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  1. Secret

    Well, it was about time somebody made a tribute to rick on guest week, nice work Geradr.

    • Specious

      What is it with Ricks?

      • Ryoken

        +1 for plinket reference

      • Secret

        He’s the author of this comic

  2. xhunterko

    Oh, nobody special. ;)

  3. Elwood Blutarsky

    Awesome dialogue, I think that’s the first time I’ve seen Fiddler and Keys take the lead in a fan comic.

  4. Marco

    That’s very nice Geradr, awesome tribute for RIck! Oh King if only you knew! :D

    • Kingisawsome

      If King knew I don’t think he’d be very happy with him.

  5. IceKitsune

    heheh very nice work there Gerdr. About time some one did a guest strip about Rick this time around.

  6. Gabe23

    One of the best guest comics I´ve seen, really well done. And the last panel … really good !

  7. Goldenlord

    I think this is my favorite guest comic now. Good dialogue and drawing.

  8. D-Rock

    Maybe King should check webcomics more.

    • Keldor

      Mmm. Better not. I really doubt he’d be happy to discover that he’s trapped in the middle of some web comic in a higher plane of existance. The game is bad enough. XD

      • Secret

        You know, that wouldn’t make a bad arc. (not the game, that was already done, but the characters finding out they live in a webcomic)

        • Argent Stonecutter

          Remember what happened when one of Gene Wolfe’s characters discovered he was in a novel? He got rather ticked off with the author. What was that again, oh yes, “The Last Thrilling Wonder Story”.

          • Secret

            Oh, right. Suppose the idea would be considered the impossible plot project.

        • Raska

          that would be kind of cool. It would be like

          Fox: Hey, King, come check out this webcomic i found online!
          King: *comes over* Hey! That’s us!
          Fox: Yeah isn’t it neat? Watch this : *waves arm*
          King: And webcomic you does it too! Weird…and kinda creepy.
          Fox: There’s a comments section too!
          King: *evil face* Let’s troll them!

          • Raska

            now if only I could draw…

          • Silly Zealot

            I never thought i’d see the day I’d hear of a trolling housepet, but then again, I’d never thought of seeing a lot of things in the first place.

          • D-Rock

            Sorta like the “instant cassette” scene in Spaceballs.

          • aicivilwar

            Nuts… D-Rock beat me to it…

          • Argent Stonecutter

            Actually, that would be one way to break the whole Joel/King thing to Fox without having him go ballistic.

          • CWFang

            or better yet the entire cast finds out should be a strip involving peanut and grape

      • D-Rock

        Actually, good point. It would be bad if he wasn’t sure how many people were watching his problems unfold. Of course the comment section would be a starting point.

  9. Val Kilmer Batman/AsimovSideburns


    Definitely my favorite guest comic.

    But seriously, who’s Rick? ;)

    • Secret

      Oh, only the author of the housepets comics, nobody special in particular.

      • Arjay

        never heard of him before in my life.

        • Secret

          Really? but he created this webcomic, he’s the reason why we are viewing this comic.

          • Draven

            Comic? I thought this was an Internet window to a magical world.

          • Secret

            Well yeah… let’s just say that rick is the person who made that window.

          • darkgloomie

            ah, he’s a contractor then?

            Do you know his prices? I’d like to renovate my home

  10. Legendario13

    I was here just for the party, didnt know it was for anyone in special…
    Sure, why not.
    Get better Rick,whoever you are! XD

    Nice job!

  11. TheMobian


  12. sevitian

    awesome strip get well rick we love your comics !!

  13. Jovanni

    Awesome job, Geradr! King and Fox’s expressions are hilarious. X3
    Get well soon, Mr. Griffon!

  14. Frank

    Woo yeah! Give the guy an applause! (Is “the guy” Geradr? Fiddler? Keys? King? You decide)

    • Silly Zealot

      What about Fox, or that mysterious Rick guy?

  15. Keldor

    I see Fiddler and Keys are up to their caterwauling again. Hmm. I bet cats make good rock stars.

    They’re cute. :-D

    • Frank

      But aren’t rock stars supposed to be ugly?

  16. Valerio

    This Rick guy must be someone important to deserve such dedication from Fiddler & Keys! :D

    • Frank

      Eh, you know those stage performers. They’ll do anything they’re audience requests.

  17. Frank

    I just noticed King’s collar is on lopsided

    • Kifu Miamo

      Probably from partying too hard with fox..or tripping on the flyer.xD

  18. John Willow

    Moving…very very moving

  19. Draven

    Made my day. This is really great. Just… wow.

  20. gagi

    This is gold! All the guest comics are awesome, but this on is my fave so far :)

  21. Argent Stonecutter

    Confused King is confused.

  22. CyanFox

    I wonder if well ever find out more about those two…

  23. CyanFox

    Wait…. Is Rick sick? If so get better!

  24. Salenstormwing

    Well, I suppose there are worst reasons to have a musical concert. Also, get well soon, Rick.

  25. Txcat

    Fox looks so confused

  26. GreighVonGottreich

    Epic comic there, Geradr! :D Hope you’re doing okay there, Rick :D

  27. TinFoilHats

    Heh, this reminds me of a certain guest strip from the past

    • Arjay

      which one?

  28. GDA

    I would like to point out that 90% of these guest strips have King in them.
    That means that I’m not the only one that thinks King is abso-blooming-lutely adorable.

    • YoyoDude

      close to 42%, actually. His adorableness notwithstanding.

      • Silly Zealot

        If only he and Fox knew of all their fans.

  29. Silly Zealot

    This is the time to give a “get well soon, Rick!”
    No! Even better! Get well now, Rick! Without you the housepets! fandom is dooooooooooooomned!

  30. illeatyourself

    This is a good one, and I like the poem/song! :D It also makes me laugh. XD

    • illeatyourself

      I always wondered though, out of Fiddler and Keys, which one is female?

      • Silly Zealot

        I’m wondering the very same thing! Oh, Rick, why must you confuse us so?

      • Draven

        This question has been asked for quite a while. I like to think Keys is the girl, but it has never been formally established (I think) and probably never will.

  31. bhPixelFire


  32. Hoodiemouse

    I love this.

  33. Riverfox237

    Haha, this one is awesome! I love the rhyming and the tribute, but most of all I love the fact that they are rocking out hardcore to a crowd in the third panel. XD And the confusion in the last panel is of course splendid. Great job!

  34. GameCobra

    Horns! Blasphemy! Cats live long and prosper!

  35. Billy MT


  36. The Doctor


  37. Jman552

    Oh my God, Fox in the last panel looks like it was drawn by Dr. Suess. IT IS AWESOME

  38. bombwolfx01

    when is the comic starting back up because i want to read more of it and these guest strips are good but i want to read housepets comic from were it left off

    • Dissension

      When Rick is finished recovering and well enough to create new strips, they will be posted. This could be as early as Wednesday. Until Rick is physically able to do the comic again, though, we will run guest strips. Given the last arc was about preparing for Halloween, which is now several weeks in the past, it is unlikely to continue. We are extremely sorry for the inconvenience and appreciate your understanding of the artist’s medical crisis.

  39. ArcticFox

    aww king is just adorable! and fox is well.. fox. get well soon rick!__

  40. Mega Creep

    Whoa… King and Fox here is kinda from different world!
    they’re from….from…. I just cant remember where they’re from…

  41. Rickicker

    Who indeed!

    I was just kidding, Rick. Get well soon!

  42. Stu

    Dat drawing style. It’s great o.o

  43. CWFang

    the best strip so far

  44. Narwhalicorn

    The 4th Wall… ITS BREAKING