Of Brick Walls
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  1. Ryu

    Bailey you deserve more hugs! :)

    • Ubertech

      She deserves all of the hugs!

      • Draven

        Let’s all give Baily a hug.

        • JayJay

          *hugs harder*

        • JayJay

          *hugs harder*
          Group hug!

          • Silly Zealot

            “Super cyborg hiper-mega Elmira style hug”

          • Zinc

            Air Hug! …. oh wait … *Hug of Awesomeness!!!*

          • Specious

            Zealot, I think it should be less of an Elmyra hug and more of a Mindy hug.

            “Okay Bailey lady I love you buh bye.”

          • Ben

            we need hugbot http://pbfcomics(dot)com/115/ PBF is always relevant.

          • Silly Zealot

            Now I’m not sure if it’s “Elmira” or “Elmyra”. And which of the many, many Mindys spread across the world are you talking about?

          • Specious

            Animaniacs characters, right?

        • joshi


          *offers candy*

        • bhPixelFire

          *dragon hug*

        • RedDwarfIV

          Okay, Emergency Services is standing by in case these increasingly pressuring hugs result in injury to Bailey.

    • Dontlookmenaked

      Still close enough to Fox.

    • Liandrii

      True ^^

      Alt text: “I apologize for the excessive emtpy space in panel two–I mean! The empty space represents . . . the uh . . . fact that composing panels is hard”

  2. Xane

    Outraged at who, is the question!

    • HyleTx

      With her owner/”father” for ditching her when it was not convenient. I’m not much into the “pets/animals are people too” philosophy but I do think that pets are part of a family. I don’t think they should be elevated above a person that is also in that family so when it comes down to a I can do what’s best for my kids or what’s best for my pets, the kids should win or at least take priority. That’s not to say that a mutually amicable scenario is not available. Hopefully, a responsible owner would look for one. I may be forgetting details already in the story but I think King may be overlooking that her “father” tried looking for that solution I mentioned, was unable to find it in time, and had to put his kids needs over a pet’s. Him finding a new home for her was doing what he could to be a responsible owner. He may be lamenting it as well but it’s how the world is. To me, it seems that King has swing pretty far in the pendulum since becoming a dog.

      • HyleTx

        “are part” should be “can/should be part”

    • Zinc

      My question is if King does get her back with her original family, how far will she be this time? And if she moves out of the neighborhood, then how often will she be able to make an appearance? And what’s the chance of akwardness? Like if a family was willing to give me up I would feal unwelcome to come back and a little spitefull even… possibly… um… i would. D;

  3. kztxl7

    King. I think you’re pushing the issue a little TOO hard.

    • Legendario13

      King keeps thinking as human.
      Bailey does not like that. Specially in such a bad time

    • Silly Zealot

      You know, I’ve been thinking, when life gives you lemons, don’t make lemonade! Make life take the lemons BACK! GET MAD! I don’t want you cursed lemons, what am I supposed to do with these?!

      • Legendario13

        Sell ‘em. you could make some money.
        try to do something possitive with whatever strucks you.

        • Silly Zealot

          I was actually gonna use them to condiment my food. But now that you mention it…

  4. SilverZeo

    Wait, I can’t comprehend this….there is a dog wearing a sweater…. and not only is it in good taste… but she is willing wearing it?

    • Legendario13

      Welcome to the Housepets universe!

      • Frank

        Where dogs wear bomber jackets and ride in buckets!

        • Silly Zealot

          And there are foxes wearing viking helmets! “head explodes”.

    • 2MK

      So, she’s wearing TWO coats?

      • p0lo

        Three since she’s a husky.

    • Tarka

      Don’t try to comprehend it. Just accept it for the awesomeness that it is.

    • JayJay

      Bailey doesn’t like the fact that she is naked all the time?

      • Silly Zealot

        She’s never naked, she’s wearing a furcoat! (PETA and other activist groups want to have her hide for that! Pun intended.)

    • Zinc

      Cute isn’t she? lol

  5. Roarin

    Demand to be outraged!
    And the appearance of the fabled “Sweater”!

    • Svenni

      Make life take the lemons back! Get mad!
      (Some dogs like oranges though, so keep those)

      • Svenni

        We’re also keeping the fabled “Sweater”!

        • Silly Zealot

          Silly Bailey, dogs don’t sweat!

    • Xane

      She’s a husky, you’d think King would need a sweater far more than she does.

  6. Gabe23

    In the comment section of the previous comic, I recall someone saying that there would be a fight comming … well you were right

    • Legendario13

      Well they are not fighting (openly) …yet
      and I hope they dont but yeah the train is going out of control really fast.

      • shadowolf

        i remember dragon telling pete about king having a gf and pete just hahahaha and waking away, make me think pete had somthing to do with this

        • Legendario13

          Knowing that Pete is reckless and wants to give King a sort of lesson… Yeah there are quite high chances youre right

    • Arjay

      it has been noted on several occasions (with little or no substantial evidence) that I may or may not be sort of psychic.

      • Legendario13

        Could you be wrong this time?
        Just this little one, Please? D’:

        • Arjay

          I’m not the one to ask for that.

    • Valerio

      *raises paw*
      wanna see where this might go? King letting slip something about her being ‘just an animal’.

      • Argent Stonecutter

        Not so likely any more.

        • Silly Zealot

          I wanna see where this will go anyway! (probably to the party).

  7. volkoseba

    I just imagined the empty space as a pause between “NO!” and “WELL YES.”

    • Profesor Rod


      In fact it had the perfect timing for delivering the punchline at the exactly right moment.

  8. xhunterko

    Walls or heads? And who’s?

    • Dissension

      Who is what?

      • bug

        “Walls or heads? And who’s?”

        “Who is what?”

        So then who is who and who is what is the question, and my answer is therefor that who is a what of whom we speak of.


      • Frank

        This isn’t about the “who’s” vs “whose” thing, is it?

        • Silly Zealot

          So many “who’s” are making me think about doctors riding police phone booths and of the Grinch.

  9. Marco

    Wow, Bailey’s vibe around her seems very…human like today?
    King hope you have a candle dinner ready to go soon!

    • Silly Zealot

      She speaks english and has hands! How much more human could she be?!

      • Marco

        You mean paws? :3 I know, but how they way she’s walking and wearing her hoodie just made her feel more human! ;)

  10. GameCobra

    No,No and No! …Well, Yes. But definitely No!

  11. IceKitsune

    I really kind of understand where both of them are coming from here they’re both basically right.

    • Legendario13

      ^ The most neutral and comprehensive judge ever

      • IceKitsune

        well its true King is looking at it from a Moral stance (that its unfair what happened to Bailey) and Bailey is looking at it from a reality based perspective in that there is nothing she can do about it.

        • Valerio

          both may be basically right, but unless king got an epiphany and realized that his girlfriend needs her boyfriend and not a social lecture, this is going to get ugly! :(

          • Yami99

            King was abandoned once too.

          • Valerio

            no, he was not.
            When Pete was forced to let him go, King was all too HAPPY about it and went as far as praying Keene for asylum in case his ‘owner’ ever came back.

          • Silly Zealot

            Maybe Yami means being neglected during childhood?
            But I wonder if Bailey and her family can still see each other and each other visits…

          • Marco

            Lets hope that they can spend a wonderful time together during the holidays and not worry about anything else!

  12. CWFang

    bailey needs to open up more to king and let it all out, king needs to stop pesturing her about it

  13. Khazix

    Guess King’s corgi cuteness only works for so long.

  14. wolf long fellow

    Cool me and baily share the same sweater except mine has HeadhunterZ on the back

    • p0lo

      Hers could too! We haven’t seen the back yet.

    • ToaSoul

      maybe it is yours!

  15. Tarka

    Why is it I can never remember the difference between “subjective” and “objective!?”
    *grumbles getting out dictionary*
    …And that awkward moment when you realize that has nothing to do with what you originally wanted to comment on anyways.

    Hopefully that outrage isn’t going to be directed towards King… Bailey’s trying to take the whole ordeal with a grain of salt, but King just won’t let it go. Whether that’s a good or bad thing… I have a bad feeling King’s gonna cause Bailey to cry in the near future…

  16. dave strider

    Can we take a second to appreciate how cute king’s ears are

    • Secret

      I would, but the only problem is that there’s an arguement going on

      • CHAOKOCartoons

        i agree, this is seriouse… HIS EARS ARE HEADING SOUTH-WEST AND EVERYTHING!!!

  17. Secret

    Martyr me on the altar of stockholm? What on earth does that mean.

    • Valerio

      King thinks she’s sympathizing with a position of abuse in her regards. When this does happens, it’s called Stockholm Syndrome, from a news fact happened decades ago. Criminals held people hostage for a long time, and eventually the victimes testified in favor of their captors, having created a bond of sympathy with them.

      • Secret

        Oh I see, well I learned something new today, thanks.

    • p0lo

      It’s in a Swedish church or something. I hear it’s a nice place to visit during the summer.

  18. dave strider

    somebody need to make a rap a about his ears

  19. Svenni

    Maybe King needs to convince Bailey that she gained more than she lost :)

  20. Mega Creep

    Finally it is near that King will replace Peanut and Grape Sandwitch

    • Dissension

      I have no idea what you’re talking about.

    • Silly Zealot

      He may have had more face time lately, but that don’t mean he will replace our two lead characters…heros….things.

  21. Lycanthrope

    Every panel does not need to be completely full. When a panel says all that needs to be said, it is success.

    • Frank

      I think it’s more of a “dang, I made the other panels too small in comparison” thing

  22. Jman552

    If Pete’s involved and is ruining this relationship I SWEAR I WILL HAVE THE BIGGEST REVENGE FANTASY EVER!

    • JayJay

      What would you be able to do? Pete is pretty powerful…

  23. bene

    bailey in a hoodie, cute

  24. Draven

    “A martyre on the alter of stockholme” That reference went completely over my head, anybody else?

    • Tarka

      I read Valerio’s comment saying it’s a nod to Stockholm’s Syndrome, but I’m with ya. Reference went right over my head as well. So don’t worry; you’re not alone.

  25. microbuss

    Bailey is a nice dog anyway
    King lighten up a little ;-)

  26. TinFoilHats

    If Pete’s the one doing this, I seriously wanna throttle him till his neck snaps like a toothpick(sorry, I’m raging aren’t I?)

  27. Ruu

    I was wondering… is the new style reminiscent of the Calvin and Hobbes style? For the backgrounds. I’m liking it!

  28. Neo

    To Tarka :
    “Objctive” means free of personal opinion, or unbiased. “Subjective” means opinionated, or from someones opinion.

    To xhunterko :
    Possibly, the brick wall thing means people will hit their heads on a wall. Mindanao like a facepalm but with a wall.

    To JayJay :
    Why did you have to say/type “group hug” !?!

    I agree with CWFang , Bailey needs to be moe open with King and King needs to get that if she’s fine with what her owners choice was, he shouldn’t press on it.

    • JayJay

      I like group hugs D:
      Besides… I accidentally double posted. Silly me.

  29. D-Rock

    First on-screen argument with the two. Somehow I feel it will get worse before it gets better.

    • Perfesser_Bear

      You’re not alone in that. I’m sure this is part of Pete’s machinations…

      • IceKitsune

        If that is the case,and its likely it is,it just makes the fact that Bailey lost her family over this all the more sad and really, really, really stupid.

        • D-Rock

          I believe that Pete said that they never do anything to mortals that doesn’t already happen to them without their causing it. How exactly do the other spirits know when the line is crossed? Granted, they were less than pleased with how he interfered with Joels’ life.

          • IceKitsune

            No he said they “don’t do things that life doesn’t already do to them” as in things that they could not handle. They aren’t any harder on them then life normally is. It doesn’t mean that what they did would have happen anyway just that they are able to handle whats happening.

          • D-Rock

            Okay, that does make more sense.

  30. Argent Stonecutter

    The other thing you could to about panel 2 would be to split it into two uneven frames, with a vertical split near Bailey’s left shoulder, but with the split coming behind Bailey, so she straddles the two frames. The resulting mostly empty frame would imply a pregnant pause between King’s “No!” and “Well, yes”.

    • Frank

      Of course, that breaks the whole point of practicing 3-panel comics.

      • Argent Stonecutter

        Is he practicing 3 panel comics? In this arc we have:

        4 panels (1 big, 2 small stacked, 1 regular)
        4 panels (2 middle panels stacked)
        3 panels (1 big)
        4 panels
        3 panels
        5 panels (2 small stacked)
        3 panels (triptych layout)

  31. illeatyourself

    I can see King or Bailey getting worried later on due to this fight they are having. Still, it’s nice to be getting back to some kind of story arc, especially one involving stuff other than playing pretend. Not only that, it’s also nice to see that it’s an arc about not just King, but his relationship with Bailey as well. ;)

  32. TXCat

    I have a feeling that they are going to have little fight anytime soon

  33. Neo

    It’s okay JayJay. I just have had bad history with grouphugs. Something always goes wrong. IT SHALL NOT HAPPEN HERE!!!

  34. Saphruikan

    I like the variation in their poses, but . . . why does Bailey have breasts in the second panel?!

    • Foxstar

      She doesn’t. She’s wearing a hoodie.

  35. griffinpete

    Where did bailey get the sweatshirt all of a sudden?

    • Silly Zealot

      From the old man that speaks in limericks, who bought it from the late mister Milton, who found it on a crashlanded UFO vessel in the sahara, where the sweatshirt was created for the captain of said vessel, who needed to endure the cold vacuum of space!

    • Foxstar

      It’s part of her redesign.

  36. griffinpete

    I think bailey is gonna become an evil dog respond if u agree.

    • TinFoilHats

      Although it’s highly unlikely that Bailey would side herself with Pete, I do agree with the fact that she’ll play an important role in Pete’s plan.

  37. BJbear2001

    Recapping, since this is getting confusing. I believe Bailey’s parents got a better job far away, but has a no pet rule. I believe that King missed the part about Bailey being able to spend more time with him, became blind to the blessing, and started on a separation mourning rant. I believe that King is taking his rever sal from PETA way too far. I believe that Bailey hasn’t expressed a normal mourning of the separation yet, nor has her brother. I believe Bailey has been open and honest so far and should continue to be honest and open. I bieve King needs to revisit the Celestial Judge about his form as he is forgetting that he chose a dog’s life over being human because his new life was better than before. King needs to apply his history to Bailey.

    • Silly Zealot

      Bailey’s family had to sell their farm and move to an apartment, they didn’t do it for a better job. And who is this Bailey’s brother you talk about? Fox is her cousin.
      I agree on Joel/King revealing his past, though!
      I do wonder, though, why don’t they allow pets in those apartments? Are pets known to misbehave despite, aparently, being human, or near human in intelligence? Or is it due to discrimination against non-humans? or a mix of both?

      • Argent Stonecutter

        Well, there’s the first imaginate incident with the ceiling fan…

        • bhPixelFire


  38. kidskorpi

    awww baily felt surpressingly home sick…. big hug :)

  39. brown wolf

    peat did it if you think about it he wanted king and bailey to fight to get king to be more gloomy and malleable to his whim

  40. Peanut

    Ohhh i sense drama here! I can just smell the impending breakup!

    • IceKitsune

      Oh please, I highly doubt this is going to break them up because if it does there was very little romance between them to begin with then.

      • Valerio

        Amore non è bello se non è litigarello :D

  41. LittlePuppy

    Aww their first lovers quarrel <3 Now they're a real couple! XD

  42. mypieguy31

    why do thise creatures still bowdown to humans if they are as smart as them?

    • TinFoilHats

      I sense he’ll start a revolution(though it might fail like the mouses republic did)

    • Silly Zealot

      Because mankind invented the ultimate animal punishing device of opretion: The newspapah!!!!

  43. Neo

    They don’t these animals know it’s safer to “stay with their humans” so to speak, so they take the more passive route and be good and then get to go wherever they please.

  44. bhPixelFire

    I am not sure wear this is going to go……

    But it kinda bugs me that they were in a long distance relationship, and now they are fighting.
    …as I am in one as well.

  45. griffin pete

    Anyone think bailey will become evil or tht pete is doing this?

  46. joshi

    what if peat made baile to destroy kings heart by makeng him leave her Dx

  47. Adryan

    Oh god. I finally caught up.

    • Silly Zealot

      Ding! Achievement unlocked: “The story so far”

  48. griffinpete

    Does any1 think pete has anything 2 do with this?

  49. Riverfox237

    Bailey is awesome. ^^ I’m glad she’s going to be a more central character, at least for a a while! (And hopefully longer! :D )

    The new style is looking okay wher eth characters are concerned. I’ll admit, though, that I’m not yet in love with the new backgrounds. The tremendous use of black makes everything look very dark and I find myself having a little bit of trouble focusing on the characters, since my eye is drawn to the darker portions of the page. But eh, I’m not going to condemn your whole new style; it might just be this page that’s giving me trouble. If I read right, you’re still working on it, in which case good luck! =) Must be a lot of work, changing your style. Regardless, I continue to love your storylines and characters, and your character designs are awesome (and usually adorable, which is always a bonus :D ). Keep up the great work!