Make Them Love You

As usual: Hi-res versions of ALL valentine card sets below!

Now in classy-o-vision!Still same as last yearWe've been embiggened!Sweet tart hearts are better than chalk

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  1. IceKitsune

    Oh man Ralph’s is just perfect! And I love the Alt-text so much: [] JAYWALKING INTO MY HEART [X] LOITERING IN MY HEART [] REGULAR LOITERING

    • ZV

      lol Ralph’s the best

      I always love the valentine’s cards every year.

    • B.Squirrel

      Too cute. Rick is so creative!

  2. GeckoZY

    Sergeant Ralph, he’s too serious for Valentines XD

  3. Masteredwood

    I agree; Corporate Greed is a crime, that is why i never buy people gifts. EVER.

  4. Cookie

    Love the alt text! :) I know the feeling

  5. Xane

    So which one of these was your favorite of all time so far, Mr. Griffin?

    G-shep affection is scheduled and doled out in measured doses.

    • Rick Griffin

      Ralph’s of course! I said it was ONE of my favorites

    • Duster

      Wasn’t it obvious!? :3

  6. Valerio

    Ralph is so total perfect. Bailey is EPIC. Tiger is Tiger, duh!
    Spo scares me

  7. Gabe23

    They are all awesome ! but got to say, Ralph´s one is my favorite

  8. Marco

    Love is just too expensive! Gotta love Ralph’s one! :P

  9. Zaitsev

    That Ralph one is going to all of my no-fun cop friends.

  10. FriendlyFireFox

    “Long after they beg you to stop”…

    We interrupt this storyline to visit King and Bailey with breaking news!

  11. Argent Stonecutter

    I like how Bailey and Fox are more distinguishable in the new style. I’m still not sure about it, it’s kind of sketchy, but it was sometimes hard to tell them apart except by fur color so that’s a plus.

  12. WingedWolfGirl

    I’m not sure if I get Spo’s. He DIDN’T waste his money on cheap valentine gifts, I’m gussing.

    Have a happy V-day, all! I’m going to work. :S

    • Aldanger

      I believe it’s referring to the sender of the card.
      “I didn’t spend money to some greedy card-making corporation; instead, I printed out my own. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  13. littlebigme

    I always love the cards you make!

  14. xhunterko

    Punishment for these crimes can lead to a possibility of lifetime imprisonment with my person.

  15. LeaahWulf

    I personally like Bailey’s the most. If only my color printer worked…

  16. Frank

    Ab-so-loute-ly Fabulous!

  17. Jman552

    Some time in the past: Huh…. wonder how King is enjoying his marriage so far.

    Present Day: You should be grateful, you got all that from a Crackerjack ring!

  18. legendario13

    Ralph Will have to give me one of those Subpoemas otherwise I won’t show up.
    Happy valentine Everybody!

  19. Kitch

    Tiger reminds me of Spike and his jewels.


  20. Wild/Wild

    Man i wonder If tiger ever gets full? Also some reason Bailey’s is making me go all “Daaaw” over hers. For Spo’s i think he’s related to the mouse grape ate all those issues ago. As for ralph i think he should take a chill pill. all in all Amazing work.

  21. TinFoilHats

    I’m printing the top-right one and giving it to my mom(’cause I love her that much :3 )

  22. Tarka TGO

    Wow. Ralph now ties with King for greatest Valentine’s Card. Imagine if Ralph really did have a girlfriend… X3

    Bailey’s is cute too. Someone said it earlier: Tiger is Tiger… (I never did like the chocolates in those boxes…) and Spo? …Still processing that one…

  23. Draven

    I’m just excited that I can use Bino’s this year.

  24. aicivilwar

    It has been often said that handmade cards are considered more heartfelt than “professionally made” cards. So Spo is probably saying “because I care” because he cares enough to actually make his own card. But he can’t help but talk sarcastically, so he mentions the evil filthy greedy corporation. Did I figure it right, Rick?
    Also, I laughed hardest and enjoyed Bailey’s comment the most. I imagine the following scene:

    *Bailey crouches low to the floor; hiding behind a table. The only visible part of her from King’s perspective is from the top half of Bailey’s nose on up.*

    King: Bailey, I got you a… Um, *nervously* Bailey?

    *Bailey’s tail twitches, and King starts to back away slowly.*

    King: Maybe I should give this to you la…

    *Bailey pounces on top of King, who throws his present onto the nearby sofa.*

    Bailey: Gotcha!

    *Bailey proceeds to start tickling and squeezing King, who tries to escape, but is unable to.*

    King: Haha…would you…hehe…cut it…*pant pant*…out…*pant*…already?…Ha ha ha…you’ve…*wheeze*…already…haha…*tears in the eyes*…got me…*pant*…seven…*pant*…times…*pant*…toda…

    *King passes out from exhaustion. Bailey smiles and lovingly carries him to their room. She tucks him in, and as she walks out the bedroom door she looks over her shoulder and smiles.*

    Bailey: Goodnight, my puppy pal.

    *light clicks off, end scene.*

    • aicivilwar

      I think you should make a comic out of that, Rick, if you don’t already have one like that in the works. If you don’t make it, I definitely will make and submit it for a guest strip.

  25. Celicam

    I’m glad to have caught up with Housepets. The Christmas Strip actually brought me out of my Valentine’s Funk. Rick I thank you so much. Please continue the awesome work you do. And please continue to make me have these feels.

  26. team fabulous

    Wow, Ralph must REALLY be desperate to force someone to date him.

  27. team fabulous

    Though if he prances around with a Spas-12 shotgun or a Benelli M4 shotgun, I’m checking to see if his owner is RvB’s Sarge.

  28. team fabulous

    Well, at least Tiger is alot nicer than the New Garfield.