Call Me Gordon
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  1. Ryu

    The temple and all of its enigmatic elements behind it! Hope they leave with some sort of souvenirs! ^w^

  2. IceKitsune

    ohhhh I wonder what the big wall says? That should be interesting.

    • GarrisonSkunk

      Probably a Geico ad…I think I see the gecko on the fifth row.

      • Keldor

        *Peers at the symbols*
        Where? All I see are a couple eigth notes, a 32nd note, and a few quarter rests.

        • Frank

          “You played Zelda’s Lullaby
          “but nothing happened”

  3. Xane

    Sabrina had best illuminate Zach on the finer points of spellcasting so he can shine with the best of them

    • Zzzzzx

      Then Zach will be enlightened.

      • thefirstonethere

        best joke ive heard all day

      • Xane

        But he’s already experiencing the enlightenment of de feet.

    • holmebrian

      Flash Oh Oh!

  4. Tahoe

    This is why we play with Player’s Handbooks! This wouldn’t happen! =P

    • darastrixen

      Oh wouldn’t it?

      • Tahoe

        …. In theory >.>;;

  5. xhunterko

    Well. That’s one lucky rabbit foot.

    • xhunterko

      At least Karishad knows how to lighten up the mood.

      • Profesor Rod


  6. Zaitsev

    What a waste of energy casting that.

    • Marco

      He might leave a trail of glowing paw-prints! :)

    • GarrisonSkunk

      Since Sabrina suggested he practice, wouldnt it follow that he has unlimited spells that he can “waste” on said practice?

  7. Gabe23

    Soooo everybody in the explore party has spells

    • Verp

      Zach had a fainting spell earlier.

      • bene

        I don’t think that counts as a spell, lol

      • Argent Stonecutter

        I see what you did there.

      • Salenstormwing

        Sorry, but the rimshot machine is in shop. Let me see if I can get the sad tuba machine running instead.

    • Xane

      Sabrina is a mage/wizard and Zach is a priest/cleric, who are generally always equipped with spells. By normal genre convention, Daryl as a ranger would also have some small magic ability while the warrior (Karishad) and rogue/thief (Keene) wouldn’t have any. If Keene had been the bard he might have.

      Of course we don’t know the actual extent of their powers since Sabrina is being all Master Of Not Telling Us Anything Useful mysteeeerious *wiggles fingers*.

      • bug

        Don’t belive I or enyone could have said it better.
        Nice,but I will beat you to the punch next time my friend.-_-…

  8. Marco

    Ok last panel I just laughed really hard! XD Imagine his butt lighting up? :D

    • Argent Stonecutter

      “And [Frith] said, ‘Very well, I will bless your bottom as it sticks out of the hole. Bottom, be strength and warning and speed forever and save the life of your master. Be it so!’ And as he spoke, El-ahrairah’s tail grew shining white and flashed like a star; and his back legs grew long and powerful and he thumped the hillside until the very beetles fell off the grass stems.”

      • Raska

        Oh, Argent. You bring the best stuff into these comments. I haven’t read Watership Down in yeeeaars.

      • Marco

        Always Argent you “brighten” up our day yet again! :D

    • bug

      I dont know ether to be lol,ing or being vary scared for Stonecutter’s mental health.
      On the upside this comic has entered a hole new level of funny!!:D

      keep it up Rick!!

      • Argent Stonecutter

        Oh, lucky bug, you haven’t read Watership Down yet, and now you have the opportunity of reading it for the first time!

      • bug

        (hum) I will make shure to see this “Watership Down” of yours,
        to see the hummer that ye see’s but I myself cannot .
        Tel’ we meat agen I say we are even on this matter and this commic that we adore. :)

    • pb98


  9. Ozimul

    I can’t believe Zach dropped his hat. 8( That’s terrible!!

    • ToaSoul

      well he did fall face first into the ground and then had a fox pick him up in a mourning position so its easy to understand that the hat would have fallen off.

    • Keldor

      It fell off when he hit the floor after fainting. You can see it there right next to where his head was in the previous comic.

  10. Arjay

    oh god the PUNS! make them stop!!

    • Draven

      Well, you sure don’t take lightly to a simple, lighthearted pun.

      • ToaSoul

        well all these puns do lighten up my mood

        • GarrisonSkunk

          Arjay and Draven’s icons make it look like Peanut is arguing with himself :)

          • ToaSoul

            thats actually pretty funny now that you mention it

          • bhPixelFire

            HAHAHAHAHA!!! IT DOES!

      • ToaSoul

        some of them are even de”light”ful to hear

    • bug

      (In the count’s voice ) One pun,ah ah ah! Two pun,ah ah ah! :D

    • Xane

      Well it was Keene’s bright idea to bring Karishad with them. He’s always making light of the situation.

      Zach is lucky Karishad illuminated the situation in time or he would grue the day he ever went near the temple. At least Sabrina enlightened him to what his powers are.

      ♫ Zach! AH-AH! Lapine of the luminous!
      Zach! AH-AH! He’ll outshine every one of us! ♪

    • bhPixelFire

      They always seem to LIGHTEN up my day!

    • bhPixelFire

      But puns are awesome.

  11. volkoseba

    Karishad is reminding me of Groucho Marx…

  12. Erikuto

    Alt text: Simultaneously stamp out evil and enlighten them!

    I love Karidash’s little remark :3

    • legendario13

      Sure he lights up everyones day!

      Thanks for the alt text! …sure it cleared my doubts :D

  13. EHH

    Now I just want these 5 to meet the cast of “Order of the Stick”.

    • Argent Stonecutter

      So long as they don’t meet the cast of 8 Bit Theater.

    • bug

      Stop makeing fun of Harry Potter! This sight is not for sarkastic comments!!
      :D (Though we do it eny way!) :)

  14. GarrisonSkunk


  15. Erikuto

    You know since they’re all using magic and stuff they might as well shout out a a “quote” and transform into a power ranger/Kamen rider


  16. Gary (from Radio Free Housepets!)

    So punny! xD

    • legendario13

      Its a pun world!

      Once again!

  17. Facade Kitsune

    i agree with the thief *facepaw*

  18. Shnurui

    Why should I do that. That’s my name:/

  19. Shuma Jindivi

    ……Karishad’s language skill is awesome *facepalm*……

    • Dissension

      I’m sure he appreciates your glowing analysis. :3

  20. Jack

    I really love the fox character! I hope he stays on board for a long time and is also on often!

  21. Keldor

    Hmm. I wonder if that text on the wall is in ancient Akkadien?

  22. GameCobra

    Light on his feet? That means we can also take him lightly!

    A priestly white bunny with light on his feet. The critters would have a field day with him.

    • GreighVonGottreich

      You can say he is beaming greatly :D

    • bug

      Ya! Who says you need to buy shoes to have light-up feet!! lol,lol :D

  23. LittlePuppy

    Is anyone else imagining Karishad with the voice of Cary Elwes (Robin Hood Men in Tights, Princess Bride) for this arc? I can’t seem to get the voice out of my head when he speaks. Especially with silly lines like this XD

    • GreighVonGottreich

      Yep, I hear him in that voice too >XD

  24. Dissension

    All these comments are rather illuminating, you guys have really done the footwork, this time!

    • bug


      So meany puns so little time! :)

    • GameCobra

      Your comment! It’s taking off at the speed of light!

    • Draven

      Only the brightest here in Housepets.

    • ToaSoul

      these comments are all bright spirited

    • LittlePuppy

      You really shouldn’t make light of their troubles…

  25. Grip Moonwolf

    This just made my day.

    • Xane

      It certainly brightened mine!

  26. Monk! i need a MONK!!!!

    Very funny. I dunno why but i have a feeling of making a cave like this LOL

  27. *WhiteFang*

    Great now he’s pulling puns ^-^

  28. Argent Stonecutter

    Convenient how Zach collapsed right next to that important Akkadian inscription!

    • bhPixelFire

      *ominous voice*

      Funny indeed.
      MWAHAHAHA…*hack cough*

    • Gabe23

      maybe … too convenient

  29. D-Rock

    Sabrina claimed to being prepared for these types of situations, yet she neglected to inform Zach of his powers. Missed something there, Sabrina.

  30. Raska

    Oh, puns, how i love thee. Seriously, I don’t get why people put down puns.

  31. bhPixelFire


    You people need to LIGHTEN up!

    • Verp

      But people can only take so much punishment.

      • Raska

        I see what you did there

      • bhPixelFire


  32. Stefan Wulph

    Rim shot for 4th panel, Please? ;)

  33. Argent Stonecutter

    And I guess gargoyle wings don’t work.

  34. bhPixelFire

    I am loving this arc!

  35. Fogboundjord

    yay, light feet!

  36. Snowstreak

    I assume the Gordon is a refference to the scifi character Flash Gordon

  37. AthiosDvK

    Rick, I think I’m the only one who gets the alt. text pun. Gordon Lightfoot, did the song “Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald”. Seriously, Internet, go to the old times. >:3

    • AthiosDvK

      Scratch that, not alt. text. Title. My bad. :P

    • Argent Stonecutter
      • AthiosDvK

        Terribly sorry. I just skimmed the comments, and I saw no one else had really noticed. It does kinda disappoint me, however, that we were the only two to really notice that.

        • Argent Stonecutter

          I try to be subtle about commenting on references so I don’t spoil people’s fun discovering them. :)

          • GarrisonSkunk

            Same here, couldn’t think of a pun involving one of his songs so I let it be.

          • AthiosDvK

            Then consider me the Spoiler Alert. :D

          • Argent Stonecutter

            Dragons, always riding roughshod over… wait a second, dragons don’t wear shoes…

          • GarrisonSkunk

            Speaking of puns,I wonder how many people know who Bennett Cerf was when I referenced him in the past comment sections.

          • Argent Stonecutter

            I had a joke book with his name on it when I was a kid.

          • GarrisonSkunk

            Yep he wrote many books and was a master of the groan-worthy pun (as well as publisher/co-founder of RandomHouse). Interestingly, when he wrote his own books he gave them to rival publisher Doubleday so there would be no appearences of him putting himself ahead of his authors.

  38. illeatyourself


  39. AleColin

    Well this is he’s first time using magic and at least it worked.

  40. Therolyn

    Woah! Help me! I’m drown in all the puns here!

  41. D-Rock

    Don’t understand the title. Gordon who?

  42. Wind-walker

    ooh karishad. your sooo punny :3

  43. CloudStrife

    wow very nice rick i tend to fancy the fox hes very nifty and quick witted especially since he tricked keene into the pen and asked teh grue abotu cornhole and found a ligth switch good show karishad good show lol

  44. inaki

    Test comment!

  45. Kohaku Nightfang

    Ya know, I don’t think I realized until just now that Zach is pink O.o

    • Dissension

      We had this discussion on the forums, a couple of years ago. Zach’s not pink. If you’re seeing him as such, your monitor’s display properties may require adjustment. = P