BFF: The Sound Of A Swinging Baseball Bat
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  1. Xane

    Pain is a good motivator!

    • silverfang16

      If only it worked on Bino.

    • Type.O.Negative

      Fox and Sasha need to go ahead and hook up.
      They are perfect for each other.

      • Noniki

        No, Fox deserves someone entirely less shallow who actually has things in common with him, not just someone who pays attention to him because he was nice to them once.

        • DaveedWR

          My thoughts exactly.

  2. Ryu

    That sounds painful :)

  3. B.Squirrel

    Quick, concise, and to the Point. This is why I love Fox.

    • Soilent.Green


  4. Sky-Leif

    Nice to know Fox is such a good friend. X3

    • Marco

      It’s better to have one true friend than many friends! : )

      • thebrokeartist

        The only thing that is true in this world. Bless you man, bless you.

        • Fractile

          Now I get why he’s still friends with Bino :P Kinda makes you wonder why they became friends in the first place though… He was a jerk when he was a pup too :S

          • D-Rock

            Judging from the “Housepets Babies!” arc, it would appear that Fox and Bino were more alike as pups.

      • Sky-Leif

        So true. Even if they getcha’ in the kneecaps sometimes. XD

  5. Gabe23

    Never abandoning friends no matter how they are, I admire you Fox

    • Tech

      though how will Bino feel when Sasha and Fox hook up?

    • Duster

      He’ll either give a real Bino-y, selfish response or he will show some genuine emotion.
      Either way Fox and Bino are friends whether Bino likes it or not!:D

    • CyanFox

      Bino will go with duchess. He said he was in love last time he got scolded by her.

  6. CWFang

    why does sasha have to be so cute….. and ha bino got knee capped :D

    • ToaSoul

      probably more than once, Fox seems to have a lot of experience

  7. IceKitsune

    Ohhhh man Fox doesn’t mess around.

  8. GeckoZY

    I can’t believe it’s not chocolate! XD

    It would be nice if we had brands names similar to those inside housepets universe. :D

    • Bond.JamesBond 007

      i know, “whodathunkit”

    • Perfesser_Bear

      The Brits have an expression (taken from the Ronseal wood stain advertising campaign of about twenty years ago), “Does exactly what it says on the tin.”

      Got to love honesty in advertising!

  9. Blaziken386

    Fox is awesome.

    • Wooly

      Fox looks pretty sharp in that collar, not quite himself though :0

      • silverfang16

        I do love the collar, but I’ve gotten so use to the bandana.

        • Raolin1994

          While I like the collar, I personally like the bandanna more. It adds some ‘flare’, so to speak, to Fox’s appearance.

          • LordWorpeltinger

            yeah but who would put on a snotty bandana?

      • Duster

        You took the words right out of my mouth. But of course the same thing could be said about his trademark bomber jacket.

  10. Skarroth

    Sasha likes Fox! Bino is not going to be happy xD

    • Argent Stonecutter

      You think Bino’s going to see them chatting and go ballistic?

      • Fractile

        Knowing Bino’s personality, he’ll probably feel something along the lines of suspicion…

  11. Roarin

    I like Rick’s sound effects.


    • GeckoZY

      Shlup :P

    • Perfesser_Bear

      Rick probably grew up on Don Martin’s onomatopoetic sound effects in MAD Magazine. TOON!

      • Argent Stonecutter


        • GeckoZY

          ^ that’s the best one XD

        • Raolin1994

          I started laughing all over again. :D

          • Baxtrr

            So did I, actually. A peak moment for the strip so far. :)

          • Fractile

            “Hey! Are YOU yahoos the ones competing with the club’s- FACE” Wait a second… XD

          • aicivilwar

            I keep hearing it to a techno beat…
            at about 120 beats per minute and two FACEs per measure.

  12. Warwicky

    Did Fox spill the beans on Bino’s plans?

  13. Arjay

    “can’t believe its not chocolate”?
    epic win.

    • Adryan

      But what could it be?!
      I don’t believe it…

      • Frank

        When chocolate is made, they take a cacao bean and separate it into two: cocoa and… leftovers.
        Cocoa + milk + sugar = chocolate
        Leftovers + milk + sugar = white chocolate
        White chocolate + brown food coloring = I can’t believe it’s not chocolate, I presume

        …unless you were just quoting the commercial

        • LordWorpeltinger

          Try Carob bean.
          Carob is used for people allergic to Chocolate.
          Dogs are allergic to chocolate.

          • Pokeblue

            Only is strong or large doses really. My dog, she has eaten chocolate before, it was from some cookies my cousin’s daughter gave her, and to date, she’s still quite alive and quite energetic.

          • Frank

            Yes, but so is white chocolate. Used for people allergic to chocolate, I mean. cf.:

            @Pokéblue: Maybe your dog is un-allergic? You know, in the same way that only a few people are allergic to nuts, maybe only a few dogs are un-allergic to chocolate?

        • Doitean

          The beans are separated into cocoa solids, cocoa butter, and other stuff (shell and other refuse which is thrown away) the cocoa solids can be dried to form “cocoa powder” or is mixed back in with the cocoa butter and other ingredients (sugar, milk, etc.) to make chocolate. The higher the ratio of cocoa solids to cocoa butter the darker the chocolate, with white chocolate having no cocoa solids.
          Cocoa solids are the part that is bad for dogs.
          I don’t mean to sound like like a know-it-all, but I am a chocoholic and this stuff is important to me.

  14. Duck'n

    Everyone knows that the third breakup anniversary is the Dear John anniversary. Bino just forgot, so that’s why Sasha is upset with Bino!

  15. DaveedWR

    Yep. I figured that is the reason why he doesn’t ditch Bino. And that is what bein’ friends is all about.

    • silverfang16

      Meh, he has said before he doesn’t know why he’s friends with Bino.

      • ToaSoul

        But he did give a reason for staying friends with Bino

  16. D-Rock

    Oh, good, Fox was able to put her back in good spirits. Though I really don’t think it’s a good idea to give her that kind of advice.

  17. Taylor

    Am I seeing what I think I’m seeing?

    Are Sasha and Fox really dating?

    And will Bino and Sasha “ever, ever, ever” get back together?

    • DaveedWR

      They seem to be hanging out more than dating.

      • Duck'n

        That’s how a lot of couples start their relationships. Food for thought.

        • ToaSoul

          well the seem to be talking about Bino, and from what I know talking about a ex is not the best thing to do on a date

          • Duster

            Yup while that’s true, none of what they’ve been doing this valentines day seems to make a lot of good sense! Y’know just sayin’.

        • Baxtrr

          Agreed, and those relationships usually turn out the healthiest. When I was in my 20s I started hanging out with a friend of the opposite sex who liked to pal around and talk about this and that with nothing in particular on the “agenda”… as of this May we’ll have been married 23 years.

    • Vuk91

      Rick save us, and Sasha from an other relationship with Bino O.o

    • Frank

      They’re talking about Bino. That doesn’t seem like a date to me

      • aicivilwar

        I think I have a clue what’s going on, though I’ve been wrong before…
        The idea of this whole plan was to have Bino look “good by comparison” (I’m sure there’s a trope page for that) by making themselves look bad. So far, every dog but Fox has done just that.
        Now Fox has his doubts about the plan, but can’t speak of them because of his loyalty and other reasons. Because his heart isn’t in it, he hasn’t yet been the jerk, and is showing his comforting side. (The “friend to everyone but lover of no one” trope.)
        Now Fox has gotten himself into a position where he has multiple options:
        1. He can continue to show Sasha that Bino isn’t as rotten on the inside as how things appear. This is what he is doing in this very strip. You can see and hear it if you pay close attention. Continuing this way; showing Sasha how much Bino cares for her, can lead to Sasha understanding Bino better, Sasha and Bino getting back together, Sasha gaining a “close ally”, and all three gaining a better reality for themselves (especially if Sasha has a friend that she can introduce Fox to)
        2. Fox can have a mental argument with himself and lose a standard, causing him to use this opportunity to “score points” with Sasha and cause her to become his new girlfriend. This seems somewhat out-of-character for Fox, but he also seems to be the lonely type. Again the “friend of everyone lover of no one” trope comes into play. He simply can’t stand to be lonely anymore and Bino’s treatment of Sasha would seem to justify Fox taking Sasha as his love. This line ends inevitably in disaster though, as Bino isn’t the type to take this kind of thing easily or at all well.
        3. The last option I can think of is also the worst for ‘poor Fox.’ Option 3 is that Fox suddenly and unexpectedly does something to go along with Bino’s plan. He plays the part of the jerk, and since Sasha has already broken down in front of him, she runs, crying, to Bino. Fox is left alone with his guilt *cue sad violin music* and knows he can’t have anyone. Of course, Bino is unable to tell Sasha about his plan because that would lead to Sasha leaving him.

        Rick, if you’ve written option 3, please change to option 1. I won’t mind waiting to see it if it means a better outcome.

  18. Val Kilmer Batman/AsimovSideburns

    “The key is persistence and the threat of death.”

  19. AleColin

    Did anyone notice the jar says “Can’t believe it’s not Cocacola.”

    • Dissension

      It’s a jar of “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Chocolate!” drink mix.

      • AleColin

        Thank you and sorry I didn’t say it right. Wow first it is “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter, second “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Sugar”, and now “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Chocolate” what’s next?

        • Blaziken386

          “I can’t believe it’s not toast?”

        • aicivilwar

          “I Can’t Believe It’s Not (toe) Jam”?

    • Cristian100n

      Fox can’t believe in abandoning friends but I can’t believe it’s not chocolate!

    • Perfesser_Bear

      Yeah, for those unfamiliar with canine metabolic issues, chocolate, coffee, grapes and onions are all mildly toxic to dogs. ‘Chocolate’ treats for dogs are actually flavored with carob bean (Ceratonia siliqua). I’ve had it in the past, and trust me, you will believe it’s not chocolate!

  20. Dave

    whats up with Sasha´s hair over her eye?

  21. CHAOKOCartoons

    uh, Fox… that advice should only aply to you. Cuz’ Sasha has more friends than just Bino. <,,> O.O OH WAIT THT WAS TOD-*WHAM!*

  22. The Wolf Kin

    Fox looks quite nice without his trademark bandana.

    But the real breakout of the page is the jug of “I can’t believe it’s not chocolate” drink mix.

  23. xhunterko

    You can think they don’t remember, but they do. And third time? Well, third time’s a charm I guess.

  24. hrairoo5er

    I’m not sure where Fox got that microwave – mine goes CLUNKvmmmmmmmmmm not veeeeeeeeeeee (hey, it’s old, OK?).
    Anyhoo, I much prefer “I Can’t Believe It’s Not ‘I Can’t Believe It’s Not Chocolate’” to “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Chocolate”. It find it goes better with the “I Can’t believe it’s Not Milk” and the “I Can’t Believe They’re Not Cookies”, and the “I Can’t Believe They’re Not Marshmallows” cap it off perfectly!

  25. DarronRanston

    Fox should be careful. Sure it’s a friendly chat, but Bino strikes me as the type to jump to the worst conclusions. I mean his friends were all supposed to be treating her badly to make him look like the lesser of a neighborhood full of evils, and now here’s his old buddy Fox chatting it up all “friendly” like…

  26. BlueAnubis

    It’s official, Fox is the new Rainbow Dash.

    • bhPixelFire

      Spike has been replaced!

  27. Altivo

    Fox is the noblest character of all, I say. I love Peanut and Grape, of course, but Fox is a knight in shining armor type. And he looks great in a regular collar too. ;p

    • silverfang16

      Fox is the utmost in chivalry.

      • Argent Stonecutter

        Unless you’re a cat.

        • ToaSoul

          no he’s probably nice to Cats too, after all one did save his life

          • Argent Stonecutter

            That did mellow him some, at least toward Grape, but he still hates cats in general.

          • Keldor

            Honestly, we’ve hardly ever even seen Fox with cats. Besides the kidnapping incident, he spoke to Grape when Fido returned, and asked Keys who died when the ferrets were introduced. And that’s it.

            He did show up at Max’s crawfish boil, so they must get along to some extent.

          • Frank

            Well… he does seem to have a pretty strong bias against all things feline:

          • ToaSoul

            but that was back in 2009 before we knew of Fox’s first kid….Dognapping

  28. Legotron123


  29. Perfesser_Bear

    Alt Text for the hover-impaired:

    “Be sure to leave a quarter in the Not Chocolate jar, this is club cocoa after all”

  30. Salenstormwing

    Awww, these two are so cute together. Poor Sasha needs someone better than Bino. Then again, everyone could use someone better than Bino.

  31. RoadRover1995

    This is the longest I’ve seen Fox without his bandana

  32. Perfesser_Bear

    So, how come Fox isn’t getting the flame-mail he got last week?

    • ToaSoul

      I think its because he realizes how badly Bino’s plan has gone and he’s trying to make up for it. Thats why people aren’t being so harsh towards Fox right now.

  33. Pogiforce

    “Third-breakup Anniversary”? Wait, is this like those stupid themed anniversaries, and she ‘broke up’ with him because it was the theme that year?

  34. Kimo

    with Bino’s jealousy, and Fox’s charisma I see quite the lovely arc…

  35. Lorev

    *Sigh* Fox, way to remind me of what’s easy to find in comics, but near non-existant in reality. Hey, I think I just figured out why I like comics so much. Score one point for sudden self-revelation.

  36. Raolin1994

    I will not lie: I would not be opposed to Fox and Sasha dating. I like Fox far more than I like Bino, so… my vote is cast.

    • Fractile

      I agree, rao. I don’t get why they ever were friends, but the only thing I can see from this is a really bad argument between bino and fox if they do get together :S I think though that most people like fox better :3

  37. thebrokeartist

    Fox you have earned back your spot of one of my favourite characters. You made Sasha happy and given her great advice on how to train a Bino.

  38. Z24

    Bet the bandana is on the laundry…

    • Argent Stonecutter

      He gave the bandana to her to wipe her nose.

      • Bond.JamesBond 007

        well i hope to see more of fox with just his collar, he looks mad
        by the way “mad” is slang for really cool at my school

      • D-Rock

        Likely the reason it’s in the laundry.

  39. Jibbs

    “I Can’t Believe it’s not Chocolate” hehe :3

  40. Kitch

    I want to see Fox and Sasha together so badly.

  41. Raven

    Long time reader, first time poster. I have to say I do really like Housepets and have enjoyed it for some years. But this arch kinda drives me to at least say something.

    Now, I like Bino as much as the next self absorbed jerk-face that needs to be smacked about by Grape and I quite agree that he is a bad boyfriend. However, I just can’t dig up any sympathy for Sasha here. Bino has one redeeming characteristic, he is loyal to a fault. He has never cheated on Sasha in spite of her constantly dropping him or keeping an eye out for someone better, causing the little ball of nerves to be even more of a wreck then he normally is. I honestly think they are both better off without each other, but Bino has it in his head that he really cares for Sasha in his own way and Sasha in turn has made it distinctly clear that she has never cared for Bino beyond what she can get from him or as a fallback when his brother is too honorable to cheat behind, or rather in front of, Bino or his secret girlfriend for that matter.

    So it really grates on my nerves to see such an outcry for ‘poor’ Sasha when in reality she is a horrible person who does not think of the feelings of others and was in a relationship with another horrible person who also thinks only of himself. Though I can’t say I enjoy watching her go through this nightmare. I’m not heartless, just annoyed at how she gets away with so much. However I do feel that she has had this coming for a long time and I really hope both her character and that of Bino grow to a point they are no longer these self absorbed people they are currently and that the two of them parting ways might be the best tool for said growth.

    • Krebs

      Well said, Raven. As an aside, Sasha’s back (last panel) is very nicely drawn. :-)

    • LadySharon

      Can I *like* this post?

      I’ve been thinking along these lines the entire arc. I don’t want Sasha to end up with anyone other then Bino – because I think her perky personality may help him – or in other words I think he’d be a much worse jerk without her. BUT she annoys me too…. and this “third breakup anniversary ” line (I’m guessing the anniversary of their third break up? ) just bugs me. I’m a woman and I don’t pull that – must remember every little moment we had together crud. The “first met” and “birthday” and “V-day” (which he forgot last year – but not this year!) – are all that really matter. “first met” can be replaced by “married” if they do that. Anyway this chat between Fox and Sasha comes across more of an advise chat then a dating chat. I hope that both Bino and Sasha learn and grow from this. Also – if bino were to interrupt – I can see him getting mad and about to say something – and then Sasha runs over and hugs him and tells him she’s sorry for breaking up with him. (because of her talk with Fox.) Oh well I can dream as much as anyone else here. ;)

    • Frank

      Well… if you want to know why that works the way it does, TV tropes has a pretty good article on it called “the cutie”. Since you’re new here, and appear to be a thinking person, out of respect for your time I will not directly link it (TV tropes is well-known to.. well… cause this: ).

  42. AnotherFirstTimePoster

    Well I find Sasha and Bino do deserve each other.
    Yeah Bino is one of the most self-centered Dogs in the Comic Universe, but to be honest maybe it’s just that he thinks no one pays him attention. Maybe he has some kind of middle-child-syndrome. Everyone like his brother (how can somebody NOT like Fido?) and maybe Bino feels himself left out… or maybe he is really just a self centered Dog with crazy plans and a Napoleoncomplex, who acts like a spoiled child (or in his case a spoiled puppy). But in the end he just searchs love.

    The same for Sasha. If you think how her owner treat her, it’s pretty clear everthing she wants is to be loved by someone. It’s still pretty unfair from her that she dates other dogs besides Bino, but maybe that’s what dogs do…I don’t know. In the end I think tehy do deserve each other.

    But let’s be honest:
    I think Sasha and Fox would be a good couple (says the Guy who thinks Sasha and bino deserves each other *LOL*)

    The only thing I like to know is:
    Would Foxa abandon King who is in reality Joel, the man who dognapped him?
    That’s what I like to know^^

    • TinFoilHats

      Aaaaand you lost me :I

      • LadySharon

        I think “another” above there was referring to the fact that fox and king are friends. Would fox abandon king as a friend if he knew that king was really joel – the human who kidnapped him?

        But to be honest- I wonder if he already knows. In the watch ark he (fox) knew that the watch had the name Joel on it – the name of the kidnapper – and kinda dissed king for it… but later comes back and saves the day. I always wondered what happened inbetween. Did tarot tell him what was going on? Does/did he understand that the watch represented King/Joel’s soul? (will anyone read this comment that I’m making really late on Monday?)

        • aicivilwar

          Fox is friends with Bino, who is a dog with obvious problems. Yet Fox is friends with Bino anyway. Fox knows Bino has problems and is able to accept things as they are, with the hope that those things will improve.
          I think Fox puts up with King’s problems the same way he puts up with Bono’s. Fox doesn’t really understand King’s obsession with with ‘a thing that belongs to a kidnapper’ but Fox has the ability to understand and accept the simple fact that everyone has problems. Fox seems to understand that just because someone has a problem doesn’t give reason enough to abandon that person. In that sense that would explain why he said “can we never speak of this again.”

    • Legotron123

      As I said in my post on the last comic (which I can’t find anymore for some reason, maybe it’s the browser I’m using.) being overshadowed by fido stopped being a excuse a LONG time ago and he should of realized that being mean wasn’t working and moved on to being nice which would have worked much better. Other then that you make plenty of good points

  43. RoadRover1995

    Okay who else wants these two to hook up it can’t just be me

  44. bhPixelFire

    Fox is loyal and chivalrous. Reminds me of myself in that respect.

  45. Jman552

    Microwaves go VmmmmMMMMMM not Veeeeeeeee

  46. Barz

    Break up anniversary? Wait so does she mean she breaks up with bino as a theme of their relationship? If so that “dear john” letter could be a sign of her going with bino again. My head hurts thinking about her idea of an anniversary theme about breaking up

    • D-Rock

      Someone else posted that idea, but it’s a good one. But that would imply that she’s done this twice already, so unless Sasha worded this one differently, Bino would have relatively little reason to be so stressed about it. Then again, I highly doubt anyone is well pleased if their girlfriend made a habit of breaking up, seeing others, and getting back with you.

      • Barz

        Now there’s the point of when bino said “She wants to date other dogs.” Which can cause a dog plenty of stress. Well if this a little “thing” Sasha came up with…… that is pretty cold or she’s so innocent that she doesn’t see a problem with what she’s doing…. pray that she’s so innocent, but then again “staples” *shiver*

  47. PassingBy

    Sasha has to be talking about Fido in the first panel, she’s smitten I tell yas!

    • D-Rock

      I think she’s talking about Bino, judging from how the next panel’s dialogue is.

  48. Welsh Halfwit

    Loving the Pink pads.

    Dare I ask what that is Fox is drinking if it’s not Chocolate?

  49. Barz

    I agree with the idea that bino has some personal issues due to his past. For, example he failed to be part of the k-9 unit. That alone could cause self disappointment and some attitude problems. I don’t agree with any of the harsh things that bino has done, but I do look at the problems people (in this case dogs) have in their own personal lives. For example, I don;t approve of what King/Joey did to fox, but i do take note of his troubling past. Now at least I understand his grumpy attitude.

  50. bhPixelFire

    I love this comic… much.

  51. aicivilwar

    I think I should point out (although obvious to most) Sasha has tail-wagging lines in panel 2, but no lines in the last panel.

  52. Hotep the psychic

    AH HAH! I knew it. they will be the wrong doing of the whole plan!!! an even if its not its definitely going downhill.

  53. Shane

    Is that a jar that says:
    I cant belive its not Coco?

  54. Skye

    um rick i think Sasha’s bang over her right eye has become see through

    • D-Rock

      Wait, wasn’t it always after the style change?