Guest Strip by Muddypaws

This strip was drawn by Muddypaws!

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  1. AleColin

    That’s like a year supply of candy corn.

    • Zzzzzx

      Soon Peanut’s teeth will look like candy corn. All multicolored.

      • AleColin

        That would be so funny.

  2. GameCobra

    Blasphemy! There’s never enough candycorn to swim in! Bags of chips on the otherhand… =P

    • Kingisawsome

      I agree, Candy corn, in my opinion, are the best halloween candy to ever grace this earth. I shall never stop eating it!

      • Draven

        It’s too addicting to just stop eating. It’s worse than potato chips. The only chance to stop eating candy corn is to eat ALL the candy corn.

        • Marco

          Be sure to have Pepto-Bismol handy! ;)

  3. Souji

    They don’t have to hand out candy to trick or treaters, they just have a sign in front that says “dive in”.

  4. Muddypaws

    Hehe.. Hey it was fun to draw out… Like every kids dream of Halloween candy come true (TONS of IT!).

    • Cheetah Kid

      yep, thats definately clasic cartoon style… SWEET! :P

  5. IceKitsune

    Man that is a ton of Candy Corn!

    • valerio

      that’s a lot of trick or treat! :D

  6. Argent Stonecutter

    If Scrooge McDuck had a sweet tooth.

    • Muddypaws

      Now why didn’t I think of that … a CANDY BIN!

  7. E

    Only Peanut would want the candy nobody likes.

    • Dontlookmenaked

      I love candy corn. It needs a whole lot of love.

  8. Flynn

    MUDDY! Nice comic dude!

  9. joshi

    nice but what is candy corn

    • Score

      It’s pretty much coloured icing.

  10. TinFoilHats

    Your so lucky, peanut…. *sigh* SO lucky[to get THAT much halloween candy].

  11. Chaplin

    I don’t get the joke

  12. Dontlookmenaked

    I thought that was leaves. Also great art! Love it!

  13. bhPixelFire


  14. WingedwolfGirl

    That’s a lot of Candy Corn! 0_o

  15. D-Rock

    Pretty sure there’s plenty of leftover corn for what Peanut is doing, just doesn’t look pleasant.

    So guest comics will also run on the weekends?

  16. CWFang

    wow grape should jump in and join him before she misses out on eating some

  17. Ozimul

    I wish I had candy corn at all this year. : (

  18. Jinxed

    I’d prefer creamed corn to the candy variety