I’d Be Home For Valentines

Yes that is the new design for Yeltsin; in order to have more variety I changed his breed entirely!

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  1. Xane

    New dog! Aww, sad dog

    • Xane

      Wait, that’s Yeltsin? Biggest character design change so far. I know Rick said he was gonna change it but still… :eek:

      Rex looks older.

      • lifebydeth

        So whats yeltsin breed now, and is that a beard under rex’s jaw or just shading? Please say beard.

        • Xane

          Looks like a bull terrier now. I think Rex is just shading, Fox has one too. I had always thought Boris and Yeltsin were supposed to be brothers but I guess not!

        • Duster

          Feel free to correct me if i’m wrong but I believe Rick said on twitter that Yeltsin’s a bull terrier.

          • microbuss

            ah ok I did wonder what breed he was & nice Biohazzard sign on his collar too

        • sky the snow fox

          what is fox breed

          • Duster

            Well if you must know, he’s a purebred Alaskan husky.

      • GreighVonGottreich

        Gotta love the goatee! :D

        • Argent Stonecutter

          There is no spoon goatee.

        • Duster

          Yeah i’ll agreeing with Argent I think it’s just Rick shading his rather droopy jowls.

  2. Ryu

    Yetlsin looks awesome!

  3. xhunterko

    Poor guys.

  4. IceKitsune

    He looks really good Rick. Also why in the world is Bino still the leader of this group?

    • Gabe23

      Well, he is the cofounder the Club after all … I also wanted to point out that it looks like Fox is the third in command of the Club, after Fido and Bino of course

  5. Gabe23

    so … they ARE actually going to do that plan … Good luck, but I think that one of them will actually “connect” with Sasha and feelings are going to start showing up between them

    • CanvasWolfDoll

      i’m predicting fox will connect with her while in the process of trying to put her off.

      • sev

        I see the same future just more of sasha connecting and fox possibly like no thanks and bino finding out and thinking fox is stealing his girl or Rick will suprise us that in mind I wonder how king is doing with his marriage.

      • FriendlyFireFox

        I’m with you guys on this one. Bino’s going to be mad!

  6. Marco

    Nice design Rick! Looks good! :)

  7. GeckoZY

    Fox is actually helping Bino o_O this arc will get really weird…

    • Marco

      A friend in need is a friend indeed. ;)

    • Duster

      We can only hope that it will!
      Tune in this wednesday for the next bizarre edition of HOUSEPETS!
      Will there be romance? We’ll just have to wait and see.

    • Xane

      Fox is way too much of a follower for his own good. Fido needs to tell Fox not to do everything Bino asks him to do.

      • Dissension

        It’s more about being a friend than a “follower.”

        • Argent Stonecutter

          A real friend would say “Bino, this only works if you’re Tom Hanks. You’re not even Bill Murray.”

          • Frank

            Now I can’t stop thinking about what Bino would do if trapped in a “Groundhog Day” loop

          • Argent Stonecutter

            I think he’s more Danny Divito. Or maybe Gilbert Gottfreid.

            King is more a Bill Murray character. I could totally see King in Groundhog Day.

            No, that doesn’t mean that Fox is Ahnold… that’s Kevin the Tackle-ator.

            Who’s Tom Hanks? Fox? Peanut?

          • Argent Stonecutter

            But yeh, I was thinking of Phil getting slapped in the face over and over again by Rita when I wrote that.

            Bino: “OK. No Fudge. Got it.”
            Sasha: “Are you making a list? You’re making a list!”

      • GeckoZY

        Let’s hope that nothing bad will appen to fox XD

  8. Kohaku Nightfang

    That dog in the background (Yeltsin?) looks like the dog from Tom and Jerry. Can someone link me to the previous versions of Rex and Yeltsin please? I’m curious.
    Also what were you thinking Fox? You know this isn’t the right way to show Sasha Bino loves her. It will only cause trouble in the end

  9. B.Squirrel

    Little blackmail didn’t hurt.

  10. Duster

    Nice work Rick, Yeltsin doesn’t look half bad! Is it just me or does Rex look HUGE now?
    Hehe I knew somehow that Sasha would go on a date with Fox, yup somehow I juu-st knew!

    • Frank

      I… think that may be because our reference is Yeltsin, who was huge before. Compared to Fox, though, he doesn’t seem that much bigger

  11. Legendario13


  12. Tarka TGO

    Don’t feel bad. Lots of people don’t have anything to do on Valentine’s Day. *points to self

  13. Tech

    we aren’t sad a pathetic we simply have nothing better to do

  14. rtlstien

    NO! I’m going to miss the hijinks that will ensue! I won’t have access to the internet for 9 weeks while I’m at AF Basic Training. Sigh… I’ll have a lot to catching up to do when I get back.

  15. AleColin

    I feel sad for those 2 dogs who doesn’t have a date, and I don’t think Fox’s plan will work.

  16. Welsh Halfwit

    Fox, it’s not always safe to mock a bull Terrier. They have a temper…

    • Frank

      That does seem to fit Yeltsin

  17. D-Rock

    Cool redesigns.

    Intentionally sabotage their dates with Sasha? Well, it could have been worse, Bino could have sabotaged everyone else’s.

  18. Kaiserbix

    Such a drastic change for Yeltsin, he used to be way bigger than fox..

  19. Cerberusx

    I feel like Bino should try to date Duchess. That would be funny, especially since she has no interest in him. Who knows, maybe Sasha would get jealous.

    Also who is Yeltsin? I don’t remember what he originally looked like…

    • Kitch

      He and Boris were the same species. They both are in Not All Dogs and The Great Water Balloon War. Boris is in Show Business.

  20. Vuk91

    I vote: Bino shold date Duchess

  21. John Willow

    Doggy Speed Dating. I love it!

    one thing sticks in my mind though, Bino has a reputation for being a manipulative, cynical, obsessive, underhanded jerk so technically wouldn’t the way to make him look good be being really nice

    • thebrokeartist

      Well I don’t know about the manipulative or cynical part but with the rest I can agree on. And you forgot to mention that Bino’s as failure.

  22. BlueAnubis

    Sweet Celestia’s Solarbeam! Does Rex have a goatee?!


  23. Kitch

    From the looks of things, neither did Rex. :(

    I think I see the “war” part now

  24. Gr8fulFox

    Shake harder, boy!

  25. gameangel147

    My face when I realized that was Rex in the back, so different. And I don’t even remember what Yeltsin looked like but I thought this was someone else. I can’t say I’m a fan of those two’s new looks.

  26. Taylor

    Meanwhile, Sasha is already out with somebody else.

  27. Z24

    yeltsin’s an Egghead! :O lol jk.

    Also long time we didn’t see Rex.

  28. ToaSoul

    wow how long has it been since we’ve seen Rex in one of these Comics.

    • Duck'n

      Oh at least a year, but Rick does sort of have a large cast now so it’s hard for some characters to get any “screen time “.

  29. Duck'n

    I just thought to myself that Fox’s valentines day card could be him talking in the last panel

  30. Argent Stonecutter

    the new Yeltsin looks like he belongs in a beer orange soda commercial.

    • Z24

      Or on “Coneheads”

  31. Argent Stonecutter

    Also, ahem, “what could possibly go wrong?”

    Hey, someone had to say it!

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  33. Stray Cat

    Fox fails to see the obvious flaw in his jab at Yeltsin: He just gave him something to do on Valentine’s Day, removing his motivation to help Bino…

  34. TinFoilHats

    I didn’t have anything to do for Valentines, but I’m better in solitude. And also, after seeing Rex’s new design, I wanna take him home with me ^W^

  35. Pokeblue

    I wonder how this will go, especially since, unless I’m mistaken, Sasha is a lot smarter than she tends to let on.

  36. sky the snow fox

    woot go fox

  37. team fabulous

    Those poor dogs, if Bino wasn’t Fido’s brother, they would have revolted.

  38. Baxtrr

    I also am having a little trouble with the Yeltsin redesign. He’s well drawn and has a distinctive character now, but he really doesn’t project “thug” any more the way he used to…

    • Rick Griffin

      His thuggishness has been shifted a bit. You’ll see.

    • Duster

      Well I kinda like the new update! It’s just as you mentioned he now has a distinct character as opposed to his old look. He now seems like less of a bouncer/body guard and more like a rough, scrappy yes man.

  39. Barz

    Love Yeltsin’s biohazard emblem on his collar, and I’m actually curious on what might happen when Fox tries to sabotage his own date with Sasha. Will it backfire and make her like him?

  40. Perfesser_Bear

    I dunno — I’m not sure Bull Terrier is the appropriate breed for a dog named Yeltsin, but maybe he was adopted by a Russian family. I do know that somewhere, George Booth and Mike Peters are smiling…

    Alt. Text for the hover impaired:

    You got us this time, lack of a social life! *shakes fist*

  41. Secret

    Well, yeltsin looks different
    But one question remains, why on earth did you make yeltsin sound like a new yorker instead of a normal russian, it isn’t natural.

    • Duster

      Artistic license? There is a rather large Russian community in the north east. Besides, not all Russians are going to sound like Dracula or some Soviet Union figure.

  42. bhPixelFire

    OUCH! …I know how they feel.

  43. joshi

    well played fox well played

    • Barz

      The good ol word twister

  44. team fabulous

    Knowing what happened when Bino regifted Sasha, for all we know, Sasha might already know that Bino had gotten the other dogs to date her and make themselves look bad so that Bino would look better than them.

  45. Kasa

    I know their pain, all too well…

  46. Humphrey115

    Why does fox look thinner than bailey?

  47. Draegwolf

    Why do I get the feeling that Sasha is going to end up with Fox

  48. SilverZeo

    Did a whiny super-power kid punch down the walls of reality again?