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  1. Ryu

    Last panel of Miles full energy and fluffiness! Nice ^^

    • Liandrii

      Alt text: “Well if that’s a problem, what if everyone wore a collar? And no clothes”

      • bene

        Been there done that, its nothing special

        • joshi

          i kinda wonder what being a dog is like?

          • Elwood Blutarsky

            ‘Unbearable Lightness’ apparently.

          • Jovanni

            I think it would be cool to try it out for at least a day. Being cuddled and loved by people. Being fed and played with, and you can sniff everybody! :D

    • pb98

      ummmmmm…*starts blushing*

      • Peanut

        i think all the pets would be okay. humans… not so much

        • deadmenwalk

          Thic comic continues to get wierder and wierder

          • legendario13

            Only weird if you turn it so
            We have made it that way, actually being naked is the real natural state.
            As long as I know babies arent born with clothes.
            (Please dont take extreme actions after reading this guys, just think about it)

    • styx parawolf

      Miles is adorible…I just wanna hug him :-)

      • Jovanni

        Well who wouldn’t wanna’ hug an adorable wolf? Especially such a charming and polite one!

  2. kztxl7

    Typo of “Party” in the last panel.

    • kztxl7

      Nevermind. That’s just me not recognizing the word. My mistake.

    • Skye Wolf

      No no, “parity” is an actual word.

      • Anon_omis

        I’m going to be stupid for a moment but what does parity mean?

        • IceKitsune

          1.equality, as in amount, status, or character.

        • Scruff

          Also, similar to a parrot. #jokesthatworkbetteroutloud

    • Marco

      Now they have to send out hundreds of “Censor” bars to his party guests! :P

      • bene

        Well bino can help with that lol

        • ToaSoul

          didn’t he lose that when he fell of that cliff?

          • Raska

            no. Censor bars are self-replicating and nigh irremovable. Under one censor bar is…another censor bar.

          • ToaSoul

            does that mean if we go back to where Bino fell we’ll see a ginormous waterfall of censor bars

  3. IceKitsune

    Oh he just looks so excited for his idea. To bad its completely crazy.

    • Valerio

      the best of it, it’s also reasonable

    • holmebrian

      i have a fealing the acronym for this strip is

      Bring your own Bare Suit

      • D-Rock

        I was thinking it was Birthday Suit.

      • Raska

        For a second there I thought you said “Bring Your Own BEAR Suit” XD

        • Perrin

          We all fear the day when “bear hugs” will become “bare hugs”…
          Well, almost everyone does…

          • Soren

            What do you mean by almost everyone?

  4. Thaguy123

    Just woke up, and there was a new page!

    Thanks for making a good start to my day :D

    • Legendario13

      Is it really morning for you now?
      Or you start your day SERIOUSLY early?
      either way, have a nice day dude

      • Thaguy123

        I live in The Neterlands so yes :D

        • Legendario13

          You wake up when im going to sleep… :D

  5. Barker

    Miles’ neck has been consumed by his fluff.

  6. xhunterko

    Do you have a spare one that I can borrow King?

    • JayJay

      Use the ice-cream scooper instead!

      • xhunterko

        Of couse. Thank you!

        • Soren

          :O How do you has two different profile pics??

          • darkgloomie

            different profiles, same name displayed.

  7. Elwood Blutarsky

    Part of me thinks this is crazy, the other half wants to see it.

    • Argent Stonecutter

      Jeeves could pull it off. Steward, probably not. Itsuki… no.

    • Silly Zealot

      Is this…? Is this comic still PG?

  8. Gabe23

    Yeah … that might … just might not be the best kind of party

    • Silly Zealot

      Though probably has been done before, knowing us humans.

  9. Legendario13

    Perhaps some pets will agree…humans tend to be more…conservative about their…customs…

    • Silly Zealot

      You know this party is being celebrated at the U.S.A. right?

      • Legendario13

        Wrong word, Sorry (It often happens)

  10. D-Rock

    Quick, King, give him another idea.

  11. Xane

    Oh Miles, you’re so goofy…

  12. GameCobra

    And then Miles calls the party “Party Animals ~ We’re naked all the time” X3

    • Valerio

      You FTW

  13. The Wolf Kin

    And . . . I actually like how King looks in this one. Colour me surprised. Then again, I assume Rick is still recovering. The art gets better and better each strip.

    Also, Miles is amazing in this one. His lack of understanding of human modesty is hilarious. Admittedly, that would be a pretty interesting party, to say the least.

  14. Elwood Blutarsky

    Bino won’t come without his collar so no worries he’ll crash

  15. JayJay

    Housepets! are naked all the time…
    If Miles wants everyone to become ferals they gotta act like it :D

    • ToaSoul

      And if the Humans do the comic loses its P.G rating. The Dogs….. they’ll be fine

  16. awesomedudeperson

    I’m assuming the title BYOBS = Bring Your Own Birthday Suits

    Also, first time commenting, WOO!

    • bhPixelFire

      Welcome, my friend.

  17. brown wolf

    super funny

  18. Valerio

    aside from the fact that King’s wiggling ear in panel 1 are DA cute, i think I just got a nosebleed

  19. Secret

    Naked theme? In winter? Doesn’t sound very fitting

    • Argent Stonecutter

      “Humans are a tropical species, Miles, they don’t get winter coats.”

      • ToaSoul

        unless they buy them from Department stores

        • Argent Stonecutter

          Wouldn’t Miles consider that a violation of the rules?

          • Silly Zealot

            Maybe if they are made of human skins they’ll be allowed. (I’m a bad person, I know).

          • Argent Stonecutter

            Don’t suggest that to Joey.

          • bug

            PLEEEEEESE don’t even menchin that to joey! O_O

          • ToaSoul

            It would be the worst thing possible to tell to JOEY

          • Argent Stonecutter

            In one of Iain Banks’ “Culture” novels a particularly decadent piece of conspicuous consumption is a jacket grown from a sample of your own skin cells.

    • Secret

      Then again, it can still be inside, but there’s still the birthday suit problem.

  20. Lance

    oh my goodness I love Miles more and more. XD “PARTY NAKED!”

  21. Tarka

    They’re gonna need a LOT of Orange Soda for the theme to be that.

  22. Winterstorm

    Love the comic, cant wait to see where this is going. The theme Miles wants plays into Petes game im sure.

    However, Im really still not sold on this style… I like it for the BG (looks very Calvin and Hobbes), but it looks really off on the characters, especially compared to Ricks last style used. King looks okay in the second panel, but in the last he looks awful. Ive been following the comic since it was in Black and White, and Ive liked every previous style change. But not this one :<

    Oh well. Ill just have to draw more King fan art to make up for it I guess :3

  23. Dragonlord354

    his face is just to cute for that ripped body xD

  24. Draven

    Now I crave melon balls.

  25. Warwicky

    OMG Miles… That would be a bad party.

    give him more ideas King, quick!

  26. GreighVonGottreich

    I’m there! :D *boogity boogity*

    • bug

      MY EYES!! MY EYES!!!!

  27. ToaSoul

    I wonder… if King was all Dog and not a human-turned-into-a-Dog would he go along with that idea.

  28. Salenstormwing

    Missing the Point 101. Miles obviously aced that class.

  29. Nohbody

    “The dogs look up to you.”

    Most of them can’t help it, Miles isn’t exactly a shrimp.



  30. Timmie

    The comic is heading back to it’s roots, the equalization of humans and animals. Remember, King was a human working for Peta. He believed in animal freedom, even though it’s one of equal but separate. Miles wants to be equal but does not want to be a pet. The pets are happy just as they are. Pete wants the animals with equal rights and status with the humans. Three things going on. To be equal, you have more responsibility. The wolves were free but now to be equal, they had to give up some of their freedom. The pets are… pets, property of the humans. So is there a middle ground? I got a feeling King is the key to this whole mess.

    • Frank

      I thought the roots were “Dogs and cats living together: mass hysteria!”

  31. XIX

    not sure if thats a GREAT idea, or…… Nevermind….. Too silly. lol

  32. Indagare

    Where “shaking your groove thing” gets even more bad mental images… *goes to buy brain bleach*

  33. Svenni

    And the invitation will say:
    PS. You will not be eaten for dinner because we are civilized ferals, and you are the guests.

    Just to clarify for the humans.

  34. Web_MST3K

    Joel: I don’t think naked will really be an issue. What bothers me is the idea of a party with deer carcases lying around. That’s an image I did not need brought to mind.

    Crow: Humans partying naked grosses me out. That’s an image file I did not need to process.

    Servo: Some humans like to celebrate naked. Think of nude beeches and so forth.

    Joel: Given that it’s winter and that we humans don’t like hypothermia, I doubt any human would go along with Miles’ idea. That is why nudity will not be an issue.

  35. Argent Stonecutter

    How about this, the humans wear collars, and the pets wear shirts and ties?

  36. Z24

    I think “Everyone looks buffer, moreso than usual” is a better name for the theme.

  37. SP

    I like this comic, but to keep the PG rating either no humans turn up to the party or some very creative positioning would have to be used.

    Maybe each of them could wear a big leaf?

    • Nohbody

      Or, alternately, they go with another idea entirely. :P

      • Silly Zealot

        I dunno, big leads sounds right to me.

        • SP

          It does to me Zealot.

      • SP

        I guess.
        For it to be a truly naked party those with fur would have to be shaved.

  38. brown wolf

    yep it going to be funny ether way

  39. John Willow

    For some reason Miles reminds me of Geppetto

  40. Neo

    You know what, this makes me think of a song I love, but I can’t remember the name.

  41. Cyan Leopard

    I like this idea I think people should party naked more often, the human form is a beautiful thing.

  42. ToaSoul

    Maybe Dragon could turn all the humans into DOGS!!! then pull that you were dreaming thing when its over.

    • TinFoilHats

      Hmmm, that is a very good plan. My hat’s(tin foil hat’s that is) off to you, ToaSoul.

    • Mace Direwolf

      Wow. That’s actually I brilliant Idea. Why didn’t I think of that? I come up with stuff like that all the time lol

  43. Neo

    Will it work? Maybe, maybe not.

  44. GameCobra

    Remember ~ Whenever you have a party at a pet’s house, there’s always a Truth or Dare scenario. However, since it’s a house run by pets and wolves, we’re going to go out of limb here and call it “Spook or Care”. The game where someone asks you to Spook someone and admit who you cared about. (Naturally, Zach would be on everyone’s Spook list)

  45. Shane

    Ferral Party? Sounds like the humans need fur suits lol.
    It might solve the problem with humans and there Self Conciousness XD

  46. TinFoilHats

    Uh, that would…..errr, be a sight to see?*sees the party, eyes burst into flames* GYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH, MY EYEEEEEEEES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • TinFoilHats

      I can never unsee what I saw~_~

      • Valerio

        for some reason, I’d find that scenery filled with fun and cuteness

  47. Oren Otter

    That sounded like a strip WE would do. …no pun intended.

  48. Redallover

    Miles looks very fluffy. I don’t understand the line around King’s muzzle, either.

    • Dissension

      What’s to understand? It’s a line. It delineates color change. :3

      • Redallover

        Well, before the artistic style change, King did not have that line to delineate the color change and he looked fine. The line I think is unnecessary. King looked much better without it. That is my honest opinion. Why add the line if it’s unnecessary?

  49. Jesk

    Fursuit party! Or.. the better idea would be to have the pets all wear full outfits. (pants gasp! ) just like the humans

  50. XxCyberGamerxX

    i really like the new art style, and Miles looks REALLY ripped

  51. Frederick

    Is it me, or did Housepets start off as enjoyable for everyone and then slowly become more furry-orientated?

    • CWFang

      i thought it was full furry orientated from the begining O_o

      • Dissension

        Housepets! does not target furries or any other demographic. It always has been and will be intended to appeal to the broadest possible audience. :3

        • m is for wolf

          Hmmm. I always thought it was targeted at awesome, nerdy people. What with all the time travel and the whole world being in a D&D game and all.

        • CWFang

          i always thought considering the main cast of the story is indeed feral furries

    • IceKitsune

      What Diss said it just so happens that about 70% (higher if you count people that don’t post on the forum, as well as people that don’t post on either the forum or the comment section) of the fan base for the comic just happens to be Furry.

      • m is for wolf

        I got here because of TwoKinds’s recommendation, and TwoKinds is the most-voted-for webcomic, and a large percentage who read that are or will become furries.

        • m is for wolf

          So that might account for a large furry population. Plus, it is about talking canines and talking domestic cats, ferrets, and rabbit.

    • TinFoilHats

      Yeah, whatever gave you that idea?

      • TinFoilHats

        I’m not a furry, but I do like furry art and I like this comic

        • CWFang

          actually to be considered a furry or part of the fandom you just simply need to like the art

          • TinFoilHats

            Yeah, but I don’t like the sick, perverting art that I hear about.

          • Therolyn

            In truth the definition isn’t really set. It does depend on who is defining too. Some folks would I’m furry, but one of my few friends who is definitely furry has said a couple of times that he believes I’m not.

            Anyway any piece of media that features creatures that are anthromorphic will inevitability attract people from the furry fandom, but I would not say that Housepets has become more ‘furry-orientated’.

  52. DeathShadow88

    every page of this chapter gets weirder and weirder

  53. Talonstripe

    Is anyone else thinking that Miles kinda looks like Spot?

    • TinFoilHats

      Yeah, sorta. But he doesn’t have the body of Altas, thats the thing.

  54. CWFang

    me and my roommate just got a compliment,we apperently rp as peanut&grape so well that my entire crew thought we were the real deal

  55. Festus

    Finally! I find out how to comment. Anyways- great arc so far, I find King an interesting character
    (yays). I also would like to say I love this web comic very much, I started reading two days ago and am surprisingly already up to date. Keep up the good work!

  56. Neo

    To TinFoilHats :
    Technically, the dictionary (otherwise known as TRUE) version of a “furry” is a person who like said furry kind of artstyle. The whole misconception is a fact of “Internet rule #34″. Really, anyone who likes sonic the hedgehog, garfeild, or anything that has humanoid animals is a “furry”. Some people decide to make it part of their lifestyle. Honestly, my rule is that it’s okay for them to express themselves, they have the right to. Otherwise, you can talk to them about it. This comic is a great example. To all; my favorite saying from the Life is Good company: Do What You Like, Like What You Do. Sorry this was long-winded. I will check on the comments tommarrow morning. Thank you Housepets!, and good night from Neo.

  57. CyberSkull

    This party sounds like a bad idea. Can I have an invitation? ;p