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  1. Ryu

    Wonder if Kevin has tried out the P90X workouts at home? :3

    • Gamerguy121

      Psh. He probably called Tony Horton asking for a harder workout. He probably ‘tackled’ the entire program in a week.

  2. Draven

    Sometimes giving it all you got just isn’t appropriate.

    • Gabe23

      Agreed … like when you’re donating blood

      • xhunterko

        Kevin at a blood donation? *thinks* … No, you can not give again this is your 5th attempt!

        • i like your hat

          im not sure if he was donating blood…

          • Jamie Johnson

            Lol…that’d be hilarious to think about. Can you imagine the looks on their faces?

  3. GarrisonSkunk

    Oh, a pair of pants! Oh wait, that jokes been done before, sorry.

  4. Xane

    “By the way, you also need to buy a new case of Gatorade for the squad’s fridge.”

  5. cheetahwolf

    being at 100% while naked!!! ;)

    • Ryu

      He’s super strong and super naked! :D

      • Captain Rizzian


      • DJ Nightfire

        Why did you remind me of that show!?!!

        • holmebrian

          melt man. He melts!

        • holmebrian

          stinky diver, his attitude is as bad as his stench!

          • bene

            Wow that’s an old reference it almots flew over my head, I doubt the anyone born after te 90’s will get that but well done lol

  6. Erikuto

    “When do we get to the upside down sit-ups?!” <- alt text

    When the vet said you don't have to perform at a 10, I would have simply said that I've gotten better :3

    • Elwood Blutarsky

      Kevin’s having too much with this.

      • Elwood Blutarsky

        *too much fun

  7. cheetahwolf

    “when do we get the upside down sit-ups?!” alt text

    • cheetahwolf

      WHYYYYY!!!!!! just delete my alt text. :(

      • Legendario13

        Theres no need to.
        Both of you can post the Alt text (Thank you BTW!)

        To be or not to be naked :D

        • Erikuto

          You’re welcome…for the past few weeks of me not being able to find comments of alt text I just post them right after a new one is up….and ASAP

        • GarrisonSkunk

          That is the question?

      • Erikuto

        I beat you by one minute….or second :3

        • GarrisonSkunk

          It must be your night…you beat me by two seconds getting between my reply to Legendario13’s ‘To be or not to be naked’ with ‘That is the question?’ :)

          • GarrisonSkunk

            Three minutes, rather

          • legendario13

            Looks like thats the question.
            Bino would do a soap opera out of this, while Kevin is just… doing his job the best he can.

    • Insigma


  8. Gabe23

    I just love his enthusiasm

    • Legendario13

      Sure you do, he passed the enthusiasm test with A+ and three honorific mentions

      • Ryu

        He’s one top dog! *Salutes Kevin*

    • silverfang16

      Go team Kevin! Wooo!

  9. ravor9933

    I think that his aggressive rotweiler genes are taking over again

    • p0lo

      He’s in serious need of some Rottweiler jeans!

      • GarrisonSkunk

        Well, he does have two pairs of pants.

        • Xane

          Of course, since he’s a Dobie he’s not really going to fit in rottie jeans… ;)

          • p0lo

            Touché, maybe i shoulda read his bio first XD.

  10. The Maverick Man

    Sniper would be proud

    • Maxmice

      So would the Solider

    • nyathetexascat

      Spy wouldn’t

      • i like your hat

        what about artillery?

  11. Nick (from RFHP!)

    Kevin… Warn us that you are not decent next time.

    • Xane

      Clearly he should be wearing the towel around his neck to preserve is modesty. :D

      • LupisLight

        Wait a minute, why would he need a towel in the first place? Dogs don’t sweat, except for through their paw-pads. That’s why they have to pant instead. Kev gets an A++++++ for effort, though. :)

  12. RJ

    -panel 4

  13. xhunterko

    Just a little over enthusiastic.

  14. CheshireDCat

    Loving him so much. I just wanna cuddle him and make him play fetch using a bazooka.

    • Xane

      Kevin only plays tackle fetch, which means that it’s not safe for you to pick up the ball in the first place.

  15. sevitian

    Okay now that’s just funny. I died laughing to panel 4.

  16. p0lo

    What’s the towel for? Didn’t anyone tell him he cant sweat?

  17. Argent Stonecutter

    Wouldn’t they need to shave his fur to attach those stick-on sensors?

    • Draven

      Kevin exherts so much effort that they register to a passing degree, even with reduced readings.

    • Rick Griffin

      I think he may just have stuck them on himself

      • Argent Stonecutter

        Oh, just for style. That… is so in character.

        • GarrisonSkunk

          Heh…if he were a Secret Agent he’d be Maxwell Smart insisting on using the Cone of Silence.

    • chexwarrior

      Actually a little hair improves the signal quality of the electrodes, when people shave their head before getting an eeg the tech has to work harder to get the impedance right. Admittedly Kevin is hooked to an ecg not an eeg but as far as I know they use the same sensors just applied to different parts of the body.

  18. MidnightSunlught

    I used to live this comic.
    But recently the comic went down hill.
    The story is getting a little boring, bland, and something I can’t put it to words.

  19. Maxmice

    How would you go about beating your own natural reflexes?

    • Argent Stonecutter


    • i like your hat

      is that even possible?

      • Gabe23

        No with that attitude

    • Reverie

      Developing precognition

  20. GarrisonSkunk

    What songs would be on Kevin’s Workout tape mix?

    “Who Let the Dogs Out?”
    “Bad Boys/Theme from COPS”
    “Gonna Fly Now/Theme from Rocky”
    any others?

    • andrew N.

      “Got to Cool my Doggies Now” , an oldie by Spencer Williams

    • Erikuto

      “Eye of the Tiger” ftw

    • GarrisonSkunk

      Theme from SWAT

    • Gabe23

      Sandstorm by Darude

  21. Sniperdeathangel

    Skrillex bangarang that song always gets me pumPed

  22. Gypsyraccoon

    I like him xD He’s silly!

  23. IceKitsune

    Hes just trying to do his absolute best! You can’t fault him for that.

    • nyathetexascat

      The old chinese man said- too much is same as too little.

  24. Kes

    “You do not need to fill it to the top”
    When do they ever specify? I mean really…
    “Urinate in this cup.”
    Okay. But how much?

  25. FerreTrip

    He filled it that much? Wow, did the guy know that was gonna happen and drink a lot beforehand?

    …Oh wait, he’s a sorta-jock. Of course he drinks a lot of water.

  26. Sniperdeathangel

    And gaddaraid

  27. Blue_Elite

    We’ve needed more gratuitous beefcake since that Duchess arc. Thanks Rick!

    • Argent Stonecutter

      We need more Bino…

      No, really, how long has it been since Bino got injured? Too long!

      • Erikuto

        I want to agree but…..I think Bino still needs a break from that…..

        • Argent Stonecutter

          It’s been over a year since he was injured last, unless you count him manacled next to Zach as an injury.

          • Erikuto

            That long already?

            Sheesh it’s amazing how time flies

  28. Jamie Johnson

    Lol…I like Kevin he is fracking adorable for a rottie!

  29. SamBlob

    Kevin: “I just want to be better than I was, better, stronger, faster…”

    • Erikuto

      Teehee :3

    • Fox Jensen

      lol…you forgot harder >u<

  30. Dreziehn

    he must have watched a chuck norris movie

  31. Dedbuni

    oh this still exist man i need to catch up can anyone fill me in on whats happening so far?

  32. John Willow

    He’s just trying to pee all that he can pee

    • GarrisonSkunk

      My vote for top quote of the comments. Well done.

      • john willow

        thanks, im surprised it hasnt already been written

  33. Sniperdeathangel

    Are we talking about pee or votes I’m confused

  34. GuyFace

    This is getting scary.

  35. *whitefang*

    Got the new galaxy3 and the website looks amazing compared to that other android : D

  36. *whitefang*