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Have you ever wanted to draw a Housepets! strip?  Well, now’s your chance!  Beginning next week, we will run guest strips.  Please send your entries directly to me – neodissension at gmail dot com.  If your entry meets the comic’s PG rating and tone, I will add it to the rotation.   There is currently [...]

Housepets! will be on hiatus for at least a week, following Rick’s hospitalization.  You can get status updates via @HousepetsComic.  Thanks for your patience, understanding, and support.

Trolling With Trolls

Boo-lean Logic

We’ll Leave A Light On

New character sheets are coming along; I am going to shoot for one new one every week. See this week’s by voting for Housepets on TWC!

Some Weening To Do

Spotting In Plain Sight

This is what has happened so far in the comic, because apparently explaining this stuff in previous strips isn’t enough for most people.
But you know what, this is why we learn how to tell stories.  In the future I’ll do my best to do recaps even though I personally find them unnecessary in most cases.  (This information [...]

At The End Of The Tour

Maybe To An Astral Plane

All That Glitters

Even Quadruploons


The Writing On The Wall