Dancing In The Dark
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  1. Sky-Leif

    Fox’s and Bino’s relationship is now doomed. Yup.

    • CHAOKOCartoons


      • flaming fox

        I think Peanut would be a much better friend. Together they will read every book ever made, and beat up Bino when they’re bored.

    • Marco

      Doomed it is. Say goodbye to the dog club, best pal moments. It wont be good!

      • Tech

        that’s fine King and Fox make a way better friend team anyway

        • BlueAnubis

          Yeah! They’ll make their own Good Ol’ Dogs Club! With card games and actual relationships!

        • Sky-Leif

          Actually, here’s an idea. How about Bino gets turned into a HUMAN? Maybe that will straighten him out? :D

          • Tynach

            Bwahaha! I bet it would! And it oddly makes perfect sense.

          • Fractile

            huh… Nice going Sky! Never thought about that :P That definitely would make things even… Nice reference to the comic where bino gets punched in the face :3 “Bino is dead now, yup”

          • Silly Zealot

            No, no, better yet! He gets turned into a cat.

          • Fractile

            o-o wow. THAT would be hilarious! And It could actually work! Good idea :D

          • Perfesser_Bear

            Wowsers, I’ll bet Pete could handle that…

      • Lenn

        Whelp, all is fair in the game of love and war, as I like to say.
        Sorry, Bino. Well, not really. I’m kind of looking forward to seeing your little ego crushed. As for your heart…well…I don’t think you actually have one, so…
        GO SASHA! GO FOX!

        • Lenn

          Why did that go through as a reply?
          Please ignore the irrelevance to the topic.

          • Dissension

            That happens when you click “Reply.” If you’re on a mobile device, it’s not hard to make the mistake. :3

        • Themiester1

          And thus I learned why this comic is called “Love and War”.

    • Gabe23

      I beg to disagree, right now nothing has happened.

      • Justice193

        Nay, right now Fox has realized he is almost made a potentially fatal mistake.

        • Jason

          Potentially fatal? …It’s Bino. BINO. What’s the worst he could do?

          • Silly Zealot

            Kill himself in an attempt to get back at Fox.

          • Gabe23

            I think that the worst Bino could do is turning all the Club against Fox

      • littlebigme

        I hope something does Sasha could use someone better then that rotten bino

        • Silly Zealot

          “Rotten” Bino? Is he a zombie now? That’s great! What being in march and all, halloween is only a few months away!

    • volkoseba

      I’d take Sasha over Bino as a friend any day…

      • gameangel147

        I would prefer King as a friend over them both.

        • Raolin1994

          How about both of them?

          • Silly Zealot

            No! You must choose between one or the other.
            The one you don’t choose will be executed. Make your choice.

        • volkoseba

          But you don’t have to choose between King and Sasha… only Bino and Sasha. King remains a friend either way.

    • GeckoZY

      Does this mean that the ‘war’ half of the arc will commence soon? Or have we gone through the ‘war’?

    • littlebigme

      a happy fox is a good fox and a sad beno well is a sad beno :)

    • ZhiroArida

      we all knew this would happen but they both do look like a good couple. :P

    • Fractile

      Alt text: Tony/ I’ll end up in a ditch just like Tony. But knowing fox, that’ll probably be Bino…

    • Peanut

      Well, it didn’t matter too much.

  2. mute

    Rick, do you really like like these big see-through bangs? ‘Cause they ain’t working for me.

    • Cristian100n

      I like it :/

      • Masteredwood

        I also like em

      • thefirstonethere

        Im also not digging them.

      • DaveedWR

        Neither I. I Don’t like how most characters are getting a couple or a crush.

    • volkoseba

      With all the comments Rick has gotten about art style over the years, I think any further commentary is bound to fall on deaf ears.

      • Dissension

        You win the comments. Everyone else can go home.

        • Valerio

          Aww, but DA-ADDY!

    • Dontlookmenaked

      Then what are we to do when this arc is over. It’s obvious what’s going to happen, so obvious I saw it from the first page.

    • Frank

      They’re easier to draw, and you can still tell they’re bangs. Nothing else should matter.

  3. Tarka TGO

    Oh, Bino’s gonna be maaaaaaaaaaad!

    • Duster

      Ooooh nah he did’nt! *does a head bob*

    • Jesk

      Erf Yeah >.< But Not ONLY Bino

      After all, what about all the other Good ol' dogs club members who would have liked to actually try to court Sasha, but Because of Fox.. threw the date?
      How many of them when hearing Fox tossed the plan out the door and claimed Sasha for his own after getting everyone else to ruin their image to her… will react?

    • Whiskey

      Bino, mad?

      Tough cookies. His problem. :)

      Fox and Sasha make for a better couple anyways.

  4. Gabe23

    Aaaaand Fox likes her in more-than-a-friend way

    • Blaziken386


    • Duster

      It was bound to happen eventually. But i’m kinda glad it did!

      • Silly Zealot

        You know, with Bill being Fox’s dad, I wasn’t nearly as surprised of Fox not having a girlfriend as not having a mother.

  5. IceKitsune

    lol Well good luck Fox your a dead man now

    • CHAOKOCartoons

      phht, Bino couldn’t even think about hurting Fox without getting his knee caps shattered! XD

      • LeaahWulf

        I smell Bailey coming to her cousin’s rescue. I smell another broken muzzle..!

    • Duster

      You’d be surprised, apparently Bino has regenerative powers.

      • Argent Stonecutter

        Like Captain Scarlet?

        • Perfesser_Bear

          More like Jack Lord playing Steve McGarrett in the original Hawaii Five-O. He’d get the stuffings beat out of him in one scene, and in the next scene he’d be perfectly fine.

          Or (since no one else is saying the ‘T‘ word): Terminator.

          • aicivilwar

            Ok, but *which* terminator? I’m guessing liquid metal man?

          • Perfesser_Bear

            Oops, sorry — the T-1000 model (not to be confused with the Pontiac T1000 — the redressed Chevrolet Shoveit) of course.

        • Silly Zealot

          X-men movies’ Wolverine powers.

    • Tech

      yeah I’m sure Fox can take Bino, actually I think anyone can take Bino

    • silverfang16

      Fox has injured him 3 consecutive times (I believe it’s three).

      • ToaSoul

        that we know of we will never know how many times Fox has hurt Bino, because we don’t know what happened before the comic started

  6. bene


  7. CHAOKOCartoons

    Your forgeting something Fox ;D

    • Dissension

      Such as… ?

      • Sky-Leif

        … Maybe the fact that when Bino finds out Sasha likes Fox, and that Fox COMPLETELY blew the plan (Even though it was working in the first place, oddly enoyugh.) and how he is now jeopardizing his own life, along with the fact Bino is probably going to freak out and go on a rampage?!…

        … Who am I kidding. Bino will just be mad. VERY. Mad. X3

        • Raolin1994

          Yeah, that pretty much sounds like how it’s going to be.

      • Argent Stonecutter

        Youse going to get a visit from Boris and Yeltsin.

        • Fractile

          Yeah really… ‘EY! WADAYA THIN YOUSE IS DOIN?! *more FACE*
          [Like the new avatar BTW :) ]

  8. GeckoZY

    Fox looks so happy in panel 3 XD

  9. Sonic Fox

    Yes, was hoping Fox and Sasha would hook up

    • ironhandsoverign

      The number of people who have been predicting such an outcome is simultaneously bananas and through the roof.

  10. Xane

    Bad, bad dog. No biscuit.

  11. xhunterko

    At least he didn’t compare it to Romeo and Juliet…oh wait.

    • Jinxed

      The subtle alt-text jokes are the real killers around here.

  12. Jinxed

    Alt-text: Tony / I’ll end up in a ditch just like Tony
    Major respects for Fox stopping himself before this turned into a musical arc. I shudder at the thought…


    • GeckoZY


    • Duster

      Depends on who’d do the acoustics. And I can think of a certain cyborg squirrel who could probably manage that!

    • Gabe23

      I think that there is a lot of potential in the characters if one day Rick wants to do a musical-arc, and it wouldnt be bad at all …. Les Hous├ępets

      • ToaSoul

        maybe He could do it for the next Imaginate arc

      • Perfesser_Bear

        I thought he already did that with the Guys and Dolls arc?

        • Raolin1994

          He did, but I’m with Gabe on this one. A Les Housep├ęts arc would be pretty awesome.

          • Fractile

            Agreed. Then we could have most if not ALL the characters, instead of just a few.

          • CHAOKOCartoons


          • Perfesser_Bear

            Hmm… Yeah, I like it — that would be beyond awesome!

      • Blaziken386

        Don’t forget Fiddler and Keys! Those 2 are definitely needed for any arc involving music.

  13. AleColin

    Fox is now happy and doing the love dance, I’m worried that if Bino finds out it will be a disaster.

  14. Duster

    *giggles* West side story. Ahhh Fox, Can’t say i’m not happy for ya!

  15. Arjay

    I can think of over a hundred outcomes to this…
    and only about 10% are good ones
    bino will be in a killing mood come Friday.

    • Tech

      I think Bino will have to get in line behind Tiger first, if any character is going on a killing spree I think it will be Tiger first.

      • Pokeblue

        I think I forgot, why would Tiger have something against Fox?

        • Dissension

          Fox would have been involved in teasing Tiger over his name which, incidentally, is the same as that of a large cat. :3

    • Tech

      also just how Tiger seems in general (think I spelled that wrong) he talks about death and killing a lot, like his Grinch song, when he told Bino he’d kill him and his whole family, he’s rather unstable

  16. Tech

    saw that coming from so far away I had time to build a three story house for it to live in once it got here

    • bhPixelFire

      Ba dum pshh

      • james


  17. D-Rock

    Fox is smart. Singing about your crushes in a public area doesn’t really work out too well outside of plays and movies.

    • Duster

      Love makes people do silly things.

      • D-Rock

        I’ve noticed. As long as they don’t get out of hand, or cause unneeded harm. But let’s see what happens.

  18. shade

    lol..oh thats funny..the thought of bino and fox being ruined as friends over this. of course its not. fox how could you?! no i mean really, i was thinking it wasnt gonna get worse. this just got worse on so many levels for fox.

  19. Jinxed

    “Keep the hankie, those things aren’t so sanitary. Mythbusters said so.”

  20. Legendario13

    Let reality sunk
    …then it will struck him

  21. Marco

    Will Bino turn Joaquin Phoenix mode after finding out the plan failed? No more Sasha to hold in his arms? ._.

  22. aicivilwar

    Panel 2…
    Sasha: This aught a keep him confuse for a while…
    Fox: B-bump b-bump b-bump (manga style heart pulsing)

    Panel 3…
    Fox: I’m siiiiinging in the snow; I’m siiiiinging in the…

    Panel 4…
    Wait a minute… uh-oh!

    • John Willow

      I can just imagine Bino in the bushes with half his face coated in a white mask

      Bino – “I had gave you everything….made your song take wiiiiinnngggg aaaannndd now…how you repayed me….denied meeee….AH!! Stupid squirrel!”

      • rakaydos

        If this were a bit sooner after King’s Girlfriend punched him, the “white mask” could be a muzzle cast.

  23. Pokeblue

    I knew this would happen. In fact, I was rootin’ for it to happen, but funny enough I’m not sure if that’s enough to say they’re together now. I mean she could be just grateful to Fox for making her day better. Either way, cute to see Fox now has a crush on someone, even if he’s gonna be kibble if Bino finds out what happened.

  24. Duster

    Good Luuuuck Fox, you’re gonna neeed it!

  25. B.Squirrel

    Interested to see where this goes.
    Fox may loose Bino, but gaining Sasha is always a plus!

  26. jrh150482

    I see Bino getting injured… again… really, REALLY soon.

    And I’m OK with this.

    Because I loathe Bino with every fiber of my being.

    • Legotron123

      I finally found my long lost twin!!!! Do you like transformers Pokemon and power rangers too???

      • Frank

        Hmmm. With those, you may need to specify the iteration

  27. Khazix

    Engage the love triangle!

    • Argent Stonecutter

      With Sasha involved it’s already a non-Euclidean construction.

      • Nohbody

        So, one could say of Rick “… and he built a crooked relationship”? :P

      • aicivilwar

        I’m thinking more Bermuda…

  28. Valerio

    SOX for the win! :D

    • Khazix

      PfffHAHA! That is the best pairing name I’ve heard since Pepper and Tony being called Pepperony.

    • CHAOKOCartoons

      That’s the exact same paring name I thought of in MY mind due!!! XD

    • Sky-Leif

      We could also have,

      Bino + Duchess = Dino :D

      I could see them together. They’re both jerks. XD

  29. sev

    Yes! YES! YES! YES! I AM SO HAPPY AND HOW THIS TURNED OUT! and never seen fox so flabbergasted! Rick you made my day :) thank you. now I can sleep happy cause fox is happy plus sasha deserves a mr perfect with all that she been through.

  30. ZV

    I’m not gonna lie, I actually enjoyed the dynamic Bino & Sasha shared. But I also don’t have a dislike for Bino. Oh well. Fox will be breaking the bro code if he dates Sasha; never go for your best friend’s ex!

    • ToaSoul

      But what if your best friend’s ex goes for you then what?

      • aicivilwar

        Run! Run like Joseph did when Potiphar’s wife cornered him!

        • CHAOKOCartoons


  31. Valerio

    I am happy that this revealed his feelings for her.
    But still, guys, we are not ‘hating’ Rick. Which means Fox is prone to just cool himself off and forget he had thought certain thoughts.

  32. Profesor Rod

    I’m loving how Sasha is lifting her leg during her kiss on the Fox’s cheek, all lady-like. Heeeheee~! :3

  33. lifebydeth

    I foresee violence, fire, plagues, and famine. IT’S EASTER OF 2009 AGAIN!!! AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!! *runs into a wall*

    • ToaSoul

      I’ll get a Ice Pack *sigh*
      *walks to freezer*

  34. Barz

    Well Fox sure looks happy, but I can’t say the same for Bino when he finds out. I’m glad Fox found a interest in someone else. However, he’s gonna go through an awkward situation to choose between his friendship with Bino, or his new relationship with Sasha. I believe the most noble thing to do is to respectfully tell Sasha you can’t go through (tough decision) with the relationship. Don’t get me wrong I would be pretty enthusiastic about the two getting together, but I think this would cause Bino to have another item to add to his list of woes which could cause some violence or evil scheming from Bino

    • SamBlob

      That may be the most noble thing. The most sensible thing, however, would be to tell Bino to talk to the hand (inane expression, but the most PG one I could think of) and to go for it with Sasha.

      It’d split the Good Old Dogs club in two, but at least we’d know which side is the Brotherhood of Evil (the side that sticks with Bino).

      • team fabulous

        Is the other side gonna be called the Brotherhood of Steel?

        Cuz’ it’d be cool.

  35. serence ice fox

    despite all the scheming , everything fell apart
    cause Fox couldn’t hold back the goodness in his heart
    now his feelings and friendship will be put to the test
    is it just me , or it’s gonna be a gigantic mess ? :D

    • Blaziken386

      Your poetry wins you some awesome points. Redeemable for several dog biscuits, or bacon.

  36. Jibbs

    I kinda feel bad for Bino. Even though he’s selfish and obnoxious this is his best friend and his girlfriend possibly running off together. Who else does he have? But on the other hand how could he/we not see something like this coming?

    • SamBlob

      “Who else does he have?”

      No-one. He can die now. Good riddance.

      • Dissension

        That’s rather unnecessarily harsh.

        • CHAOKOCartoons

          Yeah, I mean… he’s a jerk, but he’s OUR jerk and no one deserves to die…. except those who have intentionally killed thousands of inocent people, they can die now.

          • Frank

            We have those in the Housepets! world?

          • Frank

            Predators excluded

    • Pokeblue

      He technically still has a bit of loyalty of at least half the club; and, I think, at least also Peanut’s friendship. I’d say Grape’s as well, seeing she did kinda come off as an on-off unofficial member of the club in the earlier strips of this whole series, but that’s questionable at best.

  37. Gr8fulFox

    I hope Fox and Sasha get together; Sasha’s so sweet, she deserves someone who’s not a jerk XD

    • Dontlookmenaked

      Keeps breaking up with Bino for other dogs, for no actual reason.
      I’m not getting you.

      • Dissension


      • Gr8fulFox

        Wait, when were the other times she broke up with Bino?

      • Argent Stonecutter

        You can’t think of any good reason to break up with Bino?

        • Dontlookmenaked

          No. Sasha is the jerk here. Breaking up with him on Valentines day. Which is a huge jerk move. The only time I felt a huge pressure of hate on Bino is when he did that mean thing to King.

          • Duster

            Yeah you are right there, but I don’t think she deserved having half the neighborhood be rude to her. I still think Bino is the bigger jerk in this situation (Fox too if you really think about it)!

          • Argent Stonecutter

            No, really, the whole Sasha-Bino relationship is a travesty: Bino has no redeeming qualities and brings absolutely nothing to the relationship but neglect: he only does anything for her when someone pushes him into it, he takes her completely for granted, just like her jerk of an owner.

          • Pokeblue

            I do agree with you, that it was indeed a low-blow by Sasha to dump on Valentines day of all days, but I think Bino might still have a much, much higher ‘jerk’ rating than her. Afterall, there has to be a logical reason that there’s no rule that would cause expulsion from the club for causing him bodily harm. Right?

          • Argent Stonecutter

            In fact I’m wondering if she’s attracted to Bino BECAUSE he treats her like her owner.

  38. Argent Stonecutter

    Cue ‘peanuts’ happy doggy dance music.

    • Iamar the Wolf

      Everybody, Street Mambo! :D

    • Duck'n

      That would be Awesome! Yup Rick, now you have to draw Fox doing the Snoopy happy/ Funtime dance.

  39. Iamar the Wolf

    well blow me over, isn’t that just the cutest thing to happen to Fox? He deserves some happiness rather than being on the sidelines. Go Fox!

  40. Dontlookmenaked

    Welp, I guess I have to let go now. I’ve always had a crush on Fox and dreaded this day since I first thought of this couple. Then seeing it actually happened was too uncanny for me. But it would make you guys and Fox happy. Have having your ship accepted.
    (No, I am not leaving. In case you’re thinking that.

  41. Adzo

    Chekov’s bandanna… I feel an “Othello” moment coming on.

  42. Legotron123

    If fox gives bino a http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/TheReasonYouSuckSpeech then this arc will be perfect

  43. Vuk91

    Game over Bino. Lets all celebrate for Fox’s and Sasha’s relationship <3

  44. GreighVonGottreich

    This, is going to get reeeaaaal interesting here soon. o.o Though, I’m glad Fox was there to cheer her up. :)

  45. Nohbody

    I don’t absolutely hate Bino, but personally I’m actually kinda glad his plan was ruined. Sasha may be a ditz, but that doesn’t justify having others emotionally abuse her just so he looks better in comparison.

  46. River_Dragon

    I see this going one of two ways: first, Fox and Sasha get together and all are happy (except Bino) or second, Sasha will go back to Bino, and Fox’s heart will be broken.

    Of the two, the most likely scenario is the second. Since Sasha states that Bino forgot the anniversary of their THIRD break-up, there is an obvious pattern of on-again/off-again with the pair that they probably use in order to keep some kind of dramatic turmoil going in their lives, even if subconsciously. Either way, in some aspects, Sasha is just as much a self-centered jerk as Bino is, although she can be forgiven for it because of her home life. After all, children (and pets) learn what they are shown–and frankly, her Pet Parent is a disgrace.

    Of course, going that route, one can also forgive Bino HIS jerk-ness, if you consider that he is probably that way thanks to feelings of inferiority when held up next to his brother, Fido.

    Also, given the description of Sasha and Bino and their relationship on the cast page–yeah, they’re going to get back together.

  47. Lycanthrope

    There will be a rumble tonight.

  48. Hotep the psychic


  49. AnotherFirstTimePoster


    I don’t mean the fact that Sasha kissed Fox and that he has now a crush…
    That really shocked me somehow.

    By the way I really like panel 2, it’s really sweet.
    Who wouldn’t dance after that or falling in love?

  50. GDA

    Fox… if you start running now, you might make Mexico before Bino finds out.

    • CHAOKOCartoons

      Why run when you can dance and frolic!

      • Frank

        “You can dance and frolic to Mexivo” just doesn’t have the same ring to it

  51. Perfesser_Bear

    Okay — I can’t wait to see Bino’s spit take when he finds out…

  52. cms40

    Lol someone is going to be in the dog house..

  53. Billy MT

    I’m actually looking on the long term now, would that teach Bino a lesson in humility?


  54. Sterling Rodd

    “When you’re a pet, you’re a pet all the way!”… :)

  55. lumpking2

    Hmm, I liked Sasha and Bino. I am probably one of the few who hopes after that arc it will return to that.

    • Taylor

      You know, a thought just surfaced:

      What if this arc ends, leaving a cliffhanger on Friday?

  56. Z24

    The reason to hate Rick Griffin: Coming Soon

  57. thebrokeartist

    Fox you’re one lucky son of a gun. But you’re also one unlucky chum.
    Better start running and better start hiding, cause Bino won’t stop chasing you, until you’re crying.

  58. TinFoilHats

    I sense that Bino will not be a happy camper.

  59. Maxmice

    I had a feeling this would happen

  60. Crystalwind

    YES! No offense, Bino, but Fox is a way better boyfriend than you, and you kind of brought this on yourself by setting up this whole thing in the first place. Here’s hoping things go well for them.

    Oh, and alt text for people who can’t view it: “Tony / I’ll end up in a ditch just like Tony”

  61. Ventus

    I saw this coming. Fox is too nice of a guy to be mean to Sasha. They sort of just fell together. Also, who cares if Fox gets kicked out of the good dogs club. Then he can just go hang out with Peanut!

  62. Kitch

    Aww, Fox looks so cute when he’s in love.

    And the return of Foxie-Bon~! x3

  63. Locke

    Does Sasha have a brother? I really don’t want King to get stabbed like Riff >.>

    • Argent Stonecutter

      Sasha lives with her creepy “dad” only.

      • Crystalwind

        I would describe him less creepy and more “lifeless, seriously abusive, and messy”.

  64. Errick

    Oddly enough, those lyrics immediately made me think Blue Jean rather than West Side Story.

  65. Render

    Sasha is so sweet.
    Oh and I am so happy for Fox that he got the girl. Wonder what Bino’s reaction will be…

    BTW: 1st!
    (My 1st comment, hope for more to come. Will not use 1st again, so don’t worry. ;) )

  66. Natalman

    ahm Fox….small it advice for you boy…When bino asks this comic strip didn’t happen…

    • Frank

      “There’s a comic strip about us?”

  67. FluxCapacity

    What’s that brown thing under Sasha’s tail in panel 2?

    • Duster

      Uhhmm.. Her foot.

      • m is for wolf

        More precisely, her calf.

  68. Spider30

    Yup. . . Love can be funny like that.

  69. bhPixelFire

    Fox’s Bino senses are tingling.


  70. Lightning Wolf

    Fox and Sasha make a really cute couple and should stay together, also fox could take Bino anyday.

  71. I'll Eat Yourself

    He met Sasha a long time ago. He simply just became her boyfriend. XD

  72. yoranstern

    Thanks for that strip, Rick.
    Now I know that Sasha has a flock of hair in fron of his eyes.

  73. Brighttail

    I probably have missed something but I was wondering when did Sasha have the white portion on her left side of her muzzle?

  74. Impcraft13

    I Feared this would happen…

  75. Lance

    Awwww~<3! So cute. :3 I'm very curious as to what will happen next. The only thing I kinda don't like is how short Fox's jacket is.

  76. Raven

    No long rant this time. Though I can’t say I am happy for Fox here. He and all the dogs knows how Sasha treats her dates, Bino most infamously, though he survived it because frankly as much of a jerk as he is he doesn’t have anyone else and would rather be with someone like her than no one at all. Fox on the other hand has a lot more backbone and selfrespect, I can’t see this ending well for anyone.

  77. Reyn

    Ha, the strings have played out! Love ya, Sasha!

  78. Servil66

    I hope Fox and Sasha become a couple. Fox and BIno will probably fight and Fox will win then something will happen to the Good Ol’ Dogs Club.

  79. Baxtrr

    I find all the “YAY FOX AND SASHA ARE A COUPLE NOW” comments to be fascinating. Are you folks all taking Blind Optimism Pills? o.O

    Sasha just kissed Fox on the cheek and said good night and thank you. She’s a naturally affectionate dog and probably hasn’t thought twice about having done it. Either there is no Fox/Sasha Thing from her end, or (highly unlikely) she’s chosen Fox to be her new boyfriend without actually telling him that.

    And the whole point of the fourth panel is that Fox, who may never have been in love in his life, has just realized that this crush of his flies in the face of all kinds of common sense. He may not be under threat from Bino, and I don’t think any of the dogs REALLY wanted Sasha to begin with (except maybe Rex and Yeltsin, the latter of which now wouldn’t go near her), but he is as aware as anyone of what she does to her boyfriends and I don’t think he’s loveblind enough to think he’ll be any different.

    Sasha remains cruelly shallow, flighty, and self-centered; Fox remains altruistic to a fault. It is possible they’ll try to become a couple, but it will quickly become “let’s see how long infatuation can conquer reality”.

    River_Dragon was right. Fox and Bino are a forever-breakup-makeup couple, it’s part of their dynamic. The only thing different about this cycle is that Bino’s best friend has gotten himself in the loop, which won’t end well for anyone.

    Fox and Sasha. Psssshhhhyeahright. We haven’t even MET the OTPs for either of them, say I.

    • Argent Stonecutter

      OTP? One Time Pad?

      • Nohbody

        One True Pairing. One of the many, many, many bits of jargon from the shippers (and I don’t mean the people that move cargo over the ocean).

    • Dissension

      Insane fan reactions are often the most enjoyable part of the comic. :3

      I look forward to seeing where Rick takes us.

  80. Jman552

    Rick could make Bino get FACED’ in the mouth again? You know sometime at the end of this arc?

  81. Taylor

    Has anyone seen My Best Friend’s Girl?

  82. TheFoxWolf

    I wouldn’t have said it the same way as Baxtrr, but I’m essentially thinking the same thing. Sasha is an adorable sweet heart, but there’s no doubt in my mind that she can be amazingly inconsiderate at times. As a character, she seems to function solely by her emotions and what she wants. As cruel as it may sound – especially for the lighthearted tone of this web comic – She probably put no more thought into kissing Fox and the consequences it may bring then when she broke up with Bino on valentines day, or when she went out with Fido that time when Bino ended up injuring him self. if she feels like doing something, she does it.

    Now about Bino. Much in the same way of how Sasha probably didn’t think twice when she broke up with him on valentines day or when he injured himself, Bino probably didn’t think twice that he’d actually hurt her with his plan. In the end, what they share is that they’re both incredibly selfish. The only real difference is how they go about getting what they want. Sasha uses her charm and her vibrant personality, meanwhile Bino uses his resources and his friends.
    Bino is a plotter. As for Sasha, I guess I’ll quote one of my favorite singer’s and say that she’s ‘a paper bag’. In retrospect of writing this, I can’t help but think that either Bino’s relationship with Sasha is incredibly complex or that I’m just being pretentious and over analyzing this web comic like some kind of high brow movie critic. Whatever the case, regardless of what happens, the last four panels are adorable.

    P.S – Bino deserves not our scorn, but our pity.

  83. shane b.

    what will happen between bino and fox? hope King doesn’t get into this

  84. Barz

    Fox outta be careful because he just got himself in a awkward situation. What’s it gonna be Fox? Will you betray your friend for his ex? Or. Will you rise to the challenge and make sure no ones hearts are broken including your own. Were all rootin for you to pull through this.

  85. TD

    Good job stabbing Bino and every other dog in the back Fox just so you can get her to like you!

    Okay it was unintentional. Still, that’s what it looks like.