This is what has happened so far in the comic, because apparently explaining this stuff in previous strips isn’t enough for most people.

But you know what, this is why we learn how to tell stories.  In the future I’ll do my best to do recaps even though I personally find them unnecessary in most cases.  (This information will probably come up again).

The following has already been explained in the comic.

Pete is looking for an “Avatar” so that he can end his duel with Dragon.  While Pete and Dragon can lend power to many of their followers, an Avatar is like a superuser an operates under special rules.  By the rules of their duel, their avatars must fight until one is defeated in order for the duel to be decided.  (Explained at Pete’s Trial)

Pete is priming King to be his Avatar. Because Dragon pulled off a cheap if completely legal move to basically corner Pete early on in the duel several thousand years ago, Pete has been trying to acquire different kinds of avatars–however he can only have one, so he needs one that has a chance against Dragon.  This involves a bunch of weird exploits in the rules which are not terribly important in and of themselves, suffice to say that it requires King to be “broken in” to his position, kind of literally. (Explained at Pete’s Trial.)

Pete still hasn’t abandoned his plan with King. His deal with Keene is in line with the agreement he made to followers in general, explained below.  In fact, until further notice, you can stop assuming that Pete will try for anyone but King, because King is his current best chance at defeating Dragon.

Pete’s deal with mortals to get his temple out of the desert was a general promise to his followers. “Followers” are somewhat thinly-defined; they do not need to worship the celestial per se, they only need to have a connection. (Not any connection, but it is a convoluted rules thing that is not terribly important anyhow)

Several years ago, Henry Milton found the temple and moved it into his backyard. This is what happens when you are an eccentric billionaire.  Whether or not Henry Milton ever met with Pete directly has not been explained.

Pete’s promise was to equalize man and animal. This is a broad sort of promise, and he had all intention of keeping it; he would not care to make a promise to mortals that he didn’t want to do (even if it’s crazy), because why would he need to.

Neither Pete nor Dragon believe animals are lesser than men; otherwise why would they bother interacting with them so much?  What they disagree on is whether the world can handle the equalizing.  While this can be forced with enough miracle power, the material world runs on natural law and not miracles.  Keep in mind that the food chain is still intact in Housepets, and if your hamburger can file a grievance against you, things aren’t going to stay stable for very long.  Pete doesn’t think this is a problem because in the long run, things will eventually stabilize and anyone caught in the crossfire passes on to eternity, which is not a bad deal (for the most part). Dragon thinks this is a problem because there’s enough suffering in the world as it is without massive compounding.  She’s not against equality, she merely thinks the world should go its natural course with only gentle encouragement.

Pete promised to use “all his power” with a rider indicating he could not use all his power right away. Why?  Because his power is what’s being used to fight the duel with Dragon.  If he uses it all, he basically forfeits the duel.  Under the terms of the duel, whoever loses must become mortal for a full lifetime. So, if Pete loses the duel, he becomes mortal and cannot use his powers, which would defeat being able to fulfill the whole promise, which is why Pete cannot do that.  It’s more a legal obligation than an escape clause.

Keene did not like this situation. While Pete is technically indebted to him, he doesn’t like the idea of the Earth having to be basically wiped out and started anew in order to make his ideal utopia come true.  So he asked (told) Pete to meet him halfway; that Pete does not have to fulfill the complete terms of his promise so long as he works with Keene’s methods to attain animal equality.

This technically makes Keene a follower (or “minion”) of Pete, but not his Avatar. Since Pete and Dragon are in a duel, this basically boils down to this: Keene will not be able to get help from Dragon so long as he’s dealing with Pete.  But since he barely had any interaction with Dragon at all before this, it is not that big a problem.

When Pete gets his Avatar, you will know. It is not a thing that passes without notice.

Sabrina is apprentice to Tarot, who is Dragon’s Avatar. This means that, should anything happen to Tarot, Sabrina takes on the role of Dragon’s Avatar.  Although Sabrina doesn’t have Avatar powers, she does have some natural psychic ability.

(Implied) Tarot was apprenticed to Dragon’s previous Avatar. Avatars don’t live forever, they are in succession and take on the mantle one after the other.  Dragon can transfer the power whenever she likes, but it must abide by the Convoluted Rules and succession is one of the methods that preserve the power the best.

The origin of Pete and Dragon’s duel has not been elaborated on, but it does have to do with their various differing viewpoints on all kinds of subjects that interest them.  So, Pete’s deal with Keene is not technically part of his duel with Dragon; it is a side matter which he is spending a very small portion of his power on.  Dragon does this too (see We’re Snowed In!).  They are allowed to have lives outside of the game, though the various penalties stacked on top of Pete has limited his ability to be involved in the material world.

Ask questions!  To be amended to.

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  1. GreighVonGottreich

    Epic explanation, never knew it was that in-depth. o.o Which makes it all the more interesting to keep a close eye on. :)

  2. GameCobra

    It’s heartwarming to know you took the time to recap everything, Rick. I’m sure your fans are trying their best to udnerstand these plots and probably wish there were easier ways to explain details too, but like you said ~ you get better as you get older in this case =P

  3. GarrisonSkunk

    Thanks for the explaination, Rick. It helps alot with getting a handle on the situation.

  4. Lync

    I liked the recap. I didn’t really need it, but it was nice to look at to make sure that I didn’t. Incidentally, can we get a bit more elaboration on the Kitsune’s role in all this?

    • Rick Griffin

      Kitsune’s the referee. That is how game masters work in D&D, and his role is similar; he enforces the rules of the particular game that Pete and Dragon are playing, and also may set up situations for them to confront. He does not personally have any stakes in the game so he could exercise his power how he likes; however to keep the duel clean he tries not to do anything that will favor one side or the other.

    • Dissension

      As depicted in the comic, The Great Kitsune is acting as game master. This involves, among other things, arbitrating disputes over rules and moderating the game.

  5. IceKitsune

    Just to clarify something there are basically three games going on here. The original U&U game that was the catalyst for Pete and Dragons disagreement (which we know nothing about) The Duel the two of them are having because of said disagreement, which is basically going to be an Avatar vs. Avatar fight, and this whole equalization of animals side bet thing that Pete promised. I got this part correct?

    • Rick Griffin

      Yes. The equalization may or may not have had something to do with the duel’s instigation, but at any rate Pete’s deal with Keene doesn’t have anything to do with the duel that’s going on (except perhaps to annoy Dragon)

  6. IceKitsune

    When one of them loses the duel does it mean they will become an Animal mortal or Human mortal? Or is it just random?

  7. IceKitsune

    These should be my last questions for now and I’m not even sure if your willing to answer these right now but I might as well try: Do Dragon and Pete keep their Avatars from the duel into the main U&U game or do they have to start over because its a separate game? Also were the “Four More that should be here with me” that Pete referred to in Trial the other members of the first U&U game and if so did it he include Dragon and Kitsune in that or are their four more players beside the three we already know?

    • Rick Griffin

      Pete’s response was to the judge: since Pete was the only one on the stand, he was referring to all other players in the game. “Four” refers to Kitsune, Dragon, and the other two players in their regular game.

      Their main game does not take place in the Housepets universe; the duel takes place under special rules, so they would not carry over.

  8. Kamike

    I suppose when you have interdimensional gods (or nerds in a basement, whichever you prefer) involved in a story, normal people can get confused.

    • Timmie

      Are you saying we have here a couple of nerd-gods?

      I wonder what the action figures are like…

  9. Shane

    This was a Great Re-cap Thanks for it.

    Will we see anymore of Kitsune?
    I feal ,for his Part in this, he hasn’t been in enough.

  10. xhunterko

    Full natural lifetime? Easy! Just materialize as a fly and your done in a day. Right?

  11. Redallover

    Thanks Rick! I also appreciated the recap. I must admit, there were somethings that personally did not make sense to me, but now they do.

  12. Kimo

    so happy i only missed a few things

  13. IceKitsune

    Some quick minor questions before I forget. Are we ever going to know what Grape wanted to tell Peanut when she came home on Catnip? Will we ever know what Tarot told Peanut in Imaginate, Too!? (I realize the answers to these questions are likely pointless but if they aren’t I would like to know if they will be answered)

    And the one that actually really kind of bugs me Why did Pete blame Dragon for moving his Temple when that was what he wanted to happen and he already knew who had done it and that it wasn’t her?

    • SamBlob

      Dragon moved Pete’s temple into the desert thousands of years ago. Henry Milton moved it out of the desert a few years ago.

      • IceKitsune

        No Dragon had nothing to do with any of that all Dragon did was curse his temple. He accused her of moving it from the Desert (Pete put it there to gain stat bonuses) I’m just wondering why he accused her of moving it when he was the one who asked Milton to do so. It doesn’t make any sense as there was no way he could possible think such a flimsy ruse would work.

        • Stevie Maxwell

          The assumption in the accusation is that Pete is talking about his own temple, when it’s very possible that he is referring to Dragon’s temple. After all, since she was able to lay a curse on his own, what’s to stop him from returning the favor?

    • Rick Griffin

      Technically that was before I decided what actually happened to the temple. My current reason is that Pete brought it up to make sure that Dragon didn’t have anything to do with it in case it was one of her tricks to draw him out.

      • IceKitsune

        I had a feeling it was a retcon. So I’m guessing the other questions were in fact pointless and won’t be answered?

      • Argent Stonecutter

        I assumed it was a delaying tactic.

  14. SamBlob

    IIRC, one of the rules of the duel was that the Avatars must be either dogs or cats.

    I suppose we must wait for events to unfold to find out why Pete was not as tenacious with Grape as he has been with Pete.

  15. ToaSoul

    Great recap I can’t wait to see whats to come!

  16. GarrisonSkunk

    Question for Rick: What happenend to Daryl and Zach at the end of the arc….did they get the “Wake up/Or was it” treatment, or were they made to forget the whole incident? Also what is the role of the Prophet that Pete is trying to force Zach into?

    • Rick Griffin

      They got their own “It was a dream . . . or was it?!” events and it was up to them whether or not they wanted to follow up. They did not.

  17. D-Rock

    Wow, that’s quite an explanation. Good that some things have been clarified.

  18. Kajex, Sorcerer Supreme

    I’mma save this to notepad. X3

    Can we at least expect to see more PB&J Theater Company productions? ^.^ We needs us some cultured entertainment throughout the epic. :3

  19. black and blood fox brothers

    Um maby I’m to tired to read this it made no sentes to me it is 3:06 am

  20. IceKitsune

    Ok I just remembered something else that never really made sense to me. Did Grape and Max hang out after she saved Max (and Fox) from being kidnapped? If they didn’t why not? Max and Grape live right next to each other yet they apparently never hung out after that happened. This doesn’t make sense to me as you would really think they would become great freinds after that happened , especially since they live next to each other. If they did hang out how did Grape not know any other cats in the neiborhood? (outside of Marvin and Max,since Max knows and are freinds with all the other cats as we see when Max introduced Grape to them and said in the Cast Page.)

  21. Haru Totetsu

    I know this might be spoilers or something but I always get the feeling that Pete and Dragon have had some romantic relationship of some sort. Will such facts be elaborate don in the near or distant future?

    • Argent Stonecutter

      I think Pete’s reaction to Dragon being in love with a mortal answers that.

  22. Argent Stonecutter

    So, does “dogs and cats” refer to domesticated dogs and cats, animals that are called dogs and cats in English, animals that are canis familiaris and felis domesticus, or what?

    • IceKitsune

      I would also like to know this one as well.

  23. legendario13

    Everything Clear!
    Maybe I should have waited until I start have doubts but exelent clarification.

  24. sevitian

    thanks Rick your the best!

  25. Baxtrr

    Thank you very much for the explanation, Rick. I did miss a couple of the finer points (okay, more than a couple) and I appreciate your having sketched things out so nicely. I was reminded of two things from my distant youth playing D&D (think first edition in 1976)… one was how convoluted stories can get before you even realize it, changing even as they unfold, and the other is how tricky it can be to keep things straight with people in the game hanging on your every word and trying to assign meanings to things that even YOU haven’t thought much about yet. :)

  26. Jesk

    Humm.. well everyone has assumed the Resident fox is Kitsune’s avatar But I don’t. I’m Curious if he got the “it was a dream or was it” treatment… He seems the kind that would follow up. to me at least.