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  1. Ryu

    Peanut and Grape are back and in new style! ^^

    • leaffly

      I am 50/50 on the new look.

      • brent

        me too

      • omenaapple

        I like how Grape looks. Though, personal opinion, Peanut’s face looks more flat than usual :’B

        • LeaahWulf

          Is it just me, or is peanut thicker and look buffer?

      • Frederick

        I don’t like it.

    • Secret

      Finally, I was starting to miss them you know.

      • LeaahWulf

        Me too. But it was fun seeing King propose.

        I think it was worth it.

    • joshi

      yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay peanut xD

    • killwithyourawesome

      i kinda like the old look better

      • darastrixen

        I like parts of the new look, but I agree that I liked the way the characters tended to look in v2.0. The silhouette panel looks great, though.

      • LeaahWulf

        Every new style seems iffy at first. It just takes time to get used to it. I personally almost stumbled over when the new style came in with King and Bailey.

        • killwithyourawesome

          i guess grape looks good but not so much peanut

          • LeaahWulf

            I know, Grape looks just as you-can’t-tell-what-gender-she-is-by-just-looking-at-her as ever. Peanut does look a little off, but it’ll sink in just in time for the next new style. Oh, the ever-forming paradox of the new styles of Rick Griffin.

    • CWFang

      yay grape ^_^

    • Deadly-Bagel

      Their iris’ are a bit small but otherwise all good =)

      • LeaahWulf

        I can’t even tell what color peanut’s eyes are.

    • pb98

      hey this is way off topic from the last comic…is rick startin to lose it?

      • Dissension

        This is a one-off, as indicated in the tags. It’s not related to the story arc 65, which ended in the previous strip.

  2. Xane

    Still better than the Twunkees at the gas station!

    • Dena

      Don’t let Tallahassee hear you say that…
      Poor man just wants his twinkies.

  3. IceKitsune

    Yes! New style Grape! Glad to see them back also there is no one-off tag

    • gameangel147

      That’s because secretly this is an arc!

      • killwithyourawesome

        ooh an arc about junkfood

        • Legendario13

          Now this one IS a one-off

  4. Duck'n

    How will we ever survive without twinkies??

    • Marco

      That’s scary to think about even on a Zombie apocalypse!

      • Val Kilmer Batman/AsimovSideburns

        Twinkies just became survivalist gold a LOT earlier than expectedz

        • Duck'n

          With Hostess gone It’s just like zombieland without the zombies!

          • volkoseba

            Without the zombies? Have you seen Congress lately? *quietly exits stage right without disclosing political beliefs*

          • Val Kilmer Batman/AsimovSideburns

            It doesn’t matter WHAT your political beliefs are, congress just can’t seem to get anything done!


          • Kasa

            You think America’s slow, try Canada’s congress…
            It’s like construction and healthcare issues in one.

          • LeaahWulf

            Ya, but they have twinkies.

      • LupisLight

        *zombie voice* Twiiiiinkiiiiieeeeees…..

    • Frank

      By –heaven forbid– eating healthy!
      (cue collective big no)

      • Legendario13


      • Adryan

        HOW COULD YOU SAY SUCH A THING? *passes out*

    • Peanut

      i dont know….

      • LeaahWulf

        Let’s all migrate to Canada.

        FOR THE TWINKIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Ryu

          Deep fried twinkies! Mmmmmmmm!!!!!

  5. GameCobra

    Those are some big baskets for candy =P

    • Marco

      And big calories : P

      • LeaahWulf

        I wonder if there’s going to be an arc about all the characters feeling the effect of junk food and having to loose all the weight. That would be an interesting arc.

        • Marco

          Peanut gains all the pounds and Grape is there to train him in boot camp style workouts! : P

  6. NickP

    Glad these guys are back. And I finally got caught up after finding the comic a week ago. Can somebody give me the alt text?

    • Indagare

      “What, didn’t you get snack cakes in your stockings and store then on your beds like halloween candy?” [sic]

  7. Val Kilmer Batman/AsimovSideburns

    Barbecue flavored fruit pies?

    • Frank

      In a world where pets can walk up to the counter of the candy store, it’s possible

    • darastrixen

      I once had a “cinnamon bun” that I swear was baked with liquid smoke, so I believe it.

    • Neo

      I would eat those.

  8. Roadrunner23

    Wow, I like new style

  9. Val Kilmer Batman/AsimovSideburns

    New Grape looks… different.

    More streamlined. Ears are bigger, all the better to express emotion with.

    Liking it so far.

    • Kaiserbix

      she looks like a male again

      • LeaahWulf

        Grape has never looked feminine.
        Well, in the one arc Peanut combed her lashes out when she went on that date with Max. I think it was 23. n-ple date.

  10. kimo


    oh well i guess i can learn to deal… but if this is open for negotiation i am in favor of her original color : /

    • Legendario13

      Is not such a big deal for me but that would be nice.


    • GameCobra

      I like to see more of it in my opinion. Peanut and Grape both look noticably younger in this comic, but i notice the eyes and head hair on both of them is a cause for doing that to me. X3

      • LeaahWulf

        Grape’s Headfur looks like a Mohawk.

    • Marco

      Now matter how they look, younger or not, different style or not they will always remain awesome.

      Forever more frozen in time as we get older HP’s will always humor us! : P

    • Frank

      You didn’t try to lift her, did you?

    • Rick Griffin

      She’s the same color she’s always been

      • Argent Stonecutter

        I think they’re confused by the studio lighting.

        • Legendario13


          • LeaahWulf

            Maybe they just contort their veiw when they think of little debbie.

        • aicivilwar

          Are you saying they’ve moved up to Paramount… the land of big… budgets?

      • Kimo

        I actually realized that just now, family came in for the holidays and played with the contrast and brightness on my computer

        • Legendario13

          I cant do such a thing in my cell phone, yet….

          • Kimo

            the settings were changed on my computer, where my first post was made from, i realized there was a change when viewing from my phone…

  11. xhunterko

    No. But yay! Didn’t think you were doing one today.

    • Duck'n

      I don’t think anyone would blame Rick if he took a day off. But man o’ man he must really be involved in some artist endurance training.

    • Dissension

      The comic updates thrice weekly – Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at Midnight. Variations are announced in advance whenever possible.

      • Duck'n

        But still you have to hand it to him with the new looks and all. I for one am impressed!

        • Trefoiler

          The new looks are still quite new… I would think; the more punctual he is during this transition, the quicker the new technique will stabilize!

          If it were me, I’d certainly be eager to see my latest experiment take its true form. And anyway, it’s not a very good day off if you’re not doing something you love! ^_^

          • LeaahWulf

            True. LOVE THE NEW STYLE! Eventually it will grow on everyone. For some reason the screen placings seem familiar.

            I think the view points look like something from Calvin and Hobbes.

  12. Tarka TGO

    Cute. I like their new style. Still no messenger bag on Peanut. Maybe he got it for Christmas, though. :3

    • Duck'n

      we’ll see it soon enough i’m sure, just probably not while they’re bartering with snack cakes.

    • Neo

      Please tell me what the messenger bag thing is all about.

      • Duck'n

        It’s supposed to be apart of Ricks new art style. Certain characters like Bailey, Fox, King and of course Peanut get spiffy new clothes and accessories. Other characters have subtle changes as well to make them more dynamic.

        • Neo

          Oh ok. Thanks!

  13. Marco

    Beautiful new art style Rick! :D

    • LeaahWulf

      <3 the style. Grape and peanut look better than ever. Maybe a slightly darker tint on Grape, don't want her going albino, now.

      • Marco

        With the new cute style, it just makes you want to snuggle them even more! <3

  14. Legendario13

    Hahaha wut?
    O_O’ fruit cake?
    Oh, you mean christmass bricks! I like those they are like giant jaw breakers :’D

    • aicivilwar

      Or family heirlooms…

  15. D-Rock

    Ha. Good thing I’m not too particular about brands.

    It took me a little bit to realize the changes to Grapes style. Like Peanuts, it seems more subtle to me.

  16. Gary (from Radio Free Housepets!)

    Bacon flavored fruit pies? wait what? o.O

    • Duck'n

      People have strange tastes. Dogs and cats however may not be as reserved about a barbecue flavoured item, In fact they may actually prefer that flavour as opposed to the traditional flavours. Who knows?

    • Trefoiler

      That’s right.

      Bacon is fruit now.

      Aw yeah.

      • LeaahWulf

        Does it have all the fiber?

        If it does I will eat it all day.

  17. zeroslash

    Yay! The lighter side of the comic is back! : )

  18. shade

    hooray for the lighter side! man i miss seeing these i still look back and re-read “your a girl!?” at

    and what shall we ever do without twinkies? v_v

    • CHAOKOCartoons

      I KNOW! We buy from one generic frui cake brand all year, then the company will be able to work harder to make their products better and unique fruit cakes!…BOOM! HOSTEST REPLACMENT!

  19. Dragonmith

    alt text: “What, you didn’t get snack cakes in your stockings and store THEN on your beds like Halloween candy?”

    I would like to point out the typo, should then be them?

    • Frank

      Meh. It’s Christmas

      • dragonmith

        Fair enf.

  20. The Maverick Man

    1 Twinkie = the entire stack

  21. FuzzyLumpkins

    Woooow… These two haven’t been seen since October! :o

  22. volkoseba

    If only the Hubig’s Pie factory in New Orleans hadn’t burnt down in summer, the generic fruit pies could be less generic…

  23. CHAOKOCartoons


  24. shade

    does little debbie have two chins? i’ve personally never noticed. at least i dont think i have…

  25. Val Kilmer Batman/AsimovSideburns

    AHA! I think I may have figured out what threw me off about Grape!

    Her eyelashes aren’t curled out. That, combined with the sharpness/angularity of her new shape makes her look more boyish.

    Of course, she IS a tomboy. Tomcat. Whatever. ;)

    • Duck'n

      I think Peanut’s look is pretty relative to his old look, it’s just feels more fresh or crisp.
      Annd not that i’m complaining Grape looks like grape should look, but i kept on thinking about her eyebrows/eyelashes especially in the 3rd panel. Small details nothing major and i’m sure Rick will eventually be more comfortable with his new style.

  26. gameangel147

    Comparing it with the last art style, I actually like this one better on Grape and Peanut, the fur is less subtle and gives them a much simpler and cleaner look.

  27. shade

    i totally agree with the new style. they look 100% better in my opinion.

  28. Valerio

    YAY! Peanut and Grape back with style! :D

    • LeaahWulf

      I was so exited when I pulled the site up and it was Peanut and Grape.

      Or Petir and Gapre.

  29. ColeSutra

    Those poor poor pets…their parents haven’t ever heard of Tastykakes.. Get one Butterscotch Krimpet, or one cream-filled Koffee Kake cupcake in them..and they’ll wonder why they ever considered Twinkies a thing.

    • RC


      Someone knows!


      • LeaahWulf

        Why do the Kandy Kakes look suspitiously like moonpies?

    • Val Kilmer Batman/AsimovSideburns

      Those pictures look so… sophisticated. Even though they spelled Cake with a K at the beginning.


  30. Nogard Krad Nox

    sometimes i wonder how can a company like hostess go bankrupt or whatever it is that happened to it

    • River_Dragon

      Blame it on the health-food craze, in part–Twinkies, white breads (Wonder) bad; whole wheat bread, no processed foods good. That and a myriad of other factors, including corporate greed, union greed, investor greed–*shrug*

      Worse to me than the loss of the Twinkies is the loss of Hostess cupcakes–where am I going to get my cream filled, chocolate frosted devil’s food cakes with the neat little curlicue piping on the top anymore? *sigh* Guess I’ll have to bake them myself.

      • Rick-O

        I found one! Mrs Freshley’s; tastes as good – maybe better.

        • Perfesser_Bear

          I’d never heard of Mrs. Freshley’s, but now I see they’re owned by Flower Foods, who also own (deep breath) Nature’s Own, Whitewheat, Cobblestone Mill, Tastykake, European Bakers, BlueBird, Mi Casa, ButterKrust, Captain John Derst’s, Evangeline Maid, Mary Jane & Friends, Sunbeam, Bunny, Mary Jane, Aunt Hattie’s, and Holsum. At least somebody is left to take on the Bimbo Bruins. Let the snack cake wars begin!

      • aicivilwar

        Personally I never cared much for Hostess products. I was always more a Little Debbie fan (and by the way, no, she DOESN’T have two chins! That’s just a “corporate giant” joke, methinks.)

        My favorite snack food was always the Little Debbie Oatmeal Cream Pie, and with Cosmic Brownies & Zebra Cakes tying for second.
        I tried a Twinkie once, and nearly lost my stomach. Just too oily for my taste. (Maybe they get less disgusting as they age…)

    • Argent Stonecutter

      They thought they had a cash cow they could milk forever, and got their keister handed to them by Bimbo.

      OMG, that’s what the Mayan Apocalypse was really about!

      • LeaahWulf

        That means the Doctor didn’t save the world from 12-21-12. CURSE YOU RAGGEDY MAN!

        (sorry about the reference)

  31. BBally

    I’ll never forget the time when I had my first Twinkee on the way to school *flashback with Louis Armstrong’s We have all the time in the world playing in the background”

    Hostess should go into the superhero hall of fame for the times it saved heroes like Superman and Spiderman from certain doom in to those old 70’s ads in the comics.

  32. joshi

    mmmh has little debbie always had two chins?

    • Rick-O

      That must be her mother, Little Debee.

  33. RC

    One wonders where you get your snack cakes if you have such ‘inferior’ brands… ;)

  34. GreighVonGottreich

    I remember when hostess had strawberry as part of the filling in their twinkies. God I feel old. *weilds candy cane*

    Good to see Peanut and Grape again. :)

    • Frank

      Oh God! Now I feel old as well!

    • Kasa

      I’ll get the fossilized licorice…

    • Marco

      They will be worth a lot in the future I’m sure! ;) Yeah I feel old too…

  35. Tommy

    Lol I know how they feel… I hardly eat any junkfood. Lol

  36. Miles Nights

    I like the new look ^^ makes them look a bit older. They also have a great point about the whole junk food thing…. and the double chin >_>

  37. Tychoaussie

    Yay! I like the new style and like the Hostess humor! A nice segway after the intensity of the previous comic, I must say.

    But really, we were thinking of dipping marshmallows in honey and vanilla flavored pancake batter and deep-frying them just yesterday! …The mark of a desparate twinkieholic if there ever was one.

    • LeaahWulf


  38. Perfesser_Bear

    Barbecue flavor fruit pies! You’re making me regret giving up junk food.

    Does anybody remember a goopy snack that was essentially a Hostess Fruit Pie pastry crust, but stuffed with peanut butter and jelly (particularly apt, considering today’s cast). I know there was one that had a bread-like crust (they come back once in a while), but this had a crispy crust. Perhaps it was just a test-marketing idea; I never saw any advertising for it.

    • aicivilwar

      I don’t know about the crispy kind, but I know of the “Uncrustables” that one of the jam companies makes. ( Smucker’s, I believe.)

      • LeaahWulf

        Me too. I remember when I didn’t like hambergurs so the school gave me one of those instead of just giving me th buns.

  39. Dalliaz

    At the first pages of the new Rick’s comic update with King the looks of the characters were good, but now the looks are awsome :D

  40. Kitch

    Could be worse. Could be Bimbo. :P

  41. griffinpete

    have grapes eyes always been yellow?

    • thebrokeartist


  42. thebrokeartist

    I think Grape and Peanut are the only ones who look like they haven’t been affected by the new art style and I think thats good. Well that’s what I think cause every other character changed alot like the hair style or colour or appearence but seeing these 2 not change so much is actually huge relieve so yeah, like the new style and let’s hope Rick doesn’t decide to change their appearence alot after this strip.

  43. Dingo57

    I personally like the new look, it makes them look like they’ve grown up over the past few years, in fact everyone looks like they’ve grown at least a little.
    P.S. That was a very surprising transition, we were just d’aww’ing at King and Bailey and suddenly everything is fine.

  44. Hotep

    Hostess goes under little debbie takes over…now i have to look if she has double chins that may be true.

    • Trefoiler

      Is this how it begins? Are we to brace ourselves for the coming of…

      … Debbie the Hutt?


      • aicivilwar

        Maybe it will happen when we get our tape to *then*, which will be *soon*.

  45. MrMutt

    Hostess gone has little affect on me. I’ve always snacked on little debbies swiss rolls. :)

  46. TinFoilHats

    Finally, Peanut and Grape after…. what, a year? And I’m gonna miss Twinkies(ah well, I can always go for little debbies). And what did you expect, Peanut? Hostess puts pounds on you.

  47. Natalman

    Oh hey supposed main characters who we left for like 30 strips…

    • Duck'n

      To be fair Housepets! involves several characters and not all of them get screentime either. And King has become pretty much a main character for the comic ever since his first strip as dog. So much to do, so little time!

    • Frederick

      I’m so glad I wasn’t the only one thinking that.

  48. heartless

    erm is it just me or does grape look like a dog more specifically like fox or like that fox that works for the ferrets

    • thebrokeartist

      Nope she’s still a cat and if she’d look like a fox or a dog she’d have a longer mouth.

  49. bhPixelFire


    • thebrokeartist

      Is that with an evil voice or cheerful voice

  50. thebrokeartist

    Uh did anybody else have the scary idea of what Tarot might look like? Cause I really hope she’ll look better with the new art style. Or at least look the same as before.

    • shade

      i hope she’s the yes its is kinda scary when u really think how she might turn out.

    • shade

      it is*

      • thebrokeartist

        Glad to see someone agrees with me.

  51. Soren

    *tears* RIP hostess…

  52. The Leapolf

    Yes. Little debbie has.

  53. Val Kilmer Batman/AsimovSideburns

    Cheese Snorkels are a valuable survivalist commodity!

    You can use them to breathe underwater, throw them at predators to scare them away, or even–under the most extreme circumstances–eat them.

  54. Hotep

    ok now im wondering how everyones getting there avatars.
    anyway little Debbie is a fat girl I still have no idea how she stays fit………or does she? O.O

    • Duck'n

      From Gravata,r it’s linked in the comment section next to NAME.
      The link says “Get an Avatar”.
      Anywho hope that helps you out.
      Oh and I checked at the grocery store she just has chubby face as far as i can tell. It would probably be more accurate if she was overweight since she’s on all those junk food boxes!

    • aicivilwar

      I’m guessing most people here have some sort of image editing software that they’re using. Personally, I found a strip with an expression I liked, and I saved the strip as an image file, then cropped/resized the image until it was small enough to use. I used my PC to upload the photo, but I’m not sure if it could or couldn’t've been done from my phone.

      But Duk’n’s right. When you submit a comment, there’s a link that says “get an avatar”. If you click that link, you’ll be redirected to Gravatar, where you can go through the process of uploading a picture and rating it, and then you should be able to see your avatar on this site. (Note: I don’t know why, but when I first rated my avatar, I rated it as PG, and it wouldn’t show up on this site, even though this site is supposedly rated PG. But when I changed the picture’s rating to G, it started working. Go figure, right?)

  55. Blaze_Fox

    Dear Rick, I love and dislike the new style. Grape’s face is too ferret like and peanut Looks a little off. Other then that, I love the stories and ideas you throw in. Thank you for making me happy.

  56. Raska

    I like the way Grape and Peanut look in this new art style

  57. Trefoiler

    He’s right about those Snickerdoodles. Edible gold! *drool*

    I’m just glad I can still get my zebra cakes between my multitude of gummy binges. Other than them, never really was a snack-cake person. Farewell Hostess- we hardly knew ye.

    PB & GJ looking slick: schemes and proportions fall within normal parameters. Hehehe, I like it, is what I mean. :)

  58. griffinpete

    please tell me zebra cakes were not a hostess product I CAN NOT LIVE WITHOUT THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • TinFoilHats

      Actually, I think they were little debbie inventions(and I agree, zebra cakes are delicious).

      • Trefoiler

        Total agreement.

  59. griffinpete

    hostess RIP everybody in the world will miss u :( hope u come back soon!!! :(

  60. Verp

    I never liked Twinkies or any of their spongecake relatives. My sehlat sense told me something was just wrong with them.

    • Mista Epic

      Not normal! Everyone, shun!

  61. TheHedgehog

    While I enjoy the newer style, the only thing that irks me is the side view for canines. Noticed it in Peanut here and Four fingered discount Jack. Something just looks off. Loving the new style otherwise :)

  62. Hoteptheorbcaller

    I hope this works.
    anywho im starting to get curious on another great water balloon war.

  63. Mista Epic

    You know Rick, I think it’s time for another “Imaginate” arc.

    • CHAOKOCartoons

      hmmmm, phantom of the opera? :)

    • TinFoilHats

      Yeah. And this time, they do Star Wars :)

      • aicivilwar

        Nah, Star Wars is good (actually, very good/great) but it’s kind of overdone. I would rather see them pull off s Spaceballs parody, and manage to keep it PG.

  64. Mista Epic

    I agree. :P

  65. Vuk91

    Grape and Peanut rock in the new style, tho personally I dont notice much difference

    • joshi

      thay look smoother

  66. Hotep the psychic

    what if they do a water balloon war in the theme park with star wars incorporated in it?

  67. aicivilwar

    Rick, I must say the new style is growing on me (like hair looks better after a week later after a good haircut)
    But I wonder, is the style yet where you want it? If not, I have a couple suggestions.
    First, Grape’s “arms” look a bit thin above the elbow. Is that intentional?
    And, since Grape is a cat, it seems to me that her face should be a little more angular. It looks somewhat rounded in panel one.

    Peanut looks really good, though. Most commenters are saying they see him as older, and though I can see that, he almost looks younger to me, especially in panel one. His somewhat ruffled fur gives him a partly older look, and yet his facial features and expression makes him still look youthful and exuberant. Keep up the good work!

  68. joshi

    i wanna play mario kart against peanut

    • TinFoilHats

      Dude, I would give my left foot to play Mario Kart with Peanut.

      • CHAOKOCartoons

        pfft, I would give the whole LEG! :>

        • aicivilwar

          But how would you drive it, then?

  69. Deathshadow

    lol did little debbie always had 2 chins

  70. Firewolf

    I didn’t know housepets had such dark humor ;A;

    • CHAOKOCartoons

      … i’m sorry i realy don’t get it… OH WAIT NEVER MIND!

  71. DragonFolf

    Not gonna lie, the way Rick does his eyes now makes this not look like Housepets as much, still love the humor though ^^