Elaborate Setup
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  1. Dissension

    Keene won’t let the Teamsters weasel out of this one!

    • thefirstonethere

      But inst he a ferret? Confusing feelings about right not.

      • Xane

        Ferrets are just houseweasels (Otters are waterweasels, sables/minks are weasels that use product, stoats are stoatally still weasels, badgers are buffweasels, wolverines are steroidweasels, honey badgers don’t care that they’re still weasels).

        It’s weasels all the way down!

        • River_Dragon

          “Pop” goes the weasel in reply to the question, “What do you want to drink?” (Particularly when asked in the Northeast, and preferably Orange flavored. We southerners just ask for soda.)

          • Tomias

            Actually us north easters just ask for soda. It’s when we go south of NY you need to ask for pop or risk getting soda water.

          • River_Dragon

            I have friends in PA who call it pop…My apologies to the Far North Easters who call it soda as well. 0_0

          • Verp

            Everybody just about calls it soda now. We used to say pop here in the Inland Northwest. When I hear soda, I think potassium hydroxide, which is just not that refreshing to drink.

        • RedDwarfIV

          Actually, honey badgers are unrelated to badgers.

          • Xane

            But they are still weaselly mustelids!

        • Argent Stonecutter

          Tayras are tree weasels that like bananas. Martens and fishers are tree weasels that like mice. Kolonoks are sports model weasels.

        • Kitch

          You ran that one into the ground, sir. *sagenod*

        • Big Fan

          But what about martens?

          • Tyris

            Martens are the only true mustelid! One day they shall rise!

      • m is for wolf

        Dissension dissonance?

        • Big Fan

          I really need to read replies more often…

  2. Xane

    Oh come on Keene you walked right into that one!

    • Zzzzzx

      It was all an elaborate setup.

  3. Gabe23

    Karishad looks adorable in the first panel

    • Vinta


  4. Marco

    Aw, Karishad looks cute! :3

  5. NickP

    Bad puns are always a safe bet.

    • Zzzzzx

      So bad, it’s good.

      • Tyris

        No such thing.

  6. IceKitsune

    Lol loving them in the new style Keene looks great.

  7. The Wolf Kin

    I normally hate bad puns, but having it come from Karishad made me laugh sooooo much. Keene’s reaction was awesome.

    • Tarka TGO

      Karishad can make any pun hilarious, no matter how stupid the pun may be. X3

      • Aldanger


  8. CHAOKOCartoons

    oh come on, Karishad was waiting for that one! :D

    • Trefoiler

      Come to think of it, he does seem particularly eager in the first panel.

      Alternate Comic?:
      Keene: Okay, so what’s this about the New Years decorations? *snatches report*
      Karishad: It’s the teamsters, boss! …They really dropped the ball this time.
      Keene: Is that so. *reads…*

      Keene: Get out.

  9. Darkewulf

    Badum tish.

    You’re so punny, Kari.

  10. GameCobra

    Karishad is not chewing on the desk in the first panel in anticipation for that pun. Keene really needs to show those Teamsters they are biting off more than they can chew.

  11. CHAOKOCartoons

    the new styles on Keene and Karishad are amazing!

  12. T-Squared

    I was going to say “dropped the wrench…”

  13. xhunterko

    Nah. It just needs some foxing up that’s all.

  14. Marco

    Is Keene using the latest iPad or Nexus?

    • Wilford B. Wolf

      Since it appears that Keene is reading an instant message convo in the first panel, I would guess iPad.

    • Gaiatiful

      And you can see the camera hole at the right

  15. Gaiatiful

    The new look of Karishad is just pure winning :3

  16. Draven

    Karishad takes in puns as a primary source of nourishment.

    • CHAOKOCartoons

      so in this way he doesn’t have to kill his prey? :3

      • darkgloomie

        obviously, you’ve never been shown the aftermath of a pun-off…

    • Adryan

      His food, my kryptonite.
      Puns are pure evil, but coming from Karishad…
      *shake my head*

      • Silly Zealot

        To stop the puns there is… the Punisher!!!

        • River_Dragon

          Gives new meaning to the word “Punishment.” I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not… 0_O

  17. Legendario13

    Where are his sunglasses?

    • Marco

      In his fur coat somewhere! ;)

      • Legendario13

        And Karishad’s?


  18. Val Kilmer Batman/AsimovSideburns

    I love how Kari is just waiting to pounce on the impending pun.

    • Val Kilmer Batman/AsimovSideburns

      I simply cannot stress enough how much I LOVE the fact that Kari is ready to PHYSICALLY POUNCE on that pun opportunity.

      He’s like an adorable little kid.

      Someone ELSE’s adorable little kid. ;)

  19. SP

    Nice strip.

  20. skyliner369

    sooooo cuuu-

  21. Zaitsev

    I really like how these two look in the new style.

  22. Valerio

    If I put up the alt-text
    ‘Don’t worry, I’m sure you can ferret it out’,
    could someone please tell me what was Khari about to tell so that I can properly think of a proper translation please?
    Thank you for your cooperation

    • Val Kilmer Batman/AsimovSideburns

      “Dropped the ball” is what he was going to say.

      It’s a euphemism that means they were unprepared or didn’t follow through.

      The part they lost must have been the giant ball that drops down the pole at midnight to symbolize the new year. And giant dropping balls. Or something.

      **not sure exactly how much to explain, but since I know there are non-native English speakers here and you said translate, I erred on the side of over explaining. Not sure how widespread the whole “dropping the ball” for New Years is, either.

    • Secret

      He was about to say “drop the ball” as in the ball that gets dropped on times square every news years eve countdown. Not the best pun I’ve heard from karishad, but it’s pretty epic.

      • Val Kilmer Batman/AsimovSideburns

        See, why can’t I ever be this concise?

        The curse of verbosity forever hounds me, forcing me to draw out my–DANG IT!

      • Valerio

        thank you al guys

    • Keldor

      Clearly the company managed to misplace the big ball they drop at midnight on New Years.

      Anyway, “dropped the ball” in a phrase meaning failure where they really should have succeeded. I kinda suspect that it comes from baseball in the old radio days, where your baseman literally dropping the ball would be a bad thing.

      • Trefoiler

        To “drop the ball” is used more commonly to describe a failure carry out an obligation to another- or a group of others- than failure in general.

        If you’re just hitting baseballs into a field by yourself, dropping a ball is a mistake, but it won’t have any lasting consequences. But, if you’re tied in the final inning, the batter hits the ball right to you, and it bounces out of your glove? It can mean the game for your whole team.

        So… you’re probably right. ^_^

  23. Khazix

    Let there be pun-ishment!

    • Legendario13

      *Ba dum tss*
      nah, actually that cracked me up a little XD

  24. D-Rock

    How does Keene not have stress wrinkles yet from Karishads’ constant joking?

    New style looks really good on them, though.

    • Trefoiler

      He was trapped in a cage with him for several months (if I’m not mistaken).

      Those wrinkles probably smoothed out once Stockholm Syndrome set in.

      It’s sad, really. :(

      • Dena

        Four months.

    • Argent Stonecutter

      Ferrets are all wrinkly under the fur anyway, with their loose pelts.

      Some mustelids can turn around inside their pelt and bite if you try and scruff them.

      • bhPixelFire

        You know a lot about weasel-like animals…

  25. Jibbs

    HA!! Can I just say how much I adore this web comic?? I LUMPING LOVE THIS WEB COMIC!!

  26. shade

    lol! i love that reaction. “NO!”

  27. Trefoiler

    Absolutely priceless! I love these two– and they look good post-switch!

    Also, I started to think, ‘Keene must regret hiring him on a daily basis…‘ but then I remembered, ‘Weren’t they supposed to go on a date together!?

    Turns out: http://www.housepetscomic.com/2012/04/06/

  28. TinFoilHats

    I’m ashamed ’cause I forgot the update was today…
    (Joking. That was a joke.)

  29. Blaze_Fox

    I love The Fox, ever since Rick introduced him.

    • Silly Zealot

      And the best part is he is based on a real life individual!

  30. Welsh halfwit

    I love a well done, cheap gag

  31. Hotep the psychic

    I agree the fox has done real well since hes been introduced whos to say though that he might cause trouble later. *rub crystal ball*

  32. Argent Stonecutter

    Karishad looks very foxy, moreso than usual.

  33. Anubis

    Karishad buddy? That joke is older than me.

  34. windwalker

    oh karishad, being Punny as usual.

    • Silly Zealot

      I’ll pun-t you for that one!

  35. Duck'n

    I think Keene has finally realized that one can’t simply avoid the inevitable Karishad pun. But it looks like he’s doing his best to ignore it!
    Oh yeah BTW, HAPPY NEW YEAR Folks!!

  36. bhPixelFire


    • CHAOKOCartoons

      it’s okay, I’m sure you’ll BOUNCE back from not having a new years resolution ;)

      • bhPixelFire

        I meant day of the week.
        And my new years resolution involves seeing my girlfriend.

        • Argent Stonecutter

          My new years resolution is 1920×1440. What can I say, I’m not into widescreens.

          • bhPixelFire

            Me either

  37. cesarinthewhitedragon

    kerishad is adorable!, specially the first panel !

    • Silly Zealot

      He’s as cool as unpronounceable is his name.

  38. Hotep the psychic

    by the way does anyone here agree the keene looks a bit dog like in the first picture

  39. ZV

    These two are fastest becoming favourite characters. I have they both get character sheets (and Fido!).

  40. Hoodiemouse

    I love puns!

  41. bhPixelFire

    This is Karishad at his normal foxxy awesomeness!

  42. *wolfiejaypaw*

    Ha! No matter where u go there always be puns in life

  43. Gabe23

    It was in this concluding 2012 that I discover Housepets! … and well, what can I say. An amazingly good, funny and entertaining comic that made my year way better. I love waiting for each new update, I love the characters, thank you Rick for creating this universe.
    Also, this community, the Housepets! community; you guys and girls are awesome people ! Happy New Year to everybody !

    • Welsh halfwit

      All I can say is ditto. This, End town, Doc Rat and Precocious all in a matter of months. A good run indeed.

  44. egoff12

    I love the double-meaning/reference of the title

    • m is for wolf

      I didn’t even notice Keene referred to it as an elaborate setup! I just thought it was a reference to the plot…

  45. Frank


  46. Argent Stonecutter

    So, how many phone books is Keene sitting on?

    • bhPixelFire

      I would say about three good sized ones.

    • m is for wolf

      Actually, I think he’s standing up.

  47. brown wolf

    i think i speak for all of us in thanking mister rick griffin for a great year and the work he puts in to the comics for us he is a great man for doing this for us so thank you for the bottom of our hearts.

    • Trefoiler

      I would openly agree but then you wouldn’t be speaking for all of us!

      Instead I’ll just say, “Yes, thanks to him, and all hail the Griffin!”

      And I think I hail for all of us in prostrating myself before his greatness.

  48. Damien James

    It looks like the fox is humping the desk in the last pannel…

    • Trefoiler

      That’s gross!

      I thought the same thing.

  49. The Leapolf

    Must be pretty hard to read those scribbles on whats-his-names phone. He must have great eyesight.

  50. Firewolf

    Icons incoming :I