One By One Equals Zero

I figured at some point I’d need a few extras who were actually a part of the Good Ol’ Dogs club. So, meet Griswold, Devo, and Sten.

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  1. Ryu

    Least Sasha’s first date went pretty well!

    • Tynach

      I think she’s going to be happy with Fox being helpful in saying she should go to a doctor. And Bino is going to be upset that Fox got the girl.

      • Ryu

        I hope so too! I really want Fox to go out with Sasha! Bino may not approve of course!

  2. B.Squirrel

    Oh dear. What happened to Sasha? Did she “break?”

    • Duster

      Fox: Uhh guys I think we broke her? Heelllloooo Sasha *waves paw in front of her face*!

    • Jason

      Either she’s fallen for Fox and they’re extremely wide and adoring,or she’s crying because she realizes she should have stayed with Bino and she’s crying.

      • team fabulous

        Or, she’s about to go ballistic. We’ll find out tomorrow.

      • Duck'n

        I believe that since Sasha has been surrounded by bad potential boyfriends all night she may see Fox as a knight in shining armor, compared to the rest of them of course. Even though he is far from being a “knight” right now.

  3. GeckoZY

    Yehey, new characters XD
    I wonder who is who XD

    • Mukavich

      Devo’s the one with the terraced hat on his collar (Like the band, Devo). Can’t tell you about the other two, though. My guess is Griswold is the first and Sten is the third.

      • GeckoZY

        Oh, that made me wonder what the tags of the other two dogs are?
        The first one looks something like a stage lights or oddly drawn 16, and I think the chihuahua has something like a slipper or a peanut.

        • Baxtrr

          I believe, based on limited rez of the image, that Griswold’s collar tag is a Cello or C Clef, used to notate sheet music for the cello. I’m not sure what that would indicate in this case, other than a passion for classical music (since in popular/modern music you only see the Treble G and Bass F Clefs).

          Or I could be wrong. :)

      • Argent Stonecutter

        That’s the order they’re named…

        • Trefoiler

          Are the tags not Alphabetical?

          • Trefoiler

            Indeed they are. There is also a description today.

            What a twist!

      • Trefoiler

        I believe I agree with Mukavich. I would even postulate that Sten is portmanteau of Stimpy and Ren, of The Ren & Stimpy Show. For the uninitiated: Ren is a chihuahua.

        I guess that would also suggest the existence a red-furred feline named… Rempy? Rimpy? That would be nice. And adorable. ^_^

        • Kohaku Nightfang

          You know I watched that show and I never knew they were a cat and a dog. They just looked too weird

          • Trefoiler

            I will admit, I had to visit Wikipedia to remind myself of that.

            Ren could just as easily been some sort of hairless rodent, and Stimpy… well, to be honest, at the time I was never particularly curious what he was. It was, however, more surprising than Ren’s real species. For a cat, Stimpy looks a LOT weirder.

          • Frank

            I discovered it when it was announced on TV as “A cat that doesn’t look like a cat, and a chihuahua that doesn’t look like a chihuahua!”

          • Kohaku Nightfang

            You know Frank I think I did hear that awhile back

    • joshi

      the dog in the first panel look sooooo cool

  4. Xane

    Crying? Angry? Her poor little mind completely crashed?

    • joshi

      no she just can’t take in all of fox’s awesomeness

      • Multani Raynz

        No, i’d say more like a really bad eye twitch cause she just been through like 30 some bad dates in one night

        hope i’m wrong though, if i’m right it means they’ve giving Sasha a mental breakdown and Fox is gonna have try and fix things as well as not tell Sasha that this dating charade was his idea that was inspired by bino

        so yeah, fox has created a crater of acid and thrown himself into middle with two tons of weights strapped to his limbs

  5. xhunterko

    They’re all doing a lovely job. I wonder if any of them actually wanted to go ut with Sasha? But didn’t cause of Bino?

    • humanplague

      Yeltsin did, at first.

      • Trefoiler

        It looked an awful lot like he wasn’t the only one…

        Actually, he was the first to object to the plan… and then admitted to simply having nothing better to do than help Bino. … Which, I suppose might not have been the case if Sasha were not Bino’s girlfriend?

        You know… I don’t know. Perhaps if Sasha were dating everyone simultaneously, everybody would be far too busy to humor Bino!

        … but isn’t it implied that she sort of does that anyway!? Agh, my head!

  6. Gabe23

    This remind me of so many realities

  7. Tech

    I think her eyes exploded, that or they are twitching a lot

    • Wooly

      Maybe her eyes got all derpy like ditzy doos?

      • Baxtrr

        Derpy like DERPY HOOVES’.

        (Sorry. Sorry. I’ll never do it again, honest. I promise. But I had to.)

        • thebrokeartist

          Nope, it’s pretty clear. She has 2 hearts in her eyes as she looks at Fox.

          • aicivilwar

            And her heart is synced with the background music…

          • sev

            you might be right!!!@! and i hope so !

          • sev

            whatever you do do not google search urinary cyst on images…

          • I'll Eat Yourself

            That explains it. I was confused as to what was wrong with her eyes for a bit there. XD

        • Wooly

          I knew it…someone would just HAVE to say that…

          Seriously though, I wonder what’s up with poor Sasha’s eyes :c hope she’s not crying or anything…

  8. IceKitsune

    I could totally see Fox getting together with Sasha out of sympathy for her crying. Either that or using this as a way to talk her back into being with Bino. Also yay new characters!

  9. CHAOKOCartoons

    uh oh, VENTING TIME! Just say “I understand” to everything Fox!

    • Frank

      No, no no! That will result in them getting together! That’s not according to plan!

  10. D-Rock

    Will these characters be more “filler” type characters?

    Really, REALLY worried about Sasha now.

    • lifebydeth

      Hopefully the chihuahua becomes a main character. :P

      • Perfesser_Bear

        Just drop the chalupa

  11. Duster

    OH Look, there’s a mouse in the third panel :D .

    • Marco

      More like a chihuahua ;)

    • CHAOKOCartoons

      Lets get this straight, Chihuahuas are not mice… they’re privlaged rats! ;P

      • River_Dragon

        Chihuahuas are Over-privileged rats…and bad tempered, to boot. (To paraphrase Gollum, “Nasty, terrible chihuahuases!”

        • ToaSoul

          They are also very VERY ANNOYING!

        • hrairoo5er

          River_Dragon: BAHAHAHAHA!!!! I wish we could “like” comments on here like we do on social networking sites. If so, I would like that comment ’til Kingdom come!

      • Frank

        I’ll say! That’s an insult to the mice!

      • BlueAnubis

        No, see they’re actually bald skeevers.

  12. Marco

    Sad tears, angry look in her eyes or losing touch in reality? Please be OK Sasha!

    • Marco

      Or her eyes are full of hearts? =P

      • Trefoiler

        Thus, Bino’s plan hinges on the answer.

        Best Case Scenario: “Oh, good! She’s breaking. Finish her off!”

        Worst Case Scenario: “Oh Crap! She likes you! Abort! D: ”

        Side note: Worst Case Scenario possibly involves Fox doing a barrel roll. In my opinion? Totally worth it.

  13. AleColin

    No luck on Sasha but does anyone think that Sasha will date with Fox, go back with Bino, or try to find someone else.

    • Dissension


      • Duster

        Hahaha, how vague!

      • CHAOKOCartoons

        …wait, yes to Team Fox, Team Bino, or Team Freedom?

      • Trefoiler

        I disagree.

    • Dontlookmenaked

      noononononononononononono. I think she just go back to Bino. This is the moment I have been fearing.

  14. Pokeblue

    For once in this arch, I actually think Fox’s plan might actually work. Maybe not get Bino and Sasha together again, but the list of potentials is shrinking.

    Oh dear, I hope Sasha is alright.

  15. Duster

    Griswold the dog in the first panel looks interesting enough, although he seems to be more of a jerk than Bino.

    • CHAOKOCartoons

      yeah, it looks like he literaly wasnt acting when he said that… I wonder how hard Sasha threw her plate at himX)

    • Duster

      Exactly, of course we won’t REALLY know for sure if was just them acting or not -unless- we see more of these characters in the future,

    • Gabe23

      I don’t know why, but I like him. I’d really like to see him in future comics

  16. CleverDan

    Devo’s collar. . .

    Well played Mr Griffin

    • Rick Griffin

      Guess what breed Devo is

      • Smallfoot

        I say whippet.

        • Rick Griffin

          You win a cookie!

          • GreighVonGottreich

            Saw what ya did there. -grins-

          • BlueAnubis

            And you win all of my internets!

            ALL OF THEM!

          • D-Rock

            Okay, can someone explain that to me?

          • Trefoiler

            D-Rock, it is obvious!

            Housepets! fans learn faster when you reward them with cookies!


          • Smallfoot

            @D-Rock: Youtube ‘Devo – Whip it’ if you want in on the joke. :)

          • Kohaku Nightfang

            Hmm I was expecting a skinnier dog for Devo if he is a whippet. Also the fur seems a little long, but maybe it’s just me?

          • D-Rock

            Thanks for letting me know, Smallfoot. Would never have guessed, especially since I haven’t heard that song since my elementary years, and never saw its music video.

          • Dissension

            You can’t really get a lot skinnier than Devo…

            You can see how tiny his midsection is, right?

          • Kohaku Nightfang

            Well I was thinking of the chest area more. I thought the chest was a bit too broad for a whippet

      • Duster

        Is Griswold an Akita?

        • Rick Griffin

          Nope, Karelian Bear Dog

          • Perfesser_Bear

            I met a Karelian Bear Dog at a Dog Show last year. He was a little stand-offish the first time I spoke to his ‘Mom’, the next time he greeted me like an old friend. Which might explain Griswold’s social nature…

            Now a Canaan Dog — they’re cool characters for rare breeds. Most of them greet strangers like their new BFF! I imagine they might not make great watchdogs, but then I haven’t met one on his home turf.

    • Duck'n

      Devo’s character reminds of the way that Rick used to draw Joey and Bino a few summers ago. I also think it’s funny that people seem to be less repulsed by Griswold than the other 2 dogs.

  17. Khazix

    Huh. Something wrong with her eyes. Why do I feel like this isn’t the first time they’ve looked strange or different…

    Eh, probably just crying. I’m a paranoid nut.

  18. Vuk91

    Next step: Sasha should move towns so she can meet other boys… Nah, her dad wont do it…

    • aicivilwar

      Um… that actually sounds more likely than you might think. Remember his comments in the Christmas special about women at parties? Seems like he could be the type to leave town when “things get hairy” or when he feels he needs to “move on”.

  19. WingedWolfGirl

    I wonder if he’s serious about the two girlfriends. O_o
    Or just doing it to get on Sasha’s “no” list.

    • Valerio

      well, must admit Griswold got the good looks ;)

    • Vuk91

      If he is serious then He’s my new favortie character <3

      • Dissension

        My guess is that he’s trying to get on Sasha’s bad side. *giggles*

        That said, he does seem to be a rather intelligent and dashing fellow. He’s my favorite of the three.

  20. Valerio

    yay, new awesome characters! :D
    Aw, Sasha is broken :(

  21. Warwicky

    They’re doing too well at this.

    Poor Sasha.

  22. Valerio

    We already saw that Sasha is capable to get mad when pushed in the right direction.
    She’s going to make Fox sorry he had followed along Bino’s plan. Yup

  23. cjwj

    so which dog is which?

    • ToaSoul

      from left to right it goes

  24. Cerberusx

    I think Sasha has the eye twitch of doom…prepare yourself Fox for the female furry Sasha will unleash upon you!

  25. Shuma Jindivi

    …I finally realize why almost every girl adores Fido…

    • River_Dragon

      Because he’s not a jerk?

      • Trefoiler

        Perhaps also because he does not take orders from Bino.

        Could be seen as a deal-breaker, no?

  26. Aerion Snowpaw

    ,,,Alright, who thinks Fox will accidentally charm her? Show of hands!
    *Raises paw*

    • SamBlob

      *raises hoof*

      • ToaSoul

        *raises both paws*

        • team fabulous

          *Raises a Whipfist*

    • jrh150482

      *raises hand*

    • Lance

      you do realize you said show of “hands” then raised your paw. XD

      even so! *raises paw*

    • Valerio


    • FriendlyFireFox

      Looks like the ‘aye’s have it!

      • Trefoiler

        Wait! Would the ‘nay’s would actually have to– omigosh I want to do it first!


        *DOES NOT RAISE HAND* ಠ__ಠ

    • silverfang16

      Accidentally, or not? >:3

    • Marco

      *Raises hands*

    • aicivilwar

      *raises one eyebrow* (and a paw)

    • Duster

      *salutes, then raises both hands* I think Fox would make a good boyfriend for Sasha!

  27. SamBlob

    Let’s see, eligible males not in the Good Old Dogs club:
    King: Taken – Bailey
    Fido: Taken, but covertly – Sabrina
    Joey: Taken, even more covertly – Squeak
    Peanut: Taken – Tarot

    Sasha’s Options:
    Find someone all-new
    Go for unconventional choices (species or otherwise)… Sasha/Truck, anyone?

    • Dissension

      Joey and Squeak are quite openly dating. You’ll recall that, while chatting with Peanut at the Pridelands release event, Joey recounted the tale of how he met Squeak.

      • Valerio

        too much information!!!

    • aicivilwar

      Isn’t Daisy already dating Truck?

      • Trefoiler

        Was that him receiving a trash bag tied up in a bow? O_O

        Oh, my… and he would probably find her witty, too…

  28. GreighVonGottreich

    Oooh, new characters. Very epic. Though, I feel sorry for poor Fox.

    • Dena

      Why feel sorry for him? This was his plan, after all; if the outcome derails from what he intended… maybe it wasn’t a GOOD plan in the first place…

      • aicivilwar

        I thought it was Bino’s plan, but Fox filled in the details.

        • Dena

          Yes, Bino wanted a bunch of guys to go out on dates and sabotage, but ultimately it was Fox who actually laid out the details and got everyone to go along with it. In my eyes, that makes it his plan.

          • thebrokeartist

            That actually does make sense. Fox basically made Binos idea into reality. So that makes him the architeck of this plan.

          • Trefoiler

            Hmm. I suppose it was a little silly of us to think of Bino as the sort of leader that boasts actual leadership skills.

            Bino’s idea – Fox’ plan. I am comfortable with that.

  29. CyanFox

    Everyone thinks her eyes broke or somewhat. I personally think they have hearts in them…

  30. Katias

    Wait. Was I right? Is she crying? Does this mean she’ll finally open up? o.o

    • Trefoiler

      Perhaps Rick thinks we will hate him for moving her to tears?

      I don’t think I could hate him, but such concerns are not without their own validity.

  31. GameCobra

    Apparantly Fox has no clue what a smitten female dog looks like =3

  32. Doc Flareon

    Are we not wolves? We are Devo!

  33. nintendosagafan

    oh man. they must have broken her bad…i feel for sasha.

    • thebrokeartist

      Really? Ain’t Sasha usually the one to break someone elses mind?

      • Valerio

        no, she can staple someone else’s eyes

    • Barz

      I would feel very sorry for Sasha if she does become sad, but she always doesn’t seem to care how she breaks Bino’s heart even if he is a jerk. He appears to be a jerk with feelings like the rest of the pack. What goes around comes around Sasha….. sorry if you become heart broken.

  34. Tsunemara

    0.0 a chihuahua. Yes.

  35. ZincChloride

    Mmmmm… yes…. quite excellent. XD love it.

  36. thebrokeartist

    I knew something like this was gonna happen. I just knew it. Also… Why do I have very strange feeling that Sasha sees something Fox can’t. And I ain’t talking about her imaganry friend if she has one.

    • Trefoiler

      I’m not sure.

      Perhaps everyone else in the room can see it! Everyone else but him?

      Perhaps he lights up her world like nobody else?
      Or how he ruffles his fur gets her overwhelmed?
      You think that look in his eyes allows her to tell
      He don’t know, oh oh
      He don’t know he’s beautiful?

      … Nah, probably not. That would be silly. Still, though:

      If only we saw what she could see-
      We’d understand why her eyes act so strangely
      Right now I’m curious as you and can’t wait to see
      If he don’t know, oh oh
      If he don’t know he’s beautiful!

      Anyone agree?

  37. Z24

    Oh Dog, I thnk I know whare this is going

  38. Frank

    My guess on her eyes is she is still smiling madly, but has really tiny pupils

    • Hotep the psychic

      OBJECTION!!!! I actually say its not from smiling but more from whats happening now….if my thoughts are correct the chihuahua may have made her a little bit scared and shes reacting to that thought. Or shes in a trance and is staring blankly

      • Frank

        Well, her normal state is smiling madly so…

  39. Valerio

    EPIC BACKFIRE: next Valentine, Sasha will send every gift back with attached a catnip bomb.

    • aicivilwar

      +sideways8 (infinity symbol, for mathematically challenged)

      • Trefoiler


        …What the nip?? Who flipped my 8!? Curse yoouu! *shakes fist*

  40. Gray

    whoever he is, the first one is sort of good looking, isn’t he? lol

  41. Kitch

    I think she sees right through this, and is gonna break Bino.

    • Marco

      And break friendships apart!

  42. aicivilwar

    Also, does anyone else “hear” Griswold as sort of the British snob stereotype?

    • Gabe23

      You know, British accent does fit him

    • Welsh Halfwit

      Upper class Snob Stereotype, please. 99% of us have a totally different set of accents.

  43. Lenn

    You know, I think it would be really great if she started dating Fox. Because that would put a tear in Bino and Fox’s relationship, and maybe then Fox can grow a backbone and stop going along with all of Bino’s bullying antics against Peanut.

  44. Cerberusx

    Can only imagine how Bino will react if Fox ‘hooks’ up with Sasha. Bino will say and do things that will cost him his ‘friendship’ with Fox.

  45. bhPixelFire

    I could see Sasha falling for Fox. He really caring and so much more kindhearted than Bino.
    Although… Fox is really smart. It might rub off.

  46. bhPixelFire

    I want more chihuahua

  47. Verp

    Things can be unseen, but it involves a power tool to the visual centers of your brain. I recommend living with the images.

    • Verp

      This was directed at the conversation about pictures of urinary cysts, but I missed.

  48. team fabulous

    Do I hear a hallelujah chorus, or am I expecting water works?

    • Trefoiler

      Not both, I hope!

      Most confusing reaction shot ever

  49. Trefoiler

    Oh, merciful dog- he didn’t SHOW it to her, did he??

    Ugh! Banishing the thought. No. Bad brain!

    Your comic is excellent and family-friendly as always, Rick. The characters are wonderful; each with styles as well as perfectly valid, serious medical conditions all their own. I eagerly anticipate your next strip.

    … Uergh… darn these lobes… they drive me to ponies. -_-

  50. Lightning Wolf

    I semi-hope that Fox and Sasha will get togather but I’ll feel bad for Bino if that happens

    • Duck'n

      You kidding I would feel bad for Fox, because he would have to deal with Bino’s wrath!

  51. shade

    i hope its not hearts in her eyes, anything but that. even her breaking down in tears is better then hearts in her eyes. i really would like to see her with bino again. even if he is a jerk. but then again…her and fox being together doesnt sound all that bad for a sabotaged plan.

  52. Kohaku Nightfang

    I’m so unsure whether Sasha is in tears, has gone crazy or is completely in love with Fox. Personally, even though I would feel a little bad for Bino, I hope it’s hearts in her eyes because Fox is a good dog and she deserves someone like him. Bino needs to learn from his mistakes and he can’t do that if he always gets his way

  53. Erkhyan
  54. Taylor

    I just had a thought in this.

    What if Sasha actually fell in love with at least half of these dates?

  55. Welsh Halfwit

    Griswold’s so smooth he’s obnoxious

    Devo is asking the wrong question.

    Sten seems to be doing an Iggy impression from ‘C-Kennel’

    But.. Is this their real personalities or a put on for the occasion?

  56. Argent Stonecutter

    Close enough to a montage.

  57. FriendlyFireFox

    Oh no I just had an awful thought! What if Sasha has seen enough and just decides she doesn’t want to date anyone anymore?!

  58. The Walking Dead

    very good

  59. Cam

    This whole serious has me wondering why we should care about Bino’s feelings, especially at the cost of Sasha

  60. MegaCreep

    Is that a Chiwawa in the third panel?

    • Trefoiler

      I do believe that is a Chihuahua, yes. Possibly inspired by Ren, the chihuahua.

  61. Kimo

    ok so we have the womanizer, the mooch, and the over-sharer…

  62. Jinxed

    Alt text: In fact, if you behave, you can be my middle girlfriend

    (Can’t believe no one posted it!)

  63. Duster

    Too late. WHY did I do that, now I can never un-see it Rick!

  64. Duster

    DON”T google Urinary cysts, they aren’t pretty!

  65. team fabulous

    You mean her heart was making the same drum beat sound that The Master keeps hearing?

  66. aicivilwar

    That’s it. Or the bg music could have the same rhythm as that, and her heart is synced to it…

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