Baby It’s Cold Outside
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  1. Ryu

    Love can still bloom, even on a naked party! X3

    • Ryu

      Or it could fade away into nothing! :( Those expressions…..Brace yourself King

      • Valerio

        nah, both are showing embarrassment. At least it looks like Bailey too has realized she was overreacting with King as well.
        I hope. *crossesfingerscrossesfingerscrossesfingers!*

        • bhPixelFire

          It’s remorse.
          Both have reailzed that they were a bit foolish.

          The last panel is more of a cringe than an “I’m breaking up with you.” face.

          • LeaahWulf

            I think they’ll stay together. I mean, why would Bailey break up with King at a Christmas Party, even if it is a naked themed one.

    • Peanut

      You know, I just noticed they’re all naked except for King and Bailey.

      • Akai

        You realize the shadow of that human in the background is obviously wearing clothes, right? Unlike the Bigglesworth mother.

      • RedDwarfIV

        I think I can see collars on all the non-humans except Lucretia.

        • Silly Zealot

          She’s completely naked (minus the furcoat)! Gross! Ban!

  2. Xane

    Well she doesn’t look too mad. King, be a good dog!

    • awesomedudeperson

      Yeah be a good dog and “King get yourself in the panel please” (alt text for you phonies out there) ;)

    • Gabe23

      Yes, just dont follow your human instinct

      • The_Rippy_One

        Even human instincts would be okay in this situation…King just has none whatsoever…

  3. D-Rock

    Yep, puts the “crazy” in crazy cat lady.

  4. IceKitsune

    heheh oh…. I doubt that was a pretty sight.

    • Valerio


      • ToaSoul

        MY EYES THEY BURN!!!!!!

      • Perfesser_Bear

        Yeah, King — hand me the melon baller when you’re done with it. That pesky Mind’s Eye has to go.

    • Silly Zealot

      Aww, come on, guys! Maybe she is only 30 years old. We never knew what her age was anyway.

      • Keldor

        Crazy cat ladies are *always* 60 or older. XD

        • killwithyourawesome

          yep 60+ is a prerequisite for crazy cat lady

  5. The Wolf Kin

    The fact that only King’s head is in the panel is hilarious, and lampshaded by the alt text.

    And King’s definitely having a little Blue Screen moment in the final panel.

    • Secret

      for anyone who wants to know, the alt text is:King get yourself in the panel please.

  6. Gabe23

    Ooohhhh the “Lets Talk” talk … that can be or really really good or really really bad

    • Z24

      “Let’s talk” is way better than “We have to talk”

    • Silly Zealot

      Bad, but could be worse!

  7. Taylor

    Oh, God. Here it comes.

    • volkoseba

      This is a foe beyond any of you. I must hold the narrow way. Fly!

      • Penwrite


        • Silly Zealot

          Obey his last will! Run, you fools!

  8. Tarka

    …I don’t get it…

    But at least Bailey seems to feel a bit of regret of how she acted… at least, that’s the feeling I’m getting.

    • Tarka

      Oh…. wait. Got it… *brick’d

    • Kaj

      Pretty sure the Bigglesworths’ mother is supposed to be an old hermit of a lady. Not someone I’d want following me around in the nude xD

      • killwithyourawesome

        now i am very disturbed

      • Valerio

        …or she could be an ‘Aunt Petunia’

      • doomwolf

        Also the comic is implying that shes naked.

        • killwithyourawesome

          thats what has me disturbed

          • Silly Zealot

            Woah! Don’t judge before analizing the whole picture!

          • Tarka

            There is nothing to analyze. Crazy cat lady showing up to a party in the buff = disturbing.

            Someone get her a towel! Please!

  9. volkoseba


    • Marco

      Is there a back door somewhere?

      • Silly Zealot

        There’s always the window.

  10. Marco

    A bad feeling I’m sensing? Augh what could it be?

    • Marco

      Ok maybe a good feeling hopefully! ;)

  11. GameCobra

    King is like :|

    • Valerio

      input overload can do you that…

    • bug

      I think I know what King is thinking,( O’ god… so THAT’S the reason she wants to be elsewhere. O_O

  12. The Doctor

    Well this doesn’t look good.

    • bug

      Why are you looking in the first place!?

  13. AleColin

    I hope nothing goes wrong when they talk in private, and King has a chance to apologize to her.

    • Silly Zealot

      A resonance cascade that opened a transdimensional portal to a distant world between worlds was made that night on that house.

  14. andrew N.

    All right.
    If it’s time to “discuss the relationship”, run for your life, King.

    … and how can we possible tell the Bigglesworth apart without their collars?
    Oh, wait. :p

    • Silly Zealot

      I wonder how many of him, I mean them, made it to the party.

  15. xhunterko

    Do you have a step stool he can borrow?

    • p0lo

      Or adorable little stilts?

      • Raska

        Or a milk carton?

        • bug

          I don’t get it.

    • TinFoilHats

      A phonebook

    • Trefoiler

      He could probably use one now that he’s off his soap box..

  16. Filiocht

    Yeah, the talk is coming. THE talk.

  17. Don Fox

    omg. i sense a romantic scene coming!! quick somone get the missletoe

  18. awesomedudeperson

    Compare any reader’s face to King’s in that last frame and I doubt you will see a difference. Except for the part where King is an adorable corgi.

    Sorry if any of you readers are adorable corgis.

    • CHAOKOCartoons

      Nah, I’m a Tabby. But your like 100% accurate! XD

  19. Isaac


  20. filmperson

    King is seems particularly short right now.

    • Argent Stonecutter

      I was noticing how much smaller Lucretia is than the human next to her, how much smaller Bailey is than Lucretia, And then King next to Bailey.

      • Faceslapper

        Russian tea dolls?

        • RedDwarfIV

          Suddenly, a second thought no one will want to have.

        • Argent Stonecutter

          I don’t think they’re sufficiently hollow.

          I’d like to see a full body comparison shot from the biggest characters (I think the tiger at the local zoo is the largest biped we’ve seen) down to the smallest.

  21. Sonic Fox

    Oh god…

  22. Birko

    Brace your self King. THE conversation is comming!

    • Gabe23

      Stay calm and … dont follow your instinct

    • Grip Moonwolf

      Also, winter is comi- oh, wait, it’s already here. Oh well.

      • Silly Zealot

        It’s summer where I’m living.

  23. falcon01


    • p0lo


      • bug

        PUPPIES!!!! They’re so fluffy!!

        • Silly Zealot

          I’m glad for Rodney and Snow. I thought Miles was the only one with cubs because he was the alpha male and wouldn’t let the others have puppies due to status like in real life!
          Thankfully, I’ve been proven wrong.

          • Trefoiler

            Alphas may very well have exclusive propagating rights in Housepets! wolf packs, but if they do, Miles’ pack would probably be the exception.

            So you’ve been proven… inquisitive?

            Yes. Congrats. ^_^

  24. LR

    Well, her eyes are back to blue. Probably a good sign… as in “not being emotionally manipulated at the moment”.

    • Silly Zealot

      She has been unzombified!

  25. Kazu-Ohki

    Oddly enough I’ve found myself intrigued in King and Bailey’s relation ship.
    Human turned dog meets farm dog leaving him the choice of trying to go back or finally accepting his fate.
    Not to mention even with a new life that gryphon Pete might get in the way a bit.
    I’m hoping the story between them keeps going.
    Heck I’d love to see an alternate story arc about the couple and friends.
    I’d probably even pay for it… maybe….kinda…sorta…

    • Isaac

      Oh dear god. Knowing how the universe works, Bailey might end up as Pete’s avatar…..of course this is just speculation

    • bug

      You know, I wounder if King is going to let his secret slip on this one. Thinking about it he has to SOME-TIME and when he slips (explosion off in background)
      … as I’ve said before things will get UG-LY!!

      • Kazu-Ohki

        Actually I’d think He’d confess to her tell her he doesn’t want to be human again because of her and everything goes swell from there. If not a tad weird.
        The only negative I can think of is if he doesn’t tell her and they split up and the story is never touched again x-x
        Otherwise the result is a medium ground and more delaying so ya pretty sure it won’t be “ugly” per say knowing the author.
        Plus Bailey isn’t the type to believe things like that so fast, seems more down to earth type.

        • bug

          Ya true but what about Fox? I’m SURE that he could piece this one together, and if so he’d never talk to King again.

  26. Vuk91

    Bailey is so cute here, and also, King too. I’m sure there will be apologization and forgiveness, and king also tells why he acted like that, explaining that he wasnt always a dog… and what happened to his pets.

  27. Russiarules1

    I hope this doesn’t go the way I think this is going…
    Oh man, I should be asleep…

  28. Kitch

    She gets to visit his room. :3

  29. Jman552

    I see Grape! Top left, sitting down.

    • omena

      It could be any other cat as well, as far as we know :o

      • MistaEpic

        No, that’s Grape…

    • bug

      NO that can’t be Grape, if so then where’s Peanut??
      Didn’t think of that did you? -_-

      • ben'e

        just to her right, on the ground

  30. ToaSoul

    I think this is going to be one of Kings most disturbing weeks…
    First Bailey imploding Bino’s face.
    Second Rodney and Snows… a Canoodling
    And Third…. Mrs. Bigglesworth Naked

    • bhPixelFire

      I would say it’s more a mix of fear, sadness and burning eye sockets than it is disturbing.

      • ToaSoul

        depends on how you take it

        • aicivilwar

          In cups. :-p

    • Frank

      Don’t forget gouging his minds eye out with the mellon baller!

      • bhPixelFire

        I was going to say: WHERE’S A MELON BALLER WHEN YOU NEED ONE?!

    • Trefoiler

      Not sure if it fits as well as it does in my head, but your list seems a good start to a Hp! 12 Days of Christmas. Perhaps like:

      … ♫ Three naked guests,
      Two expecting wolves,
      And Bino in a neck brace! ♫

      … and anyway, I’m sure new lyrics are eagerly awaited by the swan, goose, blackbird, chicken, dove, and partridge communities respectively. They’re not the pushovers they used to be.

  31. Draven

    The rage has passed, give her a hug already. At the very least apologize, even if you don’t think you were wrong, apologize for upsetting her.

    • bug

      Because girls are always, ALWAYS right in pretty-much eny relationship.
      Trust me I’ve tried arguing with my mom and she wins 7 times out of 10.

    • Gabe23

      Yeah, the lack of the red eyes is a good sign

  32. SP

    Shame about scrapping the “Au Naturale theme” as it wouldn’ve been interesting, as would some of the angles and strategically placed objects needed to keep the PG rating intact.
    As I said before just the pets losing their collars would’ve been interesting.

    So are Bailey and King going to lick and make up?
    I just love the way Bailey’s ears are folded down.

    • Akisohida

      Not really. ‘naked’ to a dog is being without a collar. They would just be drawn collar-less. :)

      • SP

        I was talking about the human guests.
        Have you ever seen “Austin Powers”?
        In both one and more so in two they showed nudity but covered it well with strategically placed objects.
        I thought that was what Rick was going to try for when the wolves party was announced as naked.
        Althought in the end he choose a differant route.

        But I agree on the collarless, I’m a writer myself and in the story I wrote the only item an anthro wears is a collar and their naked without it.

  33. Muddypaws

    The “Au Natural e” look for mom-Bigglesworth?

    Oh… NOW the naked truth comes out!

  34. Ccbarber1014

    Kings expression on the last panel is the best poker face I have ever seen xD

  35. FerreTrip

    Like a pair of diamond cutters….

  36. Neo

    The “Talk” could start in 3 ways and end up in too many.

  37. Elly

    Is the comic title part of the lyrics of Harder to Breathe by Maroon 5?

    • CHAOKOCartoons

      :| …NO! My gosh havent you heard of the CLASSIC SONG “Baby It’s Cold Outside”! WHAT HAS BECOME OF THIS GENERATION!!! (says the 14 year old sitting on his bed wearing neon colored glasses) :D

  38. Akisohida

    What no one seems to realise is King is not short; He’s the perfect height to coldnose peoples bellies. :D

  39. Penwrite

    I forget, is King a Pembroke or a Cardigan?

    • Arjay

      Well, cardigans usually have tails…

    • Dontlookmenaked

      He looks like a Pembroke.

    • Argent Stonecutter

      He’s got the dark Pembroke saddle.

    • SP

      If you go here it just says King is a Welsh Corgi.
      But I think I read somewhere else on the comic that he is a Pembroke.

      • MistaEpic

        Pembroke/Corgi Mix? Pembroken Corgi!

    • flaremaster

      According to his character sheet and his appearance, he is a Pembroke Corgi.

  40. megalol251

    Love the expressions in the last panel. For some reason when i look at King’s face in the first panel he looks mad. Anyone else see it?

    • aicivilwar

      I can kindof see it… now that you mention it. But at first it only looked like anxious happiness. (Glad to see her, but scared of what might be coming.)

  41. GermanTrooper

    Love will prevail!!

  42. Deathshadow


  43. Mega Creep

    who’s coming after Bailey?

  44. griffinpete


    • Silly Zealot

      Sheshh! Don’t yell, dogs have sensitive ears.

  45. Argent Stonecutter

    So, why would Bailey be concerned about naked humans?

    • ToaSoul

      well considering that… um… depends is mom bigglesworth like some model or is she a… “big” woman

  46. TinFoilHats

    Whoa 8(. If I saw the Bigglesworth’s mom showed up in nothing but bare skin, I might have to take some CLR to my brain.

    • Silly Zealot

      I need some too! Though I also need due to other reasons.

  47. illeatyourself

    I almost didn’t realize the black in the first panel was a bunch of party-goers. I was thinking the room was mostly empty until I noticed that. XD

  48. kidskorpi

    im at a loss? in the last panel can someone refresh my memory

    • Indagare

      They were originally going to have the party be one where everyone showed up naked. They changed their minds about it later, but apparently at least the Bigglesworths’ mom either didn’t get the message or didn’t care.

    • Frank
  49. blitzfolfy

    aww poor King, it’s not his fault he’s short!

  50. Vuk91

    I wonder how she would come into the party if she visited Tarot first…. hmmmm… and she understood King’s trauma… Or is it going on right now?

    I really hope mrs. B wont be shown O_O That’d be ugly.

  51. WingedWolfGirl

    There’s a mental image I didn’t need. 0.o

  52. CainPowers

    Its official, I am now a fan of the new art style. IT took me a while to get use to it…but it looks much cleaner ^-^ On a side note. Oh noes…<…< I have a bad feeling about this~

  53. Lorenz

    is that a fidler or key at the top left?

    • MistaEpic

      Neither, it’s a Grape.

    • Gabe23

      It could be any cat since it´s not tagged

  54. Vesca

    I love this comic, but right now you have ALL OF MY HATRED. Let me explain.

    I work in retail, I here this song on an endless loop EVERY SINGLE DAY, the same soundtrack 24/7!


    I feel better.

  55. Cyan Leopard

    That made a cogi said.

  56. Kaiserbix

    Hope they don’t break up and this bailey’s bad situation isn’t fault of some pete’s evil plan.

  57. griffinpete

    OMG I LOVE HOUSEPETS and if nobody knows wat king is he is a corgi!!!!!!!

  58. bhPixelFire

    Melon ballers are getting more and more popular.

    • CHAOKOCartoons

      Melon Ballers?… sorry if I sound like a video game protagonist. :)

  59. skarroth

    Oh boy. King be nice to Bailey. o.o

  60. Bear

    Love how expressive Kings ears are

  61. Trefoiler

    Very nice; a good spot to catch up with the comic again.

    The new style is rapidly growing on me, but Housepets! (in my opinion) really owes its success to the very distinct and well-written nature of its characters. And while they mingle to bring us an engaging story, I’m glad Rick is still tweaking his approach to the visuals as he sees fit. Efforts will be made to improve the experience until the end, I’m sure! ^_^


    BAILEY TOO YOU NEED TO and she’s already packed him up boy I sure hope they make up they’re such a cute couple