Guest Strip by Norzman

This strip was drawn by Norzman!

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  1. Marco

    Grape you need to get him back for that! :3

  2. IceKitsune

    Whelp Peanuts dead

    • valerio

      HE GONE

  3. Gabe23

    I certainly did not saw that one comming

    • i like your hat

      Well at least now she’s clean… but at what cost?

  4. The Maverick Man

    your heads a bucket magnet

  5. *wolfiejaypaw*

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….he dead

  6. Souji

    It’s ok, Peanut. I’m certain the water will suppress her rage in just enough time for you to get a head start.

    • ToaSoul

      then quickly run into the Bathroom and lock the door until you think its safe… then unlock the door and go out the window

  7. Gary (from Radio Free Housepets!)

    It’s a trap! xD

  8. Valerio

    Peanut, I love you…WHY do you want me to kill you?

  9. Legendario13

    The smile in Grape’s face remains…the joyful toughts are the ones that have been shatered…beautiful!
    If Peanut has to pay a high price for this magnific scene who am I to stop the natural course of Grape’s wrath.

    I was inspired or is the tiredness talking XD

    I love that style too!

  10. Norzman5

    Yay! my comic is up ^.=.^

    • Secret

      Well may I saw that you made an awesome comic, though I can’t help but wonder whats next.

    • GreighVonGottreich

      Very epic :D

    • Marco

      Its very cute I loved it! :D

  11. Draven

    At least the towels are close at hand.

    • Legendario13

      Peanut made a carefull planning

  12. bug

    Hagh…hullarity at its best.

  13. Dontlookmenaked

    Grape’s reaction looks like she’s going to kill Peanut.

  14. chaoko

    man… thats goone take alot of cleaning hours…

  15. Specter

    HAH! good one Peanut!

  16. Soren

    Yeah Norzy!

  17. Frank

    Peanut has learned…. just not enough

  18. bhPixelFire

    Peanut is about to die…lovingly.

  19. joshi

    this is similar to one rick did

  20. CWFang

    totally bout to get a broom to the face

  21. Hawkstar

    Oh god….he will be screwed with that.

  22. Tommy

    Anyone else think grape is a BUCKET head? lol

    • TinFoilHats

      Heh, pun :3

  23. TinFoilHats

    Well… Grape wasn’t expecting that to say the least

  24. RedDwarfIV

    Peanut invents a new tropism.

    Your Head A-Splash.

  25. Mega Creep

    peanut’s definitely dead

  26. Norzman5

    Thank you everyone
    Glad you liked my comic ^.=.^

  27. illeatyourself

    Okay, now that’s just clever. Probably too clever to be something Peanut would think up. Then again, he probably would be able to think up something mischievous like this. XD

  28. D-Rock

    Peanut, start running.

  29. Muddypaws

    Do you *know* how many times I wanted to do this to my own bro’s? Countless! Hehee

  30. Svenni

    Hide and soak…