Guest Comic by Karishad and Stu

Karishad is responsible for a lot of Keene’s nightmares and now Stu is helping.

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  1. flaremaster

    Oh Karishad
    What won’t you do next:

  2. IceKitsune

    Ok that is just perfect!

  3. Secret

    Wait, I’m not sure if I get it.

    • Secret

      Oh wait, I got it… very funny.

    • holmebrian

      Anubis instead of “A new bus.”

      • i like your hat

        ooOoohhhh i didn’t get it at first, then after reading it for a while i figured it out

  4. The Maverick Man

    Wait, those are real?

    • FoxBlood

      Sure check Amazon under ‘old relics’. I got ten on a discount bargain deal, along with a NES and the first gen. iPod Touch.

  5. Xane

    Hey at least he didn’t ask for an extra large Greyhound.

    • nightarix

      extra large greyhound… i don’t get it

      • Kakurady

        Greyhound is an intercity bus service in U.S. and Canada.

  6. meh

    I don’t get it….

    • meh

      Oh god I’m so dumb. Now I get it…

  7. bene

    It took me a minute to get that joke but that’s funny!

  8. Valerio

    The level of awesome has just skyrocketed! :D

    • Marco

      So much awesome stuff happens around that small town! XD

  9. Val Kilmer Batman/AsimovSideburns

    Please excuse me while I die of laughter.

    • Valerio

      no prob. In fact, in this case it would be so appropriate…

      • Silly Zealot

        Oh, to laugh at death’s face is not clever!

  10. Scruff

    Love it! :D

  11. Talassar

    I didn’t get it.

  12. Corion

    Both fun and educational, because learning is fun and knowledge is power!

    • Talassar

      *laughing* Now i get it :) .
      And yes, i know about that god but didn’t recognize him on the image (black fur and yellow eyes rather reminded me of Sabrina, hence i was thinking about corresponding Egyptian goddess and could think only of Bastet) and wasn’t even thinking in THIS direction

      • Silly Zealot

        Apparently, the housepets! version of anubis has jackal features all over his (or, knowing what Rick did to Cerberus, her?) body instead of just on his (her?) head and has the size of a bipedal fox.

  13. Muddypaws

    Hahahaha…. NICE!

  14. Will

    This is probably the first and only time someone has ever made this pun… gotta say it’s pretty good for a pun if nothing else very original.

  15. xhunterko

    What? You like dealing with powerful diety/semi-diety’s right?

  16. Varaleo

    *passes out from laughing* I do love these “one off” puns.

  17. Marco

    LOL good one! :D

  18. garrisonskunk

    Well done!

  19. GreighVonGottreich

    >XD This has made my morning >XD Epic punnage!

  20. GameCobra

    Karishad was clearly on the right track the first time. Stop lying, Keene. =3

  21. Argent Stonecutter

    Egyptian gods! Collect the full Set!

    • Silly Zealot

      Collect the full Seth! LOL!
      Also, who drew your funny new avatar, mister stonecutter?

    • Horus

      I’m gonna smack you for that one.

      • Jason

        I would too,except he deserves it for what he did to your dear old daddy.

  22. DanTwelve3

    I’d react the same way if an ancient Egyptian god came into my office.

  23. Xane

    I guess Karishad’s been raiding more temples than just Pete’s.

  24. Salenstormwing

    Should I be surprised Karishad could find Anubis so easily, or that I’m questioning how this happened?

    • Silly Zealot

      Surprised? Maybe not, but I definitely wanna know how he pulled that one! Dude, it could even be a mini-series spin-off story!

  25. Silly Zealot

    Awesome work as always from the great (disco) Stu!

  26. bug

    GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD gosh it’s grate to be back on House Pets!! Whare the commics are asome and the comments are holarious!! Speeking of holarious looks like that fox is up to his old tricks agen!!

    • Legendario13

      I didnt knoe Jeeves had an account here
      welcome back then :D

  27. Tarka

    I really thought I wouldn’t lose sleep over reading a new Webcomic in its entirety in one night… buuuuuut, threw that notion out the window. Just like I did with “Ozy and Millie,” about seven or so hours I’ve been awake reading this from start to finish… And I’m very glad I’m outta earshot of anyone.

    Loud, rambunctious laughter ensued many, many times throughout these seven hours, along with a lot of cute moments, sad moments, and a few “I don’t like him” moments.

    Favourite character: Gotta be King. He’s one lucky pup, even if he’s influenced by probably my least favourite character. Soooooo many times I was wondering if he was gonna come clean about his past. He’s so cute when he distances himself, only to find solace in Fox. Not too liking his human ’sona, but I really love him as King.

    …Meh, I could keep going, but I think I’ve made this post long enough. *URL Bookmarked and I’ve got another hilarious and overall awesome Webcomic to follow. X3

    • Legendario13

      Well Welcome there!
      Hope you keep having fun
      Sounds like you should have some rest now though…

  28. brent

    omg i loved this

  29. illeatyourself

    Lol, this is a clever one that I have never seen before! Well done Karishad and Stu!

  30. Solario the Visored

    Karishad has the connections to call upon the godly judge of the ancient Egyptian dead. This does not surprise me at all. It could totally be canon and make sense for him. :/

    • raolin1994

      It scares me a little that you’re absolutely right.

  31. Kapoku Husky

    i see what you did there very punny

    • Legendario13

      yay! Punny world again!

  32. Legendario13

    whose fault is this ?
    or Kari’s
    (Karishad is a huge troll but if you’re not especific enough it can be taken as your fault) :D

    • Gary (from Radio Free Housepets!)

      So true. xD

  33. bhPixelFire


  34. darkgloomie

    Anubis a n00b is a newb…

    • Silly Zealot

      A newbie!

  35. joshi

    ha nice

  36. Stu

    thank you guys, i’m so happy you like it ^^

  37. leaffly

    Ah that took a while for me to get. Funny :3

  38. CWFang

    lol well this i never saw coming not from the fox anyway (i could see tarot doing this though lol) anyway love house pets and need more takes me 2 hours to read it the first time

  39. D-Rock

    Apparently Karishad has some celestial connections.Though do you really want the god of embalming?

  40. microbuss

    fuunnyy I think Rick oughta draw Anubis in here sometime ;-)

  41. Keldor

    By the dog of Egypt! Karishad sure causes some interesting situations.

    I know that *I* would be a bit upset if the god of death and eternal judgement showed up on my doorstep.

    • Dissension

      Ani and Kari go way back, Anubis owes the fox some favors. = P

      • Arjay

        what kind of favors?

  42. bellshah

    Took me a minute to get it, lol! That’s clever.

  43. SliceOfDog

    This is a good comic, but if I can be picky for a moment; Queen’s English accent pronouncing “A new bus” and “Anubis” are VERY different sounding. That’s more directed at the alt. text though. Comic itself is funny.

  44. Caracalla55

    Very funny ^_^
    Des Lee used the same joke a few years back with the Mousey Love girls hugging a brand new bus. Anubis Bus Lines ^_^
    Frankly you made it better this comic is a keeper.

  45. mdurksen

    brilliant :)

  46. Karishad571232

    ANUBIS. A NEW BUS. ha ha ha hahahahahhahahahhahafurguly doo hah ican i cannnto tstop laughting omg! ARRRR! You laugh in the face of death.