Giant Cavern Expedition

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  1. Ryu

    Hope Sabrina can conjure some really powerful destructive magic! :3

    • Keldor

      Invocation/evocation?? This is clearly the place for a divination spell! Either that or… Does conjuration work when the targeted creature is already on the same plane of existance?

  2. Zaitsev

    Malevolent DM in 3..2..1..

    • Marco


    • xhunterko

      Your entire party is dead.

    • cesarinthewhitedragon

      I wonder if we will see the kitsune smiling evilly XD

      also poor Zach.. he cant get a break

    • Argent Stonecutter

      I played D&D with Dave Hargrave as the DM once. My character was a goblin cleric, and we were down to two when the fighter in Plate stepped into an electrical trap, so I started running for the surface. I got lost, and stumbled into a cavern with a party of goblins sitting around a cookpot. I boldly walked up and waved… I was a goblin, too, right… and that’s when Dave said “you should have checked to see what they were cooking”.

      • xain

        …it was cleric, wasn’t it?

        • Argent Stonecutter

          It was another goblin, they were cannibals, and I was a different tribe and therefore food.

          • GarrisonSkunk

            You could tell by the way they were goblin’ them up.

          • ToaSoul

            oh dear for both the goblin cannibalism and the unavoidable pun

  3. GarrisonSkunk

    I guess they CAN fly.

    • xhunterko

      I was gonna say.

  4. Cristian100n

    Pete said it you silly bunny!

    • GarrisonSkunk

      Must be Tarot (or Rick). It would be white text on black if it were Pete.

      • Dissension

        The tags indicate the grue itself is speaking.

        • IceKitsune

          Well the line comes from the game Zork (where the grue comes from as well) and that is just the computer giving you a warning (or maybe even the players thoughts) not the grue itself.

          • ToaSoul

            i was wondering if that reference was going to be made

        • GarrisonSkunk

          Not necessarily, Dissension…the tag might just indicate the presence of the grue. Rick includes nonspeaking beings in the tags when important, such as last comic’s ‘gargoyles’.

          • Dissension

            The tags would also include all speaking characters, would they not?

          • GarrisonSkunk

            Indeed so….that’s my point. Just because its listed in the tags doesn’t automaticly mean it’s the being speaking as you assumed in your original post. Your original statement would seem to indicate your reasoning is ‘only speaking characters get tags – therefore it MUST be the grue speaking’. Q.E.D.

          • Dissension

            My reasoning is that all characters appearing in a strip are tagged. The tagged characters for this strip are Daryl, grue, Karishad, Keene, Sabrina, and Zach. Which non-grue character, aside from Zach, do you believe to be speaking in the last panel?

          • Argent Stonecutter

            Speaking of which, this should be tagged gargoyles too.

          • GarrisonSkunk

            Ok…I’ll grant you that point. Although (and admittedly this is an assumption on my part) the fact that the words are in a box instead of a balloon seem to indicate someone communicating with Zach through thoughts rather than being there in the room with him. Its still not absolutly certain its the grue being a Third Person Person, it could be another character Rick forgot to list, or left off intentionally to keep us guessing. Or Zach’s own mind getting to him.

          • bug

            I find that all of this hub-bub is vary vary intresting!!
            Now here is my highpothosis,it could be either the grue or Tarot thought speaking to him.

          • Argent Stonecutter

            1. I see that Rick added the “gargoyles” tag.
            2. I assumed it was the grue.

          • ToaSoul

            Dissension the Grue in the game Zork never gave the warning and thus left you to decide what you would do, but the Grue if it would say that would be giving away its position by telling the person that it was there, so its probably an outside being interacting with Zach warning him about the Grue.

      • IceKitsune

        Actually I’m sure it was like the temple itself saying it, if you don’t want to get all meta, and have it be Rick.

        • Xane

          Well it’s Pete’s temple and we already know he likes video games (Gaspar!) so even if he’s not directly saying it, he’s the one who programmed it that way. Hee.

        • ObserverTenfold

          I think Rick just wanted to make a funny reference to the Zork games.

      • Keldor

        I know! It’s the crazy old man who only speaks in limricks!

        It is pitch black. You
        are likely to be eaten
        by a grue… (yeah, you)

        • FreakazoidVocaloid

          Or his cousin, the Creepy Curmudgeon Who Speaks Only in Haiku.

  5. *WhiteFang*

    Yeah just close your eyes

  6. IceKitsune

    Uh oh Zach is in serious trouble. And I really do see Keene getting really really angry if/when he finds out whats really going on here.

    • Xane

      If I only knew what Keene knows, I’d be pretty mad too. Sabrina being all Obi Dumb(le)dore Kenobi mysteeerious *wiggles fingers* is just annoying and potentially lethal.

  7. xhunterko

    Stop moving Zach! Stop moving!

    • xhunterko

      Quick! Cast a light spell! He should have those right? Right?

    • Gabe23

      Well … he IS the “Opener of Ways” so maybe he could … open some … ways ?

      • bug

        What ways to run?Or ways to hide? The only other thing could be to save himself from an alternet dimention, Which would be AUSOME!!

      • Argent Stonecutter

        The woodland creatures only think he’s supposed to be the Opener, and have cool powers like in the Books of Magic…

        But he’s the wrong species, so he’s really just a rabbit.

        • Xane

          Also even if he was, Pete did say that he created false myths about the temple specifically to encourage a cat or dog to open it when the time was right. So all the “animals in harmony” stuff might be complete bunk Pete made up.

  8. volkoseba

    I guess “your mother was a hamster” could actually be true in a universe with anthropomorphic animals…

    • p0lo

      It may even be a compliment in Hamtaro!

    • Salenstormwing

      “French Poodles? What are you doing in my back yard?”
      “Mind your own bizness!”

  9. Zaitsev

    Speaking of which, aren’t rock-based creatures supposed to be nearly impervious to arrows?

    • xhunterko

      Notice he hit the weak part on the wings.

    • GarrisonSkunk

      But these are magic(k)al arrows.

      • Xane

        +2 Arrows Of Masonry

        • Raska

          wouldn’t an arrow of masonry be /beneficial/ to masonry? arrow of de-masonry?

          D&D Item naming conventions are weird :/

          • Keldor

            Arrows of masonry strengthen and harden stone, so that it doesn’t shift. And let me tell you, when you’re a flying, animated statue, the last thing you need is your joints hardened up. Especially when you’re flying over a pit.

          • Raska

            ~The More You Know~

    • Marco

      Now if only Daryl had exploding tip arrows!

      • xryuran

        I must ask Marco is that a Houndour that i see there?

        • Marco

          Why yes it is xryuan! :)

    • ToaSoul

      they are also flying over a pit so if he hits the wings like hunter said they would fall into the pit and either keep falling if it was a bottomless pit or smash into a million pieces when they do hit the bottom.

    • DanTwelve3

      Daryl is also left-handed. Who knew?

  10. GarrisonSkunk

    Zach is Wil Ferrell in “Stranger Than Fiction”?

  11. oddly placed husky

    omg.. the grue!! i had to chuckle as soon as i read that! and i think that Karishad really shines in this story arc

  12. Marco

    Why oh why did it had to be the Darkness! And I presume they will be separated from all this crazy madness lol! :P

  13. SilverZeo

    Wait… won’t she get in trouble of saying that she will be in trouble if she DOES explain everything or at least? I know the whole army shtick: send in a bunch of people to get/kill something without really been notify what it or even properly prepare them; but by saying something like that is Chekhov’s Gun waiting for happen, like “it can’t get worse” or telling a kid to “don’t tap the glass” you know what will happen, and a physic I find that- man I am really too into this….

  14. GarrisonSkunk

    Zach…meet Zork.

  15. bene

    Your mother was a hamster and your father smelled of elder barriers!

    • GarrisonSkunk

      Your mother was a hamster and your father a squeaky voiced groundsquirrel!

  16. DanTwelve3

    Fetchez la vache!

  17. Gabe23


    • Marco

      It was inevitable! :(

      • bug

        That …is so sad …but SO TRUE!! (sob,snifile) :(

    • Xane

      Never split Zach? I think the grue has other plans…

      • GarrisonSkunk

        Wise men say – when a rabbit tangles with a grue, the result is often a case of split hares.

        • ToaSoul

          okay Garrison that is (rough guess) your 1,258 pun or possably more i lost track.

  18. D-Rock

    Two reasons the healer should never leave the team; leaves the party without support and leaves the healer pretty much defenseless.

  19. Helios

    “Your mothers were made of clay and your fathers were made out of cheese!” Hahaha! One of my favorite thing in RPGs is taunting the monsters. Bad news when your healer/cleric runs from the party though, especially when he’s about to get eaten by a grue. (I guess the sorceress/wizard/mage/you get it by now could double as a healer? No?)

  20. Shuma Jindivi

    ……something they should have expected when they brought Zack in.

    And I wikied what is a Grue. I still have no idea.

    • GarrisonSkunk

      A grue is basicly a monster created for the Zork games, used to give players a reason for not just walking around blindly in dark areas out of sequence.

      • p0lo

        From many moons ago, when games required imagination… Not because they were indie, but because graphics did not exist.

        • ghastmaskzombie

          Then why bother making them digital?

    • Critter Rhode

      Here you can play it online.

  21. thezombie

    Ha! I see what you did there with the grue comment.

  22. Profesor Rod

    No. Not the grue! D:

  23. Stevie Maxwell

    Alt-text for those who can’t access it: “and he’s a priest, so no magic missile”

    These adventurers are so poorly equipped. Then again, grue repellent hasn’t been widely accessible since the fall of the Great Underground Empire.

  24. Fireclave

    Come on, Zach. You’re not living up to your full CoDzilla potential here.

  25. Argent Stonecutter

    The cowardly wolf is pretty bold once he has a pit and a ranged weapon on his side, plus he’s wasting arrows.

    • DanTwelve3

      He’s a pretty good shot with that bow.

      • Ryu

        For a scaredy pooch he sure does!

  26. Shnurui

    But he does have Holy Aura and sphere of light.

    • Argent Stonecutter

      Wouldn’t it depend what kind of priest he his? If he’s Anglican, his spells include “high tea” and “detect aspidistra”.

    • Indagare

      But he can’t use magic missile to attack the darkness!

  27. RedDwarfIV

    Pitch black?

    You’re more likely to get eaten by a bioraptor.


  28. E

    It the Dungeon Master.

    • Silly Zealot

      It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s your conscience! It’s the grim reaper! It’s his split personality! No, it’s Superman!!!!!

  29. Dead Men Walk

    has anyone just noticed that Daryl is left pawed?

    • Legendario13

      Good eye!

  30. Salenstormwing

    Is Karishad doing a Gandolf impression back there?

    “You shall not pass! …. unless you get at least a 90 on your finals!”

    • Keldor

      It looks to me like he’s doing a little dance to mock the gargoyles. He should be careful next to that pit.

      • ToaSoul

        its no fun unless there is some sort of danger! :D

        • Ryu

          Well worth to watch! :3

  31. Duke of URL

    I especially liked what you did with Zach’s eyes

  32. Ozimul

    Quickly, Zach, attack the darkness!

  33. The Maverick Man

    Soon there gonna have to be fightin the final boss

  34. AleColin

    All of this reminds me of a game called “Fire Emblem”, it is one of my favorite game and I hope the rabbit will be fine.

  35. Dragongal

    Kinda looks like Pete….

  36. ghastmaskzombie

    Every time I see Daryl’s name, I momentarily misread it as “Daryil,” and Daryil’s not even a wolf! (He certainly looks like one, though.) Curse you, Project Future!

  37. Timmie

    You should have read the letter in the mailbox by the little white house.

  38. GarrisonSkunk

    Just for fun read the last box in Jim Backus’s voice and follow it up with “Heh heh heh, Oh, McGrue…you’ve done it again!”

  39. kurowolfe

    “and he’s a priest, so no magic missile.”

    Tell that to a White Mage in FInal Fantasy Tactics.
    /casts Holy

  40. TurtleCopter

    woop woop Zork references.

  41. FerreTrip

    Aaaaaand mandatory Zork reference.

  42. Argent Stonecutter

    Better not forget to pack the Phoenix Down.

  43. GarrisonSkunk

    Quick Sabrina, cast Enchanted Bunny and Carrot of Power!

  44. SilentCobra


  45. Verp

    I finally stopped getting the annoying messages in stead of Housepets. Did anything happen while I was gone?

  46. Billy MT

    “If I close my eyes they can’t see me”, eh Fireball20XL? XD

  47. Dragongal

    Daryl is left-handed in this, because the bow is in the wornd hand, and he’s nocking arrows with his left hand ( You shouldn’t do that if you’re right handed.)

  48. Z24

    Zach is such a noob when it comes to Thriller film Theory:
    1.- Never Split
    2.- Never search for safety in a dark place
    3.- Closing your eyes it’s not the way to make an invisiblility spell. It never was

  49. GarrisonSkunk

    Zach’s right about one thing: Once the grue eats him nothing will find him forever.

  50. GreighVonGottreich

    Zach, be glad there are no weeping angels in there. >XD

  51. Tallen

    Daryl is actually using the bow wrong. In archery no matter what you hold the bow with your left hand and fit arrows in the string with your right. This is independent of whether you are left or right-handed. Hate to be a jerk but this is archery basics and it drives me nuts >.o

    • Keldor

      That’s actually incorrect. There are definitely left handed bows around. In fact, I have one. You can tell because the gap where you put the arrow (I forget the name, it’s been a while :-P ) is on the opposite side of the bow from a regular right handed bow. If you tried to use it right handed (bow in left hand, arrow in right), the arrow would fall out since it would be on the wrong side of the bow.

      Unlike a modern recurve bow, an old fashioned bow like Daryl’s doesn’t have a specific handedness, since there’s no arrow slot. It could be used either way.

  52. Yoyogre

    Well… 2 turns left for Zach before he is eaten.
    First :
    > light staff
    If that fail :
    > e (or w,n,s or wherever he come from)
    If that fail too… er…
    > undo