Guest Strip by Souji, NickCole, and CY_Law

This strip is a couple of years old and is a collaborative effort between Souji, NickCole, and CY_Law.  Thanks, guys!

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  1. IceKitsune

    Cool are we getting early uploads for all the Guest strips? I love Grapes face in the last panel. good work Souji, Nick and Law!

    • Frank

      Uh…I think its a Daylight Savings Time thing

      • IceKitsune

        I don’t remember that happening last time, comics always came out at 1am, but that could be it and I just forgot.

    • Liandrii

      Alt text: “They say it’s in the eye of the beholder…”

  2. Marco

    Yes been waiting for the guest strips! Nice work Souji, Nick and Law!

    • Souji

      Remember, it’s all downhill from here!

      • Draven

        I beg to differ, we are going to go up at least once.

        • 4RCH4NG3L

          i happened to post then realize there is instructions…-_-

    • 4RCH4NG3L

      How do you post a guest strip though? i would love to make one…i almost started my own comic but that was a while ago

      • Souji

        Dissension has posted instructions on how to do this both on the forums and on the comic website itself.

  3. GameCobra

    Nice Guest Strip! Poor Grape. X3 And of course, Max.

  4. legendario13

    D’awwwwww hehe nice try Max.

    And now… From whom is wich Style/Panel ?
    Wanna guess?
    :D (I think I know)

  5. Cheetah Kid

    he should get snugles for effort :>

    • GameCobra

      Indeed :D

    • volkoseba

      He should get an effort at snuggles for the effort. ;)

      • Jinxed

        He should get a shove to the ground, under the guise that it was an attempt at a snuggle

  6. chaoko

    I mean, its the thought that counts right?

    • legendario13

      for the most part…yeah.

      • Souji

        Don’t worry, I’m sure Max is capable of thought on special occasions!

  7. Muddypaws

    DAWWW… cute!

  8. Dontlookmenaked

    This is the best guest strip ever! I laughed hard.

  9. ToaSoul

    I think Max might be getting slapped in the future.

    • bug

      I forsee this as the after math:

      Grape:Max, I’ll try to make this simple (SLAP!!) YOU MADE ME LOOK HIDIOUS!!

      Max:Well you didn’t need to slap me!! I meen what did you expect,?,
      Leonardo Da Vinci’s artwork?!?

  10. Mega Creep

    Awesome just awesome

  11. *wolfiejaypaw*

    Just cute ^-^

  12. Frank


    • GameCobra

      Certainly breathtaking @_@

  13. Draven

    This is cool. I can’t wait to see more.

  14. bug

    Sour-pus!! At least be supportive!! -_-

    • ToaSoul

      I think he meant the drawing of Grape by Max.

  15. bug

    I wounder what’s next, … I meen it seriously what’s next !?!

  16. Gary (Radio Free Housepets!)

    This made my day.

  17. Grip Moonwolf

    C’mon, Grape, give Max his snuggles. Do you want to make him a sad kitty?

  18. Darke

    So, over the course of a week, I’ve read every comic in this series, and have finally caught up to today. I freaking love this.

    • Secret

      I know, the comic is just so exciting and enjoyable when you read the whole series for the first time. But the only thing is having to wait for the next update, but that just shows how well presented this web comic is shown. and also how addictive it is.

  19. GreighVonGottreich

    Epic guest strip there >XD Poor, Grape. XD

  20. D-Rock

    Max, now would be a good time to ask Peanut for lessons.

    Nice way to start guest week.

    • GameCobra

      I wonder if Peanut suggested this to Max? Of course, Peanut wasn’t aware how bad Max was at drawing XD

      • Souji

        The original idea I believe was for Peanut to give this idea to Max, knowing it would be a flop.

  21. Z24

    If Picasso could, why Max can’t?

    • ToaSoul

      Because Picasso’s paintings were more random.
      Max on the other hand actually has agoal and though horrible it actually takes some form of Grape.

      Now to just sit and wait for Grape to come and slap me in the face…. with a Broom.

  22. TinFoilHats

    Yeah, here’s my feedback on that drawing, Max: *eyeballs leaking out of my head*

    All joking aside, I hope Rick recovers fully to get back on the comics.

  23. AleColin

    All of the comics that Peanut made really paid off to make an awesome drawing.

  24. CWFang

    i was like what happened to them then i saw it was a guest strip though i wish it would be more peanut and grape less max and tarot

  25. Shiralith

    Nice job, people!

  26. CY_Law

    Hurk- look at how old this strip is, almost 2 years+ I think :S
    This brings back the memories, and how I suck back then o 3o

    • Valerio

      nah, it was cute even 2 years ago :)