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  1. Ryu

    Still wonders how Ponbon’s trip to the “End of Time” was really like? O.o

    • Dead Men Walk

      Being eaten by king, ear first, was probably the end result.

  2. GarrisonSkunk

    Double double strip!

    • Argent Stonecutter

      You said that the last time, but there’s only 4 new panels. Sneaky.

      • JB

        You mean just 3. Re-reading this strip over again, have I experienced déjà vu?

        • JB

          Hold it, you’re right and I’m wrong.

  3. Dissension

    Other Swami-Hat Guy is the best Swami-Hat Guy. ;3

    • ToaSoul

      well what if these yet another Swami-Hat guy!

  4. Cristian100n

    That Explains it cuz i wuz very Confused

  5. Bond84

    Time loops, how do you stop them!?

    • nyathetexascat

      Mcfly comes with his delorian. That will solve the problem

    • cheetahwolf

      brain; ka-BOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!!!!!

  6. IceKitsune

    Ah Time Travel how awesome yet mostly confusing

  7. SilentWolfXIII

    Well, glad we cleared THAT up -_-;

  8. Erikuto

    I wonder if this counts as deja vu <—AGAIN LOL

    I'm so confused…..So does that mean if that peanut goes into the portal then gets warped to a different time with another peanut in the booth will it just be an infinite loop?


    Someone explain to me what's going on

  9. bene

    Oy vay another paradox also alt text plz

    • GarrisonSkunk

      Alt tex is Same as Monday’s and Wensday’s – “I wonder if this counts as deja vu”

      • Z24

        It counted before. Now it’s repetition…

        • BlueAnubis

          Or is it just deja vu all over again?

          • Argent Stonecutter

            So you’re saying the Swami is really Yogi Berra? Or maybe Yogi Bear?

          • Argent Stonecutter

            Also, we can finally say … the future ain’t what it used to be.

          • RJ

            dude people have been saying that for years.

          • Argent Stonecutter

            I didn’t really say everything I said.

          • Maxmice

            My guess, is yes

          • RJ

            Darnit I left in the wrong gravatar address >:( won’t happen again.

          • Spider30

            More like double deja vu.

          • GarrisonSkunk

            Well….double dog deja vu on you!!!

          • RJ

            oh SNAP!

  10. IslaKariese

    And this is why I love Rick so much. Don’t ever change your refreshing sense of wit, guy.

  11. Gabe23

    Yay ! Paradox avoided

    • Ryu

      And no universe exploding or endless cycles of paradoxes….hopefully!

      • GarrisonSkunk

        Would have been a cute call back to Rick’s ‘what chicken’ joke if he put two ducks in the corner or background of the last panel…;)

  12. GarrisonSkunk

    Wait a minute……OTHER Swami-Hat Guy?

    • Dissension

      Yes. You’ll notice this one’s feather, jewel, and robe are differently colored than the original’s.

      • Keldor

        But does this mean that Peanut is now in a parallel dimension??

        …Or perhaps there were simply two swami-hat guys in the booth?

        • Dead Men Walk

          Actually the booth is also different so it shouldn’t be but it might be because of the different point of views. I honestly have no idea though you may be right.

          • GarrisonSkunk

            I see now…one mans the front booth, the other the gift shop.

          • ToaSoul

            or the could be the same person like that Doctor-Barber guy from Flapjack

          • Dead Men Walk

            i may have noticed that small diffrence but only like 4 people would ever miss the GIFT SHOP sign under the second swami hat guy like me

          • GarrisonSkunk

            I noticed the Gift Shop sign, but initially thought the guy had just quickly put it there for when the vic- I mean – customer comes out of the void. Like a variation on the old sitcom gag when a small town official will keep changing the sign on his desk from Sheriff to Mayor to Court Judge and so forth.

          • ToaSoul

            thank you for proving my point , but it adds even more questions to why it is called THE GATE OF MYSTERIES!!!
            The other remarks all could be true… man i never want to go to Psycon.

        • Ryu

          Or maybe Swami-Hat Guy has a huge wardrobe in the back? o.o

    • BlueAnubis

      Perhaps now we are thinking with portals? Or perhaps time portals?

      • Dead Men Walk

        but then the grandfather paradox would probably take over and peanut will walk away before telling himself to go through the portal if you are thinking portals as into other dimentions (like wormholes) im probobly going to in depth with my thought now though.

      • Maxmice

        Space-time isn’t about why, it’s about why not!

        • Dead Men Walk

          there are a lot of reasons to time travel but a lot of people would use it for the wrong reasons.

  13. Xane

    We need a way to use this to make 500 copies of King so Rick can sell “animatronic” corgis!

    • Argent Stonecutter

      Temporal Dopplegangers don’t work that way, because they have to go back through time too soon.

      • Xane

        Stop bringing logic into our fantasies!!

        • ToaSoul

          Xane if you can make that happen i will seriously buy sixty of those King copies

          • GarrisonSkunk

            Put me down for two Sabrinas, an Itzuki and a Grape, please.

          • ToaSoul

            also maybe a Fox, a Kevin, and a Bino just to beat up when i get mad.

          • Dead Men Walk

            ill take 2 kings and 2 baileys

        • LoneWolf

          I’ll take a Peanut with extra pickles, and a large coke.

    • ToaSoul

      i would buy twenty!!!!!!!

  14. D-Rock

    So will this event be on a continual loop?

    • Elwood Blutarsky

      No, he easily stabilized it.

    • Grip Moonwolf

      Sort of. Each “version” of Peanut only travels through the time-portal once. Once Peanut goes through the portal, he simply convinces his “past” self to go through the portal, and the “future” Peanut wouldn’t need to go back (unless Rick decides otherwise, of course).

  15. Dead Men Walk

    Apparently Tarot has gone through this situation before. Or is she just really calm?

    • Dissension

      Experts are rarely distressed when in their environment.

      • Dead Men Walk

        I have to agree with you. Good point.

      • Maxmice

        agreed, otherwise they wouldn’t be experts

  16. Gary (from Radio Free Housepets!)

    I spot a loop in this Space-Time Continuum!

    • Profesor Rod

      Stable single time loop to be precise~

  17. Shane

    This is Why i hate time Travel its Confusing.
    Quick Call Mcfly and his Delorian!

  18. Z24

    And my mind has exploded

  19. Dontlookmenaked

    I don’t know what just happened D: I swear I saw this before it came out.

    • Dead Men Walk

      Don’t worry it probably is just because you have seen it before… or at least part of it. Look at the previous comic.

  20. AmbiguousForever

    …am I the only one thinking about how lazy this particular strip is? XD

    so much copy-paste!

    • Dead Men Walk

      He probably needs some down time like most human beings. But it is a good strip.

    • BlueAnubis

      If you think about it, it is not lazy at all. If you take out panels 2-5 then there are still 4 new panels and it is just like a single strip instead of a double strip.

      • Dead Men Walk

        Good eye.

    • GarrisonSkunk

      I see it as a parody of “Back to the Future II”, when they had Marty and the Doc interacting with the old footage from the first film.

    • Argent Stonecutter

      I was kind of hoping this strip would have the view from the other side of the counter.

      • GarrisonSkunk

        Maybe if he feels like it, since he has lots of space under Peanut’s “I’ll get to the bottom of this!”, Rick could add three off panel speech balloons with the previous strip’s “So what’s this?” “The GATE of MYSTERY” “What’s it do?”

  21. Stainless Steel Fox

    Peanut behind the booth met himself and went over to the Swami to find out how. He went through the gate back in time and became the Peanut who he’d met. After Peanut BTB left the stall, Peanut WHM took over for him. from Peanut’s point of view it was a single loop.


    • RJ

      perfect recap of a confusing strip. Bravo :D
      +1 internets for your doppelganger named Fred,

  22. GarrisonSkunk

    All puns aside Rick, you forgot the standard ‘double strip’ tag. :)

    • RJ

      well it was mostly recycled so when you think about it only 1/2 of it was new.

    • i like your hat

      so it was technically only one new strip o3o

      • RJ

        Sorry Rick but that is sort of lazy :)

        • GarrisonSkunk

          No, not lazy….its the equivialant of a new strip with bonus material. Rick came through with exactly what he promised and should NOT be put down in my opinion.

          • GarrisonSkunk

            And I know you had the smiley face next to it, but I know from experience that words like lazy can hurt/annoy an artist, even when said in jest.

          • Dead Men Walk

            As a person who writes a lot myself laziness almost never happens but trying something new that turns out weird happens a lot more than anything else…
            its not laziness its something new that didn’t turn out right.

            It happens and it shouldn’t be ridiculed.

        • RJ

          it wasn’t ridicule and i did not mean it as an insult.

          • GarrisonSkunk

            I apologize for my assumption.

          • Dead Men Walk

            sorry for the assumption.

  23. Argent Stonecutter

    Tags should still say “Other Swami-Hat Guy, Peanut, Peanut, Tarot”

    • GarrisonSkunk

      Rick said in Weds comments that it won’t allow him to repeat Peanut.

      • Argent Stonecutter

        You mean Monday’s.

        He could have made it ‘Peanut, Peanut?’ and then changed it to just ‘Peanut’ when it was established that it was Peanut.

  24. ToaSoul

    anyone but me wondering what would happen if Tarrot came back and there were two peanuts??

    • Argent Stonecutter

      The other Tarot shows up and says “Oh no, not again.”

      • ToaSoul

        true true, very true.

      • Ryu

        How much time do we have left Tarot? >.>

  25. The Clients Manacle

    perhaps ponbon went to the end of time to find a certain restaurant which should also be at the end of the universe and no not the other end Marvin!

  26. GarrisonSkunk

    Next Time on “The Adventures of Tarot and Peanut at PsyCon” – Tarot returns from lunch

    Tarot: “Ok, they were out of Lamb and Rice so I got you Beef and Gravy I hope that’s oka–”
    (Sees Puppy Peanut looking up at her from behind the booth)
    Tarot: Oh, carp!

    • RJ

      wouldn’t a dog use something to describe this that is not a cat swear word?

      • GarrisonSkunk

        She probably picked it up from her time working with Sabrina.

        • RJ

          The premise of what you have said is highly disturbing.

          • GarrisonSkunk

            About Puppy Peanut or about Tarot and Sabrina working together?

            Speaking of which, has there ever been a strip about Tarot and Sabrina’s working arrangement? The only things I can think of off hand were one panel of a strip in which Tarot talks to someone on the phone as Sabrina reads books next to her and the one-off strip of the Precognitive Chess game between the two of them.

          • RJ

            The idea of sabrina’s cat habits rubbing off on tarot was disturbing. THE CATS ARE OVERRUNNING THE MINDS OF DOGS D:

            Also we saw one of Sabrina’s psychic tests in the theme park arc and the living arrangement in “Were snowed in!” But other than that Tarot and Sabrina are rareley in the same strip going about their psychic buisness.

            Also (2), Tarot was psychically communicating with Peanut when Sabrina was reading.

            Also (3), precognition chess scares me D:

          • GarrisonSkunk

            Ah, yes you’re right the mind link, I’m surprised I didn’t remember that.

          • ToaSoul

            Anyone want to play me in Precognition Chess i’ve gotten pretty good and have only been beaten 5 times. is kinda easy to get the hang of after awhile.

          • GarrisonSkunk

            *Studies board*
            *Studies board*
            *Studies board*
            Darn! You win in nine moves! I want a rematch!

          • ToaSoul

            SURE!!!! anytime.

          • ToaSoul

            Funny thing is i suck at regular chess to many distractions.

  27. GarrisonSkunk

    Am I the only one hearing Swami-Hat Guy/Other Swami-Hat Guy as speaking like the guy who welcomed Fry “TO THE FUTURE……!” in the Futurama pilot?

    • LoneWolf

      -_- …I am now.

  28. GarrisonSkunk

    Heh, with all the BTTF references its funny seeing RJ’s avator(s) popping in after refreshes, reminds me of the picture of his brothers and sister that Marty carried.

    • RJ

      yea Gravatar has no love for those who do not feed it cookies.

      • ToaSoul

        thanks for reminding me i should probably go do that now!!

  29. PeanutFan1997

    Oh wow XD that was interesting.

  30. GDA

    Time travel confuses me. For example, if I have an old watch, and I take it back in time with me and forget it and some lady picks it up and delivers it to younger me like I saw in a movie, where the heck did that watch come from?!

    • Argent Stonecutter

      It came from the jeweler who refurbished it offscreen.

      • GarrisonSkunk

        Be sure to eBay the displaced one that will disappear when the time comes up.

        • Argent Stonecutter

          Why would it disappear? That would violate causality worse than a stable time loop does.

  31. DanTwelve3

    VOOM! The Gate of Mystery comes complete with it’s own sound effect.

  32. Tommy

    peanut’s reaction is what i would say XD

  33. Perrin

    well, it may or may not be a paradox, but since life by his p[erspective is still linear, it doesn’t really effect him much.
    therefore, does it really matter?

    when time gives you a paradox, you already made lemonade.

    • ghastmaskzombie

      It’s not a paradox at all. A paradox, by definition, contradicts itself. This situation actually causes itself. It’s circular causality! I invented that term myself. What do you think?

      • Perrin

        well, it is impossible.
        think, he had to TELL himself to check the stand out, right?
        how would this have been possible the first time? how is it possible to know without being told?
        since the only way is to tell himself, the without doing so it would be impossible.
        A.K.A. Paradox.

  34. Salenstormwing

    Well, at least we don’t have to worry about demon bats eating time because a paradox.

    • Kohaku Nightfang


  35. Solario the Visored

    Ah, that feeling, you can only say what it is in French…

  36. Brent

    lol that was awsome

  37. ozimul

    We’re stuck in an endless recursion of Peanut.

  38. Naya

    The thing is, there was nothing that “triggered” the event of Peanut going to the swami-hat guy. I mean. Before (future)Peanut showed up to tell (past)Peanut about the booth, (past)Peanut had no knowledge of it. So, how would Peanut with no knowledge of the booths assistance walk over to the booth in the first place?

    What I”m trying to say is, there has to be a moment in some point of time (doesn’t matter when) where peanut goes “Hey, I wonder what that booth over there is” or else he would never walked though it. He didn’t know of the booth’s existence until he told himself about it, so where did his other self get the knowledge? (You can argue that he gave it to himself, but that still leads back to where the ‘first’ peanut got it.)

    I totally watch too much doctor who. :D

    • Argent Stonecutter

      There is no “in the first place”. This is a stable time loop, Peanut going back through time was always a thing, from the fourth dimensional point of view.

      • ghastmaskzombie

        Cicular causality!

      • Naya

        I detest the forth dimension. It makes things that are not things things.

  39. videogame1012

    reminds me of that Doctor Who mini episode

  40. Kohaku Nightfang

    First of all I wonder if there are two swami hat guys or there is now an alternate dimension?
    Second everyone keeps saying that a pardox only happens if Peanut changed what happened in the timestream. This isn’t necessarily true. A paradox is more of a contradction in time rather than a change. The paradox here is that Peanut wouldn’t have gone through the protal unless he told himself to so why did any of this happen in the first place? In Doctor Who the Master brought humans from the end of time to destroy the humans on Earth and take it over. The paradox is if they go back and time and destroy the humans then how were they ever created in the first place?

    • Argent Stonecutter

      There’s only a paradox if you think three dimensionally. Four dimensionally causality is maintained.

      • Kohaku Nightfang

        Can you explain what you mean please :p Also why did my avatar disappear? RAR!

    • ghastmaskzombie

      Yes, but the master actually had to convert the TARDIS into a machine to make a paradox possible. Doctor Who generally relies on a concept of time travel that more resembles what we see here, where events can cause themselves. It’s a more stable theory, and it’s just as easy to understand if you’re not stuck in the idea of linear causality.

      • Kohaku Nightfang

        Hmmm ok I guess. I would like explanation of this linear causality thing if anyone can help :P

  41. bhPixelFire


  42. Perfesser_Bear

    Okay, pay attention — I’m only going to say this once (in this continuum):

    • Swami-Hat Guy has a blue feather and jewel on his turban.
    • Other Swami-Hat Guy has a red feather and jewel on his turban.

    Get it?
    Got it.

    • WingedwolfGirl

      Does this have something to do with the two, 1 truth-telling and 1 lying, guardians?

    • Xane

      Also, Swami-Hat Guy has a green cloak with blue splotches, while Other Swami-Hat Guy has a blue cloak with green splotches.

  43. xhunterko

    Just to be sure.

  44. Z24

    You don’t see the possibilities?

    Now in Stereo!

    • RJ

      UGH PEANUT how did you manage to be even louder this ti…
      Oh you have GOT to be kidding me.
      (Major arguement over who loves Grape more ensues as she goes out to buy Aspirin)

      • GarrisonSkunk

        Plus Peanut would always have someone to play video games against.

    • Shane

      At the Rate this is Going It will be:
      In Surround Sound

  45. Grip Moonwolf

    And the human race let out a collective sigh of relief, for the time line was maintained and reality did not explode… this time. Dun DUN DUUUUUUUN!

  46. Raska

    yanno, if we consider the fact that we all saw this coming, i think this counts as triple deja-vu

  47. GarrisonSkunk

    Wonder if Spot (Superdog) will now meet himself somehow in Peanut’s next strip?

    • Dead Men Walk

      that would be really repetitive then but different if added hopefully.

      • GarrisonSkunk

        Looking at Monday’s comic, looks like there may indeed be shades of time displacement in the next Spot installment if not the canine actually meeting himself.

  48. WingedwolfGirl

    Self-fulfilling time paradoxes, never liked them. But at least this is the type that spins you around and spits you out on the other side. Some time-streams will trap you in a continuous under-toe –really creepy.

    • ghastmaskzombie

      It can’t be a paradox if it’s self fulfilling. That contradicts the definition of a paradox. This comic does not contain a paradox, but it is self-fulfilling.

      • Dead Men Walk

        i think that’s the paradox

  49. Gryphonic

    Finally, I’m all caught up! I’ve gotta say, I’m really liking everything about this comic so far!

  50. GarrisonSkunk

    Heh, Peanut’s final sentence mirrors what Tarot said after she dove into his memory for info on the “Pridelands” characters for Imaginate, Too!

  51. LoneWolf

    Oh the irony… I kept hitting back to go to the previous strip and my computer, messing up, kept sending me back here XD

  52. ToaSoul

    i think there are some morales to this story
    1). NEVER leave Peanut alone at a convention
    2). Pay attention in science class
    3).If you find yourself stuck in a time loop refer to this comic!

  53. greybane


  54. Mega Creep

    Oh, I get it now!

  55. GuyFace101

    I want to understand this… I really do.

    • Renkun

      Don’t worry one day will you understand this….or not^^

  56. RastaMV

    I am reminded of Monkey Island.

  57. Dreziehn

    nobody really reads all the way down here do they?

  58. Argent Stonecutter

    New strip in two and a half hours.

    • GarrisonSkunk

      Indeed…wonder if Rick will continue the pattern and do a revisit of Alan and the Groundsquirells, followed by an Itzuki miniarc and then back to the main story.

  59. EliteHunterG

    I noticed that he never said “I’ll get to the bottom of this” in the previous comic!

    Maybe they didn’t act out the situation in the same way… *suspense builds*

  60. SkyRover

    Time and doctor who-ish stuff.
    ALWAYS confusing no matter how many times my brain tries to comprehend it.

  61. Sniperdeathangel

    What happens if peanut didn’t go threw the door,can you guess?

    • Sniperdeathangel


  62. illeatyourself

    I get it entirely! XD