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  1. Ryu

    Oh Snap?!!!! o.o

    • Gabe23

      I think that this is the first time we can say … Bino did NOT deserve that

      • leaffly

        I dunno about that… it seems that the club too him seems important. As always to deem leadership? Is he the head of the dogs club?

        • Xane

          Well it looked like he was about to start being a jerk but that’s not really why Bailey hit him so it’s hardly fair. Seeing as she caved in his muzzle I actually feel kinda bad for him, though this may simply be karma for past misdeeds.

          • leaffly

            Yeah I see your point. But over the countless arcs we have seen. I believe he is most prone to injury.

          • so its not true huh

            Well this should be interesting …… but wow…. bailey just 1 shot KO beno

          • Silly Zealot

            R.I.P. Bino, next story arc will b about his adventure on the afterlife. Don’t miss his metaphisical antics in “One ticket 2 paradise.”
            And oh, boy ,127 comments in less than twelve hours! This arc is gonna be a real success!

          • Bücherdrache

            I bet he will meet Pete there who sends him back on the condition he becomes a player for his side

          • Argent Stonecutter

            Rule 1. If people are arguing, don’t butt in.

          • so its not true huh

            yes might not end well for you as i’m sure beno has not learned yet

          • Perrin

            If that actually happens, i’m going to ROFL for at least a full minute solid.

          • Kasa

            I too, shall ROFL, Perrin.

      • valerio

        Completely agree

        • Ryu

          I think its time we should start writing “get well soon” cards and Hugs for Bino! :3

          • valerio

            already sent him one

          • SamBlob

            I ‘ve got a good idea for a Christmas gift for Bino: a burial plot.

          • LeaahWulf

            AGREED!, but how are we going to get it for him in about ten days?

      • Tarka

        Wrong place, wrong time. Basically sums it up. Though calling them “Yahoos…” I think he was kinda asking for it then…

        • Silly Zealot

          Was that a “trips of Gulliver” reference on behalf of Bino?

      • Argent Stonecutter

        When in doubt, hurt Bino.

        • JayJay

          What if Bino is already hurt? :<

          • Frank

            The “Boy, Bino sure is an idiot” trust fund can always take on a little more

        • Silly Zealot

          Should I buy regular Cola or diet Cola?

          Bah I’ll just go hurt Bino.

      • MaxMartin

        Now I want to see the K-9 squad come over and try to restrain her for assault. I mean dislike too, but he didn’t deserve THAT.

      • Z24

        He would’ve, sooner or later.
        Why not sooner?

      • TinFoilHats

        Although I hate Bino with a fiery passion, I actually agree that he didn’t deserve that(but still, FACE!!!! XD ).

    • ThatGuyBehindYou

      FINISH HIM?!

      • p0lo


        • Silly Zealot

          ANIMOSITY! “Gets bricked”

    • Gamerkitty

      GRATS!!! Bino is now a Pug:)

    • Draven

      My first thought exactly.

    • joshi

      oh she mad

      • so its not true huh

        yep she’s mad

    • Tommy Fox

      I was thinking the same thing lol

  2. Xane

    Fox’s family must be genetically inclined to hurt Bino

    • Mukavich

      That, or Bino’s just that much of a jerk.

    • leaffly

      That… I can agree to…

    • Silly Zealot

      Bit of both, bit of both.

    • joshi

      you woudent?

  3. leaffly

    Oh wow….

  4. ThatGuyBehindYou

    Who knew she could get so angry o_o

    • valerio

      Well, King wanted her mad. She got her mad.
      You know, this is the first time I wish he got his just dessert.

      • Xane

        Well he’s way too oblivious to her feelings right now but I think he hit the nail right on the head. It almost feels like she has very low self-esteem – I hardly consider “staying with the family that I love” to be “pampered”.

        Also, if she punched him like that he might actually be dead! Bino just saved King’s life!

        • valerio

          you know your girlfriend loves you when she punches someone else.

          And yes, Bailey has self-esteem problems, and an attitude to bottle up her emotions. Hope she’ll understand he was only trying to help her.

        • Dissension

          You may hardly consider having a human family “pampered,” but you’re not a dog, are you?

          • Aerion Snowpaw

            Well, given I doubt wolves would consider staying with ANYONE (human or not) that they love being ‘pampered’ (perhaps ‘have a good life’, but not the negatively charged ‘pampered’) I’d still say it was self-esteem issues.
            If dogs have been bred and/or trained to accept they’ll never matter as much as a human… That’s bred-in self-esteem issues.

          • Silly Zealot

            “Why do you think being domesticated means I should be pampered forever?”
            Well, so far we don’t know ifBailey is housebroken, being a dog and all, so yeah.
            @Snowpaw: Being bred and/or trained to accept they’ll never matter as much as a human? I’m totally gonna do that when I find my first non-human sapient.

  5. Gabe23

    Well … She is mad

    • Ryu

      Very mad enough fumes to melt an Ice berg! King….please be careful!

      • Gabe23

        Not just King, all Babylon Gardens neighbors should be

        • Secret

          Forget that, warn the world

          • Silly Zealot

            I supposed it will be a “puts on shades” global warning! Yeeeaaaaah!

  6. Zinc

    Now those are evil eyes!

    • ThatGuyBehindYou

      RED EYES KITSUNE called it

      • Silly Zealot

        Woah! Good call, guy behind me! I was first afraid she was a zombie!

      • Argent Stonecutter

        Just because her eyes are red, that doesn’t mean it’s because Kitsune is possessing her. It could just mean she’s really really angry.

        • valerio

          just like when Sasha did THE VOICE with Bino.

  7. IceKitsune

    So ummm Bailey is clearly had enough. Also what King is saying in the first Panel makes no sense at all really. They didn’t give her up because they couldn’t care for her but because were they moved wouldn’t take her.

    • Xane

      Either King is making assumptions or he heard more about what happened from Bailey than the audience has seen so far. If there were legitimate reasons that the family had to move to a no-dogs area, then there was probably not much they could do. If they simply got tired of having a dog and decided to get rid of her when they moved, then ouch. But in both cases, at least they gave her to a family member and didn’t just throw her in the pound.

      Also we’ve seen hints that pets aren’t always as loved outside of Babylon Gardens as the main cast seems to be (except maybe Sasha’s dad). Plus, Bailey is a farm dog which in the real world are sometimes seen more as “useful tools” than “beloved pet”.

      • CHAOKOCartoons

        man Xane, you just completely enlightened me @,@

      • Silly Zealot

        And I still wonder if there are “no pets” areas in the housepets! universe due to animals in that world being infamously mischiveous, or due to sheer speciesism*
        *Speciesism is a real word, right?

        • Yami99

          Wikipedia says yes:)

    • valerio

      King is seeing his own traumas reflected in the only dog in the world he loves. That is clouding his judgment about how to relate to Bailey, and I can understand that. But he’s also trying to make her feel as miserablle as he normally feels, and that is quite jerk-y of him.

      • Silly Zealot

        The only dog he loves? Doesnt he love Fox too(as a friend, that is)?

        • valerio

          it’s safe to assume that, without getting into the creepy dept, Bailey stands at a higher level of affection than fox

    • Argent Stonecutter

      I think King is hung up on the “pets are perpetual kids” thing, but pets in the HP universe live long enough and are smart enough that at some point they should be “grown up” and get a job (say, at Herd Thinners Inc)… it’s not like human kids get “pampered forever” either.

      So I say Bailey’s right, but having trouble accepting it, and King’s wrong even if he’s appealing to what Bailey believes emotionally.

  8. Zaid

    Eheh….poor Bino…

  9. Marco

    Bailey 1 : Bino 0

    He’s going to be in the Pet Hospital for a long time! And those eyes, Bailey….

    • Z24

      He has a room with his own name anyways.

      The surprise is that it actually wasn’t self-harm this time.

  10. Reddink

    Somebody better call the vet and tell them to ready bino’s hospital room again.

  11. mobyulus

    I’m so happy that was Bino, jerk deserves whatever he gets.

    • ToaSoul

      hey Bino only deserves 80% of what gets.

    • Gabe23

      Oh come on, this one was uncalled for

      • joshi

        well he did mess whith her boy friend sevaral times and yahoos was exsesive so it was comeing sooner or later

  12. GameCobra

    I literally lost it on Panel 3. Bino’s face + X____X = <3

    Though i still feel sorry for him.

    • valerio

      I’m with you.
      At least, he may have understood that it’s not wise to pick on King…

  13. filmperson

    ….Or perhaps it’s time to change the subject…quickly.

    • valerio

      No, it’s time to apologize, explain, and hope that Sasha explains how King is not a jerk after all. Even if she likes to rant as one.

      • p0lo

        I’d run, before she explodes!

      • Frank

        “I’m sorry if what I said before offended you.”
        “What do you mean if it offended me? ”
        “Take it back!”
        “There are other lives at stake here!”

  14. volkoseba

    Now is she going super saiyan?

    • Silly Zealot

      More like a light saber! She’s melting all the snow!

      • volkoseba

        One does not simply turn into a lightsaber…

        • Silly Zealot

          Of course not! You need to be bossed around by a Corgi to the point of enragement first!

  15. Marco

    Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!!

    • aicivilwar

      Or a lady dog?

    • Silly Zealot

      What if a scorned woman goes to hell? Or several?!

    • Marius_Pontmercy

      Just so you know, there are some of us who beg to differ. As a Christian, I don’t care for such phrases, even if they’re meant as jokes (that’s s not to say that I don’t have a sense of humor, though).

      P.S. Please don’t delete this.

  16. Themiester1

    I know it’s bad to make dogs angry, but DAAAANG King you hit the needle on the head with that suggestion.

  17. CHAOKOCartoons

    btw, nice steam illustration :P

  18. The Wolf Kin

    a) the steam cloud coming off Bailey is absolutely amazing. It works wonders in this style.

    b) I still miss the B on Bino’s collar.

  19. valerio

    sorry, but this time it was King who deserved that. My sympathies for Bino.

  20. The Wolf Kin

    Oh, and because nobody has said it . . .

    BAILEY PUNCH!!!!!!

    • Tarka

      Oh, you…. beat me to it… I was gonna make that joke! X3

      All I can say besides is that escalated quickly. Fear the wrath of Bailey!

  21. Arcane

    “Face” has to be the best sound effect ever.

    • Lance

      Hahaha, I totally agree! But ouch, and yikes!

  22. Orca

    Falcon PAUNCH!!!

  23. wolf long fellow

    Holy toleto 0-o

  24. megalol251

    Oh…my…god o.o. I think King needs to just let Bailey tone down for a while. I wonder how Fox is going to react when he finds out what Bailey did to Bino. Hope it doesn’t end up with her having to leave :(

    • valerio

      she could just tell King so. Fox said that the Lindbergs are one of those ‘extended families’. It’s more than possible that Bailey *chose* to come to the Gardens in order to stay with King…but why care, if the only result is him trying to make her feel bad instead of being a loving boyfriend?

  25. CHAOKOCartoons

    puppy PUNCH!!!… I’m sorry I had to :(

  26. Draegwolf

    I think the reason Bailey doesn’t like King talking about what happened is because she’s repressing a few things.

    • CHAOKOCartoons

      you’ve got a point, she has tried to ignore it, cry about it in secrecy, and is being VERY defensive about it… hey we’ve found all 3 clues! It’s time to sit in our…

  27. xhunterko

    Middle? No high. King should very much head for high ground. Fast.

    • Anon_omis

      Don’t you know how dogs are? If you run they will just chance you.

      • Argent Stonecutter

        Yup, dogs and humans are ‘cursive’ hunters, they run prey to the ground. Bailey’s got the best of both worlds, too… claws and fangs _and_ she can punch and hold a club. Why aren’t dogs in charge of the Housepets world again?

        • SushiJaguar

          Because humans can throw a cartload of grenades wrapped in bouncy foam into a room, and dogs can’t.

          • Val Kilmer Batman/AsimovSideburns

            Hey, dogs have thumbs too! And their smaller size makes them naturally better at hiding–a must for guerilla warriors and infiltration specialists.

          • Argent Stonecutter

            Why not?

  28. p0lo

    Bailey’s bringing the fruit punch. I’m sure it’ll be a big hit!

  29. Marco

    Will King and Bailey’s relationship deteriorate before the new year begins? Why is King making things more complicated for Bailey? I thought he was trying to make things right with her only making it worse!

    • valerio

      It’s *already* deteriorated. Now we can only hope that, after a temporary break up, it’s Sasha again who’ll explain Bailey that King is a caring dog.
      King wants her to admit she shouldn’t be the all-strong dog and keep it all bottled inside.
      And he’s just…not good about managing a relation. To his defense, this is the first time he has a girlfriend to relate to. But still he deserves a scolding.
      Hope is Christmas wish is not being human again :(

      • Anon_omis

        In his defense he is a male, and males aren’t got at matters involving feelings.

        • valerio

          except Peanut.

          • Anon_omis

            No he ORIGINALLY had problems with feelings.

      • Draven

        No long term, successful relationship comes without fights. It’s after the fight, when it’s time to make amends, that’s when the true strength of the bond shows. The best thing King can do is apologize.

        • Valerio

          …before or after he gets mauled?

          • Val Kilmer Batman/AsimovSideburns

            He has to take the mauling first–otherwise it just looks like he’s trying to save his skin.

            It’s always more convincing when you apologize from a hospital bed.

          • LeaahWulf

            True, but I personally wouldn’t want to get mauled. Especially by someone who had the guts/anger to punch Bino directly in the face without hesitating. OUCH> still, King HAS to apologize if he wants to stay with Bailey for any period of time.

  30. zeroslash

    For once, I feel bad for Bino. Also, Bailey’s face is the fiercest I’ve seen in this comic, even exceeding Fox’s in an earlier strip. I wonder if it’s hereditary…

  31. dave strider

    looks like Bino got it face first

    • Anon_omis

      That should be in an incredible pistachios commercial.

    • LeaahWulf

      It’s Wonderful Pistatios. Get Crackin’

  32. WingedwolfGirl

    THAT, is how you “Falcon Punch.”

  33. valerio

    please someone notices the X____________X at Bailey’s right! :lol:

    • GameCobra

      My previous comment says so!

      • valerio

        …and did you also notice that little vein pulsing on her brow?

  34. Anon_omis

    Wait…..where her eyes ALWAYS red or did they turn red in the last two panels?

    • megalol251

      They did turn red in the last 2 panels o.o

      • LeaahWulf

        Whoa… light blue to dark red. RRRRUUUUUUUNNNN KKIIIINNNG!

  35. CHAOKOCartoons

    you could just look closely at pannel 1 :P

  36. Erkhyan

    Ow. Ow. Owowowow.

    I almost feel sorry for Bino now. Almost.

  37. Gabe23

    I gotta say … she looks pretty good with the red eyes, just saying

  38. QuetzaDrake

    Small criticism: It probably would have been more natural or at least have flown better to show Bailey punching with her left fist rather than her right, since she had to twist herself to the right to face Bino. Punching with the right fist would require a wind-back of her right elbow in order to punch forward, which is fine but seems slightly jarring in a flow sort of sense without visually showing that wind-back of her arm, while punching with the left fist cuts out that wind-back since she can use the momentum of turning towards Bino for the punch.

    I like the smoke effect in the last panel a lot, though.

    • Dissension

      Bailey’s right-handed and punching with one’s off hand does not come naturally to most folks without some form of combat training. This is a comic strip – not every motion is shown. In Panel One, Bailey’s facing King. In Panel Two, Bailey is facing and punching Bino. The movement can be correctly interpreted as happening off-screen. :3

    • Foxstar

      Are you seriously criticizing this? Just sit back and enjoy the comic.

    • bug

      I was thinking the same thing but I agree that you could have said it differently.

    • Val Kilmer Batman/AsimovSideburns

      She could have spun all the way around, too. That would give her some extra momentum–all the better to smash his face in, my dear.

      • Silly Zealot

        Completely agree, she made a full revolution and then hit him right in the face.
        Because doing a pirouette while punching someone is kewl.

        • Argent Stonecutter

          The “casual karate vertical backhand without even looking” (like Leeloo did in the cabin fight scene in 5th Element) is cool too.

  39. Tarka

    Noooooo, I just read the Alt-text. Bino can’t be dead! He may be a jerk, but we all love him for that! Plus I never got to see him as a pudgy puppy! X3 (That is, of course, that’s still the direction you’re heading with for Bino…)

  40. Khazix

    Fist to your… face?

    …..Bino? Are you ok?

  41. Zaitsev

    RIP Bino.

  42. GameCobra

    You sure did approach her with being the happiest dog on the planet for sure, King ;)

    But chances are you’re making it out of t his one alive.

  43. megalol251

    Anyone else think Bailey still looks adorable with red eyes? I wonder how other characters would look with red eyes.

    • Xane

      Kevin and Great Kitsune look pretty cute with red eyes, though I think Kevin is supposed to look scary.

      So Bailey is Kitsune’s ava… what are you doing with those torches and pitchforks? AAAAAAH!

    • megalol251

      Couldn’t help but laugh and feel slightly confused with the torches and pitchforks part haha XD

  44. Robin Bobcat

    ‘FACE’ is my new favorite sound effect.

  45. Muddypaws

    Poor Bino.

    Okay what’s with poor Bailey? She’s acting like… like… Well, what ever it is… she’s acting like it!

  46. 2MK


    Okay, this is how I would say about this arc.

  47. john willow


    • bug

      Dragon-ball Z reference!! :D

    • D-Rock

      “Kai-o what?” SLAM!

  48. Arjay


  49. The Doctor

    Reminds me of a timelords fury

    • LeaahWulf

      HOW DO THOSE EVEN MOSH!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. Fidofan


  51. Vuk91

    Bailey pwned Bino right away :D Shes kinda scary in the third panel tho.

  52. Valerio

    Oh, yes: FACE OFF

  53. ToaSoul

    A few things
    1. King is doing to need to back of
    2. I think Bailey, if she got a bit madder, could go Super Sayen
    3. Poor Bino, I sent him a Get well cake…. which now that I think of it, might not have been the best Idea

    • Frank

      Because the cake is a lie?

      • Verp

        There is no spoon; only Zool.

      • ToaSoul

        no because she kinda punched his face in, so he can’t enjoy the “pound”cake I sent him

  54. SP

    I think Bailey might be just a tiny bit upset.

  55. Draven

    Someone SERIOUSLY needs a hug.

    • Valerio

      …with 1-mile long arms

      • Argent Stonecutter

        Deploy the remote hug drone!

      • aicivilwar

        I think heaven is more than a mil… WAIT!!! Since “all dogs go to Heaven” does that mean Binoculars can meet Dragon, Kit, and Pete face-to-face?

  56. Izzy

    I bet the second panel actually says
    F. ACE
    FIST ACE >=D

    • GreighVonGottreich

      I heard a distant *DING!* of a boxing ring bell.

  57. griffinpete

    oh crap im starting 2 think bailey is going 2 go on a rampage>.<

  58. Eeveewolf

    …. Bailey used Mach Punch! Super effective!

  59. bombwolfx01

    wait seeing how bailey and king are bf and gf and they probably mated so maybe could be pregnant or in her period like all girls so us guys need to watch out

    • Val Kilmer Batman/AsimovSideburns

      I don’t… what? What? PG rated comic, man.


    • Foxstar

      What? Not only are you incorrect, but your comments are not at all suitable for the commenting section. Please refrain from your misogyny in the future.

  60. Valerio

    …I’m beginning to realize *why* did Pete laugh, back then…

    • IceKitsune

      You know Part of me really hopes that Pete had nothing at all to do with Bailey losing her family. Its just really too obvious IMO.

    • Argent Stonecutter

      Pete knew about Bailey’s issues? And how “well” they meshed with King’s issues?

    • Foxstar

      Your assuming a awful lot to think that Pete has something to do with this.

    • Night_Wolf

      no i think he laughed because when king gets happy enough pete will turn him back so hes upset and will agree to be pete avatar and also i think its the kitsune whos doing this to bailey hint red eyes

      • IceKitsune

        The red are are just there because she is extremely angry Kitsune has nothing to do with this at all. Now if Pete does or not I don’t know but I hope he doesn’t as I stated above.

  61. Slenderman

    Karma just got him for his past evils.

  62. Valerio

    I believe that Bino’s vet is glad to pay the bills, as long as he can experiment new techniques in mending a dog’s body.
    resurrection may easily anyone make famous.

    • Argent Stonecutter

      What do you mean, you brought me an abnormal brain? Oh well, maybe nobody will notice a difference…

      • valerio

        see what you did there :D

  63. black fox

    Ow that’s going to leave a meark

  64. jeffcvt

    Does someone want to post the alt. text? No one has yet.

    • Perfesser_Bear

      “Bino is now dead, yup.”

  65. Perfesser_Bear

    Some people are accident prone; Bino seems to be concussion prone. It’s turning into a meme.

    And yeah, judging from that last panel, Bailey might be a bit warm in that sweatshirt…

  66. TinFoilHats

    8( ……..Is it just me, or do I think I know who the Great Kitsune’s avatar is.

    • TinFoilHats

      Also, FACE!!!! Never knew that could be a sound effect. But now I know :)

  67. overzen

    RIP Bino, you will be missed.

    …….Nah! Who am I kidding?!

  68. XIX


  69. XIX

    Flawless Victory.

  70. thrasherblades

    Those red eyes….Bailey’s a terminator!!!

  71. crazybalto

    and now I love Bailey even more!!! =D

  72. Wildey Wolfers

    This is actually Pete’s plan:

    He knew that having Bailey lose her former home and owners would make her mood go downhill, to a state she would become unlivable, and eventually leading to King breaking up with her. Then, nothing else will be Pete’s way and have his avatar!

    But seriously, whether it’s the will of a super-being or not, shouldn’t King be the only one who can decide whether he wants to be Pete’s avatar or not? But knowing him, he will not take account of the corgi’s feelings, see how much he is a jerk!

    That aside, yeah, Bino didn’t deserve this… yet! I bet he was just about to, so who cares? Get well soon Bino, so you can still have more! Heheh…

    (Long comment, I know…)

    • LeaahWulf

      How many times has Bino needed a cast?

      • Arjay

        do they make face-casts?

  73. cjwj

    whoa, i think that this is one of the first times there has ever been violance in housepets, i mean other than the time when kingg hit what’s her name over the head, other than that this is the first time someone has used their fist

  74. The Maverick Man

    I think she mad

  75. Z24

    Bino will get a visit from Santa AND the Tooth Fairy at the same time!

  76. GreighVonGottreich

    I’ve never seen her that angry before –takes a step back–

  77. Solario the Visored

    I might not be remembering correctly, but I think this is the first time Bino’s been clobbered on-panel. :/

    Also, I think Baily’s turning into a creeper… O__o

    • Argent Stonecutter

      See the link I posted 4 messages up. “Why do they even have a frying pan?”

  78. Leopard97

    Is it just me or is Bino turning into a walking punching bag?

  79. Rexnano

    Why does Falcon Punch come to mind?

  80. Legendario13

    Bailey should change her lastname to ‘Marquez’

  81. griffinpete

    holy crap bailey is seriously turning evil.

  82. griffinpete

    i feel rly sry 4 bino 4 some reason even though he aggravates so many ppl.

  83. griffinpete

    any1 else feel rly sry.

  84. Salenstormwing

    “Bino will be missed.” – Said by nobody.

    • Gabe23

      Ohhhh dont say that, he is an important part of the comic

      • ToaSoul

        yeah he’s the one that the comics were originally based around Bino before they were posted on this website

  85. Neo

    Jeez, Bailey, holy bleep. Okay, now some totally random guy that everyone gets to know soon needs to act as a psychiatrist and bring them to a point where it gets better. It must start with the fact that King needs to accept that Bailey doesn’t need pressing, and Bailey needs to talk to King because he cares. Sorry for the long comment but it needs to be done. Side thought: since Kitsune seems to be a moderator for the great D@D game as the game master, maybe he can make a guy to help out!

    This one is awesome and scary.


    • Silly Zealot

      Apparently, though unconfirmed, the kichune (yes, I said kichune instead of kitsune, I think it’s quaint, so sue me) might also have an avatar on this Universes and Unrealities (that’s how they call it) game.
      Right now, however, he is moderating a mini-duel within the game between the gryphon and dragon. Though he may also participate as a player and not just a game master.

  86. Kapoku Husky

    o.o anger

  87. brown wolf

    love bailey rage mode she makes anger cute

  88. Natalman

    wow…someone went from annoyed to BERSERKER in 2 seconds..PEEEEETTTTEEE! What are you doing you feathery…something…I don’t know….

    • Silly Zealot

      Pete? What are you doing? Pete? Stahp!
      Also, if the final “e” in Pete is silent, why typed several e’s in PEEEEETTTTEEE?
      Does the silent part elongate too?

  89. coyoteBR

    Ok, I need to put a mourning strip on my avatar. Liked a lot the second panel composition

  90. AleColin

    I didn’t see this coming, and I wonder if Bino is alright.

  91. Don Fox

    omg wow. ”FACE” is the official sound effect for the legendary ”FALCON PUNCH” weeeeee baily rage mode is soo cute

  92. D-Rock

    Red eyes, take warning.

    Now would seem to be the perfect time to back off, King.

    As much of a jerk that he is, I’d say that Bino didn’t deserve that. At least not at that moment.

  93. Impcraft13

    Ow, that a gonna hurt in da morning…
    and bailey with red eyes is scary…

  94. Raska

    Aww, Bino didn’t deserve /that/ much…(at least not this time).

    And ‘FACE’…greatest. un-sound effect. ever.

  95. griffinpete

    hey bino should have known not 2 interrupt when ppl r arguing 4 something tht unimportant.

  96. griffinpete

    lets just hope bailey doesnt start killing ppl in her rage.

  97. Shadow Wolf


  98. Felidae1994

    looks like something must of snapped in her after not being able to join her family, whoo

  99. doomwolf


  100. KrystalGhost

    “Deck Bino’s face with fist of raaa~age Fa-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la~”

  101. Lance

    Man, this arc went downhill fast! I’m scared about whats coming next!

    But I still laughed at “FACE” haha! I do kinda feel bad for Bino, a little.

  102. Otter guy

    ……That was awesome!!!!! Finally bino gets hurt for being a jerk.

    • bhPixelFire

      He has on multiple occasions.

      The frying pan… Fox beating him up for King during the christmas party…
      …Fox beating him up after King’s watch was returned.

  103. Dragon Furry

    Hmmm… quike question?.
    Should there not be a “?” or “!” after the WHY.. in her lines?

    • Dissension

      Exclamation points or question marks would come at the end of a complete sentence, not the first word of one. :3

  104. aicivilwar

    I wonder if I know Rick in real life… Doubt it, but there was this past Thanksgiving I was visiting some friends in Northern WI, and I was in a sort-of pillow fight with a kid. Every time I hit his face with the pillow I would say “FACE!” Loud and low. There was also this Guy there that looked like he needed to go to the hospital before too long…

    Anyway when I saw the sound effect (wow, that’s a brain Bender…seeing sounds) I thought of that.

    • aicivilwar

      Also, poor Bino… He always seems to be falling over trip wires… and getting hurt in the ensuing chaos.

      • LeaahWulf

        He deserves it!

  105. Zanzawolf

    Oh no the Sha of Anger has claimed another victim XD Bailey use meditation before the rage takes over you

  106. Duntorah

    I think now might be a good time for King to tell Bailey the truth about why he feels this way. That way it merges into a pre-existing fight rather than creating a whole new problem.

  107. Kitch

    Bailey for GODC President <3

  108. griffinpete

    any1 agree tht king is going 2 figure out pete is the person causing bailey 2 become insane?

    • Dissension

      Please don’t use chat speak.

      • Silly Zealot

        Is it against the rules to write barely legible (but otherwise relevant) posts?

        • Dissension

          Given that the guidelines which govern our discussion are available to read above the comment box… they include a prohibition on “incoherent posting,” so yes. If we can’t make out what you intend to say, your post may be deleted. The same guidelines indicate it is preferred to e-mail questions or concerns to the moderation team. You’re more than welcome to do so if you have further concerns. :3

    • bhPixelFire

      Who said she’s insane?

  109. ThatOneFox

    Welp, Bino will not be missed.

  110. Demonfg

    She was possessed by Akuma. O_O She cray cray.

  111. LeaahWulf

    I think Baylee’s mad…..

    • LeaahWulf

      Well, more enraged.

  112. MaxMartin

    How is it that I only just noticed the big “face” in the background of the second panel

  113. CyanFox

    Everyone posted falcon punch comments when fox was trapped in the PETA van… But he didn’t inherit it like his cousin obviously did!

    • Silly Zealot

      That reminds of Joel/King and how his first appereance involved him getting face punched by Mister Sandwich, remember? Aaaah, good times.

      • TinFoilHats

        No, that was Max and Bino’s dad.

        • Silly Zealot

          Gah! I’ll never be a housepets! scholar! “sobs”

          • ToaSoul

            Its okay Zealot
            *pats back*
            Everyone forgets something every now and then

  114. Jaredpup

    Dang girl! I think I need to go to my safe room located in the artic to survive…

  115. Frank

    I can’t believe i forgot of the Good Old Dogs Club anual christmas bash

  116. Daniel

    Walk away, King, just walk away.

  117. Don Fox

    Bino’s X-rays just came back…. its ALL skrewed up and theres a fist shaped indention in his skull. time for hot chocolate and hugz! get well soon bino <3

  118. Verp

    I had forgotten that Baily and Fox are related. I was afraid this would turn into a gal dumps guy for best friend story.

    • CHAOKOCartoons

      okay, we just entered a strange area here… did I just almost quote :/

  119. Captain Rizzian

    Baileeeeeey PUNCH!!!

    • bhPixelFire

      Baileeey SMASH

  120. FerreTrip

    Okay, where’d this argument come from?

    But regardless, awesome artstyle is awesome. I especially love the ink fumes.

    • Argent Stonecutter

      It came from King sharing the joy.

      • Raska

        Bailey did say he liked to spread the joy. :\

  121. Rusco Istar

    Gee. This is the most violent strip in Housepets’ history XD

    • Dissension

      No, it’s not.

      • Kitch

        I dunno, I think Bailey’s fist is harder than Grape’s frying pan.

  122. johnwolf

    XP i think bino deserved about 99.9% of that punch. but king has a point, if they truely loved here as much as they did, they would have found housing to accomidate here. i REALY hope that king and bailey make up.

  123. aeroxwolf


  124. griffinpete

    king run away you might be next run as fast as you can before bailey notices you!!!!!!!!!!

  125. Xuncu

    On the other hand, Bino’s had an on-screen smackdown coming for quite some time now.

  126. Vuk91

    I dont join assuming what happens in the future, instead I let the good ol’ Rick work on his comic and reveal us if theres any pete in this all.

    • Vuk91

      Geee-cant wait :D

  127. Nameless One

    Didn’t Pete laugh like a “madman” when he was told that “King” had a girlfriend, isn’t it likely that Pete is the reason for Bailey’s problems?

  128. Cyan Leopard

    Falcon Punch!!!!!!

  129. Dingo57

    C-c-c-c-COMBO BREAKER!!! This or flacon punch
    No seriously Bailey just went into god mode there, total smackdown version.

  130. Fireclave

    *It looks like you got your head handed to you.
    *So, how about giving it another shot?
    Yes >No

    • TinFoilHats

      HA!!! I get it 8D(I love EarthBound ^U^ ).

  131. Baxtrr

    heading for 300 comments… a record? Anyhoo.

    Bino deserved being yelled at, maybe even a smack, but this? I remain dubious.

    I am curious as to whether there is ANY “middle ground” that is even remotely accessible to Bailey and King right now; when you get this angry, compromise tends to be very difficult to reach.

    I am also curious as to whether Bino really is now dead, yup.

    • Zzzzzx

      He’ll get buried alive and everyone will think he’s a zombie when he digs himself out.

  132. griffinpete

    everybody tell king to run before he is destroyed by bailey in rage mode!!!!!!!!!!!!

  133. Neo

    Bino can’t die yet, otherwise we don’t have a character that we can smack around like that.

    • TinFoilHats

      Pft, c’mon. Everyone knows that comic book characters are immortal. It’s gonna take a lot more than a sucker punch to the face to put an end to him.

      • Kitch

        Remember: Fox once stopped breathing.

  134. LR

    Bailey throws a good punch.

    And it’s always heartwarming to see Bino having his periodic meeting with karma. The world needs more such meetings.

  135. bhPixelFire

    I think Bino is becoming a regular at the hospital…

    But this time he’s gonna be admitted for a deflated face…as well as his ego.

  136. wl

    Bailey throws a good punch

  137. Akai

    I have a hard time understanding Bailey’s counter-point. Is she saying “Why do you think ‘domesticated’ means…” as in, she thinks animals should be pampered forever? Or is she saying, “Why?! Do you think ‘domesticated’ means…” as in she thinks that King thinks that domesticated animals should be pampered forever? *shrugs*

    • Dissension

      She’s asking the second, but in one sentence, as you display in your first example. :3

  138. Kasa

    Been waiting how long for Bino to get blasted in the face?

    • Kasa

      Also, her hiss was a nice touch.

      • Silly Zealot

        Not sure if it’s a hiss, so much as the snow melting due to her ire.

      • Kasa

        Not sure what you mean by “Ire”, but that sounds probable.

  139. Don Fox

    i have but 1 thing to say here…………… FURRIES! :D

    • Dissension

      Excuse me?

    • Silly Zealot

      Snow! Cuz there’s snow too!

  140. Tupr,n,Dupr

    Relation in a nutshell… King tries to crack the hard shell which is the defensive bailey, bailey refuses to crack and retalliates with scorn…

  141. bhPixelFire

    What would have made this better would be a broom to his face.

  142. abbr title


  143. Arjay

    take your stupid ads somewhere else.

    • Dissension

      *giggles* The spam filter catches most of those. We tend to get the rest (though it may not be instantly). If you wanna help us out, it’s best to alert us to advertisements (or other rule-breaking posts) via the e-mail address in the comment guidelines.

  144. Farmer

    I almost never comment on comics, but I just have to say: that was one of the best expressed rage-punches I have ever seen drawn.

  145. kidskorpi

    nice punch baily….

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