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Housepets Books on Amazon!

So yeah, due to a change in how Createspace manages distribution, I’m able to put the Housepets books on the European Amazon pages

Book 3

Amazon US:

Amazon UK:

Amazon Germany:

Amazon France:

Amazon Italy:

Amazon Spain:

Book 2

Amazon US:

Amazon UK:

Amazon Germany:

Amazon France:

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Book 1

Amazon US:

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Amazon Germany:

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Amazon Spain:

(these two are only here due to a reduced rate distribution, I don’t get much money from either of these)

Amazon CA:

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Discussion (127) ¬

  1. Ryu

    Is The Cyborg powered by a glowing chunk of radioactive rock? 0.0

  2. Dontlookmenaked

    Oh my gosh Peanuts face :D

    • Gabe23

      Ja ja I prefer GrapeĀ“s confuse-disapproval face

      • Kalicko

        Going to the movies- 12$
        eating out- 20$
        seeing grape read Peanuts Comic?- Priceless.

  3. Ding

    I think Peanut just reached a new level of comic professionalism. :)

    • Salenstormwing

      Nah, Joe Quesada’s job isn’t being replaced yet. And there’s not enough guns and pouches in the comic to get him hired by Image.

  4. m4davis

    peanuts face in the last panel that is all

    • holmebrian

      dont you mean grapes lol
      i think there is some hurt in peanuts future

      • m4davis

        Grapes is good but I just have to say I appreciate peanuts face more

  5. kztxl7

    And I’m officially dead from laughter.

  6. IceKitsune

    Ok this has just gotten weird. I must know how this pans out.

    • Alahmnat

      Dramatically. It says so right there in panel 7 ;)

  7. rtlstien

    Ah a good old-fashioned cop-out. Easy for the writer, frustrating for the reader

  8. GarrisonSkunk

    Peanut…your muse is not amused.

  9. Dontlookmenaked

    Also The Cyborg is best villain.

  10. GameCobra

    All of these years of reading Housepet Comics…
    *in a villanous voice*
    Has all been a lie!

    • Argent Stonecutter

      No, just the adventures of Spot.

      • GameCobra

        I know, but just imagine if the villain could somehow do that? o_o

        • Argent Stonecutter

          That would be breaking the fifth wall!

        • Dontlookmenaked

          That would be freaky.

          • CommodoreBasic

            Like in 1/0.

  11. xhunterko

    Grape: NO!

  12. *WhiteFang*

    Curve ball!!!!

    • GarrisonSkunk

      Cyborg: “And also, Spot….since you now know that this is all just an illusion…I no longer have to hide……my femininity!”

      Spot: “You’re a girl?!?”

  13. Ryu

    I think an internet meme will be born! :D

  14. GarrisonSkunk

    Alt Text : “I take that look of utter disgust to mean I misspelled something?”

    • Legendario13

      I get that face a lot.

  15. IslaKariese

    Grape’s face is mine whenever I read a particularly bad piece of fanfiction.

    • Legendario13


      *wagles tail*


    • Legendario13

      Is more like when it stops being updated or finish out of the blue.

      (sorry for the other reply, wasnt supposted to be there DX

  16. Profesor Rod

    “What is this…..? What was that!?”

  17. Xane

    Wow, she looks madder than a snake at a boot festival. Welp. That’s the end of Housepets! Peanut ends up being a scratching post for felines for the rest of his life.

    • ToaSoul

      OR A LITTER BOX!!!

      • holmebrian

        what thats gross eww. dont say things like that

        • Argent Stonecutter

          They’ve been tied to a chair since 2009. Even with super-powers, he probably needs one by now.

          • nightarix

            wonder how hes going to wave off the atrophy they would… oh wait superpowers duh, nvm.

            though i would imagine even with superpowers they have to be sore after sitting there for so long

          • Argent Stonecutter

            Also, didn’t the grey orphanite eliminate his powers?

          • ToaSoul

            That would explain how he was so easily put into the Vr machine.

  18. Gabe23

    The architec from Matrix ??? Ja ja ja loving the movie references

  19. GarrisonSkunk

    Friday: We finally see Earl Sandwich’s face…….and he’s Patrick Duffy!

    • PeanutFan1997

      Really? How do you know?

      • GarrisonSkunk

        Just a reference to the infamous episode of “Dallas” when Duffy left the show and his character was killed off . The ratings tanked and he was talked into coming back to the show with the revelation that the whole season was a dream (nightmare?) that his wife had and everything that happenend from his death onward…didn’t.

        • PeanutFan1997

          Well that certainly is interesting.

          • GarrisonSkunk

            The “Dallas” fans pretty much had the same reaction Grape did.

  20. GameCobra

    That last panel will be a panel i’ll treasure in every Spot comic from now on.

  21. hurr

    Miracleman reference intentional?

  22. Foxy

    Dat face

  23. GarrisonSkunk

    Is it just me or do the computers look like one of the Eds from “Ed Edd n Eddy” ?

    • ToaSoul

      yes i believe it is one of Double-D’s computers

    • Argent Stonecutter

      I think they’re just random ’60s mainframes.

    • IslaKariese

      Huh. It does look suspiciously like Ed. Weird.

  24. Elwood Blutarsky

    I’m with Grape, don’t do it Peanut and cheat us all out of the years of Spot (Superdog) adventures we’ve had.

    • ToaSoul

      well maybe this could all be a dream….. or maybe this Vr machine let new super-villians train and join forces to defeat Spot (Superdog) if he should ever escape!

      • GarrisonSkunk

        Or maybe Peanut is still at PsyCon visiting the “What If?” booth…

        Tarot: “…..and that’s what would happen if you finish that unfinished Spot (Superdog) story.”

  25. D-Rock

    Heard of a TV show called “Dallas” that pulled a similar stunt in one of the season finales. Still remained popular, surprisingly.

  26. personposting

    Just…Grapes reaction….

  27. NyatheTexascat

    Grape’s face.. me gusta

  28. Crash FistFight

    Does this mean they never flew over to that factory where it exploded and the glasses landed on Spot’s head and stripe figured out his secret identity? Yes i know it’s the wrong thing to think about but after reading this i just couldnt help but wonder on how much of Spot was in his head lol

    • Argent Stonecutter

      That means the Cyborg knows Spot’s secret identity too.

    • Xane

      That was a prequel comic showing how Spot and Stripe met, so it probably actually happened.

      • Argent Stonecutter

        That’s right, and he used super-hypnotism instead of punching:

        So why didn’t he use super-hypnotism on the fat kids? He’s got a secret power that isn’t punching, and he didn’t use it? I think he just likes angst.

        • Argent Stonecutter

          Oh, wait, that was in the Cyborg’s VR, and the Cyborg probably doesn’t know about super-hypnotism, so there’s no continuity flaw…

          • GarrisonSkunk

            So does that mean that Peanut as Spot had the power to hypnotize Grape as Queen Whoever during the Pridelands simulation into calming down and letting him get on with his punching the Bad Kitties?

          • Argent Stonecutter

            Only if -Jeijan- Tarot agreed with letting him do it.

            And hyenas aren’t cats, their closest relatives are mongooses.

          • ToaSoul

            can i be a mongoose. NO GUR you will be a dog. theeenn can i be a mongoose -dog!

        • darkgloomie

          But, Spot’s only superpower is Punching! It’s just that he’s gotten very, very good at punching stuff.

  29. Eaeelil

    Will these ever go to ebook format? Would be great if i could pick these up for my kindle

    • Kohaku Nightfang

      Dude look right under the comic and it shows all the books available on Amazon so you can buy them on your Kindle

  30. PeanutFan1997

    Peanut did do something creative but this caught everyone (especially Grape) off guard.

    Grape: What the…?
    Peanut: Well?

    Well this is still funny mainly because of the last panel. Spot has been trapped there for years apparently.

    • Argent Stonecutter

      Since 2009.

      • PeanutFan1997

        Ahh you did your homework. That’s pretty cool. 3 years stuck in a chair.

  31. ToaSoul

    I think Rick is getting better a drawing, plus panel 7 beats the face Spot(Superdog) had in the last comic in the picture.

  32. GarrisonSkunk

    I finally realize what Grape’s expression reminds me of….her mouth expression is the same one the Trix Rabbit gets in the Got Milk ad. Her ears pulled back and lack of whiskers probably made her look more rabbity to me subconsciously.

  33. GarrisonSkunk

    Now that I look at Peanut I can’t really tell if he thinks this is a brilliant solution and he’s grinning with pride, or that he knows what he’s done and hopes Grape won’t hurt him too much after she reads it. I guess the alt text could support ether.

    • Otookee

      Both. He thinks it’s brilliant, AND he hopes Grape won’t hurt him too much. Judging by Grapes face, he may be wrong on both counts.

  34. Argent Stonecutter

    For a second I thought this was going to have something to do with

  35. Erikuto

    O love grape’s reaction to this :3

    • Erikuto

      I meant to say “I”

  36. Draven

    Did The Cyorg take off his shirt somewhere between panels 4 and 7?

    • holmebrian

      no it is the diffrence between how he looks in the vr and how he looks out side of it

      • Argent Stonecutter

        Exactly, like how real-world Neo was bald, but he had his hair when he went back into the Matrix.

  37. DanTwelve3

    Peanut, what have you done?
    There’s a similarity between The Cyborg’s grin and Peanut’s that is rather fitting.

  38. Dreziehn

    shirtless cyborgs..what is going on here?

  39. i like your hat


  40. FerreTrip

    Oh, wow, that’s one of the best looks of disgust I’ve ever seen. Love it!

  41. Maxmice

    I think we’ve found the next M. Night Shyamalan.

  42. Chip Uni

    Three words are missing:

    Or… is it?

  43. TykeTheWonderHusky

    Dramatic pan out, hehe, no better way to have done it.

  44. caldayton

    last panel=priceless

  45. Argent Stonecutter

    At least this explains how those kids got so fat so fast while Stripe and Spot were on top of that mountain.

    • RJ

      ACME child inflator.

      • RJ

        that is still what i think at least

  46. Raska

    I know it’s already been said, but “DUN DUN DUUUUUUNNNNN”

  47. GameCobra

    If Spot has to find out he’s dreaming by reading a newspaper, i’m sold.

  48. Verp

    What if virtual reality is being used to lie about the past and those years really did happen as he more or less remembers it?

  49. bhPixelFire



  50. illeatyourself

    So why DOES Grape have a disgusted look on her face? o_O

    • Argent Stonecutter

      Earl’s playing Gilbert and Sullivan soundtracks again. She doesn’t like comic opera.

      • GarrisonSkunk

        Wow…I just got a mental image of Earl singing “Poor Little Buttercup”.

        It’s not pretty.

        • ToaSoul

          *shutters* that is just, just ….
          now that thought is stuck in my head.

  51. Z24

    Avatar material for a year on the last panel.

    • Xane

      The “real world” panels of the Spot arcs tend to have the best expressions. I still utterly love Peanut’s expression during the fat kids arc when Grape is trying to get him to stop making Spot cry. “Perceptive. But seriously, do something.”

      • Crackles


  52. Tibbles

    I love Grape’s face of utter disgust.

  53. WingedwolfGirl

    I’ve been waiting for you, Neo…

  54. Dead Men Walk

    Grape’s reaction reminds me of myself at the end of the bourn trilogy (not the new one)

  55. flintfang

    I’ve had books do this to me before. It’s usually pretty stupid. One of them even did this only that was a dream too.

    • ToaSoul

      same it kind of ruins some of those stories, but there are some good ones out there that do just that.

      • Argent Stonecutter

        “You know, this is total deja vu, I have this recurring dream where I’m posting about my recurring dream on the Internet and then I wa…”

  56. Mega Creep

    aw… no page for ASIAN country…I’m just unfortunate

  57. greybane

    …….Then come face face to face with myself not once but twice……

  58. Argent Stonecutter

    Anyway, this is definitely the best Spot arc ever.

    • Z24

      But it has all been a lie?

  59. GuyFace101

    Grape’s face… I know that face! It’s either, “What?” or “WHAT!?”
    “What?” meaning confusion.
    “WHAT!?” meaning ‘Are you serious?’

    I mean, I would know. I experienced both while playing “Sonic ‘06″

  60. GarrisonSkunk

    But…wasn’t the Cyborg the one who was complaining that the pink dress villian didn’t just kill Spot when he had the chance? So what does he do…he holds him in captivity for 3 years?

    • Argent Stonecutter

      But that was the version of the cyborg in the VR, who the version outside the VR was setting up to be defeated by Spot, so he was super grumpy over just being a simulation.

  61. Shane

    Grapes What The Heck!!???…. Face xD