldn’t treat it like it’s an easy thing to just say, “Yeah, stab your friend in the back and get with his girl after she dumped him, and you promised to help him get her back.”

      I mean, this isn’t a frivolous kind of situation! This is some serious Lancelot-Guinevere stuff going on here. We all remember how that ended right?

      • thorinwolf

        erm…. no

      • Noniki

        Totally. Not to mention, why does everyone seem to think she’s going to treat Wolf any better than she treats Bino? Bino was really trying to be a better boyfriend. She dumped him on pure whimsy, not anything he did.

      • Noniki

        I mean, I’m not a huge fan of Bino, but Sasha strikes me as the kind of person who may be naturally bubbly and carefree, but treats people dismissively and uses them as long as she feels like it, because she’s cute enough to get away with it. Just like THOSE girls irl.

  16. Solus_Darkcoat

    did anybody else notice the wedding ring on Bailey’s finger?

    • D-Rock

      Technically, engagement ring. Doesn’t seem she and King are married yet judging from the lack of a wedding band. Pretty sure King would go for that, too.

      • Solus_Darkcoat

        whoops ^w^ my bad, yeah engagement ring. and you’re right they are not married yet

        • Valerio

          Epic wedding will be epic. And yes, I had noticed.

    • Marco

      It would be nice to see a close up view of the ring!

      • Valerio

        “Warning: if you can see this ring THIS close, your face may be in danger.”

        • Solus_Darkcoat

          does it say that on the ring?

          • Pokeblue

            Probably not. We’d have to ask Bino considering he’s the only one we know where that would be applicable.

          • aicivilwar

            I agree with Pokeblue. When a lady gets a ring, she normally gets a case of “slack wrist” in front of all her friends, and anyone who notices it.

        • Baxtrr

          And the stone would leave a lovely extra indentation at the center of the crater! So from now on we’ll have to write it:


    • Silverpaws

      I did!! XD

    • Cheetahwolf

      Best gift king could give Bailey is the key to his soul, I mean watch to his soul. ;)

  17. D-Rock

    I’d say hook up with Sasha, Fox, but the problem is that you agreed to help Bino get her back. Just how do you report that to Bino, anyway? “Mission failed, but I now have a girlfriend”?

    • lifebydeth

      It will involve a complicated scheme requiring years of spy training, thousands of dollars, and the President. Or we just hit Bino with a bat in the spot that causes amnesia.

      • Valerio

        psst, don’t forget the aliens!

      • Argent Stonecutter


        Oh, wrong HP!

        • Dingo57

          And the alien robots.
          Couldn’t resist.

          • aicivilwar

            Robots say DELETE. Rolling trash cans say EXTERMINATE!

          • thebrokeartist

            Sorry guys but even the end of the world can’t get rid of Bino. Man, he’s persistent pooch.

    • Dr. Prower

      Some serious problems are sure to arise if they do hook up. I’m pretty sure Bino will get pretty mad if his friend says “Sure I’ll get you two together” and comes back later saying “Guess who your ex-grilfriend just got together with?”

    • D-Rock

      Okay, to most of those who answered to my original comment: What?

  18. Kohaku Nightfang

    YAY! Fox and Sasha are going to get together! I hope Bino doesn’t freak out too badly. Fox let him down gently. He needs to learn a lesson from this, but you shouldn’t lose your friendship if you can help it

    • SamBlob

      I hope Bino’s brain freezes and he ends up in the care of Nurse Ratched.

      • Dr. Prower

        Maybe he’ll end up being cared for by “HELOOOOOOOO Nurse!”

      • ironhandsoverign

        That’s not even nice. Nurse Ratched would lobotomize him quick like.

        Although ten points to Griffyndor for the One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest reference.

  19. Silverpaws

    waaaa look at her, she looks so cute wearing her ring that King gave her

  20. AleColin

    It looks like Bailey is smarter than Fox since she knew right away in a split second of what Fox is saying.

  21. WoobyWoo

    Gah! Bailey is going commando! D:

    • D-Rock

      She’s wearing her bandana. They’re only naked if they’re not wearing anything.

  22. CHAOKOCartoons

    Bailey, life in your mind is like a box of chocolates, you always know whats inside. 2 you like and the rest will make you sick. ;P

    • Nohbody

      Technically, being canine pretty much all of the contents of a box of chocolates will make her sick.



      • Argent Stonecutter

        Not the white chocolate.

        • Nohbody

          Yeah, but how many of those are found in your average box of chocolates? Personal experience suggests “not many”.

          (Assuming it’s not some custom order, in which case “average” goes right out the window.)

  23. Valerio

    The ring <3

  24. Gabe23

    A lot of people saying that Fox and Sasha are going to get toghether, well Fox sure likes her … BUT, is the feeling reciprocal ?

    • Raolin1994

      I think it might be, due to Fox just being nicer in general than Bino.

  25. Valerio

    gotta love Bailey… Oh, wait King does already :3

  26. Khazix

    Huh. Surprisingly refreshing to be skipping past all the romantical shenanigans. Thanks Rick!

  27. Taylor

    Just wait. Sasha will be back with Bino before he even tries.

    • Taylor

      Or, worst yet, with a wolf.

  28. Kobrag

    Or just compromise and mack with Bino.

  29. Barz

    Well bailey love to see that straight to the point attitude again. Nice of you to show support for you’re cousin, but do you know it’s Sasha?

  30. Dr. Prower

    I hate bringing this up in the comments, since it relates to the forums, but I’m still locked out of my account. I recently decided to come back to the forums and begin posting again, but I decided to change my e-mail address, since the one I had listed for my account was no longer in use. I have waited a full day for my reactivation e-mail to show up so I can confirm the e-mail change and begin posting again, but it hasn’t shown up. I could use some assistance in getting my account reactivated so I can begin using the forum again. Thank you for your time.

  31. Kitch

    I agree with Bailey. ;3

  32. Rafe

    Why are Bailey’s eye like that? They’re look crossed.

    • gameangel147

      Animation error.

      • Dissension

        Incorrect. She’s looking at Fox, who’s directly in front of her.

  33. gameangel147

    More Bailey! Though I thought she was living with someone else. But I’m just happy that I finally know how to spell aneurysm.

    • Dissension

      As shown in previous strips, Bailey lives with Fox and Officer Bill, these days.

  34. Salenstormwing

    Dawwww, love is in the air. Also, I didn’t realize how big Bailey was compared to Fox. Maybe she’s just fluffier.

    • aicivilwar

      Huskies do get a REALLY fluffy winter coat.

    • D-Rock

      I kinda thought it was due to the fact that she must have lived most of her life on a farm, which to my knowledge requires a lot of work. I thought she would have built up a lot of muscle.

      • aicivilwar

        That’s the best comparison between country well water and city tap water I’ve ever seen.
        And yes, it could be from Bailey throwing hay bales around

        • D-Rock

          Never heard that expression before.

  35. RoadRover1995

    I say go for Fox. I wanted you and Sasha together from the beginning. Maybe Bino can hook up with Duchess. They surely are perfect for each other.

  36. T-Squared

    My brain broke.

    • Neo

      Did you fix it?

  37. Argent Stonecutter

    Well, I guess Poncho can go with that girl from the zoo.

    • Baxtrr

      +1 to that idea. I was wondering when we’d see them again.

  38. W0lfi3j4yp4w

    Yep that what I would have said.

  39. Valerio

    and then both Fox and Bino have a showdown to settle this triangle before both see Sasha passing by, together with Boris.

  40. Billy MT

    Yannow, before, I used to think that Sasha was the wrong party for her sudden break-up (been there, felt that, wasn’t marginally funny :x ), but now that Fox might be someone more worthy her time, I’m actually enjoying the idea.

    And what about Bino? Gonna end with a friend and a girlfriend short now? Left to the hubris of his own broken, haughty self?
    …Sheesh, poetic XD

    But anyways, here’s a thought, maybe Bino could learn better if he had another girlfriend. Not someone as soft as Sasha is, but maybe a female who’s more demanding, more forceful and who could impose herself over him. Someone like… Mmmm…

    …Cerberus? owo

    Nah, that’s overkill XD But yeah, someone who could at least act like her, what you guys think ?

    • AnotherFirstTimePoster

      Well it sounds weird, but I think the only one who could somehow survive a Relationship with Cerberus is Kevin.

      But your Idea with Bino and a other Girlfriend is quite interesting.

      • Argent Stonecutter

        Cerberus + Kevin? That’s… disturbingly fitting.

        • Frank


          • AnotherFirstTimePoster

            to be honest I don’t like these weird couple names, but yeah somehow they would fit….They would break bones…Pete’s Bones and Bones of other People.

  41. Tygepc

    Glad to see Bailey is showing up more in the comic. She adds a good dimension to the cast.

  42. Perfesser_Bear

    Hooray, Bailey! She’s (almost) always the voice of reason — even after the bad patch when her family abandoned her. She’s the keel that helped keep King afloat, dealing with his issues. As @lifebydeth observed, she’d probably be the one to stand behind Fox when Bino finally got the news. I think she and Grape are the only members of the Housepets gang that Bino fears. Any coincidence they’re both strong women?

    That said, is it me, or is Bailey slightly bigger than Fox? The older strips seem to bear it out, too.

    Alt Text for the Hover Challenged:

    “You have to at least knowingly play along, that’s in the trope rulebook!”
    • D-Rock

      Surprisingly, the fact that Bailey is taller than Fox was mentioned in a guest strip. This is actually one of the few times we see her and Fox in-panel like this to be able to tell the difference in height. The second time we see Bailey (first time King saw her, too) they did look the same height, but that was with an earlier art style. They haven’t been in-panel like that after that arc until now. The rest of the time, they either weren’t together or at different camera angles, which makes height a little difficult to judge.

      Didn’t realize this would be that long an explanation…

    • Cursed Gardener

      I googled “Trope”, and spent almost an hour before I got back here.

      • Argent Stonecutter

        Resistance is… kinda cute, actually.

      • Perfesser_Bear

        @Cursed Gardener– Oh, my, you must have missed Rule 385:

        TVTropes ruined my life, and it will ruin yours too. No exceptions.

        Do not visit that site if you have anything else to do. For, like, all day.

      • D-Rock

        Yeah, that site is surprisingly addicting. Though I must admit, it was a good site to stumble upon by accident, and does show other viewpoints of whatever you’re looking for.

      • Jinxed

        Yea, unless you have 100% TVTropes hyperlink resistance(TM) like moi, you shouldn’t go to

  43. Grip Moonwolf

    Is anyone else reminded of Bailey’s response to King’s hypothetical love situation? I’m getting the strangest sense of deja vu, here…

  44. thebrokeartist

    Is it just me or is Bailey buffer than Fox? She looks a little bit bigger compared to him. Cause the last time we saw her, she was definetly about the same size as Fox.

    • Dena

      Well, no surprise as she used to be a farm dog, while Fox is a suburbanite.

  45. aicivilwar

    Ok there are two things I would like to see cleaned up. First, what’s the deal with the pillow? (Does Bailey normally sleep on the couch or something, full house and all?)

    Secondly, why is everyone so sure that Sasha broke up with Bino? Yes Fox said it, but where did he get that info from? (He got it from Bino.) And where did Bino get that idea from? Bino got the idea from Sasha’s “Dear John/Bino Letter”, which could easily have been misinterpreted. After all, didn’t Sasha say it was a “breakup anniversary”? Her letter easily could have been just her way of “remembering the day,” rather than actually a way of breaking up. Is that such a stretch to believe? (After all, it IS Sasha we’re talking about…)
    Personally, I have my doubts as to Sasha’s intent on the letter.

    Wouldn’t it be interesting to see this all get sorted out by Fox asking Sasha out, and then Sasha revealing the letter’s true intentions. Talk about breaking Fox’s big heart! I mean, getting up all the nerve to asking someone out, and then having that someone use the friend bomb on you. (been there…)
    Reason to hate the writer? Seeing a honest-to-goodness good character heartbroken?

    • Baxtrr

      Oh, we can do way worse than that, if you’re looking for genuine romantic-Armageddon scenarios: it’s not much of a stretch to see Bailey and King getting dragged into this mess simply because they have such strongly differing opinions on everything from love to Sasha (King sees her as an oppressed slave, Bailey sees her as, well, a dog) — an argument over what to advise Fox or Sasha to do could lead to some genuine “We Hate You Rick” situations…

      • Perfesser_Bear

        I hadn’t thought of Hailey and King’s varied attitudes — as King does tend to anthropomorphize (small wonder, there). Well, there have been lots of “We Hate You Rick” situations… He doesn’t seem to have lost a lot of his readership — and I suppose those who left went on to lend their over-brimming talent to far better webcomics. Or not.

        • Perfesser_Bear

          Oh, bother. Bailey with a B, not Hailey with an H. Stupid confuser keyboards made for human hands.

  46. GForceP

    I feel bad for Bino, honestly. I really like him, despite him being a jerk, but still.

  47. filmperson

    It has already been established that when it comes to hypothetical situations Bailey favors the most straightforward solution.

  48. Ventus

    Bailey look like big STRONGK RUSSIAN HUSKY, compared to Fox.

    • Valerio

      country girl did a lot of her daily exercise :D

    • Jinxed

      I totally just heard the accent there.

  49. GermanTrooper

    Bailey for the win. She’s so awesome.

  50. Reyn

    Bro, this is me ALL THE TIME! Just freaking tell her you like her, already!

  51. aeroxwolf

    Bailey FTW

  52. shane b.

    HA! I was right, i knew for some reason bailey would be a part in this. you’ve done t again Rick,
    this was expected and i’m just going to say this. Does ny1 know wat will happen next

  53. bhPixelFire

    I am undecisive about this.
    I love how happy Fox is…
    But it still seems wrong.

    I am just gonna sit back and see what happens.

  54. Jason

    Trying to keep it hypothetical? Well,you failed.

  55. Toboe

    Forgive me for asking a stupid question, but why does their house look trashed and abandoned? I thought Fox lived with Officer Bill?

    • Dena

      The lights are off, giving it a trashed / abandoned look from the shading.

  56. Kaiserbix

    i hope fox doesn’t pull out the “i’m just pretending to be with her just to dump her so she’ll get back with you” excuse with bino.

    • Frank

      that would… definitely break her spirits

      • m is for wolf

        I think Kaiserbix means that he would lie to Bino and say he was going to dump Sasha but *conveniently* never get around to actually dumping her. I don’t think Bino would fall for that, though.

    • AnotherFirstTimePoster

      no I don’t think Fox would do something like that.
      He already proved sometimes, that he has the Guts to stand up against Bino.
      Bino wouldn’t do anything when he finds out, that the dog who gave him the FACE is actually the cousin of Fox.

  57. Will

    Just wanted to say that I managed to find this comic a week or so ago and have read all of them and now am caught up with the updates. I am absolutely in love with this comic, the characters, and the humor of it. Great job Rick, thanks for the awesome comic, and can’t wait for more updates!

    • Bond.JamesBond 007

      me too. this comic is better than most cartoons out there.

  58. Violet Indigo

    x3 I like the thought of them together. <3

  59. m is for wolf

    All right, I wrote a transcription for this comic and then I got carried away and wrote some for three other Housepets!™ comics that have not been transcribed until now.

  60. Rogue Darkclaw

    Who knew Fox would end up this way too?

  61. rydell

    for some reason the look on bailey’s face reminds me of certain other comic with a fat orange cat

  62. serence ice fox

    is it just me or Bailey doesn’t seem to take fox’s question that serious ? ^^” (probably since she doesn’t know 100% what he got himself into)
    couldn’t give any better advice for fox myself though :P

  63. styx parawolf

    *is confused* why is Bailey in Fox’s house?