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  1. Ryu

    My word, Itsuki would look even cuter wearing glasses! ^u^

    • Barker

      I don’t think I could handle that amount of cute.

      • Tanny

        I agree… I might go Despicable Me and just “ISH SHO FLUFFEH AM GONNA DIE!!!” Then follow through. o.o

    • Artyomthefox

      He would!

      • Squid642

        I second that!

        • Tommyrazor

          Third :D

          • pb98

            bring itsuki some glasses

          • Draven

            I’d give him my glasses, but then I wouldn’t be able to see the adorable.

    • thefirstonethere

      Love his outfit! Dont quite know what that thing ison his lowerhalf, but its awesome!
      I want one.

      • Perfesser_Bear

        Itsuki Kitamura is wearing a Rokushaku Fundoshi, a traditional Japanese undergarment (boxers, briefs or…) now generally worn for ceremonies or as swimwear. Think of the breechclouts worn by Sumo wrestlers.

        For those who were wondering, Itsuki is a Tanuki (Nyctereutes procyonoides or Asian Raccoon Dog). They are members of the Canidae family, like Wolves, Foxes and Dholes; more closely related to Dogs than to Raccoons.

        • Dragongal

          I believe foxes are actually feline.

          • Dragongal

            nope, nvm. they’re canine. sorry.

          • Raska

            however, I believe there is a Native American creation story regarding foxes in the light that they are some kind of hybrid between cats and dogs. In many ways, it’s true, at least about their observed personality traits. Not to mention that they have canid bodies, but their eyes are slitted much like a cat’s.

          • Argent Stonecutter

            Foxes are definitely canines, it’s a matter of convergent evolution… when you spend your evenings hunting mice in snow and underbrush, you get certain adaptations. Long legs for pouncing, slit pupils for seeing in the twilight, solitary habits because you don’t need to hunt mice in packs…

          • Aerion Snowpaw

            Well, see, the thing is that they’re NOT Canine like Canis Lupus. They’re Vulpine.
            They ARE in the family Canidae, though, as stated.

          • Argent Stonecutter

            They’re definitely part of the “canine clan”.

            The split between the dog-like carnivores (including mustelids, bears, raccoons, and seals) and the cat-like carnivores (mostly cats and the various arms of the civet/mongoose clan, but also including hyenas and fossas) is about the most fundamental one in the carnivora.

            The borders between the canine clan and their relatives the bears, weasels, raccoons, and oddballs like the panda are perpetually changing as we learn more. Similarly, the lines between the various relatives of the feline clan are redrawn all the time. But foxes and dogs? Kissing cousins.

            (this also means that Timon’s closest relatives in The Lion King are the hyenas. Oh the embarassment)

          • GarrisonSkunk

            Definatly not a laughing matter.

          • Argent Stonecutter


    • Liandrii

      Alt text: In America? Pff

      (Know it was already posted, but that was nearly at the bottom)

  2. Artyomthefox

    I’m gonna miss staying up till 12 waiting for this comic to update. I found out about it only weeks ago and I’m already deeply in love with it.

    • bene

      I feel ya brah, that’s one advantage of working the night shift :D

      • Artyomthefox

        I don’t have a job. I’m still in high school. This comic is like a TV show, you read wanting to know if it all works out for your favorite characters. I’m gonna miss being up at 12 for my “show”. I’ll have to wait till I get back from school now. :/

        • Legendario13

          I know that feeling bro

        • Dragongal

          yeah, don’t it stink?

        • Bene

          oh , , , i pitty thy

  3. IceKitsune

    lol he is just getting so very frustrated its adorable

    • Valerio

      sentenced for life to cuteness. I’d give him an A only out of that :D

      • Ryu

        Agreed, totally! XD

  4. GarrisonSkunk

    Awwwwwwww, poor guy. I’d hug him, but that would make him feel worse.

  5. xhunterko

    Shame? Here? You are aware of what country your in right? You did research this country before you came here right?

  6. Draven

    He clearely hasn’t been in America long enough to know that meeting the average is really the best one could hope for.

  7. bene

    6 that’s what a c+ b-? I would be happy if I got those on my tests in school

    • Draven

      That would be a D/D+, still a passing grade.

      • KickahaOta

        Not necessarily. If the prof grades on the curve as he implies, this could turn out to be just about everything. I once got a score in the mid-50s on my first midterm in an honors class, and was just about to commit seppuku myself, until I found out that was actually an A- on the curve. Spare the red ink and spoil the child, that was that prof’s motto.

        • Keldor

          Reminds me of my AP biology class back in highschool. The highest score in the class was typically around 60, with the average somewhere in the 20s. Those tests were *hard*. Someone even managed to get a negative score once…

          Keep in mind that these were all honour studants…

          • Tommy

            ow the heck do you get a negative score? cheating? lol

        • Raska

          Can someone explain ‘grading on the curve’ to me? I’ve never understood that phrase.

          • chexwarrior

            Strictly speaking it means whatever the class average is becomes a C and the other grades are appointed based on a bell curve following from that; however this can severely punish students who were only slightly below average if the scores are all very close (for example if the range is 65-70 and the average is 67 then the poor schmuck who only missed the average by two points gets an F because he had the lowest grade) ” Most of the time teachers who grade on a curve” make the average a C and then assign the respective grades at 10% intervals (so in the previous example if the test was out of 100 points everyone would get a C) lastly some professors will make the highest achieved score be “100%” and grade people based on their score relative to that (so everyone in the example would get an A because everyone got 92% or better of the best score)

          • Raska

            that seems like it’s better suited for some situations than for others. your examples illustrated that well.

      • tahrey

        If you’re studying somewhere that 67% is considered D, borderline D-, then you have my pity. At what score do you then register an F? How high do you have to reach to get an A?

        • holmebrian

          when i was in school there where no curves 70%was a d anything lower and you basically failed. had to get 90%or higher for a

          • Frank

            Um… 70% is in the C-range. 69.999…% is the D’s

          • holmebrian

            naw how it was in my school was every 6-7%was a grade and above 90% or about 92% was an a. d’s started at 70%

          • holmebrian

            65%was failing above that was at the teachers discression

    • bene

      Ok epic fail on my part lol still I’d rather get that than my usual d average

  8. DanTwelve3

    The shirt tucked into the ethnic outfit is golden. East meets West, at the waistline.

    • Artyomthefox

      I think it looks cute.

    • GarrisonSkunk

      Did we ever figure out the proper name for his outfit? IIRC on Radio Free HP! they ended up calling it something like “that thing he’s wearing”.

      • Wanderer

        That’s a fundoshi, a Japanese loincloth. It’s not often seen as everyday wear among humans (though it can be used as a swimsuit), but considering how tanuki are built, it’s just about right to cover what must be covered.

        Itsuki’s appears to be what’s called an Etchū fundoshi, or “Toyama Prefecture fundoshi”. It’s pretty easy to put on; you just tie the belt around your waist from behind, pull the cloth forward between your legs, pull it through the belt, and let the remainder hang in front as an apron.

        Side note: He’s basically wearing very nice underwear…

        • i like your hat

          isnt that what sumo wrestlers wear?

        • GarrisonSkunk

          Thank you for the info, its nice to call it by its proper name. I’ll add it to his character desc on TV Tropes.

          • Raska

            troper ftw!!

  9. Draven

    Just give him time. He WILL relax, or be destroyed. It’s as simple as that.

    • RJ

      destroyed? WHY?

      • Legendario13

        Thats how it works
        also, if you think too much about how it works you’ll turn into a worm

        • TooLateToApolgize

          But worms are pretty cool guys.

          Eh, fires rocket launchers and doesn’t afraid of anything.

      • Tommy

        I think it would be from the shame.

        • RJ

          funny thing is, i thought about it a lot and yet i am not a worm, nor do i feel like one!

          • legendario13

            then you must be one of the chilling type

          • RJ

            what does that even mean?

          • i like your hat

            means you cool with everything o3o :D

    • Frank

      Let’s hope he doesn’t relax too much, though!

  10. GameCobra

    In Canada, your shame is FACEBOOKED… and liked… followed by hugs <3

    • Ryu

      Hugs are always a good thing! :3

      • Gabe23

        *Group hug*

        • Tommy

          Every one loves group hugs… *hugs everyone in sight*

          • RJ

            except Bino, unless you don’t want to keep your head.

          • Tommy

            Good point lol.

          • Dissension

            It’s entirely possible Bino likes group hugs. :3

          • RJ

            i doubt he’ll ever admit it for any reason.

        • Tommy

          Well….I’ll him a group hug anyways :)

          • RJ

            your funeral.

    • Perrin

      so true…

  11. GarrisonSkunk

    Too add to his shame, the professor gave him five extra points for cute Gratuitous Japanese used during the course.

  12. SilverZeo

    Only in politics, my dear Racoon-Dog, but even then, it’s half the time…

  13. Hyal

    Hahaha, hey Itsuki, nice “pants”! lol, goes to show in America, anything goes!

    • Artyomthefox

      cue Cole Porter?

  14. Legendario13

    Yelling out loud?
    Whats going on!?

  15. leaffly

    In America… Not really…

    • Frank

      In America, shame allocates you!

  16. Gabe23

    So … he failed ? Too bad

    • Valerio

      from his POW, yes. The shame!
      legally, no: D+ is still a passing grade, though quite low for one with an A average…

      • Keldor

        Most university classes grade on a curve. It’s much easier to assign the class average score, whatever it is, to a C than it is to tune the difficulty of the test so that the class average happens to be 75.

  17. Gary (from Radio Free Housepets!)

    Itsuki, Itsuki, Itsuki…tsk tsk tsk.

  18. Erikuto

    I guess this goes to show how important Honor and Shame is in Asian countries….Go figure.

    • Profesor Rod


  19. TooLateToApolgize

    Yeah, yelling and getting angry over nothing! :D

    It just makes him look even cuter.

  20. *White fang*

    Sadly not:/

  21. tahrey

    Aw, the culture shock… “shut up and grudgingly accept my grovelling apology!”

    Sorry Itsuki, you’re in a land where shamelessness is the national sport :D

    • RJ

      since some countries think shamelessness is wrong, we pretend it’s baseball.
      (or that sport illegally called football, how shameless can you get?)

  22. Wanderer

    For those who’ll miss it in the threads:

    Itsuki looks to be wearing an Etchū fundoshi, a loincloth in the style of Etchū Province (now Toyama Prefecture). Fundoshi are general-purpose undergarments used as underwear, athletic wear and swimsuits. (Also seen at summer festivals, worn by the men carrying the portable shrines.) It’s the simplest form of fundoshi; you tie the strings in front, pull the cloth between your legs from behind, and tuck it into the strings with the excess forming an apron.

    Of course, most animals in this series don’t wear clothes. Considering how a tanuki is built, however, some form of pants must be worn… preferably with plenty of room in front.

    • Argent Stonecutter

      After looking at styles of Fundoshi on the web, I agree with Professor Bear that it’s Rokushaku Fundoshi, not Etchū fundoshi.

      • GarrisonSkunk

        I put both types in the tropes desc, so it can be changed one way or the other once/if we get Word of Rick on the subject.

  23. Shuma Jindivi

    Em……depends on which kind of career you’re looking for, 67 can be pretty bad on your record……I think.

    • Frank

      So you report it using the curve letters instead, right?

    • Argent Stonecutter

      I don’t think individual exam results end up on your permanent record.

      • ghastmaskzombie

        Yeah. Besides, he’s still got a great GPA.

  24. Dontlookmenaked

    Wait, father? How old is he?

    • Keldor

      If he were human, I’d say he was around 20. How that translates to Housepets tanuki, well, I don’t have a clue.

      • dontlookmenaked


      • dontlookmenaked


  25. Taryn Fox

    Many “parents,” employers, and religious leaders know how to allocate shame >.>;

  26. Tommy

    Geez, what time do you live in? I’ts 4:28 AM where I am lol.

    On another note, I’m loving this chapter more and more.

    • RJ

      well you wake up to a good comic then!
      it was 10pm when it was posted for me so i have to stay up to get in on the good commenting :c

  27. GarrisonSkunk

    Wonder if Rick will draw a scene taking place as Itsuki’s working, so we can see what he looks like in his uniform…or uniform top if he stays true to form as we see him at university.

  28. The Maverick Man

    Go big or go home

  29. D-Rock

    I felt that once. Studied incredibly hard for a precalculus class in high school, took it with very high spirits. Got the test back, got somewhere around 60. Thankfully, I still managed to pass the class, though with right above a failing grade.

  30. Argent Stonecutter

    I don’t think the shirt goes with the loincloth, somehow.

    • Tommy

      Oh. You must be the type of just liking the loin cloth :P

      • Argent Stonecutter

        A shirt kimono or hapi coat would work better.

        • Tommy

          Hmm… Actually, that would look good on him lol

  31. FerreTrip

    Poor Itsuki. X3;

    Now, the sad part is, I can’t tell if this is playing with a stereotype or a sad truth about Japanese culture…

    • ghastmaskzombie

      Most stereotypes are based on truth, just exaggerated and/or over-generalized. So I’d say mostly stereotype, with just a bit of truth.

  32. Tommy

    hehe, 3 more days I keep telling my self… 3 more days..

    • ghastmaskzombie

      Until what? Until what?! I must know!

      • Tommy

        till the nect comic lol

        • Tommy

          i can’t talk/ spell today LOL Next*

  33. Kes

    Yes, you come to America to make your “poor grades” look average in comparison to the US population. /sadface

  34. Z24

    Alright… No tamagotchi for two months!

  35. Argent Stonecutter

    Do you allocate shame best-fit or first-fit? Do you grab the first chunk of shame big enough to satisfy the victim, or look for a perfect match first? Do you keep a pool of particularly sized chunks of shame for quick reallocation? Do you wait for people to explicitly release their shame, or do you toss it back into the shame pool when they seem done with it?

  36. Gabi

    Curve? Do each student’s grades depend on other students results? Is that a competitive test? If that is the case, that’s awful!

    • Gabi

      And if that is not the case, could someone please explain to me what “breaking the curve” means? Thanks in advance.

      • chexwarrior

        I explained “grading on the curve” in reply to Raskas’s comment but to expand: “breaking the curve” is where one student’s grade is so much better than everyone else’s that the students gain less benefit from the grade being curved, either because the breaker set a significantly higher average than would exist without that particular students grade or kept the modified 100% close to (or in some severe cases above) the “true” 100% mark.

      • Frank

        Put simply, with no curve, 100% equals A+. With the curve, the best grade (even if it’s a failing grade) equals A+. If the best grade is 100%, its as if there was no curve, so everyone hates the one guy that got 100%

        • illeatyourself

          The way I see it might also help: I personally think of it as a literal curve, with the scores being a line on a graph. When the stats of the graph are changed so an A+ equals the best score instead of a perfect score, then it causes the line to curve to show the new results.

  37. illeatyourself

    I lol’d at this, even if I don’t know what “Allocate” means exactly! XD I lol’d even more when I read the alternate text!

  38. microbuss

    yay another big mouth LOL Love this comic Keep up the good & funny work ;-)

  39. GarrisonSkunk

    Alt. text: “In America? Pff”

  40. Cristian100n

    If even barely I passed I’m ok with it

  41. i like your hat

    shame…. SHAAAAAAMMMMME he FAILED (almost)

  42. Dexter Dark One

    No, no we don’t
    Shame has no place in America

  43. Jinxed

    The few…the proud…those who actually know how to feel ashamed in the U.S.A.
    To answer your question, yes.

  44. Texascat018

    Itsuki’s parent=my parents in nutshell

  45. ghastmaskzombie

    Woo! This is my first comment on Housepets ever! …I can’t think of anything to say.

    • GarrisonSkunk

      And you said it so well :)

    • Tommy

      I remember my first comic… it was the last one posted… lol

      • Tommy


  46. Furtelligence

    Not trying to be racist here but, I see that Itsuki’s parents are asian.

  47. Cirleni

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  48. tommy

    Tommorrow for the new comic!

    • RJ

      waiting for this comic is fun but the weekend waits suck :(
      so much time to spend doing nothing…

  49. Daland

    first of all great comics (i’m a bit of a writer/drawer myself) i think you do a wonderful job with the expressions two when will the next page or book or strip or whatever you wanna call it doin to be published or put on here?

    • GarrisonSkunk

      Rick posts normally Mondays Wensdays and Fridays at 12:00midnight Central time.

  50. *White fang*

    I see the comic around 11:00pm mountain time

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  53. GuyFace101

    Good question, Itsuki. The answer? Some people know how to too well, and some have no idea what that means.

  54. Loner

    hmm great comic looking forward to more