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  1. Ryu

    Still amazing how King popped the question to Bailey! Awesome little Corgi! :)

    • Slenderman

      Epic win :3

      • pb98

        awesome the first marriage of this comic :D

    • Gabe23

      I definetly wasn´t crying when I first saw the second panel, there was something in both my eyes

      • Arjay

        aww that sucks. Did you get it out?

        • MistaEpic

          I hope he was able to so he could see the rest of today’s episode.

          • LeaahWulf

            I know, I can’t tell. Did Bailey say yes or Maybe

          • Nohbody

            LW, pretty sure that if she meant “no”, she’d have spoken up after King’s exclamation of success.

          • m is for wolf

            @LW: You’ve got me.

      • jaydee789

        It was onions. Don’t worry those onion ninjas get the best of us.

    • Duck'n

      And they lived happily ever after….
      Unless of course some closet skeletons shake things up a bit?!

      • Silly Zealot

        I better show them to her fast!

      • Jovanni

        I honestly doubt King will want to go back to being Joel after this little episode! Sweet isn’t it? Merry Christmas, everyone! ^ ^

        • Perfesser_Bear

          @Jovanni– Mwa-ha-ha! I doubt he’ll get a choice in the matter. The Powers that Be will probably make Pete change him back, at the worst possible moment.

          • Dena

            TGK didn’t, though, even though TGK, in his role as the Games Judge, decided that Pete changed Joel against his will. If memory serves.

            Dragon can’t affect Joel, as he’s Pete’s Chosen, as I recall. And Pete has no reason to change Joel back. It’s all Joel now, I believe.

          • Argent Stonecutter

            Pete does have a reason to change him back… blackmail.

    • pb98

      btw would a litter of their pup’s be called horgie’s or cusckie’s?

      • Tarka

        My vote’s for Corgskies. :3

  2. CyanFox

    Adorable… But she has a point…

    • Billy MT

      As far as everyone’s concerned, that’s a propose holding no matrimonial power at all, TBH. But so what? It’s the thought and the promise between them that counts right ‘ere :3

      • CyanFox

        I mean the fact that she didn’t get to sniff his butt.

        • Facade Kitsune

          well played

  3. Zaitsev

    What a touching sentiment to end it on Bailey.

    • Elwood Blutarsky

      He gets the girl, she gets to sniff…

      • RedDwarfIV

        On the plus side, he’s too short to sniff hers at the same time.

    • jaydee789

      Way to ruin the moment Bailey.

  4. Shadowcatcher

    D’awww. Congratulations, Bailey and King!

    • Gabe23

      In the previous strip, I recall saying that I didnt agree with King´s actions of following his instinct and proposing … well … Im glad he did followed it.

  5. LupisLight

    Aw, see? It’s the thought that counts!:D

    Congrats, King and Bailey, and Merry Christmas, everyone!

  6. Tarka

    Everyone, 3… 2… 1…


    • awesomedudeperson


      • Valerio


        • MistaEpic


          • aicivilwar

            Falcon D’AWWWWWWWWWWW!

          • Vuk91

            Hypersuper daaaawwwww!!!!

    • CHAOKOCartoons

      oops my bad, D’awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

    • CHAOKOCartoons

      overacheiver… :p

    • Arjay

      way to put them to shame you jerk : /

    • Secret


      • Tyris


        …are we doing it right?

  7. IceKitsune

    Dawwwww this is the best end. So it is just symbolic but that is very very sweet.

    • Marco

      Free Hugs for everyone *HUGS*

      • Valerio

        *hugs with fangirlish jumps and eeeeeee*

        • Silly Zealot

          Hugs? Hugs?! HUUUUUUUUUGS!!! “hugs everything and everyone”

          • MistaEpic

            YAY HUGS!

            *Holds out arms but nobody hugs me*

          • Silly Zealot

            I need a plane ticket to get to your location, donations are welcome.

          • aicivilwar

            “*Hugs everything”*? Does that include cactus? Sounds like you’ve been pricked.


      • Kingisawsome

        eh I’m not to big on hugs but Christmas is the only exception

  8. Smallfoot

    Pfft…King has one foot up as he goes for the kiss. Adorable.

  9. Voided Filmes

    *Let’s out a huge massive sigh of relief* Oh wow, that went so much better than it could have. I am so glad it worked out! Thanks a ton for posting this early for us Rick. And while it is sad to see a King Bailey arc come to an end, I am so happy for my fav couple in this comic and can’t wait to see what you have in store for us next :D

    • aicivilwar

      What do you mean “come to an end”? This is far from over from my perspective. The fight is definitely over, but JoeKing still has a Red Skeleton in his closet.

      • Val Kilmer Batman/AsimovSideburns

        It’s the end of this story arc, which specifically focused on Bailey and King and their relationship. We’ve got one-offs and a new arc coming up.

  10. Marco

    My goodness, I cried :( Thank you Rick for this wonderful extra Christmas special! <3
    Merry Christmas to all! XD

    • Dontlookmenaked

      I did the same! Happy crying!

    • Valerio

      I cried and chuckled, felt incredibly relieved and excited, and…well, I know I’ll be wearing this big grin all day long for a starter

    • Duck'n

      I Definately was not squealing like a giddy school girl when i read this. y’know just saying

  11. Gaiatiful

    Yes she said yes!!!!! :)
    King know to get girls

    • Valerio

      he can be a real ladykiller :D

      • Tarka

        Even without massive consumption of Orange Soda.

        • MistaEpic

          You win an Internet.

    • Silly Zealot

      Actually, Joel/King said yes, Bailey said “you got me.”

      • aicivilwar

        I think in this situation Bailey’s “you got me” means the same as it would be if she said, “you’ve convinced me, so yes.”

        Plus, there’s her expression to consider. If she wasn’t accepting she wouldn’t be smiling, methinks.

        • Silly Zealot

          Aaaaah she accepted, I know that, but she didn’t literally say “yes” like we were expecting.

  12. Xane

    Well that was disgusting…ly adorable ;)

    I think Rick just likes messing with our heads too much!

    • Xane

      Nobody’ll ever believe this but I made this comment before noticing the alt text. Hah. (“Dogs are disgusting, Merry Christmas!”)

      • Silly Zealot

        I can believe it, wierder things have happened.

      • aicivilwar

        Thanks for posting the alt text. I am a phoner.

      • Perfesser_Bear

        “Dogs are disgusting, Merry Christmas!”

        Yeah, but trust me, Humans can be ‘way more disgusting.

        • Silly Zealot

          Sadly, I must agree. :(

        • Duck'n

          yup i think we can all agree that wth dogs and nature is in essence naturally disgusting. We Humans have perfected these disgusting things into an artform.

  13. Kimba the White Lion

    I don’t get it…

  14. Peanut

    What an exciting strip! My emotions all mingled reading this. Thanks Rick and merry Christmas!

  15. Big Fan

    What did Bailey see?

    • CHAOKOCartoons

      the real question is, WHAT WAS SHE THINKING ABOUT?? cuz those pannels where her expressions of thought.

    • Lance

      that’s what I want to know! she clearly saw something.. I wonder what it was.

    • ToaSoul

      probably all the comments sent by all of us

    • Cal Dayton

      I have a feeling panels 7 & 8 had to do with puppies ;)

  16. Taylor

    Okay, TOTAL SQUEE right now! I can’t believe it!

  17. xhunterko

    Eh heh heh. :)

    • xhunterko

      Hey! Merry Christmas everyone!

  18. Gaiatiful

    But where Bailey gonna put the ring ???

    • Dissension

      One assumes Bailey would wear the ring on one of her fingers or attach it to her collar…

      …you know, like people do with rings?

      • killwithyourawesome

        dont huskies have webbed paws?

        • Dissension

          You see her fingers, right? Do they look webbed to you?

          • killwithyourawesome

            no just huskies in general

          • Dissension

            I don’t see the relevance, then.

          • killwithyourawesome

            just saying

        • Argent Stonecutter

          I didn’t know any dogs had webs, but Google says so.

          But huskies don’t seem to make any of the lists.

          • Silly Zealot

            Housepets! animals have four fingered hands, so I’m pretty sure that, unless she doesn’t have the ring finger, she’ll wear it on her hand.

          • Argent Stonecutter

            I still didn’t know dogs could have webbed paws.

      • Vuk91

        Arent her fingers a bit too big and wide for a ring?

        • Val Kilmer Batman/AsimovSideburns

          She could always wear it on her collar.

          Or it could be sized to fit her finger if she wanted to wear it like that.

        • aicivilwar

          Also, don’t forget the fur. HP dogs look very fuzzy, so her actual “fingers” are somewhat smaller than what we always see.

    • Valerio

      …Bailey’’s gonna make herself her first earring :D

  19. Lucid_Dragon

    After spending 24 hours worried about the outcome of the proposal, this is the best Christmas gift I could ask for!

    Congrats, Bailey and King! Here’s hoping we readers are invited to the wedding! :D

    • Silly Zealot

      Can I be the one that yells “I object!”? I have a reputation to uphold, after all!

      • TinFoilHats

        Actually, it’s better to say it like Phoenix Wright and say “OBJECTION!!”.

  20. Jibbs

    That went better then I expected! This is so exciting!! Merry Christmas to you too Rick!!!!

  21. Roarin

    One of the best strips in the comic.
    I like Bailey’s expression transitions as she’s thinking it over.

    • thefirstonethere

      i thank the arrows’ presence.

      • Silly Zealot

        Indeed, the arrows saved the day (the Christmas day, no less!)!

  22. flaremaster

    well, this has been one wild ride of an arc.

    Had most of us on the edge of our seats.

    • Valerio

      so totally this!

    • Silly Zealot

      I got all nervous and almost shakey while about to login and see this strip.
      I really agree thatthis was a great Christmas present for us all! Thank you, Mister Griffin!

      • Valerio

        totally this! I was almost scared to look at it…

  23. The Doctor

    Just as expected but you have to expect the expected especially when your me allons-y!!!!!

  24. MKarrow

    I have a person in my head squealing and waving his arms with a steadily increasing volume and speed, respectfully. He is very happy right now.

    I, on the other hand, can’t stop crying.

    • Big Fan

      I can’t believe I forgot to do this… Bailey agreed to marry King yaaaaaaay! *kermit flail*

    • Valerio

      You and that person in your head are not alone. :D

    • Silly Zealot

      I didn’t cry, but I sincerely wish to shed at least one big, single tear as salty as the Dead Sea for the loss of a human life due to a crazy magical griphon. :(

  25. CHAOKOCartoons

    YA DID IT KING MA’ BOY YA DID IT!! MERRY X-MAS EVERYBODY!! *goes yelling into night*

  26. Elwood Blutarsky

    I don’t think anyone saw this coming back in October 2009…

  27. Valerio


    • Marco

      Amen to that!!!

      • Tommy

        I agree!

        • Silly Zealot

          I prefered the “Rodney and Snow” one. Makes crave for venison.

  28. TinFoilHats

    Best. Christmas. Present. Ever.
    ‘Nuff said.

  29. Khazix

    Awww. What a nice Christmas comic. Kudos King n’ Bailey. ….Kailey? Kingley? Bing?

    • Elwood Blutarsky

      Microsoft likes the last one

    • Billy MT

      Bing? Chandler? XD

    • aicivilwar

      Joley? Bailing?

      Bailing! So fits! Bailey has to bail King out of jail…?

  30. thrasherblades


  31. Tsunemara

    What’s king going to do when he turns back into a human…and when baily finds out he’s not a dog…..

    • Elwood Blutarsky

      Who says he ever will, seems like he’s made up his mind.

    • CHAOKOCartoons

      you mean, IF, he turns back into a human.

      • aicivilwar

        If is good, but Pain and Panic never seem to be.

    • Valerio

      it’s reasonable to assume he made his final choice for good.

      • Gabe23

        Agrred, after seen this I think he made his final decision and accept himslef as a dog

        • aicivilwar

          The question isn’t “Has JoeKing decided to be King permanently,” the question is “Will Pete (or an intervening authority figure such as the judge) allow JoeKing to remain as King AFTER the duel is over.”

          Also, what if JoeKing loses the duel? That means Pete becomes a mortal for one lifetime, but what about Dragon? Would she or Kitsune allow JoeKing to remain as King? Would Bailey rather be a dog or a human? What about the giant love circle between Peanut/Grape/Tarot/Dragon/Max/Mr Bigglesworth/Mr Bigglesworth/Mr Bigglesworth…*fades out*

          For answers to these questions and more, stay tuned to Housepets! on Fox!

          (Sorry, I had to…)

    • IceKitsune

      This isn’t even a case of If anymore Hes made his choice hes staying a dog. I mean hes going to get married, that’s as concrete a choice as one can make.

      • Dissension

        Unless things change. ;p

        • IceKitsune

          True anything can happen later on in the story but for the time being hes made his choice.

        • Duck'n

          Hmmm.. you make a good point things in the HP universe have a way of doing that.

        • IceKitsune

          Also at this point anything that would make him change his mind would likely have to be very extreme.

        • Marco

          For the time being They’re both happy! : )

        • Val Kilmer Batman/AsimovSideburns

          I think at this point, the only thing that could make him change back is if he had to in order to save his friends or something. He’s not going to unless he absolutely has to.

          But here’s the thing: if Pete loses the match, does his influence go away? By which I mean, do the changes he’s made (read: turning Joel into King) get reversed? Because that would suck.

          • thebrokeartist

            No because the changes has to be done by Pete by his own will or by Dragon or Kitsune but they can’t because of the rules.

    • Pokeblue

      Maybe heaven can help him if that happens.

      If he has decided which to stay as, wouldn’t that undo the fact his soul was in limbo? Granted of course it might be out of their jurisdiction, but hey, who can tell.

  32. nintendosagafan

    im sorry, im kinda lost as to what he did. he she just sniffed her butt and thats it? or did he do something else?

    • Dissension

      No, Bailey pointed out that she never got to sniff King’s.

      • nintendosagafan

        ah i see. and then the head shots of her then was just her thinking about what king was saying?

        • Dissension

          Those panels depict her coming to a decision about whether to marry King. Housepets! is read left-to-right. This particular strip even comes with helpful arrows. :3

          • nintendosagafan

            oh i know that i was just confused about what was she doing in those panels XD thanks for the clarification

  33. Gabe23

    If I ever propose to someone, i will definitely use King´s speech in second panel

  34. Duck'n

    Merry Christmas King&Bailey hope things go smoothly between the two of you! And also we should all give a Big shout out to the Matchmaker himself, MERRY CHRISTMAS RICK!!

  35. wolf long fellow

    D’awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww this is the best comic strip ever the story of King is so interesting and complicated i wish him the best =3…..Oh and before i forget *clears throat* Merry Chrstmas to all and to all a good night!!!!!!!!! =3

  36. nintendosagafan

    lol oh yea. Merry Christmas everyone ^^

  37. Duck'n

    Ok now i’m curious to see whats gonna happen next, but i guess that can wait. Merry Christmas everybody and goood night!

  38. CHAOKOCartoons

    wait I just realized something, IT’S STILL 30MIN. TO X-MAS OVER HERE!!!

  39. Jing

    I’ve never posted but this is made of so much win I just had to. Thanks Rick for this comic strip!!!! Happy holidays!!!

  40. soup

    d’awwww i wonder how everyone else is gonna react

    • Valerio

      Fox is gonna give King an immense congratulatory hug :D
      Bino is gonna stay the heck away from King if he cares for his dear life.
      Duchess is gonna be jelly :lol:

      • Vuk91

        And theres Pete, the satan of housepets X3 how is he doing if he seemingly had no involvement in this?

        • Val Kilmer Batman/AsimovSideburns

          I think maybe he had a bit to do with setting up the situation–after all, he knows that King can’t help but to “chew at the wound,” but it backfired on him since he couldn’t get directly involved.

          Or, more sinister, he’s going to try and get BAILEY to be his avatar, and she doesn’t run on misery…

          But right now I’m happy and not thinking about Pete :)

          • aicivilwar

            I think we’d see another “FACE!” if Pete tried that on Bailey.

            I would actually like seeing that… maybe it’s finally time to make some fanart… Bring out the colored pencils and printer paper!

        • TD

          This probably makes King useless as a potential avatar, though I have to wonder if he already has one in the form of our favorite ferret.

          On the other hand, this potentially can work in his favor – King is human, and of course it was only by becoming a dog that he actually came to embrace the responsibility that being human brings with it. King now has a great deal more incentive to work towards Pete’s ends of animals being equals of humans.

          Also, it is well worth remembering that while Pete never said anything about King becoming human again, during the meeting with the kitsune it was stated that he would receive a “reward” at the end of the game, and implied that once the game was over, he could be returned to human form.

          Pete could easily use this to blackmail him – King doesn’t know the rules of the game, and Pete could easily state that if he (Pete) loses, he will have to return King to his natural form, or potentially merely that the game ending will revert him to his natural form.

          But we’ll see. I doubt that King isn’t a piece in the game anymore.

          • Argent Stonecutter

            He’s a minion, not an avatar.

          • aicivilwar

            All this makes me wonder what the “duel” between avatars will actually be… True, it could be some kind of fight like out of DBZ, but does it have to be something like that? Couldn’t Peanut just lend them his Mouse Trap game? (Yes, I’ve been reading the archives again.)

          • Argent Stonecutter

            Could be like Timothy Hunter’s duel with Cupid over the leadership of the Wild Hunt. Not in all the details, of course, since even Bino seems capable of love.

          • Argent Stonecutter

            Duchess, on the other hand…

  41. Birko

    yes! yes yes. Omg they are sooo sweet <3

    • Valerio

      *little hearts popping all around them*

  42. Lance

    I’m so glad she said yes, in a way. :3 I’m curious though.. what did she see?

  43. Val Kilmer Batman/AsimovSideburns

    EMOTIONS RESOLVED. Happiness. Relief. Satisfaction.

    Also I told you so.

    Also, I’ll be collecting those cookies now, Kanashe.

  44. Val Kilmer Batman/AsimovSideburns




    • Valerio


      • Val Kilmer Batman/AsimovSideburns


  45. Val Kilmer Batman/AsimovSideburns

    She accepted his proposal without ever having sniffed his butt?

    *wipes a tear* Only true love could accomplish such a thing.

  46. John Willow


    Good on you King. Thank you Rick. I only wonder now what a pet wedding would look like.

    I love how near the second last facial expression has her almost blurt out a yes and get embarrassed.

    King should go running through the streets like Jimmy Stewart

  47. aeroxwolf

    I always like happy endings.
    Merry Christmas Rick & Merry Christmas to all you guys ;D

  48. Crystalwind

    Aww… I think my head is going to explode from the sheer adorableness.

  49. Derrath


  50. Argent Stonecutter

    Whoa, I wasn’t expecting a strip today!

    Bonus! And it’s a double! And butts. Oh, and King’s got the girl.

  51. gameangel147

    Thank you for this comic Rick!
    Merry Christmas to you and everyone else! XD

  52. Kajex, Sorcerer Supreme


  53. Nogard Krad Nox

    this was too cute and awesome. If i ever get a Corgi imma name him King.

  54. Zuna


  55. TD

    And here I was thinking poor King was going to have his spirit completely crushed.

    King is adorable on his knee, and the tears in this comic are wonderful.

    Ah Joel. You lost everything to gain everything, but you’d better hope that when the game ends, you get to keep the seat you’ve been given, not the seat you started out with.

    I am wondering if this is going to work into Pete’s plans or not.

    • aicivilwar

      And pray that the seat he started with wasn’t “the chair.”

      • Argent Stonecutter

        It was going to be “time served”.

      • Nohbody

        I can’t find the strip offhand, but Joel was going to be let out with “time served” while awaiting trial, before he was taken out of the jail by Pete. The break-out isn’t, if the HP! universe works anything like the real world, a capital offense (and even if it was, the “outright vanished” thing would make for an… interesting trial :P ).

  56. D-Rock

    Wow. She accepted. But I still worry regarding Kings original humanity. Sorry, but that’s going to continue bugging me.

    Also, Merry Christmas, everyone, and God bless!

    • Shane

      Thats a good point, for all we know Pete might switch him back when he and bailey are deeper into there love life. that aught to be a heartkiller for both

      Some how i see pete getting involved and man does it seem like it would be Bad

      • D-Rock

        I wasn’t thinking about Pete, honestly, though that does add to it. Honestly, wonder if Fox is still wondering why King was holding onto Joel’s watch, even if he did ask not to bring it up again.

      • Argent Stonecutter

        I don’t see Pete doing that, not unless he can make King ask for it, or Kitsune will body-slam him through a metaphorical rule book.

  57. Shane

    This Comic just gets better and better. another Christmas Strip goes and then comes the new year one. Cant wait to see whats next. :D

  58. Blaze_Fox

    I’m so happy that she said Yes. I “watch” housepets like some kind of Furry Soap opra. I love the art and style of this comic. I’m on my second readthrough of the comic right now.

  59. SP

    That’s it Bailey, you know it makes sense.

    • SP

      By the way, in that second to last panel are Bailey and King nuzzling or kissing?

      • aicivilwar

        It looks like they got 90% there, and then Bailey interrupted the “moment” with her exclamation before they touched noses, or whatever they were starting…

        • SP


          I guess a nuzzle or a lick is more canine, which is more in keeping with Bailey.
          But King still does things like a human so a kiss could work too.
          Wouldn’t it be funny if King was leaning in to kiss her just as Bailey was leaning in to lick him?

          If Bailey does sniff his butt I hope she warms her nose first.

          • Nohbody

            HP has animals smooching. Grape did it to Peanut’s cheek for the “mushiness is allowed” strip way back when. Not really any more unusual than animal muzzles being able to make human speech, really, which requires a similar level of mouth flexibility.

          • SP

            I guess.
            I can’t wait to see what happens next.

  60. dave strider

    i’m not too sure about this, king :|

  61. gmachine97

    1.good for them
    2.whats gonna happen about joel?
    3.whats everyone’s reaction going to be
    4.merry christmas to them and to all

  62. thebrokeartist


  63. thebrokeartist

    Gotta love the ending. First they are gonna kiss and then Bailey remebers the most important part of dogs life knowing your parters scent.

  64. killwithyourawesome

    WAIT…… did bailey stop just before the kiss and point out they never sniffed each others butts

    • thebrokeartist


      • Tommy "Red"Tail

        It was soo funny!!!

  65. DieselW0lf17

    I understand that she said yes to his proposal and it was the last thing I saw coming, (to be honest I thought she was gonna tell him she was pregnant what with the way things were proceeding.) but I’m kinda confused about Baileys behavior in the five panels before she say’s you got me. What is she doing and why does it look like she is looking around for something and why does she cover her mouth before she says yes? I know I’m probably reading to much into this but I am just curious is all. Some clarification would be nice.

    • zeroslash

      Why would she be pregnant?

      • DieselW0lf17

        It just seemed like that was the direction this arc was going.

    • Dena

      I believe that’s supposed to be her ‘thinking it over’.

  66. Lorenz

    awww how adorable thet are~ */ bookmarked heh heh /*

  67. Nohbody


    King gets Bailey in the end, and Bailey gets King’s end.

    Fair trade, I’d say. :P

  68. Bear

    She doesn’t say “YES” she only says “You got me”

    • Nohbody

      In context, though, it was a “yes”. If it had been meant the other way, I’m sure she would’ve said so after King’s shout for joy.

      • Bear

        Context isn’t necessarily fact, though you are probably right

  69. Lync

    Oh my god. That actually made me cry a bit. I literally (literally, in this case, being used in its actual definition, meaning “precisely, to the letter, or exactly as written,” as opposed to its stupid modern internet definition which means “figuratively,” which is, incidentally, THE EXACT OPPOSITE OF WHAT IT MEANS) NEVER cry EVER.
    It may have something to do with the fact that King is basically a short version of me in terms of personality, so I care about him more than the other characters.

  70. Kohaku Nightfang

    Dawww that’s freaking adorable. I’m wiggling in my seat from how cute it is :D So happy Bailey said yes!!! Also Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!!!!!

  71. Tommy

    Yay!!!! Their getting married!!! <3

    • aicivilwar

      Unless someone gets “cold paws” or if there’s higher-level interference.

      • Tommy "Red"Tail

        I doubt it. Not allowed in the rules. for Cold paws… a maybe. lol

  72. Kimo

    So creaking awesom!!! It’s so good that king finally gets something good to happen to him… This is a very merry Christmas!
    I have noticed that king doesn’t really associate with the cats all that much… Will they be indicted to the wedding?

    So is this tomorrow’s comic or are we in for a real treat of three comics in a row?

  73. bombwolfx01


  74. Abardon

    Awwwwe, merry christmas and happy holidays to everyone. This is something nice to find under the tree… xd Really, i left my labtop under the tree and checked this. Rick, you, are, awsome.

  75. Valerio

    after looking at Bailey’s reaction in the mute panels, I have the sudden, distinct, sinister feeling that she IS the avatar of Cerberus…

    • thebrokeartist

      Uh… Cerberus isn’t even playing U&U and she defenetly wouldn’t play on the same table as Pete. After all she’s still pretty mad at Pete for what he did when they were dating.

  76. ToaSoul

    Well know that thats over I have 2 questions
    1. wheres the wedding taking place
    and 2. Are we ALL invited!!

  77. gmachine97

    no offence to anyone but king put his leg up like a girl, my girlfriend does that when we kiss so idk really just wanted to point that out.

  78. Brighttail

    I love how it is KING’s leg that raises backwards when they finally kiss. This is very cute and congrats to them both.

  79. Brafisra

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      • Dissension

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          • KazuOhki

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            Its fine like it is ofcourse…. though I still say it would be a nice extra for the printed version maybe? xD

        • Duck'n

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    • Foxstar

      The Cast page has not been updated in some time. It will be at some point in the future.

  139. WolfeMasters

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    • Tommy "Red"Tail

      *Cousen. person who kidnapped her cousen…

      • volkoseba


    • KazuOhki

      I think King’s trouble is having the burden itself of keeping that secret.
      Its a past life for him now and he seems to be moving on.
      Plus not too many ways they can connect him with his human self and his actions in the past.
      He might tell Bailey eventually but overall I think he made up for his actions in the past. Now becoming a good friend of Bailey’s cousin (brother makes more sense to me but eh doesn’t matter) so it’ll be interesting what happens at that point but I think everything will be ok.
      Perhaps the burden will hold him back tell he gets it off his chest and finally lets go once and for all.

      Though I think Pete might try messing with him later, so we’ll see what happens.

      Again I’d really love a side story focused on King and Bailey they have become rather interesting characters lately.

  141. PescetarianWolfe

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    • Frank

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