Words Are sWords
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  1. Xane

    Two steps forward (two steps back)!

    • punkrocker

      Oh,heck no! I know he did not
      just tell Sasha to shut-up! Lol!

  2. Gabe23

    So …. wich accent do Yeltsin has ?

    • Lamandus

      since there is a Boris, I think it should be russian.

      • Kormiak

        No, actually it’s a New York/Chicago gangster accent, like Al Capone.

        • glitchkat

          i agree definitely new yorkish boston gangster accent

    • Argent Stonecutter

      Noo yoick.

      • Kitch

        In other words, Joisey :p

        • Argent Stonecutter

          Yeeeah, dat’s da ticket.

          • Billy MT

            Uh, iffe ’twas suposta be russhan, why i read dat as Demoman’s voice ’stead of Heavy’s?

    • sev

      I imagine him with the dogs voice from tom and jerry

      • m is for wolf


        • Kohaku Nightfang

          So Rex looks like Spike, but Yeltsin sounds like him?

  3. GeckoZY

    Hide, your life is in danger!! XD

    • bug

      Ya man, get out of there before she calls Achmed to keel you!!

      (maniacal laugh)… what? can’t a guy be evil sometimes? :D

      • jrh150482

        Jeff Dunham reference FTW!!!!

        Yeah, if I were Yeltsin, I’d probably be really scared for my life right now.

        • CWFang

          sasha looks cute even wen angry though

          • bug

            Ya, sure cute now scarry later. -_-

  4. Marco

    Scarier than Krato’s rage! x_x

  5. IceKitsune

    Ah Sasha you have a way with Words, and rambling, and being a bit annoying as well.

    • Duster

      I’d say Yeltsin has a way with words too buuut….., he doesn’t.

      • Z24

        You too would lose your way with words if they’re thrown against your face.

        • Trefoiler

          Especially if the word being thrown against your face is, in fact ‘FACE‘, and Bailey is the one throwing it.

          FINISH HIM!

  6. CrazyAce

    YIPE!!! You better run, run, run, run, run! Run! Run! Run!
    *coughs* Pink Floyd reference I just made. :3

  7. B.Squirrel

    Is that… blood on the wall?
    I’m scared.

    • Marco

      More like her furious vibes! Better stay away from that room!
      Scared too!

    • 50CaliberCat

      I couldn’t tell. He doesn’t have any obvious wounds on him >.> Maybe it’s jelly.

    • team fabulous

      I think it’s curtains.

      • CHAOKOCartoons

        is curtons.

      • Argent Stonecutter

        Dat’s “coitins”, like in da godfudder, it’s coitins fer you.

        Yeh, I’m definitely hearing Yeltsin in a Noo Yoick Mobster kinda voice.

        • bhPixelFire

          Yes. me too! Or may a bit of Bugs Bunny thrown in.

          Coitins, goils… EH MUGSY

    • Tarka TGO

      I thought it was blood too. It’d be sorta fitting but very un-PG.

      Props to Yeltsin for that metaphor, though, even if it did royally tick Sasha off. X3

      • LeaahWulf

        Maybe it’s dried from previous events.

        I think Rick might need to clear it up before it gets too extremely out of hands in the comments.

        • Dissension

          Those are curtains. Don’t be ridiculous. Keep the rating and comedic nature of the comic in mind and everything will be obvious.

          • LeaahWulf

            Rick changed the color, it’s the door slam. ALL SETTLED!

    • D-Rock

      Blood imagery has been used before. Remember when King walked in on Fido and Sabrina during the last Christmas arc? Scary times.

      • bhPixelFire

        GET OUT lol

    • Onyx

      I think it may be a curtain… I really hope it is… o-o

    • Tynach

      Whatever it was, it’s now yellow.

  8. Duster

    BLOOD! What’s going on in there!! Please tell me that’s the SFX of the door slamming!

    • maskedman189

      pretty sure that’s just a curtain

  9. AleColin

    Sasha sure talks a lot about “words”.

  10. Lance

    ..oh, I -was- supposed to make myself look bad.


  11. The Wolf Kin

    You know, I’m really liking the new Yeltsin.

  12. D-Rock

    And now another dog knows the depths of Sashas’ hidden rage.

  13. Duster

    The look on Fox’s face is really spot on, his expression screams “way to go jerk”!

    • Trefoiler

      I’m seeing more of a “Okay, you’re obviously horrified so I’m going to tell you where you went wrong, but you’re on your own from there… jerk”.

      Fox is not amused.

  14. DrunkPhilosopher

    I think the ‘blood’ is supposed to be light creeping into the dark coridor.

  15. lumpking2

    I’m guessing because he has all his limbs she just threw a plate of food after him. And what did Fox expect when he gathered ALL the males in the club. There were bound to be a few bad apples in there.

    • Duster

      Well yeah, they were all supposed to act like bad apples to make Bino look good.
      Yeltsin just takes initiative and really lays on the jerk factor!

  16. lifebydeth

    Well, I guess Yeltsins off the list of possible dogs Sasha would fall in love with, and he’s probably on Sasha’s revenge list now. Oh, dear dog the horrors she could imagine! @-@

    • Frank

      …unless Sasha is attracted to that sort of personality

  17. Baxtrr

    And yet another clue… toward the end of Sasha’s wall of text:

    “Sometimes I think my brain is trying to sabotage me because I get really sad for no reason…”

    Don’t mind me, I’m just a big ol’ ray of sunshine :)

  18. Anon_omis

    He’s got a point. Is Bino only trying to date her because he’s that desperate and none of the other female dogs want to? If that’s the case maybe he should try Daisy.

    • LeaahWulf

      He’d probably get annoyed beceause all she says is “Hi, I’m Daisy.” Never another phrase or word, just that little phrase of ______^ Of course he puts up with Sasha, so we can never be sure.

      • Anon_omis

        What happened to Daisy anyway?

  19. CHAOKOCartoons

    Ya know, what Sasha’s saying is actualy quite interesting. Take away the fact that she says penguin twice. :P

  20. team fabulous

    Well, looks like Sasha could give Pinkie pie a run for her money in terms of speech.

    • Kohaku Nightfang

      “It’s About Time reference,” ftw

    • Trefoiler

      That is totally possible. Her or… Twilight Sparkle… with her… lectures?

      .. huh. I feel like I already replied to this… but I obviously haven’t! Heh, silly brain.

  21. Barz

    I believe the red is a curtain which could explain the “QUIET,” sign. Hehe I also thought it was blood when I saw it.

  22. shade

    way to go, ya over did it there but way to go yeltsin.

  23. Valerio

    the flower is dead!

    • GameCobra

      been like that since yesterday!

  24. Erikuto

    That’s some tantrum

  25. Rick Griffin

    Guess what object of a certain color I’m changing in the morning

    • John Willow

      Could it be the flower in the vase, it doesn’t look very healthy.

    • Krasudreal

      That can only be whatever that red thing was.

    • Indagare

      You really shouldn’t. I could not figure out what “blood” people were talking about.

      • LeaahWulf

        It’s the red around the door in the last panel, though I don’t think it’s blood.

    • D-Rock

      Suprised that got so much attention. I mean, we had blood imagery during the Christmas arc. Maybe everyone didn’t think too deeply on it because it was a text bubble.

    • Duster

      Don’t worry about changing it Mr. Griffin, it’s fine the way it is!

    • Argent Stonecutter

      Hah! I saved the controversial “blood curtains” version and one day it’ll be worth a zillion quatloos!

    • Trefoiler

      This is a good thing, Rick. You accidentally discovered that poorly lit red curtains look suspiciously similar to blood splatter patterns.

      How this will prove useful in your future works, I can only imagine, but at the moment, I have just one controversial suggestion:

      …That all of us here say the phrase “blood splatter patterns” at least three times, very fast.

      • Dissension

        Let’s not. You almost had to want to see blood to interpret the curtains as such.

        • Trefoiler

          I was merely interpreting the sudden change of scenery and dialogue as communicating high levels of danger.

          In fact, I never fully made the connection to blood until reading the comments. When I first saw the panel itself, I thought that shape and color was something closer to ‘loud noise’ lines, as though he’d slammed the door behind him or Sasha had flown into a rage. Or both!

          I think the new green has corrected both errors, however. Well done.

    • thefirstonethere

      Saw it last night, saw it this morning. was a little bit confused… But now I know and can look at it without thinking someone got their face r*pped off.

  26. John Willow

    The evidence suggests that these are the only single dogs in the club, but then I noticed there were three white streaks next to the WOO YEAH! I think there’s another dog on the loose


    • thebrokeartist

      How much do you wanna bet that in the next strip, it’ll be nothing but a few other dogs trying to date Sasha.

      • CHAOKOCartoons

        oh oh! I bet a bunch of living flowers that will die 2 days later!

      • Argent Stonecutter

        I predict a montage!

  27. andrew N.

    “I can’t believe the things you say/everyday/If you keep on talking, babe/you gonna drive me away…”
    ups, you already did :D

  28. ano

    poor sasha

  29. nintendosagafan

    uh oh.. ..so what kind of coffin u like?

  30. Impcraft13

    Hahaha, lol
    This shall not end well im guessing

  31. Perfesser_Bear

    Well, Yeltsin has failed miserably — so, so far, Bino’s plan is working flawlessly (what’s wrong with this picture?). I guess Rex is up next; with his “uncanny ability to taste minute differences in coffee blends.” How scary is that?

    Alt Text for the hover impaired:

    “Actually I meant to say penguin that time. Oops! I mean string.”

    • Trefoiler

      I believe Sasha’s date with Rex came first! Albeit a date obscured by a scene transition.

      Perhaps he had something interesting to say about the food– and not just the opposite of what Sasha thought of it. That would be a given.

  32. Vuk91

    Yeltsin, youre rfuining the failure of Binos plan X_X

  33. Dazley

    She could like telling you something about String Theory, but you wouldn’t listen anyways! Girl, take a breath!

  34. Mobyulus

    It’s always a little sad when they have the walls of text behind a character. Someone went to all the effort to write all of that and we don’t even get to read it all.

    • Rick Griffin

      Most of it is filler words. Most of the meaning is in the words around the edge anyway!

      • ToaSoul

        well i read it and its kinda interesting to see what goes on with Sasha

  35. Hotep the psychic

    Alas she gets a tantrum. an yeltsin was the first to some form of fright. and from the looks and some forethought I believe sasha may have gone a little blood lusty or deranged in rage for him it should die down for the next person…

  36. Duck'n

    C’mon Sasha, Yeltsin is only trying to convince you to convert to green energy, what’s wrong withy that?

    • bhPixelFire


  37. bhPixelFire

    I feel bad for Sasha. She niave to what’s going on.

  38. bhPixelFire

    Why do I get the feel this is going to end up with Bino in the hospital again?

  39. Katias

    Wait, how depressed IS Sasha? I don’t know who here watches Scrubs, but do you remember the episode where Tracey tried to commit suicide by consuming pesticides? JD mentioned that spending only 15 seconds with your patients doesn’t always give you the full story, and that there may be more going on than you realize at the time. By the time you figure it out, it may already be too late. In Sasha’s background text, she talks about how her brain is trying to sabotage her because she gets sad for no reason. Is this “Looking for a new man” thing a distraction from the main problem at hand? I feel like the story arch is trying to keep us from seeing the truth, if that makes sense. x3

    • Argent Stonecutter

      Oooh, and all the dogs being mean to her pushes her over the edge?

      • Katias

        I don’t know if it would push her over the edge, but I do have a feeling that she may be opening up to others about some of her problems some time soon. I feel like she’s doing this “looking for other guys” thing is because she’s very depressed, and she wants to take her mind off the bad stuff by getting some attention, even if it means making a bad choice, such as dating others.

        • Trefoiler

          Wanting for affection is not the same as wanting for attention, although at the rate the gossip would imply Sasha bounces between relationships, you may have a case.

          Sasha has continuously and consistently presented us with an optimistic and cheery disposition, but if that disposition is being compromised- even a little bit- and Sasha can notice and is utilizing what little wiggle room she has in her current situation to correct it, then I would consider that at least a good choice to favor poor solution.

          It should be obvious to anyone that has paid attention through the archives that Sasha’s situation is not ideal, but in that fact, that she, more than most other characters (if not every other character) deserves all the slack she can get while she searches for solid ground wherever it may be hiding. She probably won’t find it in this arc, which may be why Rick fears he’ll disappoint us, but I doubt any of us will leave completely empty-handed.

          Perhaps I should catch up with the rest of the readership before I post things like this. Or even consider cleaning something. Nothing got clean while I typed this… but it was still interesting. ^_^

          • Trefoiler

            What the christmas- I’m caught up I guess! Suppose I’ll move on to another comic. I’ve nothing better to do.


  40. SWW

    “Sometimes I will penguin certain words without even realizing it” xD

  41. Marco

    Its the first time we Sasha being told off like that! And angry. Being so sweet and naive completely oblivious of whats really going on! We may not see her the same way again! :(

    She may cool off for the person she meets! May not be a dog she goes out with but a another pet!

  42. Onyx

    I think thats a curtain on the wall… I HOPE it’s a curtain…

  43. gameangel147

    Honestly, the thing that took my attention is the green stain in the last panel that makes it look like the door threw up.

  44. GreighVonGottreich

    That’s one way to nix someone off of her list. -chuckles-

  45. nintendosagafan

    huh? why is the last panel changed from red to yellow?

    • Dissension

      That would be because people are immature and decided the curtains were actually a very graphic depiction of violence, which would have exceeded the PG rating of the comic. They made such a fuss over this that it was easier to change the color and make them look stupid.

  46. Impcraft13

    I keep thinking the Yeltsin has an Irish accent XD

  47. Trefoiler

    Heehee. Of course, we all know Yeltsin was totally playing it straight the whole time. All according to plan, Fox! /sarcasm

    I like Yeltsin’s new look, too. By the way, is it just me or does his first statement seem almost surrealistically correct, yet colloquial?

    “Oh, my dog, do you ever shut up?”

    To which my brain replied:

    “not rly dawg lol”

    Mad props, Rick. Mad, sicknasty props, dawg.

  48. D-Rock

    Huh, changing the curtain color actually make the last panel look brighter.

  49. Kohaku Nightfang

    Now for Fox’s turn in the crazy Sasha dates line. If he does end up with her then I hope he can help her. She needs someone strong and caring like him by her side to help her through the tough times with her master

  50. Ruu

    Art feedback! I think the eyes are better when the irises are outlined in black! It lets us see the eyes better. Plus, when they’re not outlined, the lighter-colored eyes blend into the sclera and the characters look very surprised all the time.

    • Kohaku Nightfang

      You know until you said that I didn’t even notice, but the eyes are much smaller then they used to be and the black is gone. I miss the old eyes now. They seemed more natural and more expressive

  51. Lightning Wolf

    Is it just me, or does Sasha and Fox seam like they would be a good couple. I know Fox wouldn’t betray his friend but, you know it’s a thought to ponder.

    • Kohaku Nightfang

      Nah I agree

  52. kajowwojak

    Okay, So did the curtains change from Red to Green?

    • Trefoiler

      Yes. Not as romantic, but much harder to mistake for something even less romantic than an olive green curtain. It is therefore an improvement. I trust.

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  54. holmebrian

    aww the wall nolonger looks like someone was killed.