Shot In The Dark

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  1. Kimo

    those faces!

    • Kimo

      especially the one on Pet Fancy

      • B.Squirrel

        $5 says it’s a Milton on that cover.

        • Kimo

          no, I’m pretty sure it’s Sasha stuck in a body stocking…

          • nightarix

            i don’t think it’s sasha unless the arms and legs of the body stocking were dark brown…(and theres a light brown streak across the eyes…)

          • Kimo

            it was a joke…

        • Z24

          Simon’s alt. text in cast: “Okay so most recently I posed nude on Pet Fancy”

          He wasn’t bluffing

          • pb98

            ikr…i enhanced a copy of a selection of the comic of the pet fancy and it does match up to simon about 98%

    • Gabe23

      Grumpy Peanut expression is awesome !

      • Argent Stonecutter

        But I thought Peanut was so GOOD at the vet!

        • ToaSoul

          Maybe he didn’t get the same vet

        • Draven

          A needle hurts, no matter how much you smile.

      • thefirstonethere

        Dis temper’s gotta go!
        Perhaps a more Tempered reaction is called for?
        Dont be Tempted by a Temptress!
        He can only aTTempt to cool down now.
        ahh I kill myself.

      • Duster

        I agree, Peanut makes some of the cutest expressions.

  2. Ryu

    Sweet! A new arc begins! : )

    • thefirstonethere

      Im confused. whats going on here?

      • thefirstonethere

        oh wait, now i see!

    • Argent Stonecutter

      I think he just forgot the one-off tag again.

  3. Xane

    Well now you need a shot for datemper!

  4. B.Squirrel

    Looks like they got hteir annual checkup.
    Also, I hate shots. HATE them.

    • Incognitus

      Yeah, I wouldn’t like to get shot either.

      • Treb

        I vote we ban all needles for they are the tools of evil mad men.

        • aicivilwar

          …and lifesavers for diabetics, and bee sting allergies, and blood donors, and those who need emergency adrenaline…

  5. Gabe23

    Ohhh the vet … how wonderful

  6. IceKitsune

    Heheh classic joke. The faces are great :D

    • Silly Zealot

      Mr. Bigglesworth #74 looks worried.

      • Skarroth

        I would be worried too and how many mr. bigglesworth are there? o.=.O?

  7. Xane

    I guess Pet Fancy finally got permission from the rest of the ferrets to publish Simon’s photoshoot. Naughty weasel.

    • Gabe23

      Maybe the ferrets BOUGHT Pet Fancy´s franchise

      • Xane

        They would only do that if they didn’t want the naughty collarless photos published!

        P.S. for those of you who are confused, the Cast page has alt-texts too. Shhh…

  8. Slenderman

    Bigglesworth looks worried… I must be off panel somewhere…

  9. xhunterko

    Give it 5 minutes.

  10. GeckoZY

    Mr. Bigglesworth has no glasses :O

    • Marco

      Contacts! Maybe laser surgery did the trick or he simply didn’t wear them today! :)

      • GeckoZY

        That gave me an idea, what if they’re using colored contacts; they can finally distinguish each other and still continue messing with other people. :D

        • StPyre

          o.o yes. so much yes.

        • aicivilwar

          Just how many colors can Siamese cats distinguish between?

    • Gabe23

      Maybe THATS the reason he (or she) is in the vet´s clinnic

  11. Sheogorath

    Is that one of the milton ferrets on the magazine?

    • Neo


  12. Marco

    Where can you subscribe to “Pet Fancy?” :3

  13. D-Rock

    And now Mr. Bigglesworth looks worried.

    Well, Grape, would you rather have light symptoms of distemper or the full blown stuff?

  14. RioluNation

    Ah, a new arc.
    I wonder what happened. o.O

  15. CHAOKOCartoons

    Look out bigglesworth X, YOUR NEXT >:D

  16. Khazix

    It’s that or the cone.

  17. AleColin

    Peanut and Grape are pretty tough to take shots by themselves kind a like my dog.

  18. Jibbs

    “And after all that, it looks like distemper got them in the end” !!! Hahaha!!! XD

    • Erkhyan

      I groaned pretty audibly at that alt text…

      • GreighVonGottreich

        I was half expecting Karishad to pop out and say it. Hehe.

      • Salenstormwing

        Wait till next week when we find out that Con-gress is the reverse of Pro-gress.

  19. Draven

    Why must Peanut’s grump be so cute.

  20. Raska

    angry-peanut face is adorable

  21. venshadowcry

    Ok ow poor Grape and Peanut >3<

  22. Hotep the psychic


    • lifebydeth

      THE HORROOOORS!!!! *feints* Oops, sorry just saw a bug. *looks at screen* UNBEARABLY CUTE GRUMPY FACES!!! *feints again*

  23. thebrokeartist

    Wait a minute! Did Peanut and Grape go to the vet WILLINGLY!!!???? Without being tricked!!!!???? What the heck is going on!!!??

    • D-Rock

      It never showed how they were when they got there. Probably decided not to fight it when they saw where the car was headed.

      • thebrokeartist

        Or maybe their parents took them to the vet when they both were taking a nap. That’s why they’re grumpy.

  24. Z24

    Simon’s alt. text in cast: “Okay so most recently I posed nude on Pet Fancy”

    He wasn’t bluffing

  25. GameCobra

    I would guess all the Bigglesworth cats take their shots simutaniously. Unless there’s one super healthy Bigglesworth. =P

    • Frank

      maybe he’s a new addition to the Bigglesworth clan, and hasn’t had all the shots the others have had?

  26. Frank

    You know? I just realized we’ve never seen a Houspets! animal with any of those diseases specific to their species. After looking up the details on distemper, I’m kind of hoping we never do.
    *insert cheer for the vet here*

    • thebrokeartist

      Well hey. I don’t even know what dog or cat breeds most of these charcters are so stop making thing more complicated.

  27. thebrokeartist

    If that’s the face Peanut makes when he’s grumpy, I wonder… What would Peanut look like if he was furious. I mean so furious that he would actually look like a mad dog. And what could make him furious? Oh man! Now I can’t stop thinking about it. Thanks alot brain, thanks alot. >:(

  28. archusky

    As someone that works in a veterinary clinic, I find this humorous. :3 Gonna have to show coworkers when I go in next :D

  29. Peregrin Frisk

    In the UK vaccinations tend to go in the scruff of the neck. Do vets in the USA go for the butt instead? Or does this just make for a better comic effect? :3

    • LadySharon

      I am guessing comic effect. My vet alternates places because it was discovered that giving the shots in the same place all the time increased the possibility of cancer in that area.

      • archusky

        Actually, they’re given in different areas so that if a vaccine-site sarcoma is to form, we know -which- vaccine caused it. :3 Combining injections in similar limbs does not actually increase the possibility of a vaccine reaction.

    • Frank

      Children are usually given their shots in their bottoms. Since these pets are, well, you know

      • aicivilwar

        All my shots (that I can remember) were given in an arm. I think not all in the same arm, but I don’t remember ever getting a shot in the exploding Pinto.

    • Hrairoo

      It depends on the type of injections. SC (subcutaneous) injections, those that go under the skin, usually go in the scruff of the neck. IM (intramuscular) injections, those that go in the muscle, will usually go in the behind or the outside of the thigh. The type of injection will vary according to the substance being injected and the “filler” substances (those substances used to bulk it out to a useable quantity).
      I’m a vet so I gotta know these things. =)

  30. Perfesser_Bear

    Yes, vaccinations are a pain in the… but… distemper is a lot worse…

  31. Xuncu

    Al’’s well that ends well.


    Shots are something you never want to get behind on.


    So that’s what they mean by injecting substance into the plot.


    Well, when you’re a cartoon character, one does end up being the butt of the joke.

  32. dediggefedde

    So you can encounter single bigglesworth?
    Surprisingly there isn’t one everywhere you go to^^
    Maybe he was ill at the last family-visit… or the doctor refused to do all of them at once…

    I just noticed there is at least one speech bubble breaking through the strip for the last couple of posts… how about making larger strips?^^ I would enjoy the extra on background.

    • Frank

      He’s been doing that for quite a while now (years, in fact). I think it’s safe to assume it’s how he does that

  33. thebrokeartist

    Did Peanuts tail got shorter? Cause I don’t remember it being that short.

  34. Welsh Halfwit

    Shooting down Distemper always leads to dat-temper?

  35. TinFoilHats

    I had one bit of advice for Peanut–>

  36. Vuk91

    That hurts even on my bumper O.o

  37. shade

    too funny! i hate shots. i cringe at needles. hate em. love the expressions too. and thats a ferret to be sure there. i think.

  38. CrazyAce

    To me it sounds like the title of this one is an Ozzy Osbourne reference. I could be wrong, but I just wanted to say that.

  39. hrairoo5er

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen peanut so grumpy-looking before. It actually kinda’ suits him!
    As for Grape, same old same old. Just look at any time Peanut wakes her from a nap!

  40. Draven

    They went willingly this time. They thought a booster shot would give them rocket boosters.

  41. aicivilwar

    Um… what’s with the “18″ on the “Pet Fancy” cover?

    • Gabe23

      Well, in there is Simon´s session of collarless pictures so …

  42. aicivilwar

    Also, Alfred Hitchcock’s silhouette in the window above the trash can, and wouldn’t it be more likely to be Lana if it’s one of the Milton ferrets?… that pose…