Eyes Like Faucets
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  1. Ryu

    Very sweet of you Fox! ;)

    • Gabe23

      Yeah ! …. specialy because he´s the responsible of her feeling that way

      • LupisLight

        Technically it’s Bino who is responsible, this whole thing being his idea and all. Fox however, is no better for actually going along with it. I always though Fox was smarter than that, yet he routinely goes along with Bino’s crazy schemes when he should know better, just because Bino is his friend.

        • Valerio

          Fox’s situation is a bit more complicated than that: he’s *loyal*, lick a good pack member should be. This does NOT justify his actions, since, at least once he refused to go along with Bino’s schemes.
          BUT, just to break a bone for him, Fox’s idea was to help Bino and Sasha back together, and that wasn’t a bad solution in his eyes. Unfortunately, he has severly underestimated the effects Bino’s plan could have on Sasha

          • Argent Stonecutter

            I don’t like Fox playing the role of a wacky sidekick. He doesn’t fit any of the wacky sidekick stereotypes. It’s like Rick has no interest in satisfying common and easily internalized preconceptions, and wants people to actually think or something. What kind of comic is that?

          • Perfesser_Bear

            I agree — I think Bino makes a better wacky sidekick to Fox’ straight man.

          • Valerio

            A VERY good comic, kind Sir :D

          • silverfang16

            I believe he just truly didn’t realize she would react like this. He said he didn’t think anything the other dogs could say would have an effect on her.

          • Duster

            Long story short: Fox is stuck between a rock and a hard place!

          • Billy MT

            Still doesn’t justify her lack of commitment… Boyfriend notwithstanding

    • bene

      A gent that one is

      • LR

        …as Sasha will now realize. Uh oh.

        • CWFang

          yes she will cutely relize this

        • aicivilwar

          Uh oh is right…

    • Kohaku Nightfang

      alt-text: *gasp* he’s nake–oh wait no

      • silverfang16

        It just struck we we have like…NEVER seen his collar. XD

        • Fractile

          LOL never noticed that before! We’ve seen bits and pieces, but never all of it! X3

          • Trefoiler

            *gasp!* His collar is naked!

        • Adryan

          Mind = Blown

        • Ryu

          Just amazing to look at o.o

    • Barz

      Well that sign of kindness probably slammed fox into the heart of Sasha. Lets see how this will turn out

      • Jinxed

        May the shipping begin…

        (Not really.)

  2. B.Squirrel

    Oh dear, poor Sasha.

    • Marco

      I know right? She deserves all the hugs! D:

      • Valerio

        *hugs Sasha*
        Lucky, King wasn’t involved or a riot would have started

        • Lamandus

          well, she dumped bino on valentines day, which is cheep in my eyes… she didn’t deserve better.

    • Frank

      …I… saw it comming… but didn’t say anything

      it doesn’t make me feel any less bad for her, though *sob*

      • Jinxed

        We all knew the outcome, (except for some very newcomers?) but I still feel bad D:

        Hard not to want to give Sasha a hug right now.

    • LupisLight

      You know, I’m wondering if just maybe she already realized something was up and she’s just faking it all. Let us not forget that underneath her bubbly exterior she is smarter then most would give credit for…

  3. Sky-Leif

    Oh my. They broke Sasha! D:

    • Marco

      All for the sake of Bino! Does Sasha truly deserve to be with Fox at the end?

      • Sky-Leif

        I’d say she does! Bino is just a jerk. T_T

        …But then again, she did break up with him on valentines day, soooo Bino sorta has a motive. :S And also. Funny thing. My real life nickname is Fox. XD

        (Also, this is the first time I’ve ever commented. *Mini yayz* X3)

        • Marco

          True, but Fox also went along with Bino’s plan! He should have known better that it was a dirty thing to do even if Bino is his friend! Also, watching Sasha cry! :( It really made him feel super guilty about the whole thing!

          (*High five* Nice Ske-Leif welcome aboard ^.^ )

          • Sky-Leif

            Thanks! :3 I’ve read the entire series from the very beginning before joining. (I love your comic, Rick :D )

            Also… *Points to my comment in reply to Arjay’s comment farther down on the page* :(

        • Raolin1994

          In my personal opinion, Sasha was justified with breaking up with Bino. (I’m not his biggest fan) I was actually quite sad that they broke Sasha, though I’m not sure if she’s broken or playing the part.

          (Welcome Sky-Leif, or should I say, -Fox- :D )

        • Fractile

          And to think that bino could get on our nerves even MORE than he already did… -_- He managed. I don’t think Fox deserves the feeling of guilt that he has, because this was all (at the beginning) just a plan to get bino and here back together, which atleast was nice, until this happened T~T Now I really don’t like bino >.<
          (Hey there -fox- and Rao :P )

          • Sky-Leif

            Oh wow. I just joined and I’m bumping into people I know? Lol! O.O

      • Duster

        Maybe Sasha isn’t very tactful and breakups usually aren’t very pleasant.
        She could have broke-up with Bino before valentines day, buut…. then she wouldn’t be Sasha!
        She clearly deserves to be happy in any event.
        I’m just not sure Fox deserves to be her boyfriend right now because he’s been up to no good?

    • tahrey


      …and for this, they must pay.

      Come on fellas, you know the drill. One rawhide bone each.

      • Frank

        “Yay! We all get rawhide bones!”
        “No, you dummy. We have to give rawhide bones”

        • aicivilwar

          Falstaff: Look! That dog has a bunch of rawhide bones! You know how long we could live off those?

          Truck: Rawhide? I don’t want to lose my fur! It’s cold outside!

          Falstaff: :-/

    • tahrey

      (But hey, at least we get proof that she is actually paying some kind of attention in there and does have a functioning limbic system…)

  4. ZV

    Fox you’re doing it wrong! Now she’s going to like you because you’re too nice! Think about what Bino would want you to do! :P

    • B.Squirrel

      Awkward love triangle in 5…4…

      • Argent Stonecutter

        Where is there any evidence at all of that?

      • Katias

        Hehe, there just good friends, bud.

      • Baxtrr

        Shipping. Just say No.

      • Fractile

        If you’re saying what I think you’re saying… o-e

      • Tynach

        Backwards. King has emotions about Fox (not romantic though), since Fox was the only one nice to him… Despite the fact that Joel, who is now King, was the one who kidnapped him. Fox is oblivious to this, and just thinks they’re good friends. He has no idea how much that friendship means to King.

        But it’s a good enough friendship that Fox doesn’t mind King dating his cousin.

        • Fractile

          Ah, I see what you mean now.

        • zeroslash

          Well, they’re no longer girlfriend and boyfriend anymore, considering…

          • zeroslash

            Erm, programmatic reply fail. : /

    • Duster

      Hey Fox is going to act like Fox and play the nice guy. Plus he could have said no to Bino’s crazy plan but he didn’t, In fact he organized the whole thing! So you could say he stuck his foot in his mouth whatever the outcome of this strip!

    • Valerio

      So what? Sasha deserves better than Bino, and Fox deserves a girlfriend.
      GO FOX!

    • fox-it

      Oh Fox … what are you doing?!

      • Valerio

        the right thing ;)

      • silverfang16

        What is meant to be! ^_^

      • Ryu

        The right thing indeed! :)

    • GameCobra

      I totally can see Sasha going for Fox, but I’m taking a guess here that Fox’s chivalry will also collide with his loyalty with Bino. i’m taking a guess here this is actually the starting point to something for Bino, Fox and Sasha. But Fox really needs to start showing off his chivalry more i find anyway =3

      • Valerio

        Fox didn’t have problems beating up Bino for what he did to King, twice
        He won’t have a problem about giving Bino a piece of his mind for what he caused to Sasha

        • sev

          But he helped him that will just make him a hypocrite

          • Valerio

            no, that made him a loyal, although stupid friend.
            And Fox said it himself, previously: he sincerely thought nothing could break her spirit.
            At least, now he knows better

          • Trefoiler

            It has become clear that Sasha is a genuinely bad spot, and not just bored with Bino.

            If fox has never seen her cry, either, I think he might pick up on that as well. He’s a sharp one.

  5. Gabe23

    Wow … Fox without the bandana

    • GeckoZY

      He was last seen without one when he was kidnapped… err… dognapped XD

      • Valerio

        Hey, he was *naked* back then!

        • GeckoZY

          ok XD

          He was last seen with only his collar on when he came back from the farm from that Christmas when HP was newly colored. :P

    • Frank
      • Raolin1994

        I would like to point out though that, while there is no bandanna in that strip, his collar is the same color as his bandanna, which is not the case here. I think the two of them were merged.

        • aicivilwar

          Either that, or he had his bandana wrapped around his collar…

    • thefirstonethere

      Its okay. he has two

  6. Kohaku Nightfang

    :’( Poor Sasha. Wow it’s kinda weird to see Fox without his Bandanna. I hope he can cheer her up. Her is totally the right dog to help her. He’s just so caring and kind :3

  7. GeckoZY

    Boosh! XD a waterfall of tears

    • lifebydeth

      Everyone just fell to the ground, gripping their heart area screaming “OH THE SADNESS!!”

  8. Gato

    She is going to fall in love with fox

  9. Xane

    Like he said, she did break up with Bino on Valentines. I don’t even like Bino at all and I still think that was going too far, even for Sasha (who’s not as dumb as she acts). Still, I dunno if this plot is going to work or if she’s just gonna go date Poncho instead.

    • Trefoiler

      It has been implied by certain characters that she and him maintain a sort of on-again, off-again relationship.

      That could mean many things, but it is most likely because Sasha is a free spirit that isn’t going to wait around for Bino to treat her like his girlfriend when if or when it is convenient for him. This would not necessarily mean he isn’t growing up and is honestly trying to address a feeling of loss, however.

      I would like to see where this arc goes. It is getting very interesting!

  10. DaveedWR

    I reaaly hope that Fox does not end up with Sasha.

    • Gabe23

      And why is that ?

      • DaveedWR

        Fox always seemed to me as above of the silly behavior about “dating” that appears to be becoming more common among pets. I’m not againts to pets dating but seeing every character relevant to the story with a couple is a pattern that I really don’t enjoy.

      • DaveedWR

        Given the nature of the comic that won’t be happening. Not that I complain. There are few canon couples I like.

      • Crystalwind

        The cuteness of that pairing caused my head to explode. Good gods.

        Must find something with at most a single percent of that cuteness FAST! Where are those pictures of rats with teddy bears when you need them?

      • sev

        Yeah but isnt king getting married to Bailey

    • Dontlookmenaked

      I agree. I also stated that I liked how unlikely it was for Bino and Fox to be friends. I would hate it if Rick decide to split them so he could put Sasha and Fox together. Also Bino could get a lot of character development from this arc.

      • Trefoiler

        My thoughts exactly!

        Bino rarely misses an opportunity to be a jerk while in-panel, but I think there is a good chance that he is changing. I think it is completely possible that he feels genuinely alone without Sasha, and that this endless nightmare date is an attempt- by an honest-to-goodness interpersonal cripple- to salvage their relationship the only way he knows how.

        Just a theory, though. Bino as a character is overdue for development.

    • Argent Stonecutter

      How about Sasha and Poncho?

  11. xhunterko

    Poor Sasha, or poor Fox?

    • Valerio

      She, for being broken up, a first we saw in these 5 years
      He, because he may finally have realized what an idiot he was to get along with this plan, loyalty or not

      • xhunterko


  12. Marco

    You are the one…Fox!

    • Fractile

      XD I agree. Quite the Curveball Rick has thrown himself… ^o-o^

  13. IceKitsune

    Awww poor Sasha. Yeah I can really see this ending in the two of them getting together or at least Fox developing feelings for Sasha.

  14. LupisLight

    Oh dear. when Sasha finds out Bino was behind this he’ll be worse off than he was before.

  15. zeroslash

    The dead flower really makes this.

    • CHAOKOCartoons

      Especialy since it just kept getting deader the worse things got… I MEAN LOOK AT IT NOW!

      • xhunterko

        But, but, I thought talking to plants helped them?

        • D-Rock

          These haven’t been good talks, though.

          • Multani Raynz

            and they haven’t been directed AT it, which is why it’s still “somewhat” living

        • Trefoiler

          Plants function better in well-circulated air. Talking around them accomplishes this, and also lends them a good dosage of nutritious carbon dioxide! Yum!

          Or at least I think that’s how it works!

          • silverfang16

            They also pick up vibes, hence why it’s dieing. :P

      • aicivilwar

        I mentioned this way back, you know…

  16. Vuk91

    Poor Sasha…. Bino will pay for this

    • Gabe23

      Why ? As Fox, he didn´t took in cosideration the effects this plan would have on Sasha. If Bino has to pay, so do Fox

  17. CHAOKOCartoons

    Bino this was your plan, your plan made her un-intentionaly cry, YOU are an un-intentional jerk at the moment. :{

    • Valerio

      …as he usually is

    • thebrokeartist

      It was Binos idea but Fox’s plan. So shouldn’t the blame go to Fox?

      • Fractile

        It would have never happened if bino hadn’t thought about it. And it was partially Bino’s idea technically. :S

  18. AleColin

    Maybe Fox can be perfect for Sasha since he is so nice to her unlike Bino.

    • Valerio

      Bino is made for Duchess
      Babylon Gardens beware

      • silverfang16

        Nah, Bino deserves Daisy.

        • Valerio

          …do you hate Daisy?

          • silverfang16

            Not at all, but she would drive him crazy. ^_^

  19. leaffly

    Fox had a collar the whole time?! I though that was his collar!!!

  20. Skarroth

    Wow. I have never seen Sasha cry like that ever. I feel so bad for her and hope everything works out in the end.

  21. GameCobra

    He’ gonna have aloooooot of Sasha snots on that mask.

  22. Arjay

    It’s strange to see Fox without his bandanna on!
    Also, Sasha is having major sadfaces :c

    • Sky-Leif

      Seeing Sasha crying like that… It’s making me depressed. T~T I wish I could give her a hug. :(

      • ToaSoul

        Doesn’t everyone want to hug Sasha right now
        *blows nose*
        Bino i think went to far, Sasha deserves better

  23. team fabulous

    If Housepets! ever becomes an animated series, I keep imagining Sasha’s voice to resemble Pinkie pie’s voice.

    • thebrokeartist

      For some strange reason, I actually have a similar feeling. But my imagination for her voice is more of overly excited highschool girl like from the movies and cartoons.

      • Duster

        I’d imagine Sasha’s voice to be more like a California valley girl or maybe Jillian from family guy, except smarter!

  24. CrazyAce

    O_O Don’t cry, Sasha!

  25. Duster

    Now we all feel really bad for Sasha, c’mon Rick tell us there’s a silver lining in all this dramatic commotion.

    • lifebydeth

      It’s either Fox starts dating Sasha or Bino learns something that makes him a better person, which Bino learning something is highly unlikely.

      • Duster

        Oh i’m sure that learning moment will come along eventually but Probably not this strip, perhaps.

      • Argent Stonecutter

        Bino isn’t there to learn anything.

        • Multani Raynz

          And bino of course will blame fox for “breaking” sasha, sasha will then learn that fox was involved (a LOT) and will want nothing to do with either of them

    • Frank

      …there isn’t. I think that’s why he said we’d all hate him.

      • Baxtrr

        I would agree. There is, to paraphrase Tony Stark, no way any of this can come to a good ending. Sasha started the whole mess by casually dumping Bino, who deep in his scabbed-over shrunken heart actually has some feelings for her; Bino made things worse by coming up with a typically Bino plan rather than attempting to communicate with Sasha about how he felt; and Fox willingly went to a great deal of effort to make Bino’s plan work, with only a naive hope that Sasha would mentally rebound, when the whole idea was based on her NOT rebounding. They all fail, they all lose, they all hurt, and we have reason to hate Rick for putting them in the situation in the first place… which is what a good writer is supposed to do. So, sorry, Rick, no hate here, just a thumbs up for good writing.

        • Multani Raynz

          So true, how can one “hate” the writer of an intriguing story full of laughs, angst, twists, and drama

          • Trefoiler

            How can one hate a writer for a story he hasn’t finished?

            Even if the only thing this arc does is leave everyone involved with a bruised heart, Rick would have merely made room for a much greater resolution than he could have fit into a single story-line.

  26. Valerio

    …and the flower is DEFINITELY dead

    • Marco

      Where is E.T. when you need him? :(

  27. Blaziken386

    I thought so. Fox is just too darn nice for any plan involving him being a jerk to work.

  28. MCWildcat

    I’m tearing up cause of that sad face :( *hugs Sasha*

  29. D-Rock

    Honestly, this wasn’t entirely unexpected. Still, this was really sad, and Fox is obviously feeling some tremendous guilt right now.

  30. Khazix

    There there Sasha.

  31. A.T.

    Wow that’s a lot of tears.

  32. Lance

    aww… poor Sasha. I feel bad for her.. I hope her and Fox and have a good time and fix the evening. :3

  33. Lorev

    Ewww, snot bubbles…

  34. Valerio

    relationships forecasts:

    1) Fox confesses about Bino’s plan
    2) Fox starts consoling Sasha and finding himself getting a crush
    3) Sasha forgives Bino
    4) Sasha goes back to Bino
    5) Fox remains there with a broken heart
    6) We hate Rick, as he had supposed we would

    • sev

      Meh or rick can read your comment and change the story completely lol which I am sure he reads our comments. Are you not ENTERTAINED RICK!

      • Valerio

        he loves to make us dance to his rhythm!

      • Multani Raynz

        Yes, remember, we’re the puppets, Ricks the puppeteer, do try to get it right

      • Fractile

        Yeah, he reads the comments. Remember the strip two strips ago where the curtains looked like blood? He made ‘em green. He better do something or he’s going to be the subject of a hate-fest o~o

    • Dontlookmenaked

      I don’t think he would take ideas from the comments. Remember that one time in the baby arc we thought Fluffy would bite Max’s ear off? Instead we got a tease about it.

  35. Crystalwind

    Okay, I have a new prayer. Sasha gets together with Fox after he explains that Bino’s the one behind it. Because, let’s face it, Bino just completely ruined Valentine’s Day for his girlfriend all so that she wouldn’t date other dogs, and Fox is the one trying to repair things.

  36. andrew N.

    And now, Housepets goes Othello.

    • Argent Stonecutter

      I was thinking more Evil Cyrano.

      • Frank

        But… isn’t Peanut the local bard?

        • FriendlyFireFox

          Ooh, does this mean we will get to see the troupe re-enact “The Tragedy of Bino and Sasha”?!

        • Argent Stonecutter

          Fiddler and Keys are the bards.

          • Frank

            I though we were talking about Cyrano-style bards

        • Argent Stonecutter

          Though like I said before, while Sasha might be a credible Daryl Hannah, Bino’s no Steve Martin.

  37. Cam

    Again, why is this arc about making Sasho feel bad for the sake of Bino?

  38. SilentWolfXIII

    Boy, it’s a good thing he was wearing that collar or that situation could have gotten awkward real quick 0_0

  39. GermanTrooper

    Aww, I hate seeing her cry!! Fox, make it better. Stop the crazy Bino helping and just take care of her.

  40. sev

    Fox is half naked * le gasp* its okay he is a stud anyways ;)

  41. Kitch

    Riiiiick! You totally missed the TV Tropes reference! :p

    At least it didn’t cross into Inelegant Blubbering. x3

  42. Blucan

    Only Sasha could pull off the anime-styled fountain-tears thing and make it believable.

  43. SamBlob

    The first panel would be funnier to me if I didn’t have an eye infection right now…

  44. GreighVonGottreich

    Oh my o.o poor Sasha. :(

    I believe Fox is still more closer to her than Bino has ever been. Reason being? He has no ego to hold up.

    (unless I’m looking at it wrong)

    • ToaSoul

      i would say your right considering last Valentines Day, Bino completely forgot until like May, while Fox did get her something, ON VALENTINES DAY.

  45. ToaSoul

    I think i know why the flower is there and is wilting. It shows Sasha’s feelings, when they put it there its was a bright beautiful flower, but as she went through the “dates” the flower started to wilt as her spirit was broken until now, as you can see by the flower…. and also her crying, the flowers drooped to the ground and Sasha is crying

  46. ToaSoul

    ….. was all that sarcasm or only the first part?

    • legotron123

      just the first part

  47. The almighty 404

    Boy, Sasha’s heart sure looks crushed, even moreso than usual !

  48. Katias

    Well, at least I was right about the crying part XD

  49. thebrokeartist

    It was Binos idea but Fox came up with the plan. But yeah I really agree with you on what you said about Bino. But this comic needs him though. After all if he wasn’t here who would we hate then? Fox? Peanut? Or someone else?

    • Legotron123

      yeh you’re right i just get this worked up over all the jerks in fiction.

    • Legotron123

      also we still have pete to hate

      • thebrokeartist

        Yeah but he’s been keeping a low profile for a while now. So it’s hard to hate him when we have no idea what he’s been up to.

    • Crystalwind

      Actually, Bino came up with the plan. Fox just shared it with everyone. He said “I regret to inform you of BINO’S plan”, not “I regret to inform you of my plan”.

  50. Prince MintJelly

    Poor Sasha, dunno what will happen but I look forward to it. Now this is just me, but I had a feelingthat once Bino hears, maybe hewill tell Sasha and say she deserves better than him. As they say, if you love them and they leave you, let them go. But again, just me, love this comic to death haha!

  51. humanplague

    It’s almost like ruining multiple dates one after another on valentines day was a bad plan.

  52. thebrokeartist

    Wow… Just… Wow. Fox… I’m very disapointed at you. You’re one my favourite characters for a reason. You’re loyal, friendly, kind and all that. I always thought you as a dog who would never make a lady cry. But now… Now I am truly disapointed. You need to take responsebility for this. You need to fix this and MAKE Sasha happy again. I don’t care how you do it but JUST DO IT!! You need make Sasha happy again or you’ll be the one who’s gonna get all the hate in this comic instead of Bino.

    • Legotron123

      it WAS binos idea. fox only went along with it becuase hes binos friend. though he has said he dosnt know why he’s still friends with bino. though i’ll admit he needs to make up for it. (gets new plot idea) oorrr he could tell sasha whats going on, have a really date with her, then when bino throws a little temper tantrum fox gives him a nice and long http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/TheReasonYouSuckSpeech

      • Dena

        A good friend, rather than just a friend, will tell someone when they’re being a jerk.

        Instead of helping Bino become a better dog, Fox opted to convince all the other dogs to look like bigger jerks than Bino …

      • silverfang16

        Fox would be so much happier just being Peanut’s friend. -_-

  53. YoyoDude

    Gack! Poor Sasha!

    Also, the heart on her hip seems to be missing.

    • silverfang16

      Probably just not visible, or maybe it disappears when she is upset. O_O

  54. T-Squared

    Someone needs to put Bino in his place. Seriously. First King’s watch, now this. >8-(

    • Neo

      Is that really a problem?

      • CHAOKOCartoons


  55. Brighttail

    Watch out, he is going to feel sorry for her, give her a good meal, save the day and they will start dating!!

  56. Perfesser_Bear

    Hmm… Some how, I get the impression that at the end of this arc, Sasha, Bino and Fox will all end up with exactly what they deserve? What that might be, though, is Rick’s choice and disposition.

  57. Kitch

    I want to see Sasha end up with Fox so badly now.

    • Dena

      Why? Fox is partially responsible for her current condition. After all, it was his decision to go through with Bino’s idea and convince the other dogs to cooperate. Most folks won’t listen to Bino; he’s the overt jerk.

      Fox, while misguided in his loyalty at times, is still liked and persuasive.

      • Fractile

        I kind of do too, I mean yes, he did go through with it, but it was never intended for her to take it personally o-o In fact he was hesitant, I at least respect him for that, and now fox feels guilty. I really hope that he tells her Bino’s plan so that bino he gets what’s coming to him ;)

  58. WingedWolfGirl

    Oh, …Now I wanna hug Sasha. Poor thing. :(

  59. Profesor Rod

    Bravo, Fox. You broke her… :I

    • Profesor Rod

      And here comes the guilt.

  60. Taylor

    I can see two possible endings

    1. Fox is going to use this opportunity to persuade Sasha to go back with Bino (which, due to the many comments here, would make those people hate Rick in the end).
    2. Fox will do something which will cause Sasha to chase after him. In the end, Fox and Sasha may be together.

    • Gabe23

      3. Fox will tell Sasha the nature of the plan, she gets mad at him, she gets mad at Bino and at the end no one is happy. (I think that would be like the worst ending)

      • Taylor

        4. Sasha gets nabbed by PETA (which may be the worst ending yet).

    • Taylor

      Now that I think about it, given the beginning of this arc, I don’t think anything is going to change. How things are going back to normal is left unknown.

  61. SP

    Poor Sasha.
    I wonder if this will make her turn towards girls?

    • CHAOKOCartoons

      I salute your reply and dont report it, because this is more common in this era. It shouldn’t be hidden from or shuned by kids. I dont think however that this occurs by choice, the character would have to show some intrest w/ same gender early on to make it believable instead of a sudden incodent making her not like afew guys.

  62. microbuss

    awww poor Sasha
    but even a crying Big Mouth is funny lol;-)

  63. Ozimul

    Sad Sasha is quite cute…
    Well, there goes Bino’s plan.
    It’s okay though, Fox is a pretty cool guy… he befriends corgis that used to be human and doesn’t afraid of anything.

    • D-Rock

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      • silverfang16

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  64. kajowwojak

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    Fox is too kind hearted.
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    And now regrets it.

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  78. ZhiroArida

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    • Duster

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  88. Minoki

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    This is all so confusing. -_- Darn you Rick for creating a comic with cute characters who actually have personalities and character development.

  89. Lenn

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  90. Sontron

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  91. Pogiforce

    I’m conflicted on this. On the one hand, Sasha was downright insensitive to Bino for the break up. Yeah, Bino is a jerk. The thing is, Bino is a jerk to everyone but her. He seems to genuinely care for her, even if he’s not always good at showing it, and sometimes he really does try. And then she breaks up with him on valentines day.

    I don’t agree with Bino’s plan, but if i were him I’d be terrified of the same thing: that she wouldn’t come back. A desperate man in love does desperate things, and Fox being the good friend could see how much Bino was hurting. No, it wasn’t a good idea, but Fox wouldn’t be Fox if he wasn’t willing to give it a shot for the sake of a friend in need.