Trolling With Trolls

Zach’s base color has darkened! o no

Also Max’s colors have been lightened slightly

Next: Trying out fine line inking alongside brushwork

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  1. Ryu

    Nice one Max! :P

  2. IceKitsune

    I love Zach’s look and as I said Max’s look is one of my favorites of bunch. Also lol Heart exploding is a 4 to Max.

    • Another guy

      I think 5 is death.

      • ToaSoul

        No, the word death is a little bland: 5 is sudden Cardiac Arrest

        • 4RCH4NG3L

          5 may be sudden cardiac arrest…with a Mc. Deathshake and some biggy fries.

          • Tynach

            No, that’d be a 4.5. A 5 is your entire body spontaneously combusts as your dying screams seem to fade away as if your soul continues the sound as it flies off… Even after your body violently explodes in a very Monty Python way.

            A 6 is that, plus a complimentary and free trip to whatever equivalent to a Mc.Donalds they have in the afterlife.

        • Marco

          Zach stay away from the light! Deep breaths!

    • Gabe23

      Yeah, Max looks amazing.

      Also I think 5 is “Call 9-1-1 now !!!”

    • Keldor

      Since this is Zach, you have to subtract 1 from his rating in order to normalize te result. Otherwise, you’ll completely skew your average.

  3. Gabe23

    Zach should wear the t-shirt that says: “WHY ALWAYS ME ?”

    • Marco

      Love to see that lol! Rick you should make a t-shirt having Pete, ghosts, and woodland critters looming over Zach with a scared look on his face! Just like the Blair Witch Project movie poster! :3

  4. D-Rock

    Jerk move, Max. Wonder what a five is, unconsciousness?

    Like the change to Zach, actually, but can’t really notice Max’s colors. Maybe if I did a side by side comparison.

  5. The Maverick Man

    Goblin with moustache’s are always scary

    • ToaSoul

      i don’t think thats a moustache i think thats just the shading

  6. garrisonskunk

    Alt Text: Question two: Are you now thinking about spiders crawling all over your face while you sleep?

    • Legendario13

      No i hadn’t been having that image…until you mention it DX

      hahaha thanks Garrison!

      • Marco

        You wake up in your bed and you’re spun in a huge spider web!

        • garrisonskunk

          And then the spider says “Or IS it?”

          • The_Rippy_One

            No more M. Night Shamalon for you, young man!

    • Robin Bobcat

      It was a little stuffy the other night.

      I turned on the AC, controls reached from my bed.

      My AC is mounted directly over my bed.

      Guess where the baby spiders had just hatched?

      … yeah.

      • Argent Stonecutter

        Aww, how cute!

        • GUEST

          They’re Charlotte’s babies! …You didn’t KILL them, did you?
          Oh my GOD you are a HORRIBLE person. ;P

      • Billy MT

        *kept reading “AC” as “Assassin’s Creed” the whole time*

        Ok, I need to lay off the consoles right n– KILLER SPIDERS!

  7. Tormod

    Is the speck in the first panel part of the troll? I seriously thought my monitor had a dead pixel and I started freaking out… 3/5! D:

    • GUEST

      No, it’s a piece of dirt flying through the air from a cliff offscreen. It lands in Zach’s ear. :P No, the dot in Zach’s ear is just shading. I’m pretty sure he just was planning on drawing a cloud or something there, and then he erased most of it but didn’t get one part.
      Or maybe it’s a storm cloud way off in the distance! Who knows?

  8. bene

    Hmm I like the heavy brush in the first panel but not so much in the second. Also lol don’t be a troll Max!

    • ToaSoul

      and my hopes that a pun wouldn’t show up are now shattered.

      • GUEST

        Didn’t they shatter when you read the title?

        • ToaSoul

          no because Rick almost always makes a pun, its in the comments where i was hoping it wouldn’t show

          • Keldor

            Tsk, tsk. A double-standard, is it?

      • bene

        Who made a pun?

        • GUEST

          You did. That costume was of a troll, and you implied that Max trolled Zach.

  9. Another guy

    Im thinking abaout the view of the comic, nice styls for Zach and better, Max, but i think you ignored de background :p

    • Another guy

      Oh lolz, i don’t know how to write lolx2 i said “style” and “the” sorry :p

  10. garrisonskunk

    Other than a shocking lack of a Z, Zach looks good, I don’t know if someone seeing the character for the first time would read that as a bell around Max’s neck.

    • ToaSoul

      I believe the z is missing because its heavy brush and fine details are hard to put in. I agree with you Garrison about the bell but after reading this the reader would understand when he goes to read other comics…. or read yours and my comments. Anyway I like the new style the drawings are great.

  11. Crystalwind

    I like the new colors. Very distinctive. They’re just kind of surprising when you’re not expecting them.

  12. Legendario13

    With the first strip in the new style I was skeptical but i’m geting fond of this style. :D

    Poor Zach always being the test subject (Max knows Zach is a scaredly cat so his heart exploding only worths a 4) LoL

    P.s. I was wondering if the upload time would be changed according with the timing change so i just passed by and here i am. Soooo… Since now the upload will be at 11?

  13. Zaitsev

    Considering how apprehensive Zach looks in that first panel, one has to wonder why he was at a Halloween shop at all with that fragile constitution.

    • garrisonskunk

      I think the apprehension stems from him noticing the sudden lack of background color, and wondering if he somehow wondered into a Spot Superdog comic.

      • Crystalwind

        The “lack of background color” is actually just a blue-grey cloudless sky. Considering that that’s exactly what the sky looks like in parts of the US today, which is where they’ve been established to live (considering that Fox’s owner took King and Fox to Kansas on his motorcycle), I think it’s pretty realistic for Babylon Gardens to have a sky like that.

  14. garrisonskunk

    Behave yourself, Max. Don’t make Sabrina get out her Ouija™ board again. You know she knows how to use it!

  15. falcon01

    Epic halloween scare Max! I do feel sorry for poor Zach though

  16. xhunterko

    Max as a troll. Classic.

    • xhunterko

      And then you must answer these questions 3!

      • garrisonskunk

        I like how the troll mask’s ears mimic Max’s cat ears.

      • Verp

        Would that be an African or European swallow?

  17. Latrone

    I am severely reminded of The Princess Bride when I read this comic.

    …. “Interesting.”

    • Doitean


  18. The Doctor

    look at that. any who. ALLONZ-Y

    • Daland

      hey look a dr who fan sweet i love the brushwork by the way

      • The Doctor

        i know right

  19. Redallover

    OK, The eye color I think still needs to be enlarged to counter the white of the eye otherwise the color itself is barely noticeable. And is Rick trying to go for a minimalistic background now? I would really like to have seen some trees behind the bushes, something to fill in the empty space. Personally, I think the backgrounds used before the new style gave the comic more richness and atmosphere. Actual color in the background, instead of just tones of bluish gray shown in the last strip.
    Of course, this is only the second comic to come of the new style. Perhaps I am just jumping the gun. We shall see.

    • Maxmice

      I agree with most of what you said.
      I addition, as I said in the previous comic, I feel that thick character lines only work on detailed backgrounds. Otherwise it just looks…off.

    • Keldor

      I’m thinking the backgrounds should be colored with watercolor.

  20. Redallover

    OK, I’m definitely not a fan of the white/gray space in the background. the comic doesn’t look complete. With all do respect, Rick.

  21. Kaiserbix

    So… will you remove the paw pads for all characters? also max’s bell is not ridiculously big (in a good way) anymore.

    • Kaiserbix

      Sorry i just realized Zach doesn’t have pads :P

  22. S.Jindivic

    Em……they look mostly the same.

  23. GameCobra

    Important research material at hand here.

    Also, them cat teeth. They are the coolest part about the new art so far, second being the ears. Now just to see what other cats look like in comparison :D

  24. ToaSoul

    Any one remember this comic
    I completely agree with Grape and now so will Zach

  25. The_Rippy_One

    Okay, you are definitely getting the hang of using that brush – kudos. Your line control has gotten noticeably better. The background is still a little flat, though the delineated bush-bit is nicely rendered. You are still doing the “flat black” shading, and I’m still not sure about that. I worry about what will happen if you use it in conjunction with dramatic lighting (like, when they confronted Pete).

    Your actual line work is still a little messy (I’m looking at Max’s bell, and that black mass that’s eaten his collar in the second panel). It feels a little weird to outline the different fur colors, but that’s a style choice that I can take or leave, I guess. Not to sure about Max’s head – it feels a little squat and the ears are a little exaggerated…but if that’s how all the felines are now, well…*awkward shrug*

    To Sum: I’m still missing your old style, but if you are set on changing it, you are definitely going in a better direction here vs. the previous page.

    • garrisonskunk

      For some reason Max’s head design reminds me of the “A Pup Named Scooby Doo” version of Shaggy.

      • The_Rippy_One

        I can see that.

  26. AlexBC

    to be perfectly honest. I prefer the old style. the old style was unique and perfect for the characters

    • bug

      Amen to that, I mis the thinner lines. :(

    • Redallover

      I second that. The newer, thicker lines rob the characters of detail, detracts from the quality, you know?

  27. Violet Indigo

    …This made me facepalm into oblivion after noticing what the bag said. I’m a legit employee of The Halloween Superstore xD And as for your new style- I like it! :D

  28. bug

    Ya know, I thought that menchining meme’s isn’t alowed on this sight, Rick?!? :D

    The titile is trolling with trolls right? So does that meen that I can say that people are trolling wighle reading trolling with trolls which makes me troll-la-oll-loll-loll-loll, la-loll-la-loll!!!
    XD, XD

    (I hope you don’t delete this Rick, & please answer.)

  29. Grip Moonwolf

    I wonder what a 5 would be…

    • bug

      Dude we cuverd that already.

  30. *wolfiejaypaw*

    5!!!!. . . .X-X*laying on keyboard*

  31. Stafford

    The sketchiness of the thick-brush style is very appropriate for Halloween, Rick!

  32. microbuss

    LOL @ “I think my heart exploded”
    Well if it did you wouldn’t be talking LOL

  33. bellshah

    Eh, personally I’m not a fan of the new design. But maybe that’s just me.

  34. illeatyourself

    Ha, that’s the best Halloween comic I’ve seen in a long time! XD

  35. Argent Stonecutter

    Based on Rick’s recent tweets, this may be the last strip this week.

    “Well that will put a damper on my plans


    “So, there is probably not gonna be any more comics this week”

    I hope it’s not anything really serious!

    • garrisonskunk

      Seconded, feel better quick, Rick.

    • IceKitsune

      Same here according to his brother they should know more in a few hours most likely.

    • ToaSoul

      Don’t over work yourself, Rick… and feel better

  36. iThatGuy

    I LOVE these comics so much >w< Personally though, i liked the old art style a bit better. It made the background look really lovely :P

  37. Jinxed

    On the xkcd scale, almost everything is a 1

  38. 50CaliberCat

    The coloring scheme and backgrounds remind me of the old Peanuts comics, when they used to put it in color.

  39. slacks315

    I’m sure I will get used to the new style as it’s not really bad, just doesn’t look as good or professional imho. My other concern is backgrounds. You have always had very nice ones that were as detailed as they needed to be for the panel, but in the last 2 strips the backgrounds were so bright and detailed that they pulled my attention away from the characters a story. I may be the only one in that regard.

    The characters themselves don’t seem too off, but I concur with a previous poster that max’s head looks a little squashed. the heavy brush seems fine in some places, but get extremely bold in others which is also a little distracting. Anyway I am hoping to see some of the other styles you mentioned, but if you stick with this one I hope you will consider toning down the backgrounds just a bit.

    • bhPixelFire

      I agree with you.

      On it all.

      However, he is experimenting.

  40. Ozimul

    …. no background? Really….? : (
    I honestly liked the direction the art was going in the temple arc, with the dynamic persepctives and such.
    This…. I don’t know if this is a good idea…

  41. slacks315

    I just saw the news that you were in the hospital. I didn’t see if you had gotten sick or hurt though. Either way I hope you get better soon. If you need anything, your fans are here to help, but in the meantime I hope you take a well deserved rest.

  42. bhPixelFire

    Wait… then what’s a 5?!

    • Perrin

      Your face and innards imploding upon themselves, only to explode and rain bunnies from the sky…
      …Sort of like a pinata. ^3^

  43. TXCat

    zach=Bugs bunny?

  44. joshi


  45. joshi

    get well :)

  46. Erikuto

    I’m digging the new look :3

  47. WingedwolfGirl

    I guess I will put in my two cents?

    Saw the new character designs and love them, but the thick outlines literally give the comic a “harsh” effect. That being said, we’ve only seen two strips; so, having more dynamic-looking characters and a thicker outline might make for a unique style. –Can’t wait to see more. :3

  48. Redallover

    Get well soon Rick! All my critiques aside, without you there would not be any Housepets of which I am a huge fan.

    • bug

      I agree, I hate to get mushy about this but, I feel still so new to this comic if you you go … I … just don’t see me reading this comic eny more just the thought makes me sad, the things that all of us share with you and all are simply not replacible things hear wold not bot be the same, Rick you better teach someone you know and train someone in the wase of the house pets or tell us that it’s all over. I’ll tell you this though, we won’t leave without a fight some things just can’t be the same without the original team.

      We are all hear for ya budy, even the people that are commenting for the first time. Haller if ya need. :(

      But I bet you still don’t have mutch to say about my comment with the trolling with trolls do ya? ;)

  49. Raska

    I like these colors for Max and Zach. It’s subtle, though. I didn’t even notice until it was mentioned

  50. Peanut

    I like the colors too but they may be a bit too bright, could you darken it a bit and also the eyes….. they’re so bright… especially the green ones! also as for the backgrounds i have to say they’re too much like an amercian comic like batman comics i liked the cartoony ones better it seems as if your putting a bit too much effort and that seems like it will cause comics to be delayed more often.

  51. Billy MT

    Anyone else read Max’s speech in a GLAdOs voice? I can’t be the only one,I hope .w.

  52. Roadrunner23

    I like your new style very much
    This needs to be known to everyone!
    I’d better go posting

  53. fox-it

    my opinion: old style is much better

  54. When All Else Fails

    “Question Two: Are you now thinking about spiders crawling all over your face while you sleep?” Thank you, thank you very bloomin’ much! Now even I can’t get to sleep. eeeeeeeew! LOL but eeeeeeeewwwwwwww!

  55. Tommy

    LOVE the title :3

    • ToaSoul

      same and i know that there are only to types of people who don’t like it… Haters and Ogres

  56. Monk! i need a MONK!!!!

    hummmmmmm i would rate as a 9 easyli. :D

  57. Shane


  58. Spork Master

    I want to know who’d be a five.

  59. TinFoilHats

    Oh, Max. what halloween WON’T you make horrifying?