Obligatory Reference

Dogs playing poker ON A SHIRT?!

This shirt is printed through MySoti, who apparently finally figured out their old prices were not sustainable, so, this multicolored shirt is available for the medium-low price of $24! But you can ALSO get it on a sweatshirt (for like, more!)

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  1. Ryufire

    Great Scott! 0.0

    • Dontlookmenaked

      I just noticed you get first comment all the time.

      • Nick (from RFHP!)

        because Ryufire is running slightly out of sync with the rest of time. The comment is made, then the rest of catch up.

        • Nick (from RFHP!)

          –rest of US catch up

          • mr.muchy

            lol just sits there refreshing the page all day :P

        • Ryufire

          Cool story bro…

    • holmebrian

      also alt text: bubblebubblebubblebubble

    • Salenstormwing

      Mediocre to Average Scott never get any love.

    • BillyMT

      This is heavy…!

  2. Lunyk Stormdragon

    Yeah, Magic will always beat poker, any day of the week (even Thursdays!)

    • cheetahwolf

      you can make millions in poker. how much in magic?;l

      • Tara

        There’re people who make a living with Magic Cards by entering tournaments.

      • Raska

        you can also lose money with poker. So…two sided coin there

    • Argent Stonecutter

      “Last night I stayed up late playing poker with Tarot cards. I got a full house and four people died.” — Steven Wright

    • Perrin

      power to the Eldrazi…
      *bows* ;0;

    • Raska

      I’mma play a land now…an’ it’s you’re turn >.> ( =P )

  3. Draven

    Fox is the only one with a decent poker face.

    • Lunyk Stormdragon

      He’s texting.

    • Lookatmyfakename99

      IMHO, Peanut is winning that. His bubble pipe screams innocence. :3

    • Keeshah

      Bino getting along with both Peanut and King at the same time?

    • Frank

      What about the dalmatian?

      • Draven

        I think that’s Lester

        • valerio

          no. Lester is the dachsund. I still think the dalmie should be called Kirk

        • Gabe23

          Why no Eduardo ?

  4. IceKitsune

    Heheh Ah yes I was kind of wondering when you would do this picture. :P

  5. bene

    Nice king has a hidden ace

    • cheetahwolf

      good to have short legs.

      • bene

        Cant argue with that

    • RedDwarfIV

      He couldn’t do that as a human without abandoning his shoes.

      • i like your hat

        looks like hes going to drop it tho

        • Ephesus

          Bet he wishes he were a monkey, or at least acquired monkey feet for this one time.

    • Kristopher Tiberius Haven

      Pocket Ace. :P

  6. Dissension

    Thus proving Bino is friends with everyone. Or, at least, they can all be civil long enough to play poker. = P

    Also, King is a cheater!

    • GameCobra

      Proving humans never play fair! =P

  7. Mint Jelly Sandwich

    Maybe he has a king of hearts too?

  8. Draven

    I am also a fan of Peanut’s bubble pipe.

  9. GarrisonSkunk

    Nice update of a classic :)

  10. xhunterko


    • xhunterko

      Eh hem.


      • Frank

        Fire up the soap and let the pipe bubble!

      • Perrin

        Double, double toil and trouble;
        Fire burn, and caldron bubble.

        • Frank

          But there’s no cauldron…

        • xhunterko

          Right! But there’s bubbles, so, no need for a couldron.

  11. Zaitsev

    Joey’s friends always remind me of mine…

  12. Draco_2k

    That’s not right, it’s supposed to be dogs playing poker, and I see five dogs and a fox.

    • Dontlookmenaked

      And a human.

    • Facade Kitsune

      fox by name only

    • RedDwarfIV

      Don’t forget Joey the cat.

  13. bug

    I would laugh if King dropped the ace!!

    • holmebrian

      its a club not an ace i dont see the denomination of the card anywhere

      • Argent Stonecutter

        It’s the ace of clubs.

      • shadowfire

        i don’t see any denominations for any of the cards anywhere

        • Argent Stonecutter

          You can tell by the layout of the pips.

          • GarrisonSkunk

            After all he’s been through with the watch and all, King probably dropped the ace of clubs after misreading it as the ace of spaces…aka…the Death Card…..

          • m is for wolf

            More specifically, there’s only one visible pip and it’s in the very middle of the card.

      • Estrangedcorgi

        So you’ve never played with poker cards?

        • m is for wolf

          Or as I call them, normal cards.

          • Estrangedcorgi

            That as well, haha.

          • holmebrian

            whats so normal about not having a denomination. all casinos have denominations on there cards. thats why im confused

          • GarrisonSkunk

            Old time westerns generally depict playing cards with just the pips and no numbers in the upper left, lower right corners.

  14. volkoseba

    Peanut and King… at the same time.
    Too much awesomeness.

    • bug


  15. GarrisonSkunk

    I can’t tell if Fox is looking at his hand or looking with disapprovement at King’s cheating.

    • Valerio

      I’d say the second

  16. Raska

    I…I want this shirt…But I have to get paid first XD. So hopefully they don’t sell out between now and payday. And if King’s cheating with that Ace (hehe, I have a friend named ‘Ace’…Anyways…) he doesn’t look too happy about it, so his hand must /really/ suck

    • GarrisonSkunk

      If I’m not mistaken, in the original the dog with the card under the table was giving it to the player next to him, rather than cheating to use it himself.

  17. Elwood Blutarsky

    Love this, nice spin on a classic.

    • dibs

      exactly… i had to wait a minute before i could even finish looking at the detail of the strip because once i realized the reference i just started laughing

  18. The Maverick Man

    Too bad you just gonna loose every match when you play

  19. Gabe23

    Perfection is reached in this strip, LOVE IT

  20. *White fang*

    Ladies and gentlemen give a around of applause to rick griffin for giving us another great comic to end the week *clapping* ^_^

  21. Valerio

    No one could see Peanut through those bubbles!
    but seriously, how could one prefer one over another awesome doggie here?!?!
    So i’ll get the shirt!

  22. Valerio

    Also: it’s KING who gets to seat near Fox, HA!

    • Ryufire

      They are best buds for life. :)

  23. Gary (from Radio Free Housepets!)

    What’s this? A new shirt is available? I must buy this! xD

    • spencershot4

      i cant afford it :(

  24. Spork Master

    What the (Censored) is in those bubbles?!

    • Valerio

      they’re made of awesome :D

  25. Critter Rhode

    Dogs playing cards. The next thing we know the cats will be playing Risk.

    • GarrisonSkunk

      Or they could be playing Rick….a cute compainion piece might be of the cats playing poker against Rick’s avatar as one of the players. You could even have Joey sitting in the exact same position wearing his cat costume ;)

      • shadowfire

        that sounds epic o_O

      • Frank

        This… must be drawn !

    • Valerio

      no, they’ll play Frisk *brick’d*

    • Salenstormwing

      Everyone knows that cats play Pillow Fight in Slow Motion. Because that’s just how cats roll.

  26. Cristian100n

    Wow. Bino looks like he really wants punch Lester in the face.

    • GarrisonSkunk

      Even evil has its standards. (Obligatory TVTropes Reference)

    • Gabe23

      Or that could be his Poker Face

      • Cristian100n

        Yeah I was thinking that too

    • silverfang16

      Or he gets really annoyed. :P

  27. Spork Master

    King used to be good a Poker, but then he to an Ace to the knee.

    • bug

      HOW DARE YOU!! He is one of my favorite characters!!!

    • Shuma Jindivi

      ……fail to find anything clever to say”

    • shadowfire

      that reference is WAY overused. still hilarious, though >^^<

  28. Dontlookmenaked

    This is the best thing created by ANYONE EVER!

    • Valerio

      ALL HAIL!

  29. Ozimul

    That sure took a while for a comic filled with dogs! XDXD

    That aside, good job!!!

    • Frank

      Are you saying the comic has gone to the dogs?

      • Ozimul


  30. dibs

    also, i’m totally going to buy the shirt sometime in the next paycheck or two

  31. Snowmon

    Well, we already know who’s losing this game of Poker. Or is it Go Fish? Or maybe Canasta?

  32. Profesor Rod

    “Ahh, they’re dogs…and they’re playing poker!”


    • GarrisonSkunk

      There’s an idea….”Let’s Imaginate — Twilight Zone”! Especially with Tarot/Sabrina supplying the thrills

      (I know its a “Simpsons” reference, but they were parodying “Night Gallery” at the time.)

  33. GuyFace101

    Peanut’s pipe is just hysterical.

  34. Shuma Jindivi

    …what are you doing King?

    Lester is being Lester.

  35. Gabe23

    Well …. there aint no orange soda on the table

    • GarrisonSkunk

      Looks like one between the dalmation and King….hope its not King’s for his sake. I don’t think I want to know what Joey’s brown soda is…..

      • shadowfire

        don’t be so dramatic it’s probably just root beer

  36. ShaneCWolf

    Kinda Expected King to pull somthing like the Hidden Ace trick lol

  37. Maxwell

    Yay King.

    • Valerio

      yay everyone.

  38. Mr D

    It would be awesome to see this on a huge portrait frame mounted on the wall with Rick’s signature on it! :)

  39. FSX-WhiteFang

    lol Best Comic Strip ending. Love the twist off the classic painting.

    • Frank

      Um… there will be a new one on Monday…

  40. Crackles

    Peanut is having a Grape soda, well how about that.

    • GarrisonSkunk

      I noticed that too :)

    • Valerio

      cuz Peanut can’t stay without grape

    • Ryufire

      Grape flavor means a lot to Peanut! :P

    • RJ


      • GarrisonSkunk

        Oh, well, you see, Grape had Tarot project her into the scene as a can of grape soda so she could keep an eye on Peanut without Bino freaking out.

        Ether that or it just represents Peanut’s thirst.

        • RJ

          I agree with the former, but seeing as Peanut is not intoxicated, one can assume the latter is not the case.
          … Then again, smaller animals (like corgis), seem to feel it’s effects more easily.

  41. Argent Stonecutter

    In the original “A Friend in Need” the bulldog in King’s position is passing an ace to the dog in the dalmatian’s position, who has three visible aces. In this version he’s only got a trey.

    Trust King to get played by Lester’s creepy friends.


  42. GarrisonSkunk

    And then someone accidently tells Bino that a poker pot is a ‘kitty’ and he immediatly breaks up the game.

  43. Argent Stonecutter

    Looking at it again, after the original, I think King just dropped his card.

    • Rick Griffin

      That is actually closer to what I intended; He drops the card and “just happens” to get into the Friend In Need position.

      • Peanut

        i personally think king is cheating also rick can i make a shoutout to a friend of mine that dissapeared

      • Keldor

        Oh sure, that’s his story.

  44. Cyan Leopard

    MySoti is not vary fat kid friendly, they dont have a 3XL.

  45. Argent Stonecutter

    Also! In the original, Joey’s position is a collie. King used to play D&D in col… with a collie! COINCIDENCE?

    Probably. Ahem.

  46. Thalateya

    I want that shirt. So badly…

    The only thing that would be better would be a version with cats…

  47. Crash FistFight

    This is by far my favorite one-off. This reminds me of a time when i would collect a rich assortment of paintings featuring dogs playing poker or billiards to decorate an old bar. This is the best spin for “A Friend In Need” by Cassius Coolidge ever

  48. shadowfire

    oh, god. i just had a derp moment for a second o_O’

  49. Shirosune

    Ya know, I’m kinda beginning to feel sorry for the white dog with the brown spots at this point. The only one in this strip without a true name…I know there hasn’t really been a reason to name him yet(Only his third strip after all), but still…

    • Frank

      “brown spots” seems like a pretty good name. Though given that his dog tag is the Star Trek logo, it might not fit

      • Shirosune

        Well, we could always call him ‘Spotty’. *Bricked*

      • Kohaku Nightfang

        I thought his name was Lester. That name is tagged, but it could be the brown dog who’s talking

        • Shirosune

          Yeah, Lester would be the one whimpering about wanting to play Magic instead. He’s a bit of an ultra geek from what I can tell, though there isn’t anything wrong with that. ^_^’; *Is almost just as bad himself*

        • Argent Stonecutter

          The Dalmatian is just “Joey’s creepy friends”.

          • Raska

            in the plural? explains why he’s creepy, then

          • GarrisonSkunk

            Maybe “Joey’s creepy friends” are twin Dalmations, but we only see one of them at a time :)

          • Argent Stonecutter

            Or maybe Rick’s just keeping the tags consistent.

          • GarrisonSkunk

            Actually I just thought of a possible if not very probable story based reason why Rick might choose to keep the plural tag if he decides to send the storyline in a certain direction, but I don’t want to speculate just in case I actually did stumble onto something. (which I probably didn’t).

          • Dissension

            Joey’s creepy friends are a collective; there is no need to refer to them individually. :3

          • Keldor

            Besides, Lester’s there too. Just because he has a tag of his own doesn’t stop him from being one of Joey’s creepy friends.

          • GarrisonSkunk

            Joeys Creepy Friends. And Lester. And Zoiberg

      • Argent Stonecutter

        “Chip”, for his chocolate spots.

        • m is for wolf

          And poker chip, thus being one of the two with a card-game-related name.
          Unless Bino’s (and Fido’s) owners have the surname Diamond.

  50. D-Rock

    Nicely done.

    Don’t think we’ve seen all of these characters together. Suprised Bino is there.

  51. Kohaku Nightfang

    I want this shirt so bad, but I’m not sure if I should spend the money on it or not :’( It sucks being a poor college student. Joey’s creepy friend is right, Magic is WAY better than poker. I do like poker though and this reference is just awesome. Plus you gotta love the bubble pipe and King being a cheater, bad human. Even if you were going to help out someone else it’s still cheating :p

  52. DanTwelve3

    Peanut struggles at looking dignified with his pipe.

  53. cwg


  54. FerreTrip

    Well-done. Yes, this was an obligatory reference, but it’s a wonderful one. And again, Lester is being an annoying jerk once more.

  55. Perrin

    go Eldrazi. ^3^

  56. Adryan

    It still makes me laugh how they’re referenced as “Joey’s creepy friends” X3

  57. Z24

    Next thing you know, the police shows up and arrests everyone for clandestine gambling. The End :D

    • GarrisonSkunk

      Hey, since gambling ties into Guys and Dolls, this really CAN be the ending of the Imaginate arc! :)

      • Z24

        Fido: Bino, I am dissapoint

  58. GarrisonSkunk

    I can’t recall…has Rick ever asked for suggestions as to what “Housepets!” moments might make popular tshirt designs? I know I wouldn’t mind buying shirts with the shot of Grape Peanut and Zach walking away from the water balloon blast, Tarot (perhaps redrawn from King’s POV so she’s looking out at the viewer) saying “Sorry, I don’t date humans” , or perhaps Peanut, Tarot and Sabrina in front of the Guys and Dolls sign saying “Let us all sing loudly of our illegal activities!”

    • Raska

      I would buy all of those. definitely

  59. Argent Stonecutter

    I’m surprised King isn’t sitting on a phone book.

    • Draven

      But they did saw 3 inches off tthe table just for him.

    • Z24

      Then again, part of the chair and part of his butt it’s out of view, so it’s still possible

  60. pb98

    since when did the creator start doing hp renditions of famous artwork?

    keep king away from the orange soda!!!!!!!

    • Legendario13

      Dont know
      It would be great if he keeps doing it though (even when the art is not about dogs)

      • GarrisonSkunk

        Grape and Peanut in “American Gothic”? Bino in “The Scream”? Sabrina as Whistler’s Mother? Mona Tarot? The Barn Cats in Toulouse-Lautrec’s various paintings?

        • Argent Stonecutter

          King in “The Scream”. Bino in something by Heironymous Bosch. Sabrina as a Frazetta model. Tarot as The High Preistess.

    • pb98

      wow i did not see how many people would reply through tarot

      • pb98

        the mouseover is bubblebubblebubblebubble

  61. Legendario13

    Nice resemblance!

    • Ryu

      It is indeed! ^^

  62. gameangel147

    I can’t believe it took this long to make a dogs playing poker strip, but it was worth the wait.
    And is Fox looking at King or his own cards?

  63. m is for wolf

    King has an Ace up his sleeve. :P

    • m is for wolf

      He should be called Ace. Ace Uphissleeve.

  64. RJ

    the grape soda must have significance as it is the only one of it’s kind thus far…


  65. ThatGuyBehindYou

    Every ones all in exept for fox :o

    Also grape soda :3

  66. Spheniscine

    Answer: Because a 7-player MTG game is just a big mess. :p

  67. Keacat

    Because of the bubbles and blue background, my first thought was “why are they playing cards underwater?”
    Also, I’ve played in 12 people magic games and seen a 20 person game. Both were amazing and confusing.

    • GarrisonSkunk

      Heh….leave it to Lester to be bored by an underwater poker game :)

  68. Godel Fishbreath

    Bob’s Dog Obedience School and Taxidermy Shop
    Yes its is relevant.

  69. LindseyCrew

    Peanut looks like a boss

  70. bhPixelFire

    OH MY GOD!
    I love this!

    Peanut, you are awesome.

  71. illeatyourself

    Now THAT’S funny! I love the reference to the famous painting! Now I’m just wondering: what’s King doing with his foot?