Guest Strip by Kurowolfe

This strip is by Kurowolfe!

Also, this week’s TopWebComics voting incentive is Fox’s character sheet.  You know you want it (or else)!

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  1. rtlstien

    Nice to see Zach, but I feel as thought this is referencing something. Or is it just me?

    • Souji

      Tiger, like with everything he does, is lazy and procrastinating!

      Good strip Kuro, it’s nice to see your artwork again!

    • Kaj

      Pretty sure it’s referencing Charlie Brown. But it’s originally Peter Rabbit.

    • kurowolfe

      Yeah, it’s a tribute to this song and clip:

      The reference is too obscure, I guess :3

      • rtlstien

        lol never saw that piece from the Peanuts. After watching it, Good Job!

    • pb98

      i think the first one is a wierd-er than usual joey
      the second is grape i think is reading a recipe
      the third i don’t know who it is
      but the fourth is tiger and zach

  2. Erikuto


    • legendario13


  3. AleColin

    The first picture actually scares looking at those flaming red eyes.

  4. bene

    Y does bino look like Satan?

    • Musclecar326

      thats not bino thats joey

  5. Musclecar326

    The alt-text is: Augh, I need several peanut butter sandwiches with a side of procrastination. All this singing is killing me.

    • legendario13

      Wiser words have never been said XD

  6. IceKitsune

    Bino looks weird with red eyes like that.

    • Dissension

      That is Joey. Aside from the other visual differences between Joey and Bino, his tag as a “J” on it.

  7. Elwood Blutarsky

    Off topic but the new character sheets are great, vote on TopComics and check them out. The characters have last names now, first Sasha Hartwell now Fox Lindberg (And technically King Milton but it lamshades that’s only on technicality and he’s not using it).

  8. Frank

    Why, Zach, you wouldn’t think being the Opener was only going to affect the forest animals, did you?

    • ToaSoul

      I own Ten of The Opener Of Ways books.

      • valerio

        …but do you own the first copy of the volume that included a misspelling which can cause ANOTHER Way to open thus causing a rift in the continuun and making Zach spawn an evil clone from the future???

  9. Valerio

    Joey looks…scary *hides*

    • Marco

      He looks “Normal” to me! : 3

      • valerio

        now *you* are scaring me too…

  10. chaoko

    uh… joey… I think it’s time you take a break on that report… :1

  11. Rick-O

    OMG – that was the first musical I ever saw in an actual theatre

  12. Argent Stonecutter

    This comment, which is about Zach, who is a rabbit, is a comment on the comic strip about the rabbit, whose name is Zach. The comic strip about Zach reminds me of a rabbit in a story, about a rabbit, whose name…

  13. GreighVonGottreich

    Joey worries me XD

  14. WingedwolfGirl

    This is a book report on HOUSEPETS! This report is about House pets.
    I found it very…
    I like the part where…
    It was a…
    It reminded me of ROBIN HOOD.

  15. D-Rock

    Somehow never pictured Joey as a fanfic writer. Though Peanut’s preparation had me laughing!

  16. Specter

    i dont really get this one lol

  17. illeatyourself

    Yeah, why him? And how is a book report on Zach considered “Fanfic Mode” by Bino or whoever that is with the J on his dog collar? XD And I LOVE BINO’S EYES!! They’re so freaky and the combination of colors is perfect! XD

    • Dissension

      That’s Joey. Bino is a completely different character. Joey is… kinda weird.

      • Souji

        You’re only as weird as the friends around yo-….? Wait.

  18. Marco

    Joey it looks like you had to much caffeine intake in your system! :P

  19. Kingisawsome

    That’s funny cause I’m in the pit orchestra for the play version of your a good man Charlie Brown

  20. Dontlookmenaked

    One can only shudder at the horrors that Joey is writing about Zech.

  21. i like your hat

    i don’t understand…. why would they be righting a report about him…….

  22. TXCat

    why Grape with carrots?

    • legendario13

      Cuase is making a report of Zach.
      Is a bunney!
      …or “wabbit”?

  23. Walram Amani

    Oh my god, I did this when I was in high school. I was Linus, and this was one of my favourite songs in the musical

  24. TinFoilHats

    0_O Uuuuuhhh… Joey, how many cups of espresso did you say you had this morning?

  25. Muddypaws

    And I thought my graduate classes in Mathematics were ruff!

    Yes.. a pun.