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  1. Ryu

    More than one Peanut, The Astral Effect, Time Travel. HP Matters: Twisted But True! 0.0

  2. Xane

    If you don’t you’ll be beside yourself!

    • holmebrian

      and alt text is the same is yesterday.
      does this count as daja vu also (not alt text)

      • Gabi

        I believe it was intentional.

  3. Cristian100n

    Im confused

    • i like your hat

      im guessing that guy door made another peanut

      • Keldor

        Nah, the door simply sent Peanut back in time about 10 minutes. XD

        • BlueAnubis

          But of course.
          Wibbly-Wobbly Timey-Wimey… Stuff and other things of that nature.

          • Talonstripe

            People assume that time is a consecutive line of course to effect but actually from a non-linear perspective it’s actually like a big ball.
            Hello there fellow Whovian.

          • holmebrian

            hehe new season starts soon i cant wait for more doctor who

          • legendario13

            Time is just an idea.
            Is an abstraction that we invented according to the movement of our planet in relation to the Sun.
            We always live in the present, in the past of the future and in the future of the past! HASHAHAHAHAH!
            *Ahem* So, yeah Peanut is experiencing a paradox

          • Argent Stonecutter

            It’s not a paradox unless he doesn’t go through the gate.

          • Legendario13

            So is a paradox while the second Peanut is there.
            But if Peanut goes trough the gate there’ll be only one Peanut.
            The one that already went trough the gate and traveled a few minutes to the past, right?
            (i know what i said about the usage of the concept of time but this way is easier)

          • p0lo

            Yep, so peanut will be about 10 minutes older and get to enjoy his root beer a second time around!

            And also, time isn’t just an idea. It’s the part of space that allows cause and effect. Without time, Nothing would ever happen.
            Our measurement of time (Days, Hours, Minutes, Seconds) is the abstraction.

            And with that I’ve used up all my brain power for the day. To the TV!

          • Argent Stonecutter

            It’s not a paradox until he does something inconsistent wit the time loop.

          • Legendario13

            So seing himself is not a paradox? Mmmm…
            If the future Peanut kills the present Peanut, will he just dissapear?
            And if the present Peanut kills his future Peanut, will he stay his age forever?
            And then that would be a paradox?
            @Polo: your concept is better than mine, man.

        • Kohaku Nightfang

          I think it’s a paradox because Peanut wouldn’t have gone to the gate of mystery unless future Peanut told him to. Thus the paradox

          • Legendario13

            Thats the paradox I tried to point out (I think i failed)
            but YES!

          • OberoN

            I think he NEEDS to go back in time. He has done that, since he encountered himself. If he doesn’t now, he’ll do that anyway, because he WILL DO that.

            This isn’t a paradox. A paradox is when the future Peanut says to the past Peanut not to go in the gate (and Peanut doesn’t). This is simply a twisted timeline.

          • OberoN

            Or if the two Peanuts walk into the gate.

            (this reminds me of a Python’s sketch, guess what…)

          • Kohaku Nightfang

            The problem is it doesn’t make sense for Peanut to have gone into the gate at all. He told himself to and so he did it. I mean paradox is more of a contradiction then a change in time. It’s like the chicken or the egg loop. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paradox

  4. Erikuto

    I wonder if this counts as deja vu <–alt text same as before…..

    And Peanut's adorableness kills me xD

    • YoyoDude

      I legitimately had a bit of deja vu. Had to go back tot he previous comic to confirm.

      Well played.

      • GarrisonSkunk

        So…you’re saying you took a “Deja View”? :)

        • LoneWolf

          Well played Mister Skunk…. very well indeed.

  5. Elwood Blutarsky

    That’ll fix the paradox.

    • Keldor

      It’s not a paradox until Peanut tries to alter time.

  6. ravor9933


    • RJ

      bu swami hat dudes are the best!

      • ravor9933

        Never trust swami hat guy 0_0

  7. IceKitsune

    I’m just wondering are we seeing a flashback or did the second (or would it be first?) Peanut go over to the Swami-Hat Guy?

    • Daka

      Both effectively.

      • p0lo

        The Peanut who didn’t time travel already is going through the door.

        Otherwise he would just multiply endlessly, and BSOD alternate reality.

    • D-Rock

      I was wondering that, too.

  8. IceKitsune

    Also the Swami-Hat Guy is neat.

    • Ryu

      Perfect for a Halloween costume! :P What other secrets does Swami-Hat Guy holds?

  9. GarrisonSkunk

    Peanut’s about to take the Magical Mystery Tour?

    • DanTwelve3

      It’s certainly hoping to take him away.

  10. *WhiteFang*

    I’m a confused o_O

  11. bene

    Hmm I’m listing to “in the the void” by black Sabbath and reading this issue. . . Irony?

    • GarrisonSkunk

      They say that if you listen to “Dark Side of the Moon” while reading the “Great Water Balloon War”, it sincs up perfectly.

      • bene

        What? That makes no sence. Ima pink Flyod fan and I never heard that.

        Wait I see what your doing well played

  12. The Maverick Man

    Just say you told yourself to do it and you get in for free

  13. Gabe23

    I guess he better get in there for avoiding any … paradox ?

    • Ryu

      Peanut knows that what could go wrong? ;)

  14. cheetahwolf

    bet he will he get in real trouble if people found out he did that to peanut.
    Also, where did he store that token?

    • i like your hat

      his collar probably, i think all the pets have little pockets sown into there collars to hold there wallets and there spare change and stuff, kinda like having a coin purse wrapped around your neck, i mean how else would they hold onto there wallets?

      • ToaSoul

        Magic, maybe they can teleport, i don’t know use your… IMAGINATION

  15. Profesor Rod

    A stable time loop! INTERESTING.

  16. Frank

    Swami-hat guy seems to have paws. I wonder what’s under that turban?

    • Xane

      There isn’t anything under that turban!

      • Argent Stonecutter

        He *is* the turban.

        • Verp

          There is no turban.

          • i like your hat

            yeah its a swami hat not a turban! GAH T3T o3o :)

          • LordWorpeltinger

            actually that is a turban. it’s strip of material wrapped up in a way then pinned in front. That is a turban.

          • Argent Stonecutter

            The turban is a spoon.

          • Verp

            Argent got my joke.

  17. Saga

    Just got into the series yesterday, and burned through the archives over the past twelve hours. Great stuff. Of course, the down sidew is that now I have to wait between each new strip like a normal person. Ah well, I’m sure they’ll be worth the wait.

    That aside, the current arc is an interesting one. I guess magic is a lot more commonplace in the Housepets universe than the previous arcs have let on? Well, er, ignoring all of the strips about Heaven and the temple and all that, I mean.

    • Argent Stonecutter

      They seem to take psychic powers as a normal kind of thing, like the dolphins.

      • Xane

        I often wonder just how attuned the humans are to all the bizarre goings-on. Does Tarot’s owner not notice his/her dog glows in the dark? Also, Jerry, Mr. Sandwich, and some other people saw Pete fly away when he was released…

        • Raska

          Tarot’s owner probably acquired Tarot /because/ she can glow in the dark.

          • Argent Stonecutter

            “It’s a dog AND a nightlight, in convenient economy size! Sold!”

          • i like your hat

            how do we know tarot *HAS* a owner… i mean she is “secretly” a giant spirit dragon NERD :D

          • Raska

            Argent, I almost died laughing reading your comment. I imagined it in the voice of an Exuberant Salesperson Guy

          • Dissension

            Tarot and the Spirit Dragon are not the same entity; Tarot is the Spirit Dragon’s avatar.

          • Argent Stonecutter

            Tarot glows in the dark when she;s looking for the TV remote.

          • GarrisonSkunk

            Plus she’s a holodeck for when there’s nothing on.

  18. Argent Stonecutter

    How suspiciously convenient that he should have an admission token.

    • DanTwelve3

      He got it from future Peanut.

      • Argent Stonecutter

        But future peanut already gave it to the swami hat guy.

        • legendario13

          What if the future Peanut is actually an evil Peanut from a parallel universe and got in the gate without paying.
          Thats how he still has the token.
          And he wants to take the place of Peanut While, without knowing, the swami hat guy is leading him into a trap!
          Nooowwwwww! T_T

          • Argent Stonecutter

            Then Peanut will end up taking Evil Peanut’s place, and Evil Peanut probably has a cool lair, because evil.

          • i like your hat

            so is it a evil person stereotype that they have cool lairs?

          • Argent Stonecutter

            Well, yeh. The whole “I can’t afford to be evil, have you looked at the prices of volcano lairs these days?” thing.

          • ToaSoul

            maybe its like a movie ticket or something, you know how you keep the stump of the ticket. maybe you keep the token.

          • Kohaku Nightfang

            Except for Frugal Lucre. He is evil and lives with his mother

          • ToaSoul

            maybe it could be Pete impersonating Peanut!!!! DUN-DUN-DUUUUNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Jackalope121

    well like all things in life. you can only go forward. be it a new life experience…. or some kind of inter-dimensional plane

    • p0lo

      Or an old life experience that your reliving from a confusing new angle.

  20. The Clients Manacle

    I pretty sure this counts as Reja Vu…as in I’ve been here once before, I’ll be here again.

    • p0lo

      Ruh roh! Reja-ru

  21. ToaSoul

    but what if him going back in time again makes a third peanut…… oh god my brain is join to explode!!!!!

    • ToaSoul

      i meant going… never mind exploding i think it is slowly turning to mush

      • Legendario13

        But is so easy to understand is just a reality fluctuation with two parallel time lines out of sync, piece of cake …
        :P hahaha

        • ToaSoul

          thanks for making me feel dumb… and its mostly from reading some of the other comments.

          • legendario13

            Didnt mean to.
            Sorry :(

          • ToaSoul

            its fine i just had to go to the hospital from the mush coming out of my ear i should have stuck to just reading the comic instead oh the comments, but its okay… about the dumb thing and the brain dripping out of my ear.

        • Dissension

          Let’s all be nice to each other!

  22. GarrisonSkunk

    I think its a scam…the Swami-Hat guy is in cahoots with a shapeshifter who goes around convincing people that he/she is themselves from the future, and that they must continue the cycle by going into the void (and paying the admission) or risk the worlds exploding or something. Someone call the PsyCops!

    Ether that or its Ponbon with his ears pinned back.

    • Xane

      In which case on Friday Tarot will be hexing the Swami-Hat Guy for turning Peanut into a Chihuahua with the Gate of Mystery.

      At what point did she even think it was a good idea to bring Mr. Curiosity along with her without constant supervision? She should have brought Sabrina to make sure he doesn’t accidentally turn himself inside-out or something.

      • Keldor

        That’s just the thing. With her future sight, Tarot has no experience of actually working out the consequences of actions for herself, she just sees them. But the Psicon is located outside of space and, more importantly, time, meaning that future sight doesn’t work, since the entire concept of “future” does not apply. She’s sailing blind, having never seen a compass in her life!

  23. Talonstripe

    The same Alt text?
    Oh, I see what you did there.

  24. Maxmice

    I am so confused

  25. D-Rock

    Now I can guess that Tarot will get onto him for leaving the booth.

  26. broguy89

    OMG, if you hit the prev button you can see the next comic!

  27. Raska

    (literally) shady guy in a swami hat…

    …yeah, this seems legit

  28. illeatyourself

    Lol making the alternate text the same as before to emphasize Deja Vu. CLEVER!! XD And yeah, the guy in the swami hat reminds me of the black mages from the Final Fantasy games. Awesome. Other than that, love the comic!

  29. i like your hat

    Define paradox someone please? i have the gist of what it means but someone give me a definition!

  30. Grip Moonwolf

    Hurry, before you BREAK reality!

    • GarrisonSkunk

      Hey, you break reality, you’ve bought it!

      • p0lo

        The price is unreal!

  31. bhPixelFire


  32. PeanutFan1997

    I missed a year’s worth of comics but caught up in a few hours XD. That guy feels like he’s a magic man. It makes it mysterious why there are two Peanuts though ^^;

  33. Zaitsev

    B-but the Emperor says that warp-users are pure heretical evil? Would Peanut really divulge into Chaos?

  34. volkoseba

    So… Peanut only went to the guy that sent him back in time because Peanut had went back in time to tell Peanut to go to the guy that sent him back in time. Gotcha. Wait, where did normal-time Peanut get the admission token to the mystery gate he didn’t know until recently that he would enter?

    • Perrin

      EXACTLY… O.O

  35. Mega Creep

    I dont quite get it T_T can anyone bother to explain this to me..? ;o;
    I think I lack analytical skills..,…

  36. GarrisonSkunk

    Ok, my problem with it is this…

    Original Time Line – Terot goes to the little puppy’s room. Peanut (call him P#1) sits there for about 10 minutes, gets bored, notices the cool void thing with Swami-hat guy on his own and goes through it without any encouragement. P#1 goes back 10 minutes, walks back to the Dragon booth and starts talking to P#2 (the one with the soda bottle), thereby starting Time Line 2.

    Now as we’re watching this, this time line alteration has only now started as of P#1 leaving the void, so how can he claim to have had this conversation with himself before? It hasn’t happenend yet from his POV. Despite the alt text, he seems to claim to remember the exact conversation instead of just a vague feeling that he spoke to himself once before. That’s why I got the feeling that P#1 wasn’t actually Peanut, but a shapeshifter or Tarot impersonating him.

    The alternative being that this is the second or more time this loop has played itself out, and we find out that Peanut’s been stuck in it for awhile. So it would go like this…

    1st time line P#1 goes into the void by himself.
    2nd timeline P#1 talks to P#2 but doesn’t recall the conversation which hasn’t happenend yet, and encourages P#2 to go into the void.
    3rd timeline P#2 takes the place of P#1, and can now talk to P#3 with knowlege of a conversation that has already happenend to him from his POV, and again encourages P#3 to go into the void.

    Lather, rinse, repeat until an outside event stops the cycle.

    And I know I’m overthinking this, but its Thursday and like Tiger I hate Thursdays and have to do something to get my mind over it. :)

    • Argent Stonecutter

      Why do you assume that there was an “original time line” where Peanut didn’t travel back in time? It’s a closed loop, self consistent, with causal links between each action.

      • GarrisonSkunk

        I didn’t say he didn’t go back in time, I said he went back on his own without being urged on by the Timeclone Peanuts to start the loop the first time.

  37. GarrisonSkunk

    Or the possibility exists that the whole PsyCon Infinity event is a holodeck test Tarot’s administerating to Peanut without his knowlege to see how he’d react in different scenarios. This would explain the shock she gave him (a diversion so he’d feel he actually moved someplace) and her apparent carelessness of leaving him unattended, as noted by commenters above.

  38. Perrin

    well, it could be an alternate reality time loop paradox scenario…

    Peanut somehow decides to check out the mysterious gate, tells himself about the weird thing which just happened, then watches the stall indefinitely while the other peanut goes to check the other stall, initiating the time-loop paradox. thus, the original/first-per-timeline peanut resumes his life only moments later/before he left. thus, paradox is solved by creating a split reality.

    Tah-Da! :3

    • Perrin

      it’d be weird since the reality would continue to be repeated infinitely, but since the Peanuts (Peanut and time-clones. XD ) would only have a linear knowledge and perspective, they wouldn’t even notice such an event, unless they stopped to think about it. either way, it’d be an irrelevant fact.

      funny, but this would put lots of proof into the idea of the fifth dimension since the event would be happening over-and-over.

      then again, WEB COMIC. XD

  39. GarrisonSkunk

    Ok….I think I got it….Peanut’s on first, Tarot’s on second, Swami-Hat Guy’s on third…..

  40. The Bronze Gryphon

    Actually this is Vu Ja De, the vague feeling that, though you’ve not experienced this before, you may again in the near future.