Guest Strip by Seth Iova

This awesome strip was submitted by Seth Iova!

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  1. Marco

    OMG!!! Beautiful artwork Seth Iova! Fox and King looks amazing and adorable!

    • Marco

      And its raining outside perfect timing! :D

    • holmebrian

      they almost look like they are a couple. but that cant be cause king has a girl friend

      • illeatyourself

        I agree. Fox almost looks like a girl with the poses he does in this one. XD Great artwork though!

        • darkgloomie

          the pretty blush in the last panel doesn’t help things, either.

      • Dissension

        They’re friends. :3

  2. AuvaAkita

    Is it just me or does Fox look very feminine?

    Also the art looks amazing :3

    • Secret

      I thought I was the only one, but if scroll down a bit you can find that there is a more high def version, which makes him look a bit more to what he actually looks like (masculine). And also agreed on art, very good.

    • Txcat

      Who is she? XD I couldn’t agree more

    • Val Kilmer Batman/AsimovSideburns

      It’s the wide hips and super-curled tail–both are usually more associated with female characters than male

      • Valerio

        In this strip, King is more Mr. Butts than ever :D

      • Crackles

        Well it’s not exactly a secret that Seth can’t draw a masculine character.

      • *wolfiejaypaw*

        Well huskys have that wide build and curly tail :)

        • Val Kilmer Batman/AsimovSideburns

          No doubt, I was just saying the “V” shape is usually considered more masculine an the curly tail is usually thought of as feminine

    • Ben

      Fox’s posture in panel 2 also suggests this. It would have made a little more sense for him to have his hand extended to help king up instead of bending forward holding his head. I like the art though.

      • Seth Iova

        I just assumed that King felt a little undignified being picked up by people all of the time. Also, maybe Fox did help him up in between panels 2 and 3

        • Ben

          I just checked your FA, you are very talented good sir!

    • Wanderer

      I think Fox looks even cuter in this style!

  3. Cristian100n

    OMG! I love Seth’s art, I had a feeling he’d do something like this sooner or later.

  4. oddly placed husky

    i love Seth’s art! xD this is a great guest strip and also, nice alt text.

  5. Seth Iova

    here’s a link to a higher definition version if anyone is interested

    • Valerio

      said link is mucho appreciated! :D

    • Dontlookmenaked

      I never noticed the stars coming out of King’s butt.

    • GreighVonGottreich

      Very epic comic there, Seth! :D

      • Warpthefist

        love your work Seth, this is great!

  6. chaoko

    DWOOOAAAAAHHHH!! how do u art! (tumblr refrence)

  7. The Maverick Man

    But coffee is how King stays so grumpy all the time

    • chaoko

      mabey he should drink 5hr Energy instead, the peeps in the comercials seem so peppy after they drink it. Then again grumpy King is da best kind of King ( if ya don’t count “adowabwe” King ) so ignore every thing I just said/ wrote/ typed…

  8. Tom

    Ahahah this is fantastic.

    That did the first two panels mean? His pride?

    • Secret

      Basically when he fell, he lost his pride (his pride would have fallen with him and comforted his landing, firgutively speaking of course.)

  9. Valerio

    The MEGA Awesome
    My hat’s off to you, Sir Seth :D

  10. IceKitsune

    This looks so good. Great job Seth

  11. Ryunohito

    Seth, your work is absolutely adorable, I can’t get enough of it X3
    but Rick’s work is pretty cute too.
    Very nice guest strip :)

  12. Valerio

    Fox’s Tail = MEGAhug :D

  13. Val Kilmer Batman/AsimovSideburns

    This is absolutely adorable!

    And “low blow” cracked me up–”dude, my girlfriend is taller than you”

  14. Profesor Rod

    OMG~! Fox looks extra fluffy <3

    • Valerio

      I’d rather say ‘pleasantly plumpy’.

    • bug

      Look I apologize in advance for this but is it me, or in panel 2 Fox looks like a girl!!
      O_O (mind-blown)

      • legendario13

        youre not the only one.
        on this strip Fox does have quite feminine features but its just a different style.

  15. Silly Zealot

    Coffe and magic gryphons from outer space dampen your growth a lot, people.

  16. Draven

    At King’s height, they’re all low blows.

  17. Jman552

    Lol Great one, you made Fox look like he put on some pounds though lol

  18. skylos

    Doesn’t King have a tail?

    • i like your hat

      His tail is docked like most corgis so its just really short..

    • Ben

      Nah, corgis don’t have much of a tail to speak of, more like a little stub.

      • i like your hat

        not MUCH but they still have something there… i looked up pictures

  19. Pix

    I really don’t want to ship this. Please stop making it so easy to ship. It’s too cute to handle.

  20. TinFoilHats

    I sometimes feel as height-challenged as King is :I
    And why do they look all feminine like?

  21. Cyan Leopard

    Is it just me or dos fox look a little femmy here.

  22. bellshah

    LOL that pose on panel two

  23. Caylen

    Awww! How cute!!

  24. Kitch


  25. DaveedWR

    Why this guest comic just made my day!
    This is so cute.

  26. joshi

    looks cool but what became of the coffee

  27. Erikuto

    I died of cuteness :3

  28. GermanTrooper

    This is amazing artwork. And the connection between not only these two, but the entire cast as a total is simply breath taking. This is a quality many comics lack. Relationships are not all drama and they are not always “BF,GF”. Gotta love it.

  29. Muddypaws

    A “ZING” from King! hehehe

  30. Kaodylee

    Oh I love this guest comic!!!! The art style is so freaking cuuute!!!

  31. Wanderer

    Ah! Seth’s art! It’s so cute~ I love it!
    This style looks great for both King and Fox.

  32. TinFoilHats

    Can someone give me the link to Seth Iova’s FA page if he has one?

  33. overzen