Guest Strip by Prof

This really cool comic was drawn by Prof!

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  1. Argent Stonecutter

    There’s the squirrel-nuns!

  2. Secret

    I would have never thought it! Zach threw someone in the garbage can.

    • Frank

      Hopefully, it wasn’t the same garbage can!

      • i like your hat

        also that really shows how flexible cats are

    • GameCobra

      You could also picture it as the followers throwing Max in the garbage. =3

      “Hey, back off! he’s our god!”

  3. Goldenlord

    Woah, were are all the comments, also, really good guest comic and one featuring Zach too.

  4. SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

    wow, Zach looks buff today, even moreso than usual.

    • legendario13

      OF course he is. where do you think Zach got the strength to trow Max to the garbage?

  5. Muddypaws

    Hehe… that’s cute!

  6. IceKitsune

    Oh Max you deserved that anyway :P Love the Alt Text: That’s why its a fan comic.

  7. Erikuto

    This is really cute :3

    • legendario13

      OMG a zombie O_O

      Strips on saturday, Zombies of cuteness and Zach trowing People to garbage cans…Its sure a weird day.

  8. GUEST

    All hail the opener of trash cans!

    • Frank

      I can see someone with that title becoming very popular among raccoons, opossums, rats…

  9. Draven

    Zach really is a nice guy, all he really did was give the raccoon a play mate.

    • GUEST

      I think those are different trash cans. The yellow wall of a house in the background is in the last panel, but not in the first panel.

  10. bellshah

    I don’t think the artist realises that Max has a black/greyish coat. :p

  11. Z24

    Who in the world wouldn’t like being a God?

    • Dissension

      Zach isn’t a god.

      • Z24

        At least he got followers/disciples/nuns

        • bellshah

          Eh, I’d find that to be pretty annoying if they were constantly stalking me, lol.

  12. lightwolf21

    Whew. That escalated quickly. OwO

  13. The Maverick Man

    Wow this is just a day of out of characterless, Zach being meaning and a posting on a Saturday.

    • legendario13

      Exactly What I thought

  14. Argent Stonecutter

    He’s got the raccoon and the squirrel nuns, but I don’t see a little bird or a bobcat.

  15. Marco

    Max could be a part-timer for Sesame Street! :P

    • Txcat

      Nom Nom nom nom nomnom nom nom wait, no, that’s cookie monster… I forgot his name…

      • ThorinWolf

        THE GROUCH!!!!

  16. Hoodiemouse

    I wish I had a squirrel chorus.

  17. D-Rock

    Zach has less patience than he lets on, apparently.

    Nice one!

  18. Mega Creep

    Zach here look just adorable!!
    Actually his drawing style is adroable