Because Fox is so totally adorable you should see this week’s voting incentive by going here

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  1. Dissension

    Fox is so totally adorable! <3

  2. Draven

    The new sheets make the characters look more like children, which I guess is good because they are. Right?

    • Stafford

      Oh dear, I don’t think the childish look fits Wolf very well! It makes him look less kind-hearted and generous and more concerned with just having fun.

    • Argent Stonecutter

      They can’t all be.

  3. D-Rock

    Looking forward to when these are implemented with the rest of the characters in the comic. Still, take your time coming back if you need it.

  4. legendario13

    I’m Voting!
    I’m Voting!

  5. Gabe23

    I really like it, he looks great. I want to see this new Fox┬┤s desing in a comic

  6. Xane

    He’s adorable but I think he looks too young now. A little too “cutesy”.

  7. Gaiatiful

    I tink the new design of Fox is now more manga from Japan !!!

  8. Jinxed

    I remember going through my favorites list, voting for Housepets, and the shock of seeing the first incentive ever.
    Thank ya Rick!