All I Want For Christmas

Tune in tomorrow for the early Christmas comic and the conclusion!

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  1. Ryu

    A bright light has lit up for King’s and Bailey’s future! ^w^

    • Ryu

      Gods I hope so! ;w;

      • gagi

        I just hope Bailey won’t go all like “humans do that, not pets! What are you!”

        • Akai

          That’s exactly what I’m fearing. Her face on panel three isn’t exactly elated, but more bewildered (and possibly horrified) shock. Does anyone else think it’s too soon for King to pop the question anyways?Maybe not in dog time, but in human terms, they know each other for, what, 2 months total?

          • Xane

            I mentioned this below so I’ll be brief: since last Thanksgiving so a little over a year. We don’t know how long she’s been in Babylon Gardens but it’s likely less than 6 months (last appearance of King and Fox before this arc).

            In the early “Cat Tail” arc, when Joey talked about falling in love with Squeak and “moving in together”, Peanut’s horrified reaction was “We’re pets, We can’t even do that.” Hmm…

        • Peanut

          This would be an awkward time for king to change back.

          • Jay_dee

            This would be an awkward time for king to change back.

            I was literally thinking the same thing. It would make it interesting though.

          • joshua

            the princess and the dog?

    • Perfesser_Bear

      Yeah, but I’ll bet our @Silly Zealot has a kitten.

      • Silly Zealot

        If by that you mean I wanna go all Darth Vader like and say “NOOOOOOO”, then you are very good at understanding people. Hahahaha XD
        But yeah, I fear she’ll say yes.

        • Jayrith

          I want to see her try and explain to King that dogs don’t get married, that it’s a human thing. ‘Course if he then tried to explain to her that he used to be a Human and got turned into a dog after trying to kidnap her cousin, Fox.. Yeah, that’d be an interesting conversation. ;)

          • Argent Stonecutter

            Yeh, I was gonna say, do dogs even DO that?

          • aicivilwar

            I think either she’s going to pass out from the wierdness, or flip out, or say yes.

            By the way, where did JoeKing get the money for an engagement ring?

          • RedDwarfIV

            Next week on Housepets:
            King get’s a dental inspection, to see if he really is a human in a dog suit!

            I think Bailly will probably try to explain that dogs don’t get married. King will try to explain that, since pets in Babylon Gardens can now own homes and have jobs, why not have marriage?

            Bailly look surprised, probably because no dog has ever asked this of another dog before. When King explains, she can go one of two ways. Either “I guess you’ve got a point. Will it mean more snuggles?” or “King, we aren’t humans. Dogs just don’t do that.”

        • Perfesser_Bear

          Actually, my first pass through College, I majored in Psychology. Did pretty well, too (3.8 average) but dropped it because the climate for therapists stank in the mid-1970s. I’ve talked down two suicides and counseled too many addictive personalities — before I finished my degree — in IT. So yeah, I keep my hand in.

    • Duck'n

      Bailey must be having one of those egg nog induced hallucinations right….. am i right? What you say egg nog doesn’t do that… uh-oh.

      • Perfesser_Bear

        Orange soda, dude.

        • Duck'n

          Thats gotta be it, how else could you explain how an argument led to a proposal without a little fizzy encouragment.

      • Tarka

        Those Racoons in the kitchen actually did do some Jedi mind-trick or something…

        • Silly Zealot

          Magic is in the air! Dark magic, that is!

        • Jayrith

          There are no jedi mind tricks here. You will leave the lid off of your garbage when you set it out. Also some cookies.

    • Gabe23

      We could say that the answer Bailye will give could emotionally destroy King or make him extremely happy …

  2. Zenthis

    What just… what?

    • Elwood Blutarsky

      *Jaw hits floor*

    • thefirstonethere

      Aaaaaand, the world goes nuts!

  3. Taylor


    • p0lo


      • Silly Zealot

        I dunno…

        • aicivilwar

          Um, what did you say? I think I had a furball in my ear… Oh, it was Squeak… Now, say again?

    • Bücherdrache

      I dont even think that Housepets marry.
      So its extremly awkward

  4. Tarka

    ………..No comment.

    • Duck'n

      Cosmic Facepalm!

    • Gabe23

      This reminds me of this “FRIENDS” when Chandler proposes to Monica for the first time, and she says no because she knows he doesnt really wants to do it and he is not thinking straight … the she makes him realizes of what he is doing. At the end she says no, but they stay as a couple; THATS what I think is going to happen

      • Silly Zealot

        Yay for the fans of “Friends”.
        I’ll expect the worst and I’ll say she’ll say yes. I’m already pretty sure that, despite my quiet mental objections, they already kissed under the mistletoe.

  5. flaremaster

    Well, this ain’t gonna go well for King

    • falcon01

      I think I have to agree…the whole drama was because of King’s humanlike behaviour, and this is definitly not a pet type behavoiur ( I think…)

      • Arjay

        Definitely not pet behavior.

        • aicivilwar

          Now hold up… Even though we haven’t really NOTICED (caps only for emphasis) rings on paws as of yet, who’s to say that there aren’t any married animal couples in the HP world? After all, even in the real world there are species that stay together for life. (Eagles, for example) Is it so much of a stretch that the wolf couples JoeKing is around could be married as well?

      • LupisLight

        Now just a minute, how do you know pets don’t do this in the Housepets! world? It’s certainly not the first human-like behavior they’ve been seen mimicking, after all?

        • Silly Zealot

          There are humans in the real world who have children and never marry. You think animals in the housepets! universe would be any different?

        • Penwrite

          Do you even SEE that look on her face?

          • Tyris

            Yeah, that’s definitely a look of “what is this i don’t even.”

            If there were veterinarian psychiatrists, she’d be packing King off to one in the fifth panel.

    • falcon01

      I have been thinking and however this turns out it does show that king is now choosing to stay a dog rather than still wishing to be human. I HOPE it turns out ok for them.

      • Silly Zealot

        Yep, he completely made up his mind.

      • Akai

        Oh, I think you’re definitely right on this, King is now choosing to stay a dog. However, as he’s about to find out, even as a dog, his humanity is still evident and present, and this rejection would give him just the right motivation to become Pete’s avatar. I see him stressed out enough at that point to want to “see the world burn.”

        • darastrixen

          I forsee a potentially different outcome wherein King is rejected because marriage is “a human thing,” and he is unable to let go of the “you deserve better” sentiment; Pete has already laid out his plan for “equality,” and he may shift to “Do it for Her, King” type of attitude. A regular Anakin/Vader arrangement.

    • TD

      Of course it is going to end badly for him. Dogs don’t get married!

      The funny thing is there probably are pets who would go for this… but Bailey? I doubt it. Especially given that they have hardly been together in the time they’ve been together.

      She’s going to be quite upset. Though right now she is going through sheer, pure bafflement.

      I mean, where would King even get a ring?

    • SilentWolfXIII

      I’m predicting heart break in 3…2…1…

    • garbud

      i am just going to put out miles and his mate even thou their not actually married it pretty ding dang close.

    • brent

      yeah im afraid its going to end badly too

  6. Gabe23


    • Ryu

      But his love for Bailey is strong! It can work..hopefully!

      • valerio

        it’s so strong that it made him choose, and WHAT a choice :D
        Say yes Bailey, pleeeeeease

      • Gabe23

        But its to soon … I dont think he is thinking straight

    • Dontlookmenaked

      But it would be interesting.

    • Argent Stonecutter

      Use the force, King.

  7. IceKitsune

    WHAT! Ok I didn’t see that coming good job Rick you have now surprised me 4 times in this comic.

    • IceKitsune

      By the way when I say surprised I mean truly surprised as in its been 4 times were It didn’t even cross my mind that what you might do is what you ended up doing.

      • RootsofOrigin

        What is Rick doing to us?

        • Silly Zealot

          Blowing our minds utterly! Well, maybe not utterly… But it comes close!

  8. The Wolf Kin

    Wait, um. . . . what? Nice twist, Rick, I don’t think any of us saw that coming.

    Although, I think King’s about to get his heart stomped, because I don’t think pets exactly do that kind of thing. But who knows, you could throw us for another loop.

    • Kaiserbix

      I agree with you

    • Dontlookmenaked

      This is the biggest twist since we found out Grape was the double agent!

      • killwithyourawesome

        yep epic plot twist

  9. EHH

    I can honestly say that I did NOT see that coming!

    • Elwood Blutarsky

      Judging by the expression neither did Bailey. The girl never thought she’d hear those words.

  10. Perfesser_Bear

    Alt Text: “Who needs a Coupe de Ville at the bottom of a Cracker Jack box?”

    Although just as appropriate (had it been Halloween): “I got a rock…”

    Serious snuggles for our Pembroke friend. Bailey may bruise his ribs, this time.

    • Perfesser_Bear

      Oh, wait. Tell me King didn’t hock his watch to buy the ring. That would be… very bad.

      • Tarka

        He may be deluded by love, but I don’t think he’d trade his soul away…

        I hope…

        • The_Rippy_One

          Strictly speaking, isn’t that what you expressly expect to do, in certain religons; trade souls, I mean?

          • Silly Zealot

            “Yeah, this is my new pocket watch. It had someone else’s name on it but went and replaced with my own. Hard work, but I think it was worth it”

  11. D-Rock


    Okay, she is either going to be thrilled (somehow I doubt it), or is seriouslygoing to wonder what is up with King for sticking so strongly to human customs. You’re really close to revealing yourself, King.

    • Arjay


    • Elwood Blutarsky

      If she says yes he probably should reveal himself.

      • D-Rock

        But what would a pets reaction be in that case? Although I agree with that, otherwise he’ll basically be constantly lying to her.

        • Arjay

          it’s not lying if they don’t ask ;)

          • D-Rock

            Then it would likely be tricking.

          • Yehoshua

            Omission is just another form of dishonesty.

      • LupisLight

        Nah. He doesn’t have to tell her, I think. King’s past need not ever see the light of day at this point. After all, it doesn’t matter who or what King was way back then, now does it? What matters is who or what he is here and now. ;)

        • D-Rock

          Last we saw, his fate still bore the name of “Joel.”

          • Argent Stonecutter

            What if, on his honeymoon, he looks at the watch… and it says “King”?

          • aicivilwar

            Then I would have to stop referring to him as JoeKing.

  12. filmperson


  13. Marco

    Wow that’s just…….wow! 0.0

    A million thoughts are going through Bailey’s head! (Us) This can’t be good can it?! Her expression says it all!

    • valerio

      her expression says she’s shocked, that’s all for now.
      And you told *me* I was jinxying…

      • Marco

        Meep! I sure did Valerio.

    • IceKitsune

      To me her expression screams “What the **** is going on here!” Though I will admit I doubt she will say yes (though that would be really nice and would indicate Rick basically going full romantic comedy once the nerds are gone) most likely on the grounds of this is moving to fast.

      • aicivilwar

        Her expression more reminds me of Peanut’s reaction when the barn cats invited him to the pillow fight…

        “Um… uh… er…”

  14. Adryan

    I know this sounds terrible, but I hope she says no. ^.^;
    To me, it would totally change the dynamic of the comic. It would change from the light-hearted mischief to something completely different. I mean, I know comics evolve and change, because that’s what they do, but this just doesn’t seem right to me…
    I bet I’m the only guy who thinks this :p
    Better off ignoring me

    • YoyoDude

      While it’s a legitimate enough concern, and you’re surely not alone in thinking it, Rick has enough of an understanding of storytelling to avoid this scenario. I’ve seen lots of stories transform in such a manner, but I have a feeling that this kind of thing will never really dominate teh entirety of Housepets. The nice thing about having such a large ensemble of characters is the ability to have ones that can carry certain themes and tones, while still having others for more lighthearted storylines.

      • Adryan

        That certainly is another way of seeing it. I think I get what you mean, and I do hope it all works out. ^.^ Thanks for giving me a separate perspective~

  15. Roadrunner23

    Oh well, now that’s surprising christmas story!

    • aicivilwar

      I am the ghost of Christmas future… RUN BAILEY RUN!!!

  16. Marco

    King its too Human! I Don’t think pets use the human marriage system! ._.

  17. Alechsa

    King, you should have gotten advice from another pet…. She’s gonna check your teeth, man!

    • GameCobra

      Next comic, she just checks his teeth and walks away, very slowly, before jumping on him and saying yes.

      … i’m tempting fate, aren’t i? I can just feel it.

      • Kat_Halsey

        Yes, I think you are tempting fate… I like it.

      • Argent Stonecutter

        No, next comic she laughs…

        “Oh King, you’re such a goofball!”

        (fade to snuggles)

        • aicivilwar

          Or next comic…

          Bailey: Yes, and I have a secret I want to tell you.
          *Bailey leans forward and whispers in JoeKing’s ear*

          JoeKing: *eyes go blank white; cue instant fall-over feint*

    • ToaSoul

      when you say another pet…….. Oh I’ve got we should call Rufus
      he had some good advice

    • Elwood Blutarsky

      He has canine teeth, everything about him is canine. When Pete turned him into King he went so far as altering his mind for a basic set of canine instincts (he may not be into butt sniffing but he pants, shakes when wet, etc.).

  18. The Doctor

    please say yes bailey!!!!!!!

    • The Doctor

      but on second thought….. nvm i dont even know anymore

    • redwolfmatt

      i want bailey to say yes, but i think more she’s gonna flip out about him asking in such a human way. my two cents, i think she’ll start laughing about how human he’s being and just say yes to the mate.

      also, thanks for saving us on friday doc!

      • Duck'n

        Although if i had to judge i’d have to say that even dogs recognize the magnitude of “the proposal”. Let’s just say that this turn of events was definately NOT expected.

      • Pokeblue

        Well, if you really care for someone, unusual traits can become irreplaceable ones, so I might be in agreement with your statement. Granted I’m still a tad concerned.

      • Marco

        I do hope she says “Yes” Today’s comic really did caught me off guard! But since things are now working out for the two it might be a possibility it will work out! We’ll just have to wait and see till the next update! ;)

  19. Verp

    Okay, he’s moving rather fast, but his heart is in the right place.

    • Gabe23

      His intentions are good, but … there are other ways better than this one

  20. IceKitsune

    So I wonder if this is just symbolic (which I think is most likely) or if they can actually get married because back in the early part of the comic Peanut said that Pets can’t move in together when talking to Grape about Joey and Squeak or something to that effect.

    • Argent Stonecutter

      He’s living with a wolf couple, I think that changes the rules?

      • IceKitsune

        No because on paper (a.k.a. Legally, under the law) he is still a pet. The Miltions just let him have more freedoms because they let him do what ever he wants.

        • Argent Stonecutter

          On paper, so are the wolves.

          • IceKitsune

            I don’t think that any of the wolves are married though. Unless I’m forgetting were it was said that Miles and Lucretia married it doesn’t change anything.

          • aicivilwar

            I thought, on paper, the wolves were classified as “self-owned.” Whether self-owned pets or just something else entirely I don’t know, but when the officer came to the wolves’ house to inspect, he read something from the Milton’s that was to that effect.

    • TD

      Well, you have to remember that King isn’t actually really even a pet. Who his “owner” is, legally speaking, is presently ambiguous at best – from what the ferrets said, it seems that the position of King (and the wolves) is a very strange one, probably in much the same way as the ferrets themselves inhabit some sort of strange legal limbo.

      That being said, Bailey totally is. Though the people of the neighborhood don’t seem to be exactly the conventional sort, so…

  21. TXCat

    asdj kbh wefyla dlsjf ljkadslfkj h = mind blown

    • Duck'n

      …..Shortly after she starts to foam at the mouth in disbelief and passes out…. This will be a christmas to remember!

  22. GameCobra

    This is the stuff i enjoy about the comic. It’s not just the proposal, but the amount of impact moments like this have. Many comics i find don’t have unexpected wham moments like this as much as Housepets. It’s awkward for King to do this considering his past life, but that also is making us think of the differences of a dog with human personality moreso than ever before and the possible impacts of it in the future.

  23. T-Squared


    (Free ice packs for your head available in the lobby.)

  24. Crystalwind


    This storyline just got a billion times more unexpected.

    • valerio

      it got a billion time more AWESOME :D

      • aicivilwar

        A billion times more BOTH. :-)

  25. Maken

    Yep I can legitimately say I didn’t see that coming at all lol(that shock/horror look is hilarious). Though I have to agree with most of the commenters that the likelihood of her accepting such a human form of proposal…..or any “proposal” of any sort would be a bit off. Though it makes me wonder if Pete was laughing about his new relationship with bailey in that he planned on ruining it later, or if he knew that joel would screw it up himself by being “too human” and once again start his cycle of (often self-inflicted) misery. OF course I’m still not giving up on the idea that Pete wouldn’t just transform him at the most inconvenient time anyhow.

  26. Anon_omis

    Her reaction……in very scared as to what she will do in the next strip *covers eyes.*

  27. T-Squared

    BTW, I added King’s line to TVTropes already: :D

  28. Taylor

    Hold on!

    Earlier that day, the couple had an arguement that threatened their relationship. Where in King’s right mind, after recently having that arguement, does he think about tying the knot with his soon-to-be-ex girlfriend?

    • LadySharon

      The argument happened when they were passing around invites. It’s my understanding that the party was several days in the future from that point.

      Also King could have already had the ring before the argument.

  29. Zzzzzx

    Can’t tell what that expression on Bailey’s face is… (last panel)

  30. xhunterko

    All I can say is good luck King.

    • Marco

      He will need it that’s for sure!

      • Sweet the Sour


        • Duck'n

          Amen to that!

          • Valerio

            seconded thirted and fourthed :D

          • aicivilwar

            And Congress passes it unanimously. This is truly a day to be remembered!

  31. Xane

    Well you’ve certainly gasted my flabber to-day!

  32. RedFox

    well that escalated quickly good for you king hope it works out for him

  33. Duck'n

    King: “hey Bailey do want your present now”.
    Bailey: “Sure why not? Uh hey what is this….”!
    King: …. Merry Christmas….??

    • Marco

      Bailey: “…”
      King: “I….love you….Bailey” *Grins*
      Bailey: “….”

      • aicivilwar

        Bailey: *action*
        JoeKing: Again with the cone of shame?

        • ToaSoul

          Bailey: yes *leans in gives King a kiss on head* I’ll see you tomorrow
          King:*waves* bye bailey

  34. Eeveewolf

    That was cute

  35. LupisLight

    Alright, King! :D I’ll bet NOBODY saw this one coming!

    Say yes, Bailey, say yes!

  36. Rexnano

    Your doing it wrong king, your suppose to give her a dead chicken not a ring

  37. KleptoKat

    I think Rick got us… I am curious to see how it ends.

  38. leaffly

    UHHHH… Not that I am trying to be mean… but I don’t think it will work out…
    Why you might ask? Well King is still a human per… say… And the pets are like kids… In my opinion. They will go out and all but to merry? EHHHH… I can’t say they will do that. The Wolfs are already feral they just want to be a part of human community so nothing really changes there… BUT King… I think… he might as well say that he was human.
    Look… I could be wrong but I am pretty sure its not going to work out. Though I do hope it does and I am wrong its just… I have my doubts on this…

  39. Sweet the Sour

    You have now taken the top spot for cliffhanger that has had the most effect on me!
    (#1 /WAS/ The “Journey’s End” cliffhanger from the reboot of Doctor Who)

  40. LHRchronic

    ok now baily will punch his face.

  41. Facade Kitsune

    WOOOOOOO king broke bailey both in the unexpected and in doing something so human and not dog like that she is stunned senseless

  42. Lorev

    That kind of came out of nowhere. How long have these two been seeing each other? Either way, fingers crossed for a good outcome.
    This does add the possible and curious circumstance that, should they get married, King may reveal in time that he’s actually a human in dog form. Well, Bailey might chalk that up to drunk talk.
    Kudos to King for getting the guts and the heart to ask Bailey for her hand in marriage. I just hope he hasn’t left his brain entirely out of the picture when he took up that knee…

  43. Musclecar326

    You gave her the blue screen of death! Or the red ring of death whichever makes more sense. Actually you could say King gave her the blue stare of death since her eyes are blue and shes staring at him, frozen.

    • Duck'n

      It’s the One Ring of Power, that explains why she’s speechless.

  44. Pokeblue

    I think he just broke his girlfriend. I actually don’t know how to think about this. I mean, I hope she says yes, but it does come off as too human, and her facial expression has me worried.

    Does make me wonder though, if the pets does something like this, propose, what do they do? There’s the dead chicken idea that Rexnano just reminded me about. Though that may actually work better on a far-…Actually…that might’ve not been as bad an idea than I originally thought.

  45. Voided Filmes

    Oh, oh wow. I have been waiting and waiting for this page on pins and needles and now it’s here and….yeah, did NOT see that coming. For me, there hasn’t been a shock this huge since we found out Grape was a girl, in fact this one might even beat it.

    This strip really had me feeling all the emotions. First, stunned silence and I had to read the comic again. That’s when I started awwwing like a teenage girl! A couple more reads and I was feeling so happy for the two and laughing at poor Bailey knowing her mind had to of just broke. That’s when some time passed and I started thinking about this strip or more importantly the one after it.

    On a few more reads I start looking at Bailey’s face not as something to laugh at but to really be worried about. Pets don’t marry and I think we’d all put money down that they sure don’t purpose! I don’t know what Bailey is going to say, but no doubt she’s gonna have a lot of questions and King is gonna have to answer them.

    Poor King, he’s feeling more nervous than I am! So I’ll end this by saying, Rick, lots of love to you man and thanks for the awesome gift of another page tomorrow!

  46. valerio

    King, my man, you tried like NO dogs tried! :D
    Though I strongly hope she says yes, just the fact that you were willing to go this far speaks VOLUMES about your change.
    You are truly one good dog :D

  47. Secret

    I really didn’t see this comming, at all.

  48. The_Rippy_One

    Well…we’ll get some information on how pets view monogamy, relationships, and partnering, at least, right? *looks on the bright side*

    • aicivilwar

      At least the way that *good* pets feel about it. Can’t say that about Ms. stalker model dog.

  49. CainPowers

    =OOOOOOOOOOOOOO *is shocked* Rick, Very VERY nice twist. Kudos. This new arc has ha me on the edge of my seat. =3

  50. gameangel147

    This surprising twist hit me harder than a 16-wheeler on the highway.
    Though by the look of the look on her face, it looks like things don’t look good, but I am really hoping they do.

    Please let things work out!

    • gameangel147

      I was wondering how it went from sunset to nighttime, but then I realized teh yellow background is actually the lights inside.

  51. Kia Tarazed

    i so saw this coming when king first met her.

  52. CHAOKOCartoons

    …did I just squeal?!… I DID JUST SQUEAL!!! RICK YOU MADE A TEENAGE BOY SQEAL! YOU GET 1,000,000 BROWNIE POINTS!!…then again you need a trillion to redeem for a brownie but a million is like my life point savings so… there ya go… PS: she’ll probubly say no in a nice way :D

  53. Gabe23

    And how did King get the ring in so short notice ? How did he bought it ? Milton´s money ? Aalso, Bailey´s reaction is priceless

  54. TheBigMC

    what?!….. *thinks about it* ….. WHAT?

  55. Lance

    woah woah WHHHATTTTT it’s a dream… surely… WOAH. O_o

    • Lance

      I’m just still totally stuned… I have no idea what will happen but I’m scared. I hopemfor the best but expect the worst. Oh dear. >_<

    • Awesomedudeperson

      Or was it?!?! *insert object of relevance to make you wonder*

  56. Russiarules1

    Who the heck saw that one coming, really?!

    Daheck? Whatever… Go King!

    • LupisLight

      Um, well, I assume Tarot would have seen it coming…

      • Russiarules1

        Good point.
        Besides any other pet who doesn’t have those super powers n’ shtuff, who the heck saw that coming?!

  57. Jibbs

    King, no…just….no.

  58. Dracke

    I gues his human uprisig is shining thru once again

  59. Mukavich

    All my objections are falling flat in the face of “Stubby-legged Husky Puppies!”.

    Give us stubby-legged husky pups, Rick. I demand it.

  60. Zaitsev

    Bailey’s face in that last panel is less than encouraging.

  61. XanderDawg

    0_o THE PLOT!!! she thickens!!

  62. Steam

    Oh god cliffhangers

  63. Val Kilmer Batman/AsimovSideburns


    • TinFoilHats

      You having teenage mood swings :3

  64. Kanashe

    50$ say that Bailey is gonna deny him, any takers on this?

    • Val Kilmer Batman/AsimovSideburns

      3 cookies says she says yes

    • ToaSoul

      … 5 bags of dog treats on bailey saying yes

    • Shadowcatcher

      I think it could go either way. Or the unexpected might happen with Bino suddenly appearing and crashing their party. Only thing I can say for certain is that this is going to have a huge impact for the year to come.

      Still, last year at this time Tarot tried to warn him of some impending danger before he slammed the door (justifyably) in her face. Safest bet is to expect the unexpected.

  65. Val Kilmer Batman/AsimovSideburns

    Thank you for not making this a Friday comment, I don’t think I would have made it through the weekend.

    • Val Kilmer Batman/AsimovSideburns


    • Dontlookmenaked

      Somebody else who knows the pain of waiting all weekend!

    • Duck'n

      Let’s just be thankful that Rick has tripled his efficiency with a nearly cartoon show esque art direction and attention to detail. I’ll just come out and say that this new art style is REALLY starting to look good!

  66. thrasherblades



    Bailey: *poker face*

    • Silly Zealot

      Hahahaha, nice!
      But I think it should be:
      “But here’s a ringcase,
      so marry me, maybe.”

      • Val Kilmer Batman/AsimovSideburns

        “Hey, we just fought, dear,
        And this is crazy,
        But here’s a ring so,
        Marry me maybe?”

        • ToaSoul

          Hey we just argued
          And this is crazy
          so her’s a ringcase
          Marry me Bailey

          Well This is awkward
          You cone of shamed me
          but the offer still stands
          Marry me Bailey

  67. Mokiki

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  68. Birko

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  69. lonelywolf3

    At this point, I think Baily’s going to catch on that King is human, and so will everyone else if they go through with this.

    • Val Kilmer Batman/AsimovSideburns

      Keep in mind that Bailey isn’t clued into the whole “Magic” thing (as far as we know). She doesn’t even know about Tarot’s psychic abilities, because it hasn’t come up around her.

      So while she may get weirded out and figure that SOMETHING is up, the idea of King being a human probably wouldn’t cross her mind.

      • Val Kilmer Batman/AsimovSideburns

        Well, except maybe in a sort of “you act more like a human than a dog!” Sort of thought/accusation

        • Argent Stonecutter

          Oh boy, would that break King’s crazy little brain.

        • Duck'n

          Yeah like an extreme case of culture shock!

      • Xane

        This really feels too early for even humans to ask such a thing. The last time we saw King and Fox was July 20, which means Bailey could have moved to Babylon Gardens anytime after that. But half a year of dating in person (or a little over a year of knowing each other at all) still feels early, but maybe that’s just me.

        Also I wonder if that officially means King has chosen to be a dog forever. I don’t think you can ask such a thing without doing that first!

      • Xane

        Lost my original point trying to re-format my reply above, which was that we don’t know if Bailey has been there long enough to meet everyone or not. Sasha acted like this was the first time she’d seen Bailey so it kind of sounds like she’s only been there a very short time, but she could have been there any length of time from July 20 onward.

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  74. KazuOhki

    How did he afford that ring?
    Please tell me it wasn’t out of a cracker jack box…. how did he afford a cracker jack box from so long ago back when they actually had stuff in them……

    Didn’t expect that, seems a little soon.
    Now to find out if the animals in this universe actually get married or not.

    I’m looking forward to the next comic now. Perhaps it’ll lead to Bailey asking why he’d do such a human thing and then King confessing it but saying he’d choose to stay that way for her.
    I dunno seems like a heart capturing thing that he’d give up his old love, the entire world he had before for her.
    Though even if it doesn’t go that way I don’t see it going wrong.
    Though she does look awfully confused. xD

    Then again he could just say he was never around dogs and only knows human stuff and that pretty much removes that little bit of depth which I was enjoying….. still works though.
    I’ve enjoyed this build up in story so far.

  75. Bloodfencer

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  76. Argent Stonecutter

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  77. Blucan

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  78. aeroxwolf

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    Please say yes Bailey.

  79. kajowwojak

    Legit question: Do dogs actually get married in this world, or is that King’s human life bleeding through?

    • Shadowcatcher

      That’s a good question. We’ve seen plenty of couples, but the only ones with kids that I can think of are the wolves. Given the strip with Rodney/Snow a few days ago, probably not.

  80. SonicTheFighter

    This is either a dream, hallucination via orange soda, or Pete messing with us. hmmmm…

    • Taylor

      I agree, this HAS to be a dream at this point.

  81. Lucid_Dragon

    Wow…this was unexpected. Still, I suppose King’s finally made his choice (and the right one at that!), so I’m glad.

    Bailey, King once said you’d make him the happiest dog in the world (respite in the country); let him return the favor and say yes!

  82. Don fox

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    not good at all.. but hopefully all goes well. ^.^

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    Happy Holidays everyone~

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  86. Alastar20

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    Otherwise, Yay, congrats king! (hopefully.)

    • Shadowcatcher

      After catching a cat and a dog making out in the closet, she can probably now say “now I’ve seen everything”.

  87. Aresues

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    • Tommy

      Ok, now that i’m done being flabburgasted…. King, what are you doing? your going to blow your cover!

  91. Wulfspyder


  92. WolfeMasters

    I love how Bailey’s ears show so many different expressions. She is quite cute.

  93. Kenichi340

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  97. gmachine97

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  98. Vuk'91

    King/Joel is bringing in the worst idea to apologize D: King! Tell her you were HUMAN!!!

    • Shadowcatcher

      Telling her that he used to be human might be the worst thing he can do. The best outcome of that would be Bailey thinking he was crazy. No good could come from that.

      If King has truly accepted his life as a dog, then his past life as a human should no longer be of consequence. Better to cut the last threads of the Old Life, and fully embrace the New Life.

  99. Abardon

    awe, kind of a touchy x-mas moment. one can hope it is not al ump of coal T.T but love the comic and follow it no matter what. Many things ran though my head, one including a truck but I’ll keep them to myself and wait for the present to open up next update. :) Amazing Rick.

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  101. nintendosagafan

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  102. Shadowcatcher

    Well, this was unexpected! Bailey sure looks shocked!

    Many here seem to think that she’s going to figure out his true origins. This is one of the rare cases where Occam’s Razor is going to lead to the wrong conclusion. After all, humans turning into pets just doesn’t happen in “the real world”. I suspect even those who did have contact with Pete and or superbeings would have a hard time believing the truth if said beings did not flat out inform them.

    I can’t wait to see what happens, but I suspect that Bailey is probably going to conclude that King is mentally ill, as that requires the fewest assumptions. Living with Wolves who are trying to live in the role of Humans is only going to support that idea more. Unless Pete was sloppy, I don’t see King failing the ‘teeth check’ – human teeth just wouldn’t work right in a dog’s muzzle (not to mention it would be immediately obvious.) The real test would be more on the genetic level.

    • Elwood Blutarsky

      Genetically he’s a purebred corgi, he’s even got the papers. Pete did the transformation in a second but he was through, he even changed his eye color so of course he turned all his teeth into canines.

  103. BoA

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  107. thebrokeartist

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    • thebrokeartist

      I’m not gonna repeat what I said.

  108. cheetahwolf

    “Bailey, will you be my Queen?” i wonder if that a real diamond and how he got the money.

    • Shadowcatcher

      Ordered from Amazon using his old credit card info. XD

      • zeroslash

        That’d be a bad idea. What if the police find out someone used his credit card and tracked it to King? :P

        • Shadowcatcher

          He gets sent to obedience school for using someone else’s money?

          • zeroslash

            That probably won’t make the situation any less tense. A seemingly random dog who has the banking information of a wanted criminal? They’ll suspect King will have a connection with Joel and possibly interrogate him to find information that might lead to his capture. Little would they know…

  109. Miles Nights

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  110. Mister_Ed

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    Oh my gawd! Please don’t let this be a heart break PLEASE!!! I don’t think Kings or my heart could take it!!!

  111. The Masonic Mason

    As a stonemason I see all sorts of tragedies and happy occaisions. I’ve come to judge people quite well. A linesman got me into this comic a year ago and I really enjoy it….although its been quite a long time since I’ve seen a face as bewildered, gobsmacked, bordering on horrified as seen on Bailey’s face in the last panel.

    King is essentially human. He still acts as most humans would do given his current unique situation. I doubt the majority of animals have a sense of ‘Marriage’ (unless your a Swan or Wolf who usually mate for life) …. ….this cliffhanger can’t end well. Will I be proven wrong I wonder?

    And Merry Crimbo Rick et al!

  112. Gypsyraccoon

    Riiick! Thanks for the comic and for the effort and time you put in to bring us all so much enjoyment ^_^ Merry Christmas to you and yours!

    • Duck'n

      I dunno how he keeps breaking the internet? But there’s no doubt about it Rick is a mad genius!

  113. illeatyourself

    She looks rather confused. I wouldn’t be surprised if she said something about “Dogs don’t propose to each other, it just sorta happens.” XD Still, this is really sweet!

  114. Kohaku Nightfang

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  115. Incognitus

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  116. The Cooler

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  117. WhiskeyMutt

    Dude, I have absolutely fallen in love with these two, they remind me much of my relationship. So awkaward and glued together that its less like a puzzle and more like an abstract beauty like a museum piece. King has obvious feelings for Bailey and if he feels that he can remain a dog FOR HER of all things, I think that is a beautiful concept. He is willing to give up his own human life, his regular routine, the comfort of human rights, the higher standard of living, the ability to find life with someone else, all for her. I have a similar experience, that giving up all that one has for someone else, is the feeling that I believe can only be true, unconditional love. I do hope bailey gets very awkward with this, goes into an explanation, but then says a big fat YES.

  118. TinFoilHats

    AHAAA!! We were all expecting them to have a kiss, but Rick pulled a fast one and upped the moment by PROPOSAL!!…
    Rick, why are you such an awsome storyteller?
    It’s so beautiful!! *torrent of tears gushes out of eyes*

  119. johnwolf

    my face is extactly bailey’s face after that happened. read it like 7 times just to make sure it was EXACTLY what it is. this for me came right out of the blue, though i hope she says yes.

    • Lance

      it took me about 7 or so times of reading it for it to sink in. I’m to scared to get hopeful. so many emotions!

  120. Tommyrazor

    Go King! Can’t wait to see what happens next. ^^

  121. StarShade

    Main issue I have if you go the “pets don’t do that” route is that the wolf family whose party they are attending certainly LOOKS married. Don’t try to pull a fast one like saying the wold family aren’t really pets cause that won’t fly with me…

    Trying to say “pets don’t do that” at this point is just asking for a Plot Hole. Though, frankly I think the more arkward response would be for Bailey to go “I can’t! I’m neutered!” or spaid or whatever it is.

    Yeah… neutered. Of course in a universe where the pets are as unique as this one, that is a whole ‘nother question entirely…

  122. Cjwj

    epic moment in house pets

  123. Neo

    WOW, I FINALLY got to the end of the comments and I must say, I am speechless. Not just because of the siituation, but because everyone said pretty much everything I could say. So I will say this: Rick, you have done it again.

    So many endings to think of. Wanna guess how many people? Tell me your best ending.


    • Tommy

      Baily tells King that dogs don’t get married that it just kind of happens and they don’t break up. OR baily finds out that king is a humen and they break up.

    • zeroslash

      Bailey declines his proposal and King is left utterly defeated. The least likely scenario is she is reluctant at first, but after a speech by him about how he cares for her, et cetera, she’ll accept. But I highly doubt it.

  124. Cyan Leopard

    I think she looks cofused.

  125. StPyre

    oh god, that face she’s making is making my heart hurt ^^; i hope it turns out okay.

  126. Grey t' Floydian Sergal

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    I think my brain has just got a BSOD… O_o”

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    • Tommy

      Tommorrow… christmas gift to us…

  129. gmachine97

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  130. Deathshadow

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  131. Raska

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  132. brown wolf

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  133. kidskorpi

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  134. Dazley

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  135. Novacuity

    For the sake of following the personality of each characters traits, King is gonna get denied and Bailey is gonna try to avoid him until a later time due to shock. Course he is gonna stay negative until then and is probably gonna: 1) get turned back because Pete claims to be doing it for moral reasons as well when he was at court (if i remember correctly) and 2) just plain avoid King and he is just gonna go back to being negative and not liking most animals all over again helping Taret win.

  136. Wild/Wisp

    Wild: Poor dog i Wounder how hard she’ll Pull out his heart?

    Wisp: ooh i feel so happy for them :) .

  137. A helping man

    I feel like I’m reading a regrettable episode of How I Met Your Mother.

  138. Jjkronos

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  139. KazuOhki

    I’m half expecting, “but we are already mates aren’t we? Why the human thing?”
    King sorta has a back story as a dog thanks to pete.
    He can easily say he never met many dogs outside of competitions and only knew about human rituals. Pretty much covering up the human thing till hes ready to try and tell her.
    Still it seems win win at this point.

    Would kinda like to see him try to explain how different a world he lived in before and how he is giving it all up for her. I dunno seems like a real girl heart securing forever sorta thing.

    Just hoping no joke stuff comes next. Not gonna like that I’ve been enjoying their relationship as is and been wanting to see more.

    I think its the most developed relation ship in the story so far, so ya thats gotta stay :3

    • KazuOhki

      still wonder how he afforded that ring though.

  140. StarShade

    The most likely scenario that i can foresee is whatever happens, it winds up Not Working Out, which leads to depressed king…
    WHICH PUTS HIM IN THE PERFECT MINDSET FOR PETE’S PURPOSES. Then Pete can advance King in his bizarro cosmic RPG mechanic and King becomes the alternate to Tarot. DUNT DUNT DUHN.

  141. Duck'n

    I can’t wait to see what Bailey’s reaction is! Heck maybe this IS one of those it was all just a dream scenarios and Bailey wakes up Christmas day to find out that none of it actually seemed to happen. Only to find the Engagement ring sitting at the foot of her bed!

  142. Parry

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  143. Profesor Rod

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  144. burberry outlet

    Nobody would see you to ultimately mug you in the basement.

  145. Mega Creep

    This ain’t right King is HUMAN in DOG suit nonononono!!!!

    • Duck'n

      I think at this point he’s decided that his current station in life is pretty sweet. Of course at least at the moment he’s kinda in limbo about the dog/human thing. Though i’d have to say that this decision has for better or worse inclined him to his new life in Babylon Gardens.