Love Is A Phone Call Away
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  1. Gabe23

    Fox approves !

    • Cerberusx

      Well of course his plan will fail. It always does in someway.

      • Masteredwood

        I hope Foxes plan will succeed, but isn’t this Bino’s plan?

        • B.Squirrel

          Kinda curious as to why he’s not micro managing this and interjecting his bad ideas into the playing field.

          • Perfesser_Bear

            I was wondering the same thing, but somehow, being Bino’s brainstorm, it already has F A I L written all over it, and he won’t need to micromanage it. I think that understanding his own shortcomings is part of why he put Fox in charge. The other reason, of course, is his own laziness.

          • Argent Stonecutter

            So Bino has set it up to fail with Fox’s name on it?

          • Vintin

            My guess is he is tied up and gagged as to not mess up his own plan.

      • SayWhut

        Ohnonono , Fox’s plans do not ‘fail’ in some means, they merely become inconvenienced as to show the true view of future happenings within sight! Yes, Fox is a dimensional master of all knowledge and power HE IS INVINCIBLE!!!!

        … And I fair people, am a random wittle nugget I am.

      • silverfang16

        To be fair it won’t be his fault. despite what Bino will say.

  2. Ryu

    Lets hope this works! =P Go Yeltsin!

    • Tynach

      I just noticed that Yeltsin has light brown fur on his face, and he didn’t in previous comics.

      • Welsh halfwit

        It’s a redesign. What wth you being a time lord, and having your yesterdays inthe days still to come, you may have missed that.

  3. Tech

    oh yeah you can just tell how well this is going to go.

    • legendario13

      Fox does what Bino says
      Bino has faith in Fox
      Neither of them know what are they getting into
      Bino is gonna be mad and somehow its gonna be Fox’s fault…

  4. Cerberusx

    Reminds me of something out of a TV show cartoon in the last panel.

  5. IceKitsune

    This is going to be silly and embarrassing

  6. xhunterko

    That smile.

  7. Zaitsev

    Sasha’s enthusiasm is worrying.

    • Argent Stonecutter

      Sasha’s enthusiasm is a universal constant, like the speed of light.

      • Zaitsev

        Shouldn’t you be worried about those constants? Have you ever played System Shock 2? THAT is what happens when people have Sasha-level enthusiasm.

        • Argent Stonecutter

          Constants don’t worry me, you can set them all to “1″ if you pick the right units.

    • CWFang

      i love it wish she was doing my dishes and around to keep life peppy

      • Jason

        Peppy? I can think of a LOT of things Sasha would make life,and peppy ain’t one of ‘em.

      • aicivilwar

        I disagree. Sasha manages to keep a good attitude and outlook, at least from the outward appearances.

  8. Skarroth

    Tis not gonna be good for Bino xP

  9. Marco

    Dat grin of his! XD Perfect time to watch “Hitch” :)

  10. Taylor

    From A to Z, huh?

    What IS she doing?

    • Argent Stonecutter

      No, from A to B. Z is right next to A, just look at your keyboard.

      (she shoulda gone from P to Q)

      • Vince Velcen

        Na Taylor meant she is going Alphabetical order from A to Z. Course she will start at “A” then “B” (Which is funny since Bino is “B”)

        • Argent Stonecutter

          She said what she said.

          • aicivilwar

            …and meant what she meant? Sasha is… … … 100%?

  11. Xane

    Fox is trying to be Cyrano but I think he’s going to turn out to be more of a Yankovic by the time this is over.

    • Argent Stonecutter

      So Fox is Steve Martin? I’ll buy Sasha as Darryl Hannah.

      • aicivilwar

        I always thought Catherine Bach, actually. (Daisy Duke from “Dukes of Hazzard”, if anyone doesn’t recognize the name.)

  12. Duster

    I’m just going to pretend that she is not burning whatever is in that pot.

    • Profesor Rod

      Despite her bubbly personality, my head canon tells me she is good at house chores.

      In fact the idea of a dog being good at house chores sounds really silly and would look very cartoonish — Oh, look, an example!

  13. Cerberusx

    Just realized that if King and Bailey go to the clubhouse for the dinner setting thing that Bino get mad at King for having a date and being ‘engaged’ to Bailey. That is unless he doesn’t know. I can only imagine the hilarity that will ensue then if that happens. Now if you factor in Sasha then it’s even better!

    • Argent Stonecutter

      Is King in the club at this point?

    • Barz

      I don’t think so. Who knows? All I is that he lives with the wolves. Besides I don’t think he would like being in the same club with Fido being the co-leader and part of the k-9 unit. Crazy things has happened so lets see.

  14. Duster

    I like the last panel the most, I still can’t believe just how involved Fox is with this whole cockamamy scheme Bino has cooked up.

  15. Roarin

    Either she meant from A to Z. Or she knows THAT many dogs.

    And why would she have a helmet?

    • D-Rock

      I guess in case she ever got invited to play in the field.

    • Duster

      Her orthodox dating methods could explain why she keeps going out with Bino.

    • Frank

      I think she knows that many dogs (remember ?)

      And I’d like to know the helmet thing too. I completely don’t get it.

      • aicivilwar

        I was thinking it was like a “suit of armor” type of helmet.
        …suitable males, suit of armor. It makes sense… Sasha Style…

      • D-Rock

        I kinda think that when Sasha heard “play the field”, she thought a sports game, since she seemed to take that term literally. Hence the perceived need of a helmet.

        • Frank

          That one flew way over my head then

    • GameCobra

      When she said she was working her way up to B, I suddenly started thinking for a moment, being Sasha: “Wait a minute… So you’re going A, Z, X and Y up?!?”

  16. GeckoZY

    Bino’s plan is sure to fail XD

    • Valerio

      …any doubt about that?
      We are here wondering only how EPIC such failure will be :lol:

      • ToaSoul

        and when it happens it will be one of the MOST EPIC FAILS OF BINO”S CARRIER!

    • Frank

      “I can’t lose every time!” –Daffy Duck (to the audience)

      • GeckoZY

        At least his catnip bomb worked XD

  17. AleColin

    Step 1 complete and I wonder what’s step 2?

  18. Cerberusx

    Well of course his plan will fail. They always do in someway. XD

  19. lifebydeth

    What are the odds the first guy she planned on dating was some guy named Arnold? o.o

    • Frank

      No, Aaron! She won’t get until AR’s until sometime next month!

  20. RioluNation

    Oh Sasha! You silly dog.

  21. D-Rock

    Huh, that was easier than expected.

  22. Vuk91

    Plan… Must… Fail… Bino, just date duchess for your own sake XD

  23. B.Squirrel

    Silly Sasha! What will pass over your head next?
    [side note: Crysis 3 made me realize Yeltsin was British. Totally worth not prioritizing first comment X3]

    • B.Squirrel

      Wait, no. I appear to have not nailed his accent. More ‘gangster,’ like I originally assumed.

    • hrairoo5er

      With his accent I imagine him sounding more like Spike from Tom and Jerry, Although with a deeper and rougher voice…

      • Argent Stonecutter

        I think Spike is the only character who shows up both on Hanna Barbera (Tom and Jerry) and Warner Brothers (Looney Tunes).

    • BlueAnubis

      I know he’s supposed to sound like he’s from Brooklyn or something, but my brainvoice keeps hearing a Russian accent.

      Stupid brainvoice.

      • Frank

        Ditto. Maybe if we knew how he got his name…

  24. Blaziken386

    Bino’s plan is most definitely not going to work, not only because it is a not-very-well-thought-out plan, but also because Sasha is… Sasha.

    • The_Rippy_One

      Plus, those three are trying to make Bino look good by making themselves look worse. Anyone want to make a bet that Bino set the bar too low for this to be possible?

  25. John Willow

    you’re right sasha that does sound gross.

    I bet Bino is going to invite female dogs and have his own dates at the same time as sasha

    also, what are the odds that sasha ends up with a wolf or perhaps even a cat

  26. Astrofenn

    I love Yeltsin’s new look ^_^ bit of a EBT fan here xD

  27. GeckoZY

    After looking through the older strips, I’ve noticed that Yeltsin’s scar has been migrating XD

  28. Kitch

    lol cross-section

    • Frank

      That’s why it sounds kinda gross

  29. Dakaggo

    Anyone else notice she’s washing dishes? Normally I’d say that’s trivial but given her home life it’s a little sad.

    • Dena

      And still has a pot on the stove.

      • Frank

        Looking at the number of dishes, it doesn’t seem like they get washed often. Apparently, she knows that, by the time she’s done, it’ll be the next mealtime.

        Or she’s just that dense to not know dishes should be washed after they’re dirty

    • The_Rippy_One

      I got the impression that Sasha’s owner pretty much uses her as an unpaid servant.

      • Dena

        He gives her food and a pile of warm laundry. And a roof over her head.

        Well, except when he gets disappointed his cute female dog doesn’t land him any ‘babes’, drinks himself near-blind, and tosses her out for the night.

        • Profesor Rod

          The reality of her condition (at least that part) makes me really sad :’<

  30. thebrokeartist

    Did Yeltsins eye always look like that? I mean the scar is the same but the pupil in his eye, did he lose his sight from his right eye or what?

    • Frank

      Good call! That would explain why he’s looking at the card with his left eye only

  31. Perfesser_Bear

    Yeltsin’s patter is somewhat Runyonesque, but relies more on the old Warner Brothers gangster flicks. Of course, who knows more about funny animals than the Looney Toons folks?

  32. Salenstormwing

    Subtlety, Yeltsin has it! Like a fuzzy Russian spy.

  33. Baxtrr

    I find the second panel to be utterly chilling. Is it just me?

    Virtually every glimpse we get into Sasha’s home life is a hint, ranging from tiny to not so tiny, that her day-to-day existence is a nightmare that she deals with through her bubbly personality and her ability to simply drop matters that are stressful. She is completely devoted to someone who doesn’t care one bit about her happiness and only sees her as a THING to be discarded when she is no longer useful. Even the abuse she suffers is casual; her owner can’t even focus on her long enough to really hurt her, which for a dog is actually worse.
    (also notable for possibly the first time we see Bailey)
    (although in the following strip Pete says Sasha is “protected”… by whom?)

    I don’t know if Sasha will be at the center of Rick’s upcoming “You’ll all hate me”, but I am guessing that someday we’re going to watch her world come crashing down and the results aren’t going to be pretty at all.

    • Frank

      Protected from Pete’s magic, methinks (foreign party to “the game” and therefore, Pete is bound by “the rules” to not touch her)

      And thus far, I think the “you’ll all hate me” was for changing Yeltsin’s breed

  34. Jinxed

    That second panel…trying not to explode…

  35. aicivilwar

    From the color of it, I would guess that it’s steam coming from the pot. (at this point) It appears to be the same color as the soap suds. But from the volume of it coming up, my guess is that either it’s noodles about to boil over, or there won’t be water in the pot for much longer.
    Also, despite the (from what little we’ve seen) despicable actions of her “Dad,” Sasha seems to be doing a good job of upkeep. If you notice the dining room behind her, you’ll see that the only thing that isn’t spotless is what’s on the table.

  36. Valerio

    …and of course Dad was drinking

    • lifebydeth

      A good way to fix him is to call his mother, or throw a shoe at him. I vote for option B.

      • aicivilwar

        No! Do not provoke! Provoking very bad!

  37. wolf long fellow

    biohazard collor man i want one of those the biohazard is a hardstyle raver symbol but itsa nuclear waste symbol to ;p

  38. Welsh halfwit

    I like Sasha. She’s so dumb I feel I drop an IQ point when reading her lines…

  39. LR

    Most of the time I think that Sasha deserves better than she gets. But then… there are days when I think that karma is operating at 100% efficiency and accuracy.

  40. ToxicSlushi

    I honestly hope that Bino’s plan can work. He is an enjoyable character, and I can really feel for him – so I hope he can get some of his own love.

  41. Barz

    Wait work her way from “A” to “B” don’t u think she’ll go with “B”ino as one of the names beginning with B? That would B hilarious. (Unlike that pun I just did)

  42. I'll Eat Yourself

    So what kind of dog is he, and where exactly did he come from? He just kinda showed up outta nowhere in the previous comic. XD And heck, what’s with the accent and physical build anyway?

    • Valerio

      that’s a bull terrier. Rick stated in the previous comic that he had specifically changed Yeltsin (and it comes to reason that the same went for Boris) to add more variety to the dog breeds (instead of adding yet another character I guess). Bull Terriers are not tall but they’re stocky, strong guys!
      And insofar we just had a glimpse of how Yeltsin talks
      Boris spoke little so far, but it may be a little premature to say he speaks with a normal accent

      • Argent Stonecutter

        We don’t know if he changed Boris as well.

        • Valerio

          well, they are supposedly brothers. they have been named after one russian political, and carry hazard tags…difficult to imagine them of diifferent breeds.
          Although, with Rick, one can NEVER be sure ;)

  43. WingedWolfGirl

    Considering how many valentines she got last year (was it only last year?), she probably could have started with “A” and worked her way up to “B.” –Oh well.

  44. Hotep the psychic

    problems problems problems of the feminine mind…..what do you expect, a list of a few names. from my count id say all the dogs and cats are on that list itself……maybe some strays……and a zoo animal…….ew………..maybe not

    • Frank

      You know? Sasha with a zoo wolf might actually work

  45. TinFoilHats

    Nailed it XD