Party In My Mouth
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  1. Xane

    Dogs might like crawfish too!

    • Scruff

      Dog’ll eat anything :)

      • AlexBC

        surprisingly not. my dog (when he was still alive, we had to put him down earlier this year :( lived a long life for a dog though! ) was surprisingly picky. he was like a kid. absolutely hated veggies. sure he’d be interested and beg and try to eat it, but once he realized what was in his mouth he’d immediately spit it out XD I miss him, even other dog owners who knew him were surprised at how unique he was, even a dog breeder said they seen many dogs, but none as strange and unique personality wise as my Patch.

        • pb98

          :3 bino’s nose is still messed up from when bailey punched him

          • pb98

            btw doesn’t max also look more feminine than in the old style?

          • Lorenz

            same as my thought max does looks more feminine then the old style (maybe because of the hour-glass figure he has now?)

          • lala-wa

            I don’t think it is the style, I think it is the poses he is in here. They are all pretty girly poses. I have never seen a man talking with a hand on his hip before… or a popped up ankle.

        • Duck'n

          Nah I think the new art style gives Max a more feline, slender look to his character. What makes you think he looks like a girl?

          • Valerio

            yup, now he looks like a real tomcat

  2. Ryu

    Second panel of Grape and Max! Aww ^^

    • GameCobra

      Tail Snuggles <3

      • valerio

        dat grin… :D

        • Marco

          Max always has the best grins! So sinister so mischievous :D

          • LeaahWulf

            Is Max’s chest fur going up instead of down?

          • Argent Stonecutter

            I noticed that the fur at the back of Bailey’s and Sasha’s head seem to be growing up instead of down too. I guess that’s a shortcut for showing it’s mussed up, but I’m not sure it works.

        • Kitch

          He looks like his actual thoughts aren’t exactly PG.

          • Valerio

            …do you blame him?

        • Z24

          9 out of 10 dentists recommend what Max uses

      • QG

        can’t… stop… staring!

  3. Dissension

    I feel bad for Bino. = P

    • Xane

      Punishment for all the times karma didn’t catch up with him. And Rick could have just left him dead you know ;) Actually I would have expected a full muzzle bandage. You know, to keep him from talk… er, moving it, so it heals properly!

      But yeah, he didn’t really deserve it this time around.

      • Dissension

        He rarely actually deserves it, Bino’s been unfairly villainized by the fans. = P

        • IceKitsune

          I actually have to agree Bino has been overly villainized by most fans. Though in those fans defense we don’t see him doing nice things either, just less jerky then normal things.

          • valerio

            he well deserved that for being odious to Peanut and villainous to King

          • Xane

            Hmm, I don’t like Bino too much but Grape did point out that Peanut was just as mean to Tiger as the rest of the dogs when he moved in. Also Fox was mean to Peanut too, until King showed up he was “just another one of Bino’s bullies”!

            Of course Bino is still the one who makes exploding catnip boxes, turns green with envy over Fido’s popularity, regifts his girlfriend, and tries to cheat in order to win prizes!

          • Trefoiler

            Lets not forget he was willing to let Zach get eaten in the wilderness (or worse) just to spite Tiger. Although that may be a tame example.

            The point is, every time he appears in canon, he only seems to make things difficult for everyone else- even if only comically. He’s not winning any awards… unless anyone wants to reward him for still having a face. He’d have earned it.

            But who knows? Maybe he was helping Rex bake some cookies before he met up with Bailey’s fist.

            I mean, Bailey and King.

            And a fist.

      • Argent Stonecutter

        Band-aids fix everything.

        • Raska

          that’s why they’re awesome, right?

        • Peanut

          Except the morbid fear of getting punched in the face by bailey. He will need therapy for that.

        • Valerio

          First time I watched the power of Band-Aids was during an episode of GREAT MAZINGER. A few of them on Borot and its pilot, and it was ready to get in a new battle!

        • Marius_Pontmercy

          I wouldn’t go that far, but they are quite handy.

      • Neo

        Actually, if Bino wasn’t able to move his mouth, there would be a chance it would heal too much and his mouth would be shut together permanently. The doctors only have his “best” intentions in mind.

        • Adryan

          Key word here is “his” XD

    • Duck'n

      Who doesn’t sympathize with the poor Galoot, all he needs is a little attention and some Painkillers. Poor Bino … tsk, tsk.

    • Secret

      I know, I thought he died the last time we saw him.

      • ToaSoul

        No only badly injured but…… BINO LIVES YAY!!!!

        • killwithyourawesome

          looks like Bino is immortal

          • Valerio

            Bino is a stress test dog. HIs cures are paid for by the vets.

          • LeaahWulf

            And area 51

          • Z24

            He’s made of rubber

          • Marius_Pontmercy

            I’d say he’s more like a walking ad for calcium.

          • Marius_Pontmercy

            By the way, my responses were to the message I was able to press “reply” on.

        • Valerio

          …and he’s still got his teeth, not bad.

    • TinFoilHats

      On the bright side, at least we know he’s recovering after that encounter with an enraged Bailey.

  4. Gabe23

    Bino you are alright !!! ….. ish

  5. Marco

    Good to have you back Bino lol!

    • Valerio

      and he is so CUTE with that ball! :D

  6. Tarka TGO

    Haha! Those bandages are EXACTLY how I pictured they’d be on Bino! Unfortunately, I’m still not at the part in my fic where he comes in, but at least I know I was on the right track!. X3

  7. bene

    Max is too cute

  8. IceKitsune

    I see Binos nose was broken by Baileys punch. Also Grape and Max are so cute in this strip.

  9. Marco

    I thought his face was caved in, just only a few bandages! =P

    • Duck'n

      I’m sure it was all for dramatic effect. I don’t think the strip could stay PG if she caved his face in with her finishing move.

      • ToaSoul

        well how long has it been like two weeks since she did so(rough guess)
        they’d have time to reconstruct his face and Remember Bailey said that Dogs bounce back quickly so, yeah I think the Bandages are there to keep it in place….. Wait how does he eat?

        • Exulen

          He eats his pride, all he has to do is swallow

      • Fuzz

        I want to draw that out, Mortal Kombat finisher style now >.>

  10. Anon_omis

    This seems to be on the verge of not being PG. Not that I’m complaining. Anyway, could someone explain what Max is trying to get at in the last panel?

    P.S. I was expecting there to be something where it was said Bino doesn’t have a love life.

    P.P.S. How did Bino get hurt?

  11. Duck'n

    I like the Continuity what with Bino still having bandages after being KO’d.
    And yes it’s a good thing he didn’t kick the bucket, he may be a cynical grump but he’s our cynical grump!!

    • Anon_omis

      That and there has to be someone we don’t feel sorry for when they get hurt

      • Dissension

        Some of us feel sorry for Bino when he gets hurt!

        • Anon_omis

          Well that’s because you associate with him :p jkjk

          • Dissension


          • Anon_omis

            Case in point, you use Pete as your gravitar

          • Xane

            Dissension has revealed he’s really evil! RUN AWAY!!

            If he keeps using Pete people are gonna think he’s really a birdie and not a squirrelie.

        • GameCobra

          I feel for him, but at least he can take it. He’s even got a ball to play with!

          • team fabulous

            Great escape reference? You know, one of the men that didn’t get out kept playing with a ball when ever he was in the cooler?

        • valerio

          i felt sorry only because he didn’t do anything to deserve a FACE at the moment

          • killwithyourawesome

            i still cant believe FACE is an onomatopea

          • ToaSoul

            Face is an onomatopoeia because its AWESOME!

        • Jman552

          I never considered gravitar to be a synonym for avatar/picture/graphic/profile pic

          I will start saying that

    • Keldor

      That is, of course, assuming the bandages are from when Bailey clocked him and not from the most recent (off camera) incident of Max scratching his face off :P

      Bino is lucky he has such recuperative powers.

    • Valerio

      Last time he was seriously injuried it was after Fox had given him a piece of his mind and his fists for the catnip bomb to King. Since then, Bino was out of commission until Valentine’s day.

  12. DragonFolf

    Max & Grape make a cute couple :3
    Also find if funny that Bino still has bandages on him from being SuperPunched

    • DragonFolf

      it* stupid missclick >_>

    • CWFang

      noooooo max isnt good enough for grape only peanut is good enough for grape D: go grape&peanut for life :P and also yes bino got hurt

  13. GameCobra

    *takes a deep breath* ….Squee.

    • CHAOKOCartoons

      …well that was anti-climactic… ;)

      • GameCobra

        It was big enough to knock down buildings! D:

  14. wolf long fellow

    toilet bowling????

    • Duck'n

      Whatever does he mean?? Could somebody help enlighten us on this peculiar subject?

      • CHAOKOCartoons

        I think they both drink from the same toilet at the same time, although the REAL QUESTION is what Max’s technique was and if he was hinting at the name of the strip. ;D

        • ToaSoul

          O.O …… oh my

          • team fabulous

            Dang it De-Cay!

      • Maxmice

        Perhaps we shouldn’t know.

      • bug

        The real question is HOW DOES HE KNOW ABOUT “toilet bowling” in the first place? …

        I must find-out … -_-

  15. Lorev

    lol, crawfish

  16. Val Kilmer Batman/AsimovSideburns

    Oh, Max, you sly rogue! Pushing the rating a little bit, aren’t you?

    • Valerio

      Max lives for danger

    • Duck'n

      Maybe one of these days Rick will tell us how Maxwell’s ear got jacked up. Not doubt curiousity took a chunk out of this cats ear.

      • Valerio

        his ear met a can opener

        • thebrokeartist

          No, his ear got bitten by Bino when they were younger.

          • Valerio

            fat chance: Bino would boast about that till kingdom come

  17. D-Rock

    Hey, Bino’s back! And less bandaged up than probably expected.

  18. Val Kilmer Batman/AsimovSideburns

    I can only imagine what toilet bowling is. And considering the negative context…

  19. Val Kilmer Batman/AsimovSideburns

    What is Grape holding in the first panel? Is it a cell phone?

  20. Val Kilmer Batman/AsimovSideburns

    Sixty pounds if crawfish…



    That’s a lot of crawfish.

  21. MikeyTheFox

    Is it me or does that last panel seems like to have a typo on it.

    Max says “You don’t hear me criticize YOUR love life” and Bino responds “Yes I do, all the time”

    The sentence doesn’t make sense. Should it be “Yes YOU do, all the time”

    • MikeyTheFox

      Actually nevermind, after reading that Sentence again I see that he says that he hears max criticize his lovelife all the time, thus saying “Yes I do all the time”

      Ignore me, It’s late and I cant sleep cause im too awake cause I got off work and I have nothing better to do then read comics :V

      • thebrokeartist

        I was almost gonna say the same thing actually, so you’re not alone.

  22. Vuk91

    Why do I feel like I dislike max?

    • bug

      Tisk,tisk,tisk stop hating on Max!!

    • Valerio

      sorry but in this strip Max is awesome… Ok I’m a sucker for his grins

    • CWFang

      you dislike max cuase he stole grape from peanut i wanna beat him senseless for it D:

      • Valerio

        no need to recourse to such thoughts. After all, it’s not as if Max bullied his way into becoming Grape’s girlfriend.
        Ok, and he’s a cool rascal to hang out with. But one day Grape will understand she’s better off with Peanut, yes.
        I am sure…

  23. skyliner369

    hehe…hahaha i feel like this–> INSERT TROLL FACE HERE <–

  24. shadycat

    “Toilet bowling”. I do not even want to know.

    • thebrokeartist

      Believe you me, I don’t wanna either.

      • Maxmice


  25. thebrokeartist

    Hmm, I wonder what would happen, if Res decided to come for a visit and see Max flirting with Grape like that?

    • ToaSoul

      hmmmm…… Well Max is Grapes boyfriend who likes her, Peanut is her brother and he likes her, a Res is an author who writes her favorite book and might like her……. Love triangle into a …… Love Square?

      • thebrokeartist

        Well Peanut doesn’t “tecnically” like Grape anymore like he used, cause he has Tarot now, but he still likes her like like a sister/bestfriend. And thank god, for once someone kinda agrees with me.

        • ToaSoul

          Happy to help

        • CWFang

          wrong Peanut LOVES grape still :P he just doesnt have to hide it anymore so it only seems like he doesnt love her as much

  26. Draven

    Seriously, there is a trick to eating crawfish. If you don’t know the trick (like me) eating them is a pain in the tail and hardly worth the effort.

    • thebrokeartist

      There’s actually a trick for it? O_O…… (Whispers) Could you tell me?

  27. Ace

    Poor Bino. Still injured from Bailey…

  28. Z24


  29. *wolfiejaypaw*

    Haha toilet bowling…what an odd thing
    Oh well this will be interesting.

  30. Dontlookmenaked

    I don’t know Bino, I actually think it’s quite cute.

  31. Perfesser_Bear

    Heh. So Bino isn’t dead, after all. Bailey needs to work on her right FACE. And “Aww…” to the tail hug in panel two. If Max keeps up grinning like that, Rocky Rickaby from Lackadaisy may be out of a job.

    Alt. Text:

    It’s like a party in my mouth and everyone is uncomfortably close.

  32. BunkerSquirrel

    Aww snap! Looks like Bino’s muzzle got cracked! I was beginning to think that Bailey’s KO was actually a sideshot, but I guess not!

    • Trefoiler

      Nope. Upon closer inspection, it may be ascertained that Million Dollar Husky over there most certainly punched his face IN.

      Not “off”. Not “around”. Especially not “out”– that would be the opposite of what occurred.

      Scientifically speaking, for at least one millisecond, Bino’s face was accelerated backward and came into closer proximity to the center of his head.

      I was impressed.

  33. Solario the Visored

    “My favorite way is to get your tongue–”

    Why do I get the feeling that’s what Max says about everything he does with Grape in reference to what he considers romantic? :/

  34. Duck'n

    Oh I’m sure we’ll think of ~ Something ~!*giggles*.

  35. Trefoiler

    Grape and Max make such a great couple ^_^ and I should say I still have very few qualms about the new designs. True to the characters, and quite sleek. I notice now that whiskers are no longer being rendered? Is this intentional? I could get used to it. I could also get used to a more obviously feminine Grape, even if it has more to do with her posture, it seems. Very nice.

    Heehee, I disagree with her, though… Can one honestly say they truly know another until they’ve shared a crustacean or two? Or sixty? Pounds worth?

    And I won’t even touch the toilet joke. Except to say I thought briefly of some connection to the sport of the same name? Hopefully? Somehow? This is going to end up a punchline isn’t it..

  36. Valerio

    I love Max’s chest fur: makes me remember of Kimba

    • GameCobra

      It has been more noticable since the art update. moreso than usual. Just not buff.

  37. bhPixelFire

    So a couple of band-aids repair a deflated face?

  38. Kitch

    One would think complaining like that would hurt, especially since it looks like Bailey smashed the entire top half of his muzzle.

    • Duck'n

      You must not know Bino very well then. It would certaintly take more than that to make him zip his lips.

      • team fabulous

        Bino could be whacked by a Supermutant behemoth, struck in the face by a mini-nuke and get pulverized on by Alex Mercer and survive.

    • thebrokeartist

      Bino could be in a collapsing building and still survive it, with nothing but a bump on the head.

      • Valerio

        Bino could fall into a radioactive waste pit and get out fresh like a rose.A nd he’d ROCK at rave parties!

    • CWFang

      i say we get hulk superman and thor to wail on him for 3 hours and see how he looks, just to test the limits not cuase i want to see bino beaten to a blood pool

      • thebrokeartist

        That’s… THE BEST IDEA I’VE EVER! Team fabulous, gather your team and find the Hulk. CWFang you go and contact Superman any means necessary. And I’ll go summon Thor using northern magic.

  39. Muddypaws

    Poor Bino. Boy, that must have been some punch!

  40. I'll Eat Yourself

    I gotta admit, Cat Romance is probably better than Dog romance by far. XD

    • team fabulous


    • GameCobra

      Ya, think? =3 *cuddles under tail* <3

      • Valerio

        *swoons by cuteness*

    • Frank

      Well, if “I never got to sniff your butt” is that important, maybe!

    • CWFang

      dog romance is way better then cat romance, after all cat females require their boyfriends to bring then 60 pounds of seafood before they get the first kiss

    • Marius_Pontmercy

      They’re both fine by me, just as long as it’s cat/cat and dog/dog.

  41. shade

    those two are so cute!!! and i feel sorry for bino. his lovelife stinks..

    • Valerio

      …and he’ not doing much to improve it, if even Fox must remind him Sasha’s his girlfriend

      • thebrokeartist

        But what about Dutches? If memory serves, Bino fell in love just cause she answerd him back with alot of insults when King K.O.ed her with a spade.

        • Trefoiler

          From what I can tell, Bino cannot communicate without dispensing at least one subtle insult, or self appreciation.

          It would seem Duchess has quite the eloquent grasp of Bino’s native tongue. I can’t speak for Bino, but it would work on me!

  42. team fabulous

    It looks like Bailey knows how to use V.A.T.S without a pip-boy 3000A, though I WAS expecting Bino to have his entire head bandaged and wearing a medical neck brace

  43. Zaid

    Is Bino still hurt when Bailey hit him? xD
    Must have been one heck of a punch o.o

  44. sevitian

    also is it me or is that a typo i see… “so who all are we inviting over”- sounds weird… not that it matters really but just thought i would point it out…

    • Valerio

      not really. It’s an American southern speech. you saw it used HERE the first time

    • Dissension

      I’ve read and heard the phrase my entire life.

      • Duck'n

        Ditto but that’s probably because I was raised in Texas.

    • Frank

      In the 18th century, “thou” (and all related forms) fell into disuse, creating the problem that there’s no difference between singular and plural pronouns in English.
      In the 19th century, people started adding “all” after the corresponding pronouns as a fix for everyday life. The idea backfired when “you all” started meaning the same as “you”, so using “all” like that is now considered a colloquialism

  45. thebrokeartist

    Is it just me, or am I the only one who thinks that Grape and Res make a better couple then Grape and Max? Cause it’s not that I hate Grape x Max couple, I just think that Res would make a better boyfriend for Grape. After all I think the last time Res visited, it looked like Grape and Res were gonna do something, until Peanut ruined the moment.

    • Valerio

      Grape and PEANUT make a better couple

      • thebrokeartist

        I see why you think that.

      • CWFang

        i completely agree… and isnt res a girl O_o

        • Duck'n

          Nope, pretty sure he’s a guy. And the way he acts and his author gig kinda has him reminding me of a certain web comic writer/producer that we all know and love!

          • Valerio

            …which means that it’s better not to talk about Housepets! with him when we meet him?

        • Dissension

          Um. No?

          • Duck'n

            eh just putting it out there for consideration.

          • Dissension

            I… wasn’t replying to you?

          • Duck'n

            oops… thats odd, oh well… I still think it’d be nice to see Res there though I highly doubt it will happen.

      • Vuk91

        AAAand Thats the reason I dont like Max, because I prefer the PeanutxGrape pairing. But well, as far I renember, Grape is in an agreement with him that he can be mushy with her.

    • GameCobra

      Problem with Res though… it would just be far too easy. HE’s not a jerk, He’s nice and doesn’t cause trouble for anyone and he’s the author of Pridelands. Maxwell on the otherhand has a challenge on his hands that I want him to succeed at. He’s a jerk like Bino it seems, likes to get things his way, but doesn’t want to cause problems for Grape. Granted, Grape probably doesn’t like his antics either as well, but his wit and charm seem to be his saving grace at the moment. (Not that it’s a problem, other than he could be a good manipulator =P)

      Only time will tell if either of them get much deeper into the relation they are in now, which i hope they will.

      • thebrokeartist

        But he does live really far away so every chance he gets to be with Grape, he also has chance to get alot… AND I MEAN ALOT closer to Grape. Cause it only took him their first meeting, and his one time visit to get a place in her heart. When it took Max about who knows how many years to realize Grape was a girl and getting her to go on a date. Plus, I think Res might even send Grape the next chapter of Pride Lands before it’s released.

        • GameCobra

          Res gets easier closure with Grape though because he’s the author of pridelands. He’s also very shy about alot of things, and Grape’s big sister instincts tend to shine there the most. Max, on the otherhand, is more of a leader figure type and doesn’t like to look weak and tends to act tough. He also doesn’t have any huge standings or reputations other than being a cat that uses his time to annoy and have fun.

          As far as Max not noticing Grape at first, I look at it as a positive more than a negative. Max comments how cool and awesome Grape was and even had his butt saved by her when they were young despite his tendency to act tough as well. The thing is, it’s amazing how he could’ve not noticed up until now, but we have to chalk it up to the same reason as why Peanut didn’t know, and that makes it even more interesting when you consider Peanut didn’t ask simply because it would be impollite.

      • Trefoiler

        “You better shape up,
        ‘Cause I need a man,
        And my heart is set on you.
        You better shape up;
        You better understand:
        To my heart I must be true!…

        …If you’re filled
        With affection
        You’re too shy to convey
        Meditate my direction
        Feel your way.”

        “I better shape up!
        ‘Cause you need a man-”

        “I need a man
        Who can keep me satisfied.”

        “I better shape up!
        If I’m gonna prove-”

        “You better prove!
        That my faith is justified!”

        “Are you sure?”
        “Yes, I’m sure down deep inside!”
        “You’re the one that I want!
        ooh ooh ooh, honey
        You’re the one that I want!
        ooh ooh ooh, the one I need
        Oh, yes indeed!”

        –A-hem… what I mean so say is, ah, GrapexMax has already been cemented for me and it is probably Grease’s fault. That and I think those two are old enough to make their own decisions. ;)

        And yes. I’ve pictured Max and Grape as Danny and pimped-out Sandy on more than one occasion. The similarities are almost prophetic in hindsight…

    • Foxstar

      Res does not live anywhere even remotely close to Grape. Animals don’t do long distance relationships well.

      • Valerio

        King did.
        And with neat results, I daresay :)

        • Trefoiler

          King’s technically human, and who knows how much of that upbringing inadvertently made an impression on her- up to and including his finesse with a telephone, or his consideration of things further beyond his immediate circumstances than he claims most animals have.

          THEN AGAIN, being an adorably huggable corgi probably helped things along immeasurably. You have me there.

          • Trefoiler


            ARGH someone please choose which of these comments to delete because I could go either way.

            The one below was my second attempt after seeing the page fail to update. Perhaps I should have double-checked.

            You can delete this alert too.

            !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! /alert

        • Trefoiler

          Uh, oh, comments are filtering again.

          King is technically human, which I’m sure brought a lot of unique personality traits (for a dog) to the table when he woo’d Bailey. Not the least of which would be a tenacity with pursuing their relationship- even over the phone- that most animals probably do not possess for very natural reasons.

          Still, he is an extremely huggable little fur-ball. So you’ve got me there.

      • thebrokeartist

        Who knows maybe Res thinks about Grape when he’s home. After all Grape is propably his first cat friend he ever had. Maybe?

  46. Alun Rundle

    New reader (In last few weeks). Biginning to understand the missing chunk of ear..(!)

  47. bigboss

    which everyones fave character, mines is marvin

    • Frank

      I’m pretty sure this kind of talk should go in the forums. A mod should be able to clarify

      • Dissension

        Aye, generalized discussion is best suited to the forums. Welcome to the Housepets! community, bigboss, we look forward to seeing you around.

        • bigboss

          why thank you!

    • Foxstar

      If you want a discussion like that, take it to the fourms.

  48. bigboss

    thanks for the tip

  49. FluxCapacity

    I have to say I really like the changes to the cats body shapes, the females look more feminine, and the males more masculine. Its cute!

    • Trefoiler

      It seems to me the changes have more to do with implementing more feminine postures… but I could be wrong! Either way, it sure is effective.

  50. bigboss

    i think this new style is a keeper!

  51. shade

    new style? definitly a keeper. grape x max and grape x peanut both win. but between the two i personally think grape x peanut is better cuz it would be more funny then serious, and if it was serious it would still be funny. like grape x max, max is a jerk yes,but he does care for grape and grape really likes him back so despite what i said about grape x peanut i’m hoping this gets better between them.