Speed Dater
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  1. Ryu

    The silly things you do for love! =P

  2. Xane

    Opposites attract!

    • Pokeblue

      I couldn’t have said it better myself.

    • GeckoZY

      I think it’s more like gravity… …attracted to everything XD

      • Jason

        In anybody else’s case…no. In Sasha’s case…oh yeah,big time.

  3. IceKitsune

    This is going to be impossible isn’t it?

    • Polo


    • Mace Direwolf

      Most likely–and then we might see Bino go crazy because nothing is working xD

  4. B. Squirrel

    Wow! Sasha is gonna be hard to crack!

    • Gabe23

      I just admire her proactive attitude

      • LeaahWulf

        I’m not sure it’s proactive, I think it’s more of a problem of attention span.

        And the fact that she refuses to be anything but non-conforming

  5. Gabe23

    Is it just me, or these “speed dates” could be easily used for some kind of reality show ?

    • Adryan

      “Say yes to the…well, everything”
      On at 6 pm Central

  6. GeckoZY

    It’s really impossible for her to dislike anyone, this creates a lot of paradoxes XD

    • Duster

      Maybe she’s just one of those kind of people who just see the good in everyone?
      But I kinda think she knows about the speed dating charade and she is just playing along.
      I could be wrong though?

  7. AleColin

    Who else thinks that Fox’s plan is going to fail.

    • Gabe23

      My guess is that it is going fail because in one of these speed dates Sasha will “click” with someone, and that someone will “click” with her too, the question would be: Who is this someone ?

      • lifebydeth

        If that happens it will most likely be Poncho or Yeltsin. Hope its Poncho,but since Yeltsin appeared in this arc I’m guessing it’ll be him.

        • sevitian

          still get this feeling it will be fox….

        • Barz

          It would be quite a twist if it was Fox. Well lets see.

      • Lenn

        It’s that…or, she’ll click with someone who is being completely false about who they are, and it’ll completely shatter her poor little heart. :(

        • aicivilwar

          *imitating Worf voice*

      • hrairoo5er

        Perhaps we need to ask “who would make us hate Rick the most if they got together with Sasha?”
        Although I still can’t see how hating Rick could be possible…

  8. lumpking2

    Why do I get the feeling she knows exactly what this is about and she is going to push this terrible plan to its limits?

    • Darastrixen

      That’s the vibe I’m getting as well.

  9. LoneWolf

    This has bad written all over it

  10. Roarin

    Oh I get it.
    Cause she doesn’t like nothing! Or something like that…

  11. Vuk91

    Bino will sure fail, I can smell it. Then we, the fans, will drag him to duchess

    • LupisLight

      I’m not really sure if Dutchess/Bino would work out very well. Thing I can’t get over is that I don’t think I’ve ever seen Bino with another ladydog. As much of a jerk as he can be, Bino has been faithful to Sasha, and despite her having repeatedly bounced back and forth between him and other dogs, Bino is still interested in getting Sasha back. Conclusion: He [i]really[/i] likes Sasha, and/or is interested in a more stable long term relationship. Dutchess, on the other paw, has already shown a strong disdain for long-term commitments. Even on the very slim chance that Bino would be willing to move on, Dutchess wouldn’t be the best match for him. They might get along at first, but it would be unlikely to work out in the long term.

  12. D-Rock

    Danger! Plan derailing!

    Well, Fox was right about not being able to kill her spirits.

  13. Marco

    Lex Luthor: “Bizarro don’t destroy”
    Bizarro: “Ok” *Destroys everything!

    Sasha is so unique! ^.^

  14. Profesor Rod

    This is like throwing small rocks to a wall.

    • Frank

      Where Rex and the others are the rocks? or the wall?

  15. Khazix

    Getting the sense at this point it’s virtually impossible to break Sasha’s spirit. Positive gal’ through n’ through.

  16. Anon_omis

    $5 says that she didn’t actually mean it was a ‘dear John’ letter like it’s normally meant. She probably wrote a love letter.

    P.S. sorry if someone already beat me to this idea.

    • Argent Stonecutter

      She said she wanted to date other dogs in the last strip.

      • Indagare

        Which, with her, probably meant “I want to date other dogs before coming back to you.”

  17. shade

    well..this is going to be very interesting.

  18. Duster

    lol… it’s like she’s not even listening to him!

  19. Baxtrr

    It is entirely possible that my thesis from last time is completely wrong, and that Sasha is merely a completely optimistic idiot with sudden flashes of intuition that surprise everyone. Which leads to all sorts of fascinating theories. (Am I the only person who continually wonders what Pete meant when he told King that Sasha is protected?)

    • omena

      It MIGHT have just been about Pete showing his face in the strip, and Sasha probably if she had waken up, would’ven seen it just as his human face.

      Orrrr it might be something bigger too, who knows ;o

  20. xhunterko

    Case in point.

  21. Valerio

    Attempt #1 = Epic fail

  22. Valerio

    Fox’s dedition to Bino will NEVER cease to amaze me :o

    • Marco

      That’s true friendship right there! :3

  23. doomwolf

    This plan is so going to backfire.

  24. Mace Direwolf

    Oh Sasha, you never fail to amuse me :3

  25. thebrokeartist

    Rick I think you have FOOLED US ALL! Alot of us were expecting a movie night that would end in disaster. I even put my game for this story. Now I have to make a lot of phone calls to the people who put a bet on this story.

  26. Barz

    Wow she seems to act like a valley girl. Hehe gotta love that endless smile on her face.

  27. Z24

    Desperate much?

  28. Kitch

    Rex is such a softie.

    • Barz

      Hehe yeah he is. I respect that in him I couldn’t be mean to anyone like that even if they tend to annoy me.

  29. aicivilwar

    Did anyone else ‘hear’ the “violin slide down” sound effect after Sasha said her last line? I could almost see the daisy wilting as I heard the effect play.

  30. bug

    Ausome … … just ausome. :D

  31. Hotep the psychic

    I see terrible futures for daisy….but then again after shes done taling she forgets everthing like short term memory loss so it may turn out well…………………

  32. Shadowcatcher

    I would laugh so hard if in the end it winds up with Fox stealing Sasha from Bino, whether he wants it to happen or not.

  33. Duster

    Guys is it just me or does Fox really seem to be involved in Bino’s plan?
    I mean Fox looks like he sort of enjoys doing Bino’s dirty work.

    • Dissension

      Dogs are loyal. Bino and Fox are kinda best friends.

  34. Unanonymous

    And so it begins again. I set out to read another webcomic, delivering witty humor and sarcasm alike in order to-….Hey, is that Frank up there on a previous post?

  35. Argent Stonecutter

    I wonder if Rick is ruthless enough to really carry off the level of ear-burning embarrassment a classic romantic-comedy storyline implies.

    • Z24

      He DID say we would all hate him because of this arc.

  36. m is for wolf

    I also like the things I don’t like.
    The barber who shaves all who do not shave themselves (their legs if they are female).
    This statement is a lie.
    This statement takes the cake.
    The cake is a lie.

  37. CrazyAce

    Oh, DOG…this might not end well. XP

  38. Impcraft13


  39. 833nirassi

    Quick reminder… Sasha isn’t as dumb as she seems.

    Remember the re-gifting incident a while back?